Roddick Thrashes Djokovic, Nadal Next at Indian Wells
by Staff | March 21st, 2009, 12:14 pm

Andy Roddick rolled past an uncomfortable-looking Novak Djokovic 6-3, 6-2 on Friday to advance to the semifinals of the ATP event at Indian Wells, where he will next face world No. 1 Rafael Nadal.
Nadal likewise had an easy advance, defeating Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro 6-2, 6-4.

Djokovic never found the consistency to stay with Roddick, who had to do little more than keep the ball in play.

“It was all me making an incredible amount of unforced errors,” said Djokovic, who compiled 30 unforced errors. “This was one of the worst matches I have played. It’s just one of those days when you really don’t feel comfortable on the court.”

It was a sweltering afternoon in Indian Wells, but not as bad as the temperatures in January in Australia when Djokovic retired against Roddick at the Australian Open, citing the heat. Djokovic will now lose a chunk of ranking points as the defending champion.

“I don’t think he had his best day by any means,” Roddick told reporters. “I mixed up the pace pretty well and the chip was a pretty good neutralizing shot for me. I was hitting it pretty firm and I didn’t really miss any returns. I thought I played pretty well.”

Nadal was happy after coming off a difficult win in the previous round over David Nalbandian.

“I happy about the beginning, the first set and then leading 2-0 but later I stop a little bit,” he told reporters. “I played bad against David but today I go on court with more clear ideas. I am playing well.”

Nadal is 4-2 career against Roddick, but the American won their previous meeting on hardcourt last year in Dubai.

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11 Comments for Roddick Thrashes Djokovic, Nadal Next at Indian Wells

Bojan Says:

Oh, so frustrating. I hate when Novak loses to Roddick. Roddick is great guy and has great sense of humor, but I think that Novak is far better player than him. Only shot he does better than Novak is service. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is just my opinion.
Novak is struggling mentally since the start of the season. However, he’s playing way better and I think he’ll get in form soon enough. His no.3 ranking is in question and I expect Murray will soon overtake it, but still, I hope Novak will get back in there till the end of the year.

tenisbebe Says:

Think that Andy has a good shit against Nadal. He served an incredible 81% first serves. I think Rafa was around 50% in the Delpo match. And Rafa’s UE vs winners was 27 vs 25 – very un-Rafalike. Roddick, who is playing some of the best tennis of his career, seems to be the only one of the top players not working through “issues”. Federer shows a few flashes of brilliance then seems to doze off in his matches. Murray still seems to be recovering from his illness & is not getting enough power on his shots. Rafa is making so many unforced errors & his serve is not working all that well either. That said, this may be a good opportunity for Andy beat Rafa if he brings his A game. I wouldn’t be surprised.

tenisbebe Says:

OMG – LOL – obviously meant to say “a good shot against Nadal” . So sorry everyone for my typo & no, it was not a Freudian slip.

zola Says:

tennisbebe, LOL! fun typo!

I think both matches can go either way. They are so close.Rafa has to serve much better. I didn’t like the number of UE but that happens when they play more aggressively. He needs to concentrate well too. I think Andy is playing well and moving well.

Bojan, I think Djoko will recover. To me he is still thinking about NY anytime he sees Andy over the net and he needs to get over it. It is lots of pressure for people at such a young age and it is hard for the fans too to see their chapion not do so well ( I know by experience!). but he will be back.

fedster Says:

I’m sincerely hopin for a Rod and Fed to win their respective semifinals. Murray winning the tournament would also be great if he in particular beats Rafa once again! Roddick has also every right to pleasantly surprise me by winning this tournament and needless to say that I’M HOPING FOR FED TO WIN THIS WHOLE THING! However on the basis of present form I’d give an edge to Rafa on everybody else.

fedster Says:


fedster Says:

Go Fed and go Roddick, kick the remaining butts if you can!

jane Says:

I agree with those who say these are tight semis and difficult to call. I think Roger will be out to prove something against Murray. Murray will have less to prove, so may play more relaxed.

Similarly, on the one hand, I think Rafa will fight very hard against Roddick as imo Rafa – even though he doesn’t usually say it – must want to hold onto number 1. He was below Roger for so long that, now that he’s finally above him, he’s got to be liking it. On the other hand, Andy R. (like the other Murray) may be playing looser; he has nothing to lose here. It’s always easier in some ways for the slight “underdog” as there is less pressure. Things are clicking for Andy R; he is on a roll to my mind much like he was immediately after he hooked up with Connors – won Cincy, got to finals and took a set off Roger, etc. But perhaps it’s even more of a roll now, as personally he’s got a fiance and seems content; plus he lost the weight and so is moving better on the court, which as he says gives him more options.

Both matches – 50/50.

Bojan – I honestly think since Wimbledon last year that Novak has been re-evaluating his place and abilities. He came off the high of winning his first GS, came close to overtaking Rafa at #2, but then things kind of fell apart. He’s been looking at what Rafa and Roger have been able to achieve (apparently after watching the 2008 Wimbledon final he text his manager or coach and said “I have a lot to learn”), and I think he’s a bit in awe of their consistency. just published an article on this: ( He has a lot of respect for Murray, Tsonga and Roddick too. Maybe he’s doubting himself? Anyhow, I think / hope he’ll right his ship soon, before 2009 is over!

tenisbebe Says:

zola – ROFL – I can’t believe I did that! The “i” & “o” are right next to each other on the keyboard. Yet another reason for me to triple check myself before posting.

As for Rafa, as you mentioned, seems he’s attempting to add a more aggressive dimension to his defensive game & trying to find that balance between aggression and defense, which will take some time to perfect. In the meantime, his play may be patchy & he may lose some matches, but that’s a good price to pay for becoming a more complete player. If in this match, he is committed to further testing this aggressive/defensive style (as opposed to reverting back to his totally defensive play), & loses to Andy R., he will be even in points from last year as he lost to Djoko in the semi’s in ’08. It may be a good tradeoff for Rafa – take a potential loss but reap future rewards for years to come. But of course, this is all speculation on my part……

margot Says:

Jane: thanks for the link, will try.
tenisbebe and Jane: uoo, have just seen a replay of highlights of Rafa JDP match and everyone’s saying Rafa’s not playing too good at the mo. but he looked blooming impressive to me, perhaps it was just the highlights? I think the two Andys are going to have to serve well tonight to stand a chance. But hey, here’s hoping for a double A final!

Von Says:

fedster: Thank you for your good wishes regarding Roddick. I hope he plays well today and his serve is working, because it’s not his type of weather. He likes the hot weather because his serv e is more explosive in the heat. All I can do is hope. Goodluck to your guy as well!

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