UPDATE1: Clijsters Officially Announces She Will Un-Retire in 2009
by Staff | March 26th, 2009, 12:17 pm

Kim Clijsters has had her mommy experience, and now she’s back.
The former No. 1, who retired in 2007 to marry and have her first child, announced Thursday that she will resume her pro career once again during the U.S. summer hardcourt season. The 25-year-old says her first event will be at Cincinnati, culminating in an appearance at the US Open.

“The desire is back,” Clijsters told reporters. “I have missed the competition in the last two years. I am training for one goal, to face all these talented girls.”

Clijsters won her only Grand Slam title at the US Open in 2005 when she defeated Frenchwoman Mary Pierce, who is herself attempting a comeback after injury.

“My comeback will be in the United States,” Clijsters said. “I won’t go to these tournaments in the same way I go on holiday.”

Clijsters reached the No. 1 ranking in 2003 and stayed there 19 weeks. Belgian tennis went from the top of the heap to off the radar once Clijsters and fellow No. 1 Justine Henin retired.

“It all started with preparing for the gala match at Wimbledon. It was all pretty laid back. But I liked it so much I was onto my training schedule from my pro days, and then the hunger for more came automatically,” Clijsters said. “I look at this as a second career, not as a comeback, as I am now in a situation where not everything revolves around tennis 24 hours a day. We’ll see how I, Jada and the others in my environment can handle this.”

Not known for her mental toughness in big-stage situations, Clijsters was 1-4 in Grand Slam finals, losing at the French and Australian opens. Clijsters retired at 23, citing numerous injuries, and after going through multiple wrist surgeries.

“It will depend on how well I can find the rhythm to my game,” said Clijsters on whether she could again compete for the No. 1 spot amidst the currently disjointed group of No. 1 competitors.

She is scheduled to play Cincinnati and Toronto prior to the US Open.

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10 Comments for UPDATE1: Clijsters Officially Announces She Will Un-Retire in 2009

Shan Says:

Good for Kim, at the least it’ll help to boost the Belgian tennis market a bit.

Tennis69 Says:

What an idiot! What a loser! I knew all along when she announced her foolish retirement two years ago that she would come back. It was so stupid to announce a retirement at 23 that I knew all the time that she was just kidding with the tennis world! She was always so desperate for attention as she was such an under-achiever (especially compared to Henin). So, she tried to bring attention to herself two years ago when she announced her retirement at 23! But the world did not really care (to her disappointment)! So, now she comes back for the attention again as she is so desperate for it. But who really cares about Clijsters? No one really does! Plus, having had a child, she should be taking care of that child, not traveling around the world playing tennis! What a stupid person!

tenisbebe Says:

Yeah Kimmy – would love to see you back, baby in tow or not (let hubby take care of him for a while). You were not voted the Most Liked Player from your fellow players on tour for nothing! And Thank God – the WTA is absolutely abismal

tenisbebe Says:

And Thank God – the WTA is in abysmal shape right now – they could use you. See you in Cincy girl!

Shan Says:

Tennis69 – anger management classes will do you good. The sooner the better.

It’s impossible / extremely difficult for a female tennis player to stay on the circuit when they’re pregnant or have a newborn. The whole woman / baby thing you know…the men with babies have it easier, they can keep on playing.

zola Says:

How nice to see Kim is back. She is a nice person and a great player. Great news for WTA.

I don’t blame kim or Henin or anyone who retires early. We have to understand these players start when they are almost babies. 4, 5, 6 years old. They never had a normal life or a normal childhood. Being a pro at 15, 16 , means they had to travel and be careful about what they eat, what they do, …missing a lot of things many teen-agers do.
So perhaps when at 23, 24 that decide to have a break and experience normal life, they have a right to do it.

Anyway, great to see her back!

drona Says:

Her husband is quitting his job. She needs to support him and their child.


fedster Says:

Tennis69 is such a hopeless fellow here going on with his/her Clijsters-bashing! This blind bug is not even ready to appreciate her! It’d be really nice to see Kim hit
the court again.

fedster Says:

Why is this Tennis69 speaking such crap about Kim? She’s a beauty to behold when on song!

Giner Says:

Why do players even bother to call it a ‘retirement’ if they’re going to come back 2 years later? Players should be careful with their wording when they plan to take a long break that might be permanent. Kournikova and Seles never officially retired even though it’s obvious they won’t be returning.

My guess is Kim won’t do that well in her return tournaments. Might win a few early rounds but lose to the current top 20.

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