Sharapova Dating, Federer-Tiger Love: Tennis-X Notes
by Staff | January 16th, 2010, 2:15 pm


TIGER = WONDERFUL SAYS FED — While many of his other celebrity friends have had trouble reaching him in hiding, Tiger Woods’ buddy Roger Federer says he has spoken to the skank-chasing golfer who is reportedly trying to salvage his marriage after a number of alleged infidelities. Federer says he’s spoken to Woods by phone and says Woods will be back soon “as the wonderful golfer we know.” And the wonderful human being we never knew?
DAVIS CUP TO BE DROPPED? — The ATP Player Council is debating a “World Cup-style” 10-day event every two years to replace the Davis Cup? Bud Collins must have just dropped a brick in his shorts? Dwight Davis must have just turned over in his grave. And tennis federations around the world are now contemplating massive losses of funding from hosting Davis Cup ties. Of course the players want to kill it, that means less travel and playing time for them. Will it be so easy to drop the 110-year-old institution? It will be ITF federations vs. players, let’s put on the gloves. “The players are the ones who are making the show and their opinions have to be greatly considered,” Djokovic says. If you think the ITF is going to roll over, it reminds people it has a five-year calendar contract with the ATP, and says, “While Davis Cup has evolved and modernized over the years, it has not lost its intrinsic values based around the home-and-away format that attracts great support from fans, sponsors, television and the players themselves who enjoy playing in front of their home country fans.”

“DR. A” STILL AT IT — From tennis writer Charlie Bricker on Alexandra “Dr. A” Stevenson: “It’s with a certain amount of sadness that I report that Alexandra Stevenson, who had more than 15 minutes of fame at the 1999 Wimbledon, has retired from a match with injury for the 41st time in her heavily mismanaged career…Stevenson is 29 years old now and who knows why she keeps hanging on. My guess is it’s her mother, Samantha Stevenson, who has been living vicariously through her daughter since she gave the kid her first tennis lesson at age 4 and then declared she’d be there when Alex won Wimbledon. [She] could have developed her game had her coaches not been constantly alienated by her mother’s dominance…Why she continues to play is a mystery.”

TAKE OUT THE TRASH — From Reuters on Jelena Dokic’s flight problems: “Police have spoken to the coach and boyfriend of Australia’s Jelena Dokic after the pair were involved in an altercation with a passenger and cabin staff on a domestic flight, her agents said on Thursday. Dokic’s coach Borna Bikic and his brother Tin, who is the world number 58’s long-term boyfriend, initially argued with a female passenger who had complained Tin Bikic kept knocking her seat on a Hobart to Melbourne flight on Thursday. The argument escalated to include one of the cabin crew and the pair were met by police when the flight arrived in Melbourne, Dokic’s agents IMG said in a statement. “They were spoken to about their behavior and no further action will be taken,” the statement said.

INJURIES — Argentine David Nalbandian has pulled from the Aussie Open citing an ab injury…Frenchman Gilles Simon pulled with a knee injury.

GLOBAL BRAND DATING — According to USA Today, Maria Sharapova, following her breakup with Charlie Ebersol, the son of NBC Universal Sports & Olympics chairman Dick Ebersol, is now dating Sasha Vujacic of Slovenia, who plays guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. They started dating when she returned from Tokyo in the fall. “We rarely talk about sports, but it’s just an understanding of what we do,” Sharapova says. “We never have to talk about it. We just know. It’s there. It makes it easier and nicer.”

GET IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME SOME CHICKEN POT PIE — According to India’s News on the Air, Sania Mirza, who became engaged last July, says she will quit pro tennis once she gets married.

MISC — Two weeks of a packed tennis schedule before the Australian Open and the Tennis Channel has only shown one live event, the Hopman Cup exhibition? Did we miss something? Find some more money TC and buy some broadcast rights, find someone that can make that happen…Andy Roddick is in favor of the ITF reversing the cramping rule, refusing to name names of opponents who have abused it (*cough* *novakdjokovic* *cough*) — “If someone is getting treated for cramps for 12 minutes and then you have to come out and serve, you’re the one who’s getting cold,” Roddick said. “I just felt like it lent itself to gamesmanship sometimes. It’s something we could probably do without.”… Jetstar airlines reportedly almost terminated its $1 million, three-year contract with Jelena Dokic after the Aussie player, her boyfriend and coach had a well-publicized fight with a fellow passenger and crew on a Melbourne-bound flight. And the dad wasn’t even there. Way to carry on the family heritage…Looks like both John Isner and Mardy Fish are in go-mode now that there are two U.S. Davis Cup singles spots up for grabs (note: P-Mac, if you use Fish in the future, PLEASE don’t play him on clay)…Pete Sampras says he wants to sit down “man-to-man” and talk to Andre Agassi about the “shots” he took at him in his book? Even though he said he hasn’t read the book, and doesn’t plan to? Nice statement Pete, right out of the Republican playbook: ‘Yes that book, which I haven’t read but have been told is bad, should be banned from all schools!’…Will Juan Martin del Potro be ready in Melbourne after pulling out of the Kooyong exo with a bad wrist?…Tennis Australia doesn’t need to defend their Betfair sponsorship. “We certainly believe that responsible gambling is part of Australian culture,” said Tennis Australia’s Steve Ayles. “We can also ensure that money goes back into developing the sport.” If only the U.S. were so open-minded and could go about it so intelligently instead of U.S. citizens having to use off-shore accounts (not that we do)…Fernando Verdasco beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to win the Kooyong exhibition…After winning the Auckland title, John Isner donated $5,000 to the Red Cross for Haiti relief: “It was something I felt I could easily do and I plan on doing it in Australia as well. It makes you realize how lucky you are.”

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24 Comments for Sharapova Dating, Federer-Tiger Love: Tennis-X Notes

Kimmi Says:

I hear I Isner won his first ATP title..for some reason I though he has other titles. Congratulation to Isner and great to donate $5000 for Haiti.

Kimmi Says:

“”Andy Roddick is in favor of the ITF reversing the cramping rule, refusing to name names of opponents who have abused it (*cough* *novakdjokovic* *cough*)””

LOL (: Has novak abuse cramping? I think there is a confusion with breathing problems…

Colin Says:

The writer of this article makes two mistakes (deliberate ones?). Federer did not say “Tiger is wonderful”. He said he’s a wonderful golfer.
And the writer is one of the huge number of people who insist on calling the Hopman Cup an exhibition event. It isn’t.

Ben Pronin Says:

…It’s not an official ATP/WTA event, therefor it’s an exhibition.

Fot Says:

Federer has organized an event for the top players at the AO to raise money for Haiti. (great job Roger).


Q. Can you tell us more about what you’re doing for the people of Haiti tomorrow.

ROGER FEDERER: I had the idea that we could do something, you know, to help Haiti after the tragic earthquake. So I spoke to some other top players. I got some connections, you know (smiling). They all said, Yes, we should do something.

So we’re going to play doubles or mixed doubles tomorrow, also with top women’s players, try to fill the stadium. This is where you guys can help. Maybe put it out in the press. I think there will be a donation at the door of $10 to come and see us play.

I think it’s something as a tennis family we’re very happy to do. I know it’s on the eve of the first Grand Slam of the season, so it’s for some not so easy maybe mentally to separate, you know, a few things. But I think it’s a great initiative.

Happy we can go through it, have some fun tomorrow. Maybe nice day also for families to come and see some top players play.

Q. Chosen your partner yet?

ROGER FEDERER: I haven’t chosen yet. I’ll pick wisely (smiling).

Q. How has being a father affected your preparation?

ROGER FEDERER: It’s been good. Flight to Australia was good. I was surprised. I was expecting much worse. The girls are feeling good. Mirka is doing well, too. You know, if they’re all doing well, I’m always much more relaxed, as well.

We’ve been enjoying our time over here. Preparation’s been going smooth, you know, the way I wanted. I could get the practice session in and also spend some quality time with them. So it’s been a fun week.

Q. Although it doesn’t seem like probably 12 months have passed since you were last in that chair, could you reflect to what’s happened to you and your game, et cetera, in the intervening period.

ROGER FEDERER: The last 12 months?

Q. How different you feel coming back here.

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I feel great, you know. New start to the season is in a way always refreshing and exciting. Everything sort of starts at zero, you know, except the rankings, which is a good thing, thank God.

No, look, I think the players feel great. Most importantly obviously I’m focused on my game. I think I put in a lot of work, you know, last year trying to get back to No. 1. Also in the off‑season I try to work extremely hard. Because the year before, you know, I think I lacked that a bit through illness and everything. So I think I’m back where I want to be.

Also my game’s following. I maybe wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be, you know, the last few tournaments, but I was able to reach No. 1 in the world. But obviously the back‑to‑back with the French and Wimbledon was, you know, an amazing accomplishment for me.

On top of that, you know, on the personal note, that I was able to sort of handle everything at the same time was quite fascinating actually for me as well.

I’m excited now traveling the world, you know, as a family. It’s a first for me, as well. Like I said before, it’s going really well. It’s really inspiring.

Q. You made some comments about Tiger. How difficult has it been for you as a friend to see him going through all that in such a public way?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, just following it from afar, you know. All I can say, I’m not going to talk about his personal life, but I wish him all the best, you know, getting back, you know, hopefully on the golf course, resolving his problems, and see how he goes.

But yeah, that’s about it.

Q. There’s been a lot of talk about him being a role model and that being a bad example. How do you take your position as a role model as a top tennis player? Do you feel you have to stay extra squeaky clean?

ROGER FEDERER: No, I mean, I just try to be myself, not change for the press or the public or the fans, you know. If they like me, that’s great. If they don’t, you know, that’s too bad.

But, you know, I think most important is that there’s a lot of fair play involved when I play the game, respect for the game, respect for the opponent, you know, be polite to every meet. I think those are key things my parents have taught me. You know, I try to do the same thing.

Sure, you know, I’m doing a lot of press conferences, and not being able to hide on the tennis court is not an easy thing sometimes. But I think I’ve done well over the years. I still enjoy doing it even though there’s more enjoyable things than doing press conferences. It’s just part of it, you know (smiling).

Q. Do you still get anxious before a big tournament? If so, on a scale of 1 to 10, how anxious do you feel?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I think the first thing you arrive and you’re, Okay, let’s relax, get over the jetlag, practice a little bit. It’s nice getting back on Rod Laver Arena, for instance. From yesterday to today on I feel it’s moving closer. I do get, you know, the sense of now also knowing who I play against, when I play, sort of the mind goes into preparing. This is really when I feel I’m getting excited.

Yeah, I mean, I definitely do get very excited for many big events, many tournaments, trying to prove myself over and over again, and see if the hard work paid off. Playing in front of a nice crowd is always something special because in the off‑season there’s maybe two people hanging at the fence just walking by and seeing you practice. But, you know, this is where it’s special and you can get some momentum during the match because of the spectators. That’s really what I’m looking forward to live again this week or the next two weeks.

Q. Do you like this court surface? What sort of difference do you feel?

ROGER FEDERER: I like the surface a lot, yeah. I think it’s very fair for every playing style. Slice stays low. Kick bounces up. You can play with spin. You can play from beyond the baseline. You can play in the court. If that’s the case, I think we found a good sort of a court for a tournament, especially a big one.

So I think it’s a fair, you know, surface. Also when it’s hot, you know, the ball bounces more. When it’s cool, it’s a bit tougher to hit winners. But you have to construct the point a bit more.

Yeah, I think it’s a very nice surface.

Q. You’re a real fan of tennis and often stay up late to watch matches at the US Open. Having the kids now, is that going to cramp your style a bit?

ROGER FEDERER: We’ll see. At the US Open actually it went fine, but they were still even younger than now. They’re still very young. But, yeah, I mean, if they’re up, I’ll take care of them. If they’re sleeping, maybe I’ll have to catch some sleep, as well. We’ll see how we figure it out here in Australia depending on their jetlag and mine.

But, yeah, I like watching the tennis especially from bed, the night sessions, you know, it’s exciting. Obviously not until 4:30 in the morning like Lleyton likes to do the stuff sometimes (smiling).

But, no, I’m also anxious to see how everything’s going to be these next couple weeks.

Q. The changes in your life, what are you going to do with the schedule this year? I’d like to get a comment from you as to some people saying you may not have the hunger now that you have a family to go after the big tournaments. What would you say about that?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, the schedule is, what is it, the Australian Open, then we got Davis Cup, then I got Indian Wells and Miami, then we for to clay. We have Rome, Estoril and Madrid, the French, Halle, Wimbledon, so forth.

You know, similar schedule I had the last few years. With the clay sometimes I switch around a few things here and there. So that’s about the plan. Not massive changes.

With the hunger, I mean, of course, there’s always going to be speculation I think. Once you have a family, they look at the history and see, Oh, some players didn’t win when they had family and so forth. But I think there’s not much you can, you know, compare really because normally as guys you have kids later on, you know, because in the beginning you play, you travel so much, it’s not so easy to create a family when you’re traveling so much. But the hunger is still there. I’m working as hard as I have been.

I haven’t been just baby‑sitting, you know. I also like to go out in the morning, you know, put in the big hours. I feel my game’s really where it’s supposed to be. I can only put in the best effort I can and hope that the results will follow.

Q. When you said Davis Cup, did you mean Dubai?

ROGER FEDERER: Playing Dubai and not Davis Cup, yeah.

Glen Evan Says:

Good for Roger to concentrate on Tiger’s return as a wonderful golfer, and not get dragged into a discussion of the infidelities. That’s what friends are for, and maybe that’s why he got in touch with Tiger while most others weren’t able to.

ines Says:

Thanks for the interview, Roger is really not only a fantastic tennis player but an unique human being, and how well he handles with the babies…Roger you are the Best, good luck, go for the AO.

madmax Says:

Here is a link for the hit for haiti exho which roger organised – it’s fabulous!

madmax Says:

Also, roger didnt contact woods (from the press conference – this isnt what he said) – he wasnt going to discuss his personal problems – so I think whoever wrote the above article – needs to hear the press conference and not distort what roger said. It’s unfair.

madmax Says:

Those of you who are interested – if you click on the hitforhaiti link – watch it – after it’s finished, there is a picture below of federer giving a press conference, click on to hear what he actually says about woods:

he says: “following it from a far [sic] – wishing him all the best – that’s about it.”

He doesnt actually say he has spoken to him directly (but who knows really?) – that’s my interpretation of “following it from afar”.

Colin Says:

Ben Pronin, would you say thatup until last year, Davis Cup was an exhibition? It carried no ranking points before.

Andrew Says:

Staff wrote: “Nice statement Pete, right out of the Republican playbook: ‘Yes that book, which I haven’t read but have been told is bad, should be banned from all schools!’”

What a ridiculous comment by Staff!

First, why bring politics into it? Do you really need to risk insulting a large group of your readers?

Second: Yes, I read the ENTIRE book and Agassi did take shots at Sampras. Sampras does not need to read the whole book to know Agassi took shots at him. Excerpts have been published. Everyone knows Agassi did it. That’s not in question. Why would Sampras want to pay money for and read a book he knows is insulting to him? Would you want to pay for a book insulting you?

Third: Since you brought book banning into it, let’s discuss it!

Would you support books in elementary school that reference sexual practices, detail graphic murders/rapes, or examine any other subject considered for ‘adults only’? Most parents would not. All we would need to know is the main subject of the book; we would not need to read the book itself to know we wouldn’t want our children reading it.

So, yes, I’m for banning SOME books in school, without having read them.

Can you not think of one book that you would not want to be present in an elementary school?

If you can think of even one, then yes, you are for banning books in schools too.

a fan of both Agassi and Sampras

been there Says:

Roger Federer says he DID contact Tiger Woods. Perhaps he didn’t say it exactly in those words at his Melbourne interview, but he did say it at an interview he gave for a French newspaper.

Q: Have you spoken to Tiger Woods since his problems were revealed?
RF: Yes, he is my friend and I told him I was there to support him. It’s really tough for him and his family to see their intimate problems flaunted everywhere

Read more:

>>Roger has said many times that he is very good friends with Tiger Woods, & Tiger has said the same. Tiger has in fact said that they communicate everyday e.g. by text…though this was before the whole Tiger affairs saga. Tiger’s infidelities do not reflect on Roger’s character, so there should be no big deal whether or not Roger is still his friend. If we were to dump each friend that had an indiscretion (obviously, things like theft, murder, fraud causing recession, etc. are a whole different ball game imo), then human beings would have no friends at all.

Kudos to Roger for giving Tiger his support. That is what true friends are for. It does not mean he supports what Tiger has done, but he probably understands that as a friend, he is not just going to cut ties because it’s now out in the open.

Gordo Says:

Two things – one cynical and one not about Federer.

I wonder if because they (Roger Fed and Cheetah Woods) have agents from the same company (IMG) if a call to Fed wasn’t made asking him to say something hopeful or nice – anything(!) about the golfer. I always found their “friendship” a little forced and perhaps a bit of a PR move.

On the non-cynical side, good on Roger for setting up the “Hit for Haiti” exhibition today in Melbourne. The AO website has a video and it looks like all had fun. They packed the place at $10.00 a pop and raised a bunch of money. It says that Maria Sharapova donated $10,000 herself. Kudos.

And good to see Rafa show up, along with Djokovic, Roddick, Serena Willams. Kim Clijsters , Samantha Stosur and Hewitt.

The players were all miked up so the crowd could hear their banter. Sounds like it was fun, and a worthy cause.

madmax Says:

been there –

what you need to remember is that article you refer to was a “translation” – the actual press conference that I referred to – You can HEAR EXACTLY what federer said and he said, quite clearly:

“I have been following it from afar” – that – to me – means that he has NOT contacted Tiger Woods.

The translation was from a French Magazine L’equipe – there can be certain things read into a translated copy – but the best thing is to get it from the horse’s mouth –

of course, I could be wrong, you could be wrong, we could be wrong, who knows? and really, who cares? But do you honestly think that federer would want to get involved in his marital/extra marital affairs? I really dont think so – he made it clear in his press conference that he was NOT going to answer any specific questions on the state of his marriage – really – look at his press conference and HEAR what he says.

Cheers Been there! Hope you are well!

Go Federer! C’moon!

madmax Says:

by the way, been there – like you said – that is what friends are for – and like you say, it is no reflection on federer at all –

I think when things are translated from french into English, certain words can be lost in translation – that’s all.

been there Says:

lol madmax,

Yes, I know that it’s a translation from a French sports daily – I said it in my post above that’s it’s from a French newspaper ;) and it’s also present in the link I posted.

First of all, let me point out that they are two very different questions.

>>The L’Equipe interview specifically asks him if has spoken to Tiger

Q: Have you spoken to Tiger Woods since his problems were revealed?
RF: Yes, he is my friend and I told him I was there to support him. It’s really tough for him and his family to see their intimate problems flaunted everywhere

>>While in Melbourne, the reporters are following up on comments that Fed has made about Tiger (presumably from the L’Equipe interview ‘coz those are the only ones he’s made so far – at least that’s been reported) & asking him how difficult it’s been for him to see how his friend is going through that in public. The Melbourne reporters are obviously fishing for more details or doing what reporters do – repeat the same question even if it’s been answered before. It’s to this question that Fed says ‘following it from afar, no comment on Tiger’s personal life, etc’. Notice that he doesn’t deny being Tiger’s friend, neither does he deny having made comments about Tiger or ask for clarification or take them back, which shows that he knows what comments the reporters are asking about, but he simply doesn’t want to give them any more details than he already did.

Q. You made some comments about Tiger. How difficult has it been for you as a friend to see him going through all that in such a public way?

RF: Well, I mean, just following it from afar, you know. All I can say, I’m not going to talk about his personal life, but I wish him all the best, you know, getting back, you know, hopefully on the golf course, resolving his problems, and see how he goes.

They are two different questions, with two distinct answers. One does not cancel out the other. Also the L’Equipe interview was published a few days before the Melbourne interview. The AP dates the L’Equipe to the 15th Jan (but probably carried out way before that), before the Melbourne press conference.

been there Says:

Now on to your other questions madmax:

>>”But do you honestly think that federer would want to get involved in his marital/extra marital affairs?”

Tell me, WHO has said that Federer wants to get involved in his marital/extra marital affairs? And what do you mean by ‘getting involved’ ? Really, you are over-reading. What I posted says that Fed says he’s Tiger’s friend, he’s spoken to him and he has his support should he need it. I don’t see anywhere that I (or anyone else on this thread), even remotely says what you asking. But just to answer, I wouldn’t know what Roger is thinking concerning how involved he wants to get in his friend’s unfortunate situation. I think only he, his family & perhaps his sponsers know. :)…but the fact is that he says he is there for Tiger & that is all I posted, i.e. what Roger said.

In fact, from the Paris AP, it reports Federer says he has spoken to him by phone…which is even more information than the link I previously gave. Here is the AP link – real press:

>>”he made it clear in his press conference that he was NOT going to answer any specific questions on the state of his marriage – really – look at his press conference and HEAR what he says.”

lol, Yes, I have heard & read what he said in the press conference and I didn’t deny it – at least none that I can see. Even ‘Fot’ kindly put up the interview above@ 5:23pm. Of course, he is not going to comment on the state of Tiger’s marriage – that is what gentlemen & more importantly, good friends do. Why on earth would he start telling the press & public about whatever he knows – if he knows anything – about Tiger’s marriage & affairs?

The question is: why are you being so defensive about this when Federer – the man himself – says he’s contacted Woods? Even The Associated Press, from Paris, France reported the same thing. I think the French AP can be trusted as opposed to the link I gave previously which you doubt (I guess ‘coz it was translated by an English speaking native French lay poster like you and me on a blog).

Of course Federer is following it from afar as he’s not in the USA with Tiger. Until Federer says otherwise, I think I’m going to take Federer’s word for it, in that they are friends and they do keep in touch & that he’s there to support his friend. :) Nothing wrong with that, however sleazy Tiger is. Tiger cheated, which is very bad, but it’s not murder or anything to that degree. It’s not even a criminal offence in most countries. If each person was to cut off friends for infidelity, I make a wild guess that over 90% of 18+yr old men on this planet would have no friends at all (& women are also catching up fast in that category). I can see how someone can cut of ties with a good friend for a criminal offence. The only reason, imo, which would make Roger cut off ties with Tiger for his infidelity is to take his image to unheard of squeaky clean levels, where he has no ties at all with anyone who’s tainted. This would be profitable for his many business deals, but very hypocritical ‘coz it would show that he is only about money . Luckily, from his interviews, seems like Roger is not that type of person.

Perhaps then ALL translations, including the AP, with professional French-English speaking journalists are wrong; which is highly unlikely ‘coz this interview has been carried in many websites, including French ones that have it translated to English – like the Paris France AP.

And seems like the layman blog translation I posted is very similar to the AP report. But since the AP is real press as opposed to blog translations, if it’s wrong, I’m sure Roger’s PR is already on it and looking into demanding an apology or worst case scenario, suing the AP for carrying false news, especially the speaking to Tiger on phone bit. :)

jane Says:

Looks like Kirilenko is going to knock out her friend Sharapova in round 1. Little Maria is playing well, holding her own. She looks really pumped. Meanwhile Sharapova’s serve is off (and on) and wow – she’s hit a lot of errors! I know that’s par for the course with her go for broke tennis, but tonight she’s hitting way too many. That, and Kirilenko’s very sharp focus will be deciding factors in the upset.

jane Says:

Oh and defense; Kirilenko has also played some great D.

madmax Says:

thanks been there – for posting the links and for your explanations above –

madmax Says:

whoops, got cut off – it’s strange isnt it? that the headline above “implies” Tiger is wonderful and Fed says so! – wonderful at golf, NOT in his personal life. I guess been there, I would prefer to hear what comes out of roger’s mouth and not what is printed (if you like) in translation. “Yes” – “Oui” is very different to “Yes, following from afar” – see what I mean?

Anyway, not being defensive, just dont believe all I read in the papers when I hear what a person says on video conference, that – to me – is more trustworthy. But like you say, horses for courses.

been there Says:

lol madmax,

No, I don’t get what you mean because if at all saw my post at 6.59pm, I have explained that they are two different interviews, with two distinct answers. So according to you, all translations by different lay posters and news organisations are wrong, despite the fact that they all say the same thing. :D Perhaps you should find the interview in French and translate it for yourself or get an English speaking French person to do it…oddly, it will reveal the same thing as the links I posted above. But am afraid you aren’t going to find a ‘video link’ for it – even in French, simply because it was conducted for print media.

I suppose the BBC is also wrong! lol. Same thing.

Am afraid there are too many news organisations reporting it. Tiger is currently big news; if it was wrong, there would have been a correction and/or demand of apology. Simple as.

But let’s leave it at that ‘coz clearly, you find it wrong that Federer admits that he is Tiger’s friend, that he still keeps in touch & speaks to him despite his affairs & that he is there for him should Tiger need his support. For me, this is a mark of true friendship, something to be applauded. :)

madmax Says:

been there – no tone in this at all – honestly – i accept what you say – and you must be right. Everything federer says about woods, and what is printed must be true – so i have nothing left to say about it –

thanks for the clarification.

I dont find it “wrong” by the way. I find it “confusing” that subtle nuances of language can be read in different ways, and given different meanings – the beauty of the English language.

Take care.

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