Roger Federer Ranks Second On Forbes Highest Paid Athletes List
by Staff | June 11th, 2013, 9:45 am

Roger Federer ranks second on a new Forbes highest paid athletes list, just behind golf great and friend Tiger Woods. According to the list, Federer made $71.5M just behind Woods’ $78.1M.

Federer’s earnings are broken down by $6.5M in tournament prize money and another $65M in yearly sponsor money. This season Federer has earned $1.38M in prize winnings.

The next highest paid tennis player is Maria Sharapova at No. 22 with $29M. Sharapova leads all women on a list which includes just two other females, both tennis players – Serena Williams and Li Na.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal rank No. 28 and No. 30 respectively.

Earnings are based on income from June 1, 2012 through June 1, 2013.

Overall Top 10
1 Tiger Woods $78.1 M, Golf
2 Roger Federer $71.5, Tennis
3 Kobe Bryant $61.9 M, Basketball
4 LeBron James $59.8 M, Basketball
5 Drew Brees $51 M, Football
6 Aaron Rodgers $49 M, Football
7 Phil Mickelson $48.7 M, Golf
8 David Beckham $47.2 M, Soccer
9 Cristiano Ronaldo $44 M, Soccer
10 Lionel Messi $41.3 M, Soccer

Tennis Players Among The Top 100 (Total, Prize Money, Endorsements)
2 Roger Federer $71.5 M, $6.5 M, $65 M
22 Maria Sharapova $29 M, $6 M, $23 M
28 Novak Djokovic $26.9 M, $12.9 M, $14 M
30 Rafael Nadal $26.4 M, $5.4 M, $21 M
68 Serena Williams $20.5 M, $8.5 M, $12 M
85 Li Na $18.2 M, $3.2 M, $15 M

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13 Comments for Roger Federer Ranks Second On Forbes Highest Paid Athletes List

SG1 Says:

For a tennis player to be ahead of LeBron…that’s pretty cool. I’m not sure the wads of money paid to athletes says anything good about our society but at least tennis players earn their cash. If you stop winning, the prize money goes away.

andrea Says:

no wonder fed wants to keep playing! ka-ching.

Giles Says:

Don’t forget he has 3 mouths to feed so every $ counts. His prize money will whittle down as time goes by so where else can he earn a living from. Poor Fed!

bstevens Says:

So, Federer basically gets 10 times more money in endorsements than from actual tennis prize money (I assume it’s a similar ratio for the other athletes). That does not seem to make much sense, but I guess it shows what kind of world we live in.

Giles Says:

PS. Sorry should be 4 mouths to feed

skeezer Says:

Keep “ka-chingin” it Fed!

TGIT Says:

As it should be. He is the ATHLETE of his times.

James Says:

This is very impressive considering tennis isn’t the biggest or richest sport in the world. Federer had to be the man for his consistency over the years and his 17 GS. A great sporting icon.

Humble Rafa Says:

With all this money, Mirka has upgraded from blackberry to iphone.

Danny Morris Says:

“As it should be. He is the ATHLETE of his times.”


Great achievement!

James Says:

RT “@BenRothenberg How big a deal is Roger Federer in Halle? He gets his own separate larger press conference room on the other
side of the stadium. #halle”

Brando Says:


Not surprised.

Doesn’t he have a street named after him there?

James Says:

@Brando, he does, apparently, ‘Roger Federer – Allee’.
Not surprised, he’s a superstar and Swiss German.

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