Martina Navratilova Diagnosed With Breast Cancer [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 7th, 2010, 10:05 am

Sad news in the tennis world this morning, Martina Navratilova has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 53-year-old tennis legend told magazine that she “cried” when the biopsy came back positive follow a routine mammogram on February 24. She was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

“It knocked me on my ass, really,” she said to “I feel so in control of my life and my body, and then this comes, and it’s completely out of my hands.”

She said she went four years without a mammogram, but caught the cancer early enough and it has a “very small chance of coming back.”

“The prognosis of someone with DCIS is excellent,” Dr. Shelley Hwang, a breast surgeon at UC San Francisco, told “There’s only a one-percent chance of anyone with this diagnosis would die of breast cancer.”

Navratilova will begin a six-week radiation treatment therapy in Paris in May during the French Open.

She went on on Good Morning America today to talk about it with Robin Roberts.

We wish her the best for a speedy recovery.

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14 Comments for Martina Navratilova Diagnosed With Breast Cancer [Video]

jane Says:

Sad: I hope she is okay. She is a strong person and it sounds like the type she has is one that people can overcome. All the best wishes to her!

Voicemale1 Says:

She is a remarkable athlete. G-d Bless Her.

Colin Says:

Voicemale1, unfortunately I can imagine some nutty TV evangelist saying the illness is a punishment for her “sin”.

Polo Says:

It is always bad news to hear that somebody has been diagnosed to have bad cancer. The stage at which it has been detected is very important. Martina’s is in situ, so it is in the early stage and has not spread anywhere else. Therefore, it carries a better prognosis for complete cure. I wish her well.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Hope the best for her!!!

David Says:


I don’t think tennis is on the radar screen enough for any nutty tele-evangelist to make a comment. Apparently there were all kinds of problems with the TV coverage of Miami if you didn’t have the Tennis Channel, so that probably speaks to how low-profile tennis is right now.

Michael Says:

She was a great player and the ever green Queen of Grass Courts. It is sad to know that she has been afflicted with this disease. I wish her speedy recovery and a hearty life.

steve Says:

Sad news. I am sure she will face this with the same courage she has demonstrated over the years. All the best to her.

Kimmi Says:

all the best martina

Michael Says:

It is indeed very sad to hear this. Martina is one of the greats and perhaps the greatest Women grass court player of all times. She dominated the Lawn Tennis like no other player. I wish her a very speedy recovery from her current ailment and all the very best in life. May she be provided the necessary will and strength to brave this misfortune.

MMT Says:

True to her character, she hasn’t shied away from this in the least, but has taken the opportunity to remind women of the need to have timely mammograms. It seems she was lucky that despite her 4 year hiatus, they’ve found her’s relatively early. I’ve always held her in the highest regard – probably the most honest tennis champion out there in every sense of the word.

margot Says:

Get well Martina, you are splendid.

Fot Says:

Hey, I’m a 30 year breast cancer survivor so I know she can beat it! Hang in there Martina!

mmm Says:

When I heard about her diagnosis I knew she would beat it. She’s just that strong! Best of luck to her…would love to see her make a return to ladies doubles. :)

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