Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer Interviewed by 13-year-olds; the Swiss Can’t Cook! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 23rd, 2010, 12:33 am

Two young “Junior Journalists” in Cincinnati got the chance of a lifetime to interview two of tennis’ biggest stars, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Abigail Singer and Katherine Arnole had the honor of interviewing Federer and Nadal last week during the Cincinnati event.
The girls even asked Federer that as a husband what the fanciest meal he can cook for his wife, Mirka, is. Federer jokingly responds saying, “Oh no, wrong question, I can’t cook! I can barely make an egg and some spaghetti!”

Federer also reveals that Tiger Woods is the most famous celebrity he has in his phone contacts.

The 13-year-old girls are real pros (better than some of the real journalists for sure) who conducted interviews with many of the top players at the both men’s and women’s events.

It’s a really cute interview and the girls do a great job, be sure to check it out (Abigail is on the screen left, Katherine on the right):

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10 Comments for Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer Interviewed by 13-year-olds; the Swiss Can’t Cook! [Video]

Anna Says:

How sweet of these guys to take the time to do this. The girls are darling, asking good questions, and head bobbing like crazy, but I don’t think they’re really listening. What I want to know is did Rafa share his cookies????

Cindy H Says:

There was no uplink to the video. Was this great clip taken away like the laughing video of Fed and Nadal making a promo?

Gordo Says:

Forget their athletic abilities, but are these two guys not the greatest personalities in sports today?

The ATP should thanks their stars every day that Nadal and Federer have the personalities that they have and that they are so willing and able to do interviews – even with budding journalists like these two girls.

What a couple of class acts Rafa and Fed are.

nadline Says:

Rafa and Roger are indeed class acts, with a lot of charisma. How lucky we are to have them in tennis, long may they reign.

Kimberly Says:

i am a rafa fan but i must admit I think roger interviews way better.

Ralph Says:

Cindy H, was that the one that YouTube says was removed because of the England and Wales Cricket Association? I heard it was great. Too bad some people have no sense of humor.

fay Says:

This is way too cute, and I agree we are truly blessed to be living in the era of Federer and Nadal they have so much class, magnetism, charisma like no others before, may the FeDal era live on! Great stuff!

dari Says:

Kimberly, I am a fed fan but I will definitely cut rafa some slack and say his is not as good because of language barrier and length. I’m sure given more tome and Spanish, he woulda been great. nice quely biscuits, Rafael!
those girls rocked big time, and it looks like rafa and rog actually enjoyed it.
rafa and roger are amazing athlete personalities, they are tremendously enjoyable on and off court. I’m gonna get two dogs and name them rafa and roger. sometimes they will fight, but most of the time they will play and giggle!

tina Says:

Another difference regarding interaction with children, particularly girls, is that Fed has daughters and Rafa has none. But no matter the charisma of the players, Abigail and Katherine rock!

Dory Says:

Volume is too low for this video.

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