Roger Federer: I Can’t Cook. I Can’t Skate. I’m Far From Perfect.
by Tom Gainey | November 7th, 2012, 1:55 pm

In a moment of reflection, Roger Federer revealed that he’s not perfect afterall. Speaking to the press following a flawless 63, 61 win over Janko Tipsarevic yesterday in his first match at the ATP Finals, Federer admitted that he has his share of shortcomings.

“I can’t cook,” he joked. “There’s many things I can’t do. I wish I could do. I can’t skate. I would love to do that. There’s still many things for me to look forward to hopefully one day that I can either improve or learn from scratch, yeah. So, yeah, I’m far from perfect.”

In addition to his win over the Serb, Federer was proud to be named ATP’s Fan Favorite for a 10th time.

“Ever since I won Wimbledon in 2003, I guess. I’m very, very honored, really, and very proud in some ways to be so well‑liked by so many fans around the world, just not in one particular place or one country,” Federer said. “It really seems to be everywhere I go I get a lot of fan support. So for me that’s a big thrill, probably one of the reasons also I’m still playing today. No doubt about it, they are inspiring me and motivating me to show up every day in practice, in the match courts, and give my best, because I do feel I have big support and I do feel I need to reward them for their support.

“Yeah, 10 is an amazing number. I can’t believe it’s been that long. All I can say is thank you in a big way, and everybody knows that.”

Federer received 57% of all votes cast online by fans on His fellow players also named him for the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award.

Federer, who has won 11 straight matches at the Finals, will play David Ferrer on Thursday. He’s a perfect 13-0 against the Spaniard.

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39 Comments for Roger Federer: I Can’t Cook. I Can’t Skate. I’m Far From Perfect.

Brando Says:

LOL, fed point out his imperfection and the article ends by pointing out his perfection. Love the contradiction! :-)

RZ Says:

Wow, 57% of all votes as fan favorite. That’s super-high considering there are lots of players fans could choose from.

rogerafa Says:

I agree that 57% is very high since Switzerland has such a tiny population. Some of the other players come from much more populated nations or ethnicities. Roger is probably the first tennis player to have such widespread global appeal.

Giles Says:

Hey Fed, ask Rafa, he can give you lessons!! Lol

volley Says:

^^Roger is probably the first tennis player to have such widespread global appeal.

um, there was someone long before him. hint: he came from Sweden.

madmax Says:

Way to go Fed! So proud to be a fed fan.

Giles, I don’t think so. 10 is an awesome number to be voted fan’s favourite. It’s just insane!

Here is what Tipsy said about Federer after the match:

The best part is, Federer makes it look easy, but it’s not. As his opponent on Tuesday told the Fox Sports’ Richard Evans post-match:

I think Roger Federer is everything but lucky. People see him play this flawless tennis and say, “Oh, life is so easy for Roger, he’s so talented.” He is talented but there’s so much work behind that. Of course the fact that he was born with that magic hand of his is a plus. But I think Roger is one of the biggest—if not the biggest—professionals that the sport has ever had.

Loving the fed love right now\:)

Giles Says:

Madman. I think we are at cross purposes. My comment referred to Fed’s lack of cooking skills where I think Rafa can help. Lol. #rafaisagoodcook

Giles Says:

^^ sorry for typo. Madmax not Madman

rogerafa Says:

Borg was extremely popular during his time but tennis itself did not have as much global reach or presence as it has now. He was the first superstar and had great following considering the limited avenues of media exposure. There is no doubt that Roger has benefited from the media explosion since then as also from the expansion of the game in many more nations.

volley Says:

he was the first one to elevate tennis to a global level. you should read Tignor’s book on that era – it’s all there.

rogerafa Says:

I have watched Borg play and am old enough to know what I am talking about. I do not need any book to tell me whether tennis is more global now than it was during Borg’s time.

volley Says:

me too. the question wasn’t whether tennis is more global now, it’s whether Fed was the ‘first tennis player to have such widespread global appeal’. he wasn’t, Borg was. it’s a simple fact and has been chronicled in depth.

rogerafa Says:

It seems we do not agree on the “such widespread” part of their global appeal. That is exactly why I talked of the game’s expansion. Now, it does not necessarily follow that Roger’s popularity must rise with the popularity of the game in newer geographies. However, by all accounts, he is an immensely popular player in the conventional as well as the newer markets. His popularity in Asia, for example, is quite staggering. If you think Borg was the ‘first tennis player to have such widespread global appeal’, you are entitled to that “fact”.

Alok Says:

IMO, it’s not feasible to compare the past popularity or expansion of tennis to the present day. However, one thing is certain that Fed’s popularity has increased big time in Asia, and he’s is the male player most followed as compared to others in that hemisphere. His fan vote award is testament to this fact.

skeezer Says:

Feds popularity is unmatched in the sport, no doubt. He is the very best role model for the game. This record 7 time Fan fav proves his popularity, despite the jealous haters who post here and try to take him down. Chew on that anti-Feds.

Big thanks for Tennis X acknowledging this very important award. After all, its all about the Fans most favorite player

skeezer Says:

Borg the first player global appeal? Please provide documentation. I thought it was LAVER.

volley Says:

skeezer, you thought wrong.

skeezer Says:


Then give me your link, or justification. Somehow I just can’t accept your word, why is that?

Polo Says:

I think Borg should be credited with elevating the tennis player to celebrity status.

dari Says:

i’ll tell you what I have heard from tennis channel GOAT countdown and such things is that borg was the first ROCK STAR/ heart throb of tennis. the looks, the hair, the ice cold mystery, made him very marketable and he upped the game as far as endorsements as well.

jane Says:

dari, that’s how I think of Borg, like a sort of tennis “rock star”. :) He’s the image (perhaps now a nostalgic one) that many people had in their heads of a tennis player (I always laugh, when I watch _The Royal Tenenbaums_, at the tennis player character, clearly modelled on Borg and that era).

skeezer Says:


Re: Borg

Yes he should

Michael Says:

Nobody can be perfect, but Roger is near perfect in Tennis World. I do not think we can see this kind of a Champion with so much adulation for generations to come. The indispensability of Roger will only be realized by the Tennis World on his exit from the scene. It is difficult to imagine life without Roger in Tennis. For that matter, even Nadal’s disappearance from the scene due to his physical problems has also caused a big vacuum in Tennis. He is another player who can rival Roger in fan’s adulation and he has a big fan base. All are eagerly waiting for his return to the scene sooner than later. These two adorn Tennis and decorate it with their flamboyance, skill and elegance. All the best to Roger and Nadal. They will always be remembered for all that they have done to this Sport and outside too by means of charity through their Foundation.

Margot Says:

Skkeze in Tignor’s book he recounts how Borg’s success got im a massive teenage girl following. He was mobbed everywhere he went. His appeal transcended tennis too. Don’t think he liked that much, by all accounts.
I don’t think that ever happened to Laver and, on a purely practical level, he didn’t have Borg’s blond god looks so it seems unlikely.

Giles Says: Wasn’t sure which thread to post this on but I think this one will do. What is the ATP’s problem? Why are they refusing more money for the players? What’s with this Drewitt guy? # doesn’tmakesense.

grendel Says:

“Don’t think he liked that much, by all accounts.”
Oh, I don’t know. I was around at the time, and the teenyboppers, taking a break from screaming at the Beatles, directed their vocal chords towards Borg who permitted himself a slight twinkle in return. “His appeal transcended tennis too.” That is true, but it was a purely temporary phenomenon and this will prove the case for Federer, too.

alison Says:

Grendel and it was George Best who was the superstar in football,my sister went mad about the Bay City Rollers,Donny Osmond,and David Cassidy,where as i went mad for Adam Ant,everyone as you say has their time in the limelight,before they are gone but not forgotten,nothing lasts forever.

alison Says:

I have to say in regard to Michaels post,its great Roger/Rafa will be remembered for years to come setting the bar for the next generation,but its as i said yesterday about the Djokovic humanitarian award,if they wish to give money away and set up their own foundations then fair enough thats up to them,but i dont think it should be made a big deal about,or be given an award for,plenty of people give to charity every day and dont get an award for it,they also dont earn the money that Roger/Rafa/Novak do either,they are a million miles away from their earnings,JMO.

gannu Says:

you are perfect for me in everyway ;-) all the best against ferrer and may u show one more dominant performance…and thanks everyone for all the wishes yestdy!

volley Says:

@ polo, dari, jane, margot, grendel – all spot on.

Nims Says:

I think people are missing out on Agassi and Rafa as a global brand in tennis. When Agassi he played against Sampras even in US, the crowd was completely behind him. It’s just ridiculous the kind of popularity Agassi enjoyed even with all his misadventures in his career.

I’m also astounded by the support Rafa gets when he plays Roger at Wimbledon or AO. The crowd is equally split between them. Infact it was Rafa who got more support at Wimby 2008 finals.

I believe Roger’s popularity is more because of Rafa and same could be said for Rafa too.

alison Says:

Nims thats an interesting take,especially the last sentence,when Rafa beat Andy at Wimby in 2010,he said even though i had beaten Andy the home favorite,the crowd and the support for me was fantastic,i remember watching Andre play Tim or Pete years ago with exacltly the same senario,both American players saying how amazing the crowd and the support was for both of them,i remember watching on TV in 2009 wimbledon,Johnathon Ross said im torn because i would love Murray to win Wimbledon,but i would also love for Roger to win to surpass Sampras record.

Nims Says:

alison, right..wimbledon has always been a split support for Roger. From 2008 Roger’s popularity really picked up when people saw him being vulnerable. I thought both in 2008 USO and 2009 FO were the best support he got from the crowd, both when he was in a downward curve in his career. People have started appreciating him more after that.

I think people liked the vulnerable Roger 08-12 more than the perfect Roger he was in the period of 03-07. And lot of credit for this should also go to his matches against Rafa.

TJ Says:

Didn’t rafa get booed at the french open? that is how popular he is!

I like how these nadull fans want to take credit for even Roger’s popularity.#grow a brain rafaturds!

if other people were as stupid as you guys, you would even go about telling people that rafa is the reason Jesus Christ is worshipped so much!

alison Says:

TJ i wasnt trying to give Rafa credit for Rogers popularity,you really need to stop attacking each and every poster simply because they happen to be a Rafa fan,Rogers the most popular tennis player in the world ever,hes probably the most popular athlete ever,the point Nims and myself were making was how popular both players are globally,and how much Roger is loved even when faced with adversity,it was all meant as a compliment not as an insult,if you care to read between the lines.

the DA Says:

@ alison, don’t bother. it’s the modus operandi of a troll to post
inflammatory comments that are meant to provoke reactions and squabbling. Don’t feed them and they die of hunger.

For the record, if Facebook is anything to go by the popularity of both Roger and Rafa is pretty even:

Federer 11,814,676 followers
Nadal 11,333,813 followers

alison Says:

The DA thanks, Rafa and Andy are my favs,but i also like Roger and have nothing but the greatest respect for him and his achievements,likewise the same with Novak,we should enjoy them all while they are here,nothing lasts forever.

Tootie Says:

Some role model: Federer the fornicator.

alison Says:

Tootie what Federer does in his spare time off a tennis court is his buisness,and no offence but none of yours.

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