Rafael Nadal US Open Presser: Fernando is Right, Federer is the Favorite [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 10th, 2010, 10:08 am

After his 3-set win last night over friend Fernando Verdasco 75, 63, 64 to put him into his third straight US Open semifinal, Rafael Nadal says he is fresher than ever in New York.

The World No. 1 said in 2008 when he first reached the semifinals that he was “mentally I was destroyed in that moment of the season” and “without energy” against Andy Murray.

Then last year against eventual winner Juan Martin Del Potro, Nadal was in pain because his “abdominal broke”.

But now, the Spaniard says, he is in peak form and playing “every day better.”

Nadal also agrees with Verdasco that Swiss Roger Federer is the favorite of the tournament.

“I think if I need to bet here, I will bet for Roger. I think that he won five times here and he likes these conditions,” Verdasco said.

Nadal often makes everyone other than himself the favorite – even at the French Open – but it’s interesting that Verdasco says that he would bet on Federer.

Nadal hasn’t dropped a set at the US Open this year and only Verdasco has been able to break his serve. He’ll play Mikhail Youzhny in on Saturday semifinal. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer meet in the other.

Here’s his post-match interview after beating Fernando Verdasco:

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94 Comments for Rafael Nadal US Open Presser: Fernando is Right, Federer is the Favorite [Video]

van orten Says:

poor nadal always injured. i wonder if he is the only player who only loses when injured. i hope he is fine now

sonic Says:

youtube 1 usopen.org 0

guy Says:

‘poor nadal always injured. i wonder if he is the only player who only loses when injured. i hope he is fine now’

nah fed also loses when injured, for example wimbledon 2010. he also loses when mono-ed.

TD Says:

Verdasco is just playing Nadal’s game helping him with the underdog mantra…
Till when will Nadal be the underdog? Even after winning the US Open on Sunday he will come back next year and say “for sure, Del Potro beat me and won 2 years ago, so for sure he’s the favorite, no?”

David Says:


It might be a “game” if he said it about an FO final. But since he’s never even made it to the USO final, why would he be the favorite against arguably the greatest USO player of all time? Makes no sense even if he is ranked number one largely on the strength of his clay-court results this year.

Ela Says:

Clay court and grass David. Anyhow, as much as I like this guy I think the kid is sometimes too honest and modest. There is definitely no BS coming from mouth. I wish he had just a bit of Fed’d arrogance and cockiness. He deserves to feel like he can beat anybody and he should admit it.

TD Says:

I have nothing to complain about. If that what makes Nadal play his best and be prepared mentally, dodging any kind of favorite pressure, it’s ok.
I just think he is playing so well currently that I don’t see anyone stopping him, especially the way the tournament turned out (Murray and Berdych). So for me he is the top favorite by far. I will also remind you that even Federer at his best had to work hard on the HC to beat the young Nadal (though they didn’t meet a lot).

David Says:


He does say he CAN beat anyone, but his press conferences I think are just a reflection of his internal mental state. He’s not as supremely gifted as Federer and therefore many players, if they’re firing on all cylinders, are a major threat to Rafa. He knows he needs to play every point like it’s his last and have the utmost respect for every opponent at all times to win Grand Slam events, since probably 50 players in the draw could beat him if he were ever to lose that focus. That’s his mojo and it’s worked well for him so far.

David Says:


I think the final will be a close match, but I think this stuff about “when Fed was at his best” is a bit overstated.

For example, Fed on Wednesday night was a lot better player than Fed that night in Miami in 2004 when he lost 6-3, 6-3 to Nadal. It was probably a lot better performance than the 05 Miami final too or the Dubai match in 2006. Just because Fed was at his peak back then doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have bad days.

Now, I grant you that it’s not a coincidence that he’s had some “bad days” against Rafa, but that doesn’t mean he’s not capable of making 65 percent first serves on Sunday (rather than 51 percent in the 09 AO final) and playing one of the great matches of his career. I’m sort of expecting him to do that and that’s why I think he’ll have the edge of Rafa.

Of course, I hope I’m dead wrong.

Ben Pronin Says:

06 Dubai Federer did NOT have an off day.

zola Says:

Did any player have an off day in Dubai 2006? I thought off days were only for GSs!

madmax Says:

Rafa always plays these mind games, it’s reverse psychology. If you look at the experts/journalists out there, they all say that rafa is the favourite, you only have to read what is out there – and rafa knows it – he isn’t stupid. So he takes the pressure off himself and says that someone else is the favourite. Of course Verdasco is going to support what his davis cup friend says. It’s not rocket science.

Having said that, I do find it odd considering he has never reached a USO final. Federer “should” be the favourite and though there is still the SF to get through against another talented, excellent player – novak – everyone is talking about a fedal final.

It’s certainly breathtaking tennis and very exciting right now. But one match at a time.

C’mon Federer!

madmax Says:

Plus Federer is playing magnificently right now and there is absolutely no reason why he should not get through the SF’s, but novak is not going to be easy and Fed knows that.

Does anyone give Youzny a chance? This has got to be a dream SF for nadal. Too easy.

David Says:


I didn’t see that one in Dubai. I just remember Fed saying he played too aggressively.


I find it hard to believe that “all experts” are predicting Nadal to win. This is a hard court and Fed is the king of hard courts. He’s won 9 hard court majors to Nadal’s 1. He won the most recent hard court major. He just won Cincinnati. Give me a break. Fed is the clear favorite so I can’t see any big deal about Rafa’s comments.

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t know. 06 Dubai was a pretty brilliant match. Nadal really roughed it out with several brilliant passes at the end of each of the last 2 sets. As far as I’m concerned, that match set the foundation for the whole rivalry.

Ben Pronin Says:

*should be “toughed it out” not “roughed”

dari Says:

Day 13 schedule out folks. Rafa/youzh up first!

zola Says:

I have watched that match and it is brilliant. Rafa had just come back from six months of resting with a very bad injury and he played just brilliantly. His movement was amazing.

I think the rivalry started in 2005, when Rafa won Roger in the semis of the French Open. Or maybe even before, from their first match when he was just 17 and won Roger in straights on the hard courts of Miami.

zola Says:

I think Youzhny will be tough to beat. he is very strong physically and mentally and these courts suit his game the best. But I hope that Rafa continues to play like he has been doing and hopefully can win without too much trouble.

David Says:


I only saw a portion of that 06 match, but I think Rafa was playing much too defensively and he still had chances to go up 2 sets to 1.

I’m hoping that Rafa breaks out some big serving against Youzhny on Saturday for two reasons.

For one thing, if he’s making a lot of first serves in at 125 mph, that should give him a big advantage over Youzhny, who is really lacking power in that part of this game.

The other thing is that that’s a good way to manage this back-to-back semi, final situation. If Rafa can keep the points fairly short on his service games, he won’t expend too much energy (sort of like the way Fed plays) and will have plenty in the tank for Sunday even if he drops a set tomorrow.

On Youzhny’s service games, Rafa just needs to avoid hitting too short on the return. If he can get into a neutral position in the rallies after the return, he’s going to be in good shape because Youzhny hits too flat and makes too many unforced errors over the course of a match.

Kimo Says:

Verdasco’s remarks are very interesting. Back in the Australian in 2009 after his semi with Rafa he said he think Rafa can still win it after the five setter. So having him say that Roger is the favorite must mean something.

Like I said yesterday, before Verdasco got broken in the first set, he was almost toying with Rafa, making him scramble for balls. He must really feel this surface is just not Rafa’s turf.

Kimo Says:

Ben Pronin said:

“I don’t know. 06 Dubai was a pretty brilliant match. Nadal really roughed it out with several brilliant passes at the end of each of the last 2 sets. As far as I’m concerned, that match set the foundation for the whole rivalry.”

Sure, but this is a GS, best-of-five, so I don’t think that Dubai match a good measuring stick. And like I said, how Rafa will play two consecutive best-of-five matches on consecutive days is still a big question mark for me, especially if he gets the late match.

Skeezerweezer Says:

I can’t believe some posters are talking like Fed is in the Final, he is playing the #3 ranked player in the world next, not Rafa. He has to get by that first and you people that said Fed owns Novak is the same mentality about Sod’s record against Fed.

What if Rafa was playing Novak? Would you be talking shoo in to the final?

Yes Fed is playing great, but only since Cincy, how long ago was that? Rafa has been playing well since FO!

I am a Fed fed true and through but assuming things is not right and not fair to Fed nor to the #3 player in the world, nor who has the skills to give Fed all he can handle.

Rafa is the fav, won FO, Wimby, and has not done too shabby on the HC summer season either, current #1 Ranked and # 1 seed at the USO.

Go Fed!

zola Says:


Rafa has the early match and hopefully he can manage to keep it shory and sweet. If he plays only three sets, it will not be too much.

nice analysis of Youzhny’s game. He was more of a force back in 2006/07, when he just blew Rafa out of the US open with his flat shots to Rafa’s forehand. He is more patchy right now, but I think he will be ready to play the semis against Rafa.

You are absolutely right that Youzhny will pounce on every short ball. Rafa needs to play more inside the baseline, serve well and hit the lines more often and come to the net. So far he has been doing all thes. let’s see if he can keep it up.

David Says:


Fed was injured before Cincinnati so that explains the Wimbledon result to a certain extent.

I guess it’s not fair to say Djoko has no chance, but it’s pretty small. If he were playing Rafa it would be different because Djoko’s had several convincing wins over Nadal on hard courts.

rogerafa Says:

Those Nadal fans who were incessantly whining about the “injustice” of Nadal starting the tournament later than Federer have had their wishes fulfilled with respect to the semi final scheduling. Nadal will play the first semi final and probably whip Youzhny in straight sets who is allegedly “very strong physically and mentally”. “Justice” has finally been delivered to Nadal who, apparently, faces discrimination everywhere. This, in itself, calls for a huge round of celebration quite apart from what a US open win, might trigger :)

Skeezerweezer Says:

WTF? If he was that injured why did he enter? So he thought he wouldn’t win? I don’t get your conclusions….or did he get hurt during the tourney? …..and to say Joker has a small chance is like saying Fed is a shoo in. Nonsense :)

David Says:

It was just blatantly obvious that Fed-Djoko was the marquee match, so there’s nothing to say about Rafa getting the early start.

It is strange how he’s gotten the late start in the tournament 2 years in a row and therefore for two years in a row has had that dangerous Thursday night spot, where if it gets rained out you’d have to play back-to-back-to-back to win the tournament. We’ll see what happens next year. If it happens again, I will call it an “injustice.”

David Says:


Fed was injured at Wimbledon. Not seriously injured but enough to affect his game. Probably like Rafa last year against Delpo. Are you calling him a liar? :)

As for Fed-Djoko, I don’t see it much differently than Fed-Sod. In three matches in 3 years at the USO, he’s won 9 of 10 sets. That’s total domination.

rogerafa Says:

The Federer-Djokovic match is too close to call in my opinion. I think Djokovic is not getting his due here. He has played really well in this tournament and has not expended much energy so far. This match probably will be a cliffhanger decided ultimately by a few key points. While I want a classic semi-final, I am afraid the winner of this match will most probably not be in a position to make it a good match against Nadal in the final. I can only hope that fatigue and stiffness do not have a huge bearing so far as the competitiveness of the final is concerned. We had a great final last year and I hope we get something similar this year too.

zola Says:

Of course it is fair for Rafa to play the first semi. Or did you want RAfa to start a day later than Roger, play his QF late at night while Roger had 2 days of rest and then come back and fight it out at night? hasn’t that been the case the past two years? why so angry right now?

This sport is pleasant up to the moment when you read some pathetic and miserable comments that have more to do with personal issues than tennis!

Skeezerweezer Says:

Yeah but Sod lost to Fed how many times in a row and then Sod blew him out at FO….whatever…

and No i didn’t say fed was a liar

Skeezerweezer Says:


Rafa totally deserves a good schedule. He is the #1 seed…:)

zola Says:


Somehow the tournament directors take care of Federer. Even in 2008, although Rafa was the number 1 seed, they moved his SF match to the second one, because Federer had requested the first spot.

Anyway, I think there are 4 men in the QFs and each of them has his own chances. Nothing is certain. I am happy that Rafa is playing well, serving well and is healthy. Hopefully we will have two good SF matches on Saturday.

zola Says:

How are you doing?
Rafa doesn’t always get the good schedule . Here he always played last although he is the number one seed. That is why I am glad he has the first semi.

Federer played a brilliant match against Soderling. He seems to be doing really well. So, let’s see what happens.
Have you guys watched that Rafa-Roger commercial video? I think fans of both players should watch it and see how fun they are together . Maybe that will soften the tone in here too.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Yes that was hilarious!

zola Says:


That was the funniest video. I have watched it a few times and showed it to my friends and we loved both Rafa and Roger.

So cheers to both champions for giving us so much toenjoy and think and talk about.

super man Says:


do you have proof that fed requested the early start in 2008? or are you just making it up?

nada is playing his 3rd semifinal and it’s the 2nd time he’s playing 1st semifinal. isn’t that fair enough?

and what’s wrong with roger getting preference? he is a bigger star than rafa and brings in more fans than rafa.

stop whining rafa fans.

Kimo Says:

Do you guys have a link to that video?

David Says:

The issue of the scheduling is only trivial and something to accuse people of “whining” about because there hasn’t been a rainout of the Thursday night match.

This has less to do with Rafa v. Roger and more to do with the U.S. Open and its dumb scheduling. One year it will happen that that Thursday night is going to be rained out and then I’d love to have someone tell me it’s “whining” to say it’s perfectly fair for a player to have to play quarters, semis and finals on back to back to back days.

If that’s ok, then why not just play the tournament in one week. Get it over with. These guys are so fit apparently that why do they ever need a day off? Or maybe add a couple of rounds to the tournament and play 10 matches in 10 days. We’ll see who the real ironman is then, and no whining!!

zola Says:

I think they have taken iy from youtube. It is about 14-15 minutes and is the best video to watch. I will keep looking for it.

Nice post. That is very true. The US Open scheduling is very dumb abd will always be unfair. But I do not see them making any changes.

Anna Says:

Nice posts David. Scheduling is a huge factor in the lives of those players who make a serious run for the title. No reason to deny it. When someone is favored year after year, it’s hard not to consider favoritism. Maybe Fed deserved his position this year being a 5 time USO champion, but I agree, if he doesn’t win it this year and he’s given the spot next year there will be alot of eye rolling. This year Rafa was picked up and taken to the tennis center twice with a van that had Roger’s face plastered on both sides. Nadal kind of chuckled when asked about it at his presser. The next day a regular van picked him up. Couldn’t you see Connors riding to the tournament in a van with McEnroe’s face plastered on both sides. Now that would have been hilarious.

Anna Says:

Maxi – You may not know Rocket Science but you certainly are big on conspiracy theories, especially when they involve Rafa. In fact Fernando has more recently commented that his words were taken out of context. That Rafa can beat Roger, has worked hard for it, and hopes that he does win.

TD Says:

You can find the funny video on the official event website. Follow the link from Federer’s website:

stu Says:

Steve Tignor:
“Rog and Rafa haven’t lost a set. I’m guessing they won’t lose one on Saturday, either. This should be it. These guys deserve each other.”

johhny Says:

Steve Tignor used to be in love with Novak, i guess he is disappointed now that Novak didn’t live up to his full potential.

stu Says:

He’s just being realistic. If Novak was playing like he was in 07/08, he’d have the right to be offended by the premature fedal talk everywhere. Me, I’m still hoping he has a brand new secret serve that he’s been waiting to unleash on the Fed :P

aleish17 Says:

Can someone please enlighten me on why “superman” is always present on articles about Rafa, when he clearly hates the guy?

madmax Says:

anna, give it a rest will you. we all know you are a poster from TT, the shhhhhhhhhh, you know who and it’s her who talks about the conspiracy theories.

Here is what has recently been posted – and there are plenty of comments like this out there, just go and read – unlike you anna, i have enormous respect for nadal and i love the rivalries, it’s when posters like you and shhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know who, decide you are here to be his bodyguard. laughable really.

This is the gist:

“The last rounds to slams are always about mind games. I think Nando is simply trying to help his buddy out by taking the pressure off Rafa and putting it squarely on Roger’s shoulders”.

When Fed is around, Rafa has always maintained that Roger’s the favorite to win, even at Roland Garros. I think Rafa likes that and works for him well when he isn’t the favorite.

Now that every tennis “expert” is calling Rafa the favorite to win and become the GOAT, Nando figures his friend needs help with lower the expectations.

And as I said earlier, which skeezer concurred, there is a SF to get through first, after that, the final discussion can start.

All the best anna.

David Says:

Because he’s a troll. That was an easy one. :)

aleish17 Says:

Thought so David. ;)

Skeezerweezer Says:

“Nadal often makes everyone other than himself the favorite”. Very true.

Modesty maybe?, but lets be real.

You’ll never tell me Rafa doesn’t think he his in his own mind the fav in EVERY match he plays.

You can only play the underdog for so long….

Skeezerweezer Says:

Well I guess I will be the lone wolf and disagree with the scheduling. The scheduling is fine. It is a US Open tradition to have “Super Saturday”, and “Prime time tennis”. This tournament is designed around fans and viewing, let’s face it. The schedule will ( and had ) been biased around what will sell on TV and in the stadium. There is nothing new or devious. It’s not like this scheduling happened when Fed came on the scene. Wimbledon has its traditions and quirks that have been debated. I like the idea that all the GS are different character, traditions, etc. It makes for more of a “Complete” competition. These guys should be preparing for this kind of play, whether there is a match every day, 5 setter, what ever. It is part of the “athleticism” of the sport.


WTF Says:

On clay I think he knows he’s favorite against anyone. But on faster courts, he knows big hitting guys like Murray, Del Potro and Djokovic have the edge on him. He’s about even money against Federer, but will give Federer the advantage to ease some pressure off himself.

kimberly Says:

Predictions on tomorrows matches? Wta final?

Anyone having withdrawal with no night match?

Skeezerweezer Says:


Rafa in 3.

Fed in 5.

Kim in 3.

Anybody have any stat implications on Fed/Rafa/Novak ATP points at this point? Rafa should gain already no matter what?

Skeezerweezer Says:


Forgot wasn’t the gentlemen, thanks for the “HI” and have fun tomorrow :)

stu Says:

“Anyone having withdrawal with no night match?”

I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms all day without an ATP singles match to watch! Couldn’t be more excited about tomorrow. Hope to see at least 8 competitive sets!

David Says:

I’ll go with:

Rafa in 3

Fed in 4

Zvonareva in 3

Skeezerweezer Says:


It’s on. The loser can’t say any more about the scheduling :) ha!

kimberly Says:

Believe it or not on the wta bracket challenge on the tennis channel site I am currently ranked 20 and with picking vera to win if she were to pull it out I will porob get a prize!!!

Need to check the uso site now.

David Says:


Definitely not. Fed always knows how to manage his matches so even if Djoko takes him 5 it’ll be an “easy” 5. Rafa, I think has learned from the master the importance of taking more risks and thereby saving wear and tear on his body, so even if his match goes 5 he should be fine too.

So, imo, the only way there will be any fatigue issues is if Djoko or Youzhny pulls off a big upset.

kimberly Says:

Skeezer—right now rafa and novak hold their points with the semi, fed holds his points with a final. Anything more they gain.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Great info thanks, it makes the matches even more interesting ( not that they aren’t )

So you started this, what are your picks Kimberly? Youhzney and ?,,,lol j/k

stu Says:

didnt realize that rafa and youzhny are 3-4 on HCs?!

they only played in 07 and 08 tho…this rafa is a different animal!

kimberly Says:

Skeezer—i don’t want to do a sean randall jinx!

Needless to say I know what I want—fedal sunday and vera (as I will prob win a prize on the tennis channel draw challenge if vera wins!)

But now I’m too nervous to predict.

contador Says:

i think ppl forget how much making to a final in a GS is a marathon and strenuous test of fitness for the most part; second is having brilliant tennis skill with ability to adjust to conditions: opponent, surface, wind, heat, performance anxiety, media pressure, crowd….. third, to a small degree may be schedule and a lucky draw. but schedule and whether a draw is easy or not for a player to handle depends much on the first two factors anyway. if one does not have the first two, they will lose no matter how convenient the schedule or lucky the draw.

pfffft. the end

rafa had an abdominal tear last year- valid reason (imo) that he couldn’t go the distance. and he admits in the video that he did well to get to the semi.

the year before, rafa sites RG, wimbledon, olympics, toronto- and it’s reasonable to see how a semi final finish was good for him that year as well. he entered less than in top form.

this is his best shot at us open to date. he took time off after wimbledon as he mentions to get treaments for his knees. he worked himself up to the level he is at now and appears he is peaking at the right time with a better serve than ever.

then, there has been an element of luck imo in his draw. ( as there was luck in federer’s cincy draw.) gaba, worn out istomin, simon, spanish mates lopez/ verdasco, and now youzhny = a sweet draw for rafa. it also helped that wawa knocked out murray and nalby / berdych didn’t have their game on…

…and delpo missing. all good for nadal, as was nadal being knocked out early at RG 09. the stars aligned, so to speak. federer got his much deserved missing GS trophy.

a note on the spanish mates before i get jumped on: to their credit so many of them are top players- no disrespect. it’s simply a fact that none of them have the abilities their #1 has. advantage nadal – when any of them land in his GS draw in particular.

rafa in 3

not predicting and not thinking about djoko fed. luv’m both

vera in 3

super saturday!! bring it on…

contador Says:

oops- my bad. didn’t mean nadal getting knocked out early at RG 09 was lucky for nadal! sentence failure

jane Says:

Great post at 11:06 contador. : )

Unfortunately there’s this thing I have to go to tomorrow, so I am going to have to miss some (god I hope not all) of the tennis – and tape it! Unless I can follow scores on a phone or laptop….arrrgh, I don’t know.

Anyhow good luck to everyone’s faves and most luck of all to Nole!! Go Djoko!

stu Says:

duro, jane, sar etc – im happy to pass on any messages to nole from the stands tomorrow :D

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Has anyone seen that at USO-10:




lub Says:

Buttator and uncle are specialists in MIND GAMES. Verdasco is, after all, a spaniard… I already knew the outcome of the QF even before it was played. It’s so ridiculous Buttator has such an EASY ride to the FINAL. I remind Bodoman not to forget to put an * against Buttador’s win, if he wins!

Sazzy Falak Says:

posters, please tell me who should nadal face so that his draw is not considered as an easy draw? Tq..

contador Says:

thanks jane- the post was really supposed to be on scheduling but after listening to rafa’s video it made me think about the differences in his form for us open the past couple years.

sazzy, i think you are referring to my post?

i am saying rafa is in his best form going into this us open.

the point is really any schedule can be interpreted as inconvenient and draw can be rendered difficult if a player enters a GS less than in their best form. (please read my 1st paragraph.)

based on his form last year, i would call rafa’s us open draw very difficult. ( even with almagro in it )

it’s not rafa’s fault so many top players are also spaniards and good friends. just saying- check out the h2h’s. they have very big problems matched with rafa.

when i saw rafa’s draw for this year it appeared easy to me for reasons i have stated. #1 reason is rafa’s form. #2 the early rounds to quarterfinal were stacked with some road weary (nalbandian -istomin-kohls ) the faint (gulbis-heat exhaustion) the weak-simon, and loaded with his spanish mates. but i picked murray to beat rafa in the semi where i thought rafa draw suddenly would turn not so lucky. never imagined rafa would have youzhny in the semi. youzhny really is no match for the rafa of 2010.

does that help? i don’t automatically see all rafa’s draws as easy.

i didn’t see federer’s as particularly difficult either but federer did get lucky in his draw ( retirement/walkover ) to win cincy and wasn’t completely sure of his form. and he had soderling as a quarterfinal opponent who beat him at RG. turned out soda didn’t do too well this time. now fed has djoko who you have to consider more dangerous than youzhny in a GS semi though his record isn’t too hot against federer at us open.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Great post there. I thought the same, that Rafa would run into trouble with Murray ( although for fun I picked your man ). But he didn’t get through.

Look everyone, you can say it is an easy draw, but Rafa can’t choose who he is going to play. It’s just the way the draw works.

So I don’ t want to hear anymore about Fed’s rigged draws and all the other made up scheduling BS, it just a moot conspiracy that is derived from jealousy

madmax Says:

this word ‘lucky’. No one can argue that a slam is more difficult than a masters contador, the two cannot even be compared save for a hard court tournament.

Federer has played two top 15 players in the last two rounds. Rafa hasn’t. Fact. So who has had the easier draw up to now. Federer. There isn’t anything inflammatory in saying this.

For a long time, some rafa fans have been been bemoaning roger for always getting an ‘easy draw’, priming the conspiracy theories, and now? they remain quiet, because they know it to be true.

Equally, the top guys play whoever is opposite and it is their job to beat them. Anything can happen.

It’s just strange once again that rafa ends up playing his spanish buddies who haven’t been able to pull out a win. I hope they work on their own game, because there was no question that he wasn’t going to pull through. And as for the argument back at Queens in June, excuses for the reason that Lopez beat him.

I dont think anyone is in any doubt that Youzhny is a far less formidable opponent to rafa, than djokovic is to federer.

I don’t see that there is anything wrong with people speaking the truth. Rafa will have an easier time of it. It’s when the tables turn on Federer, he ‘always’ has an easy draw, a ‘lucky’ draw. It’s a mediocre comment without foundation.

madmax Says:

Should have been a question mark after Federer? – I don’t think so.

Cindy_Brady Says:

It’s Rafael Nadal’s time. He will easily beat Federer or Djokovic in straight sets Sunday After destroying lucky Youzhny in the semis. Soderling let the conditions get to him and allow Fed to roll over him. Rafa will not.

Verdasco and Nadal are good friends. They naturally will SAY Fed is the favorite to make Fed more complacent and overly confident. The spiders have the set the trap for the fly.

I hope we see Federer cry again as Rafa raises the U.S Open trophy. No more hiding places for Federer, grass and hard courts used to be his safe haven. Nadal has mastered the grass at Wimbledon. Now the fast U.S open hard courts are his too.

Interesting the “so called” GOAT Federer will lose to Nadal in all 4 grand slam finals on different services. Who is the real GOAT again?

Gordo Says:

Cindy – yeah, and Soderling was supposed to upset Fed , according to the Brady crystal ball last week.

Blah, blah blah…

Kimberly Says:

on verdasco’s twitter account he is upset, saying the press misinterpreted him and that he didn’t say “roger is going to win” he said the conditions were more favorable to roger but he wants rafa to win because he is from spain. He then says people shouldn’t listen to the press.

rohan Says:

c-mon guys u r kidding right?every 1 know that roger is master in us open even nadal also admitted that.so roger is going to capture his record 17 gs title.also im commiting that nadal is going to loose against swiss legend.se u tommarow

David Says:


I hope we see Rafa holding up the trophy too, but if they play this will be the fastest court they’ll have played a big match on. So a straight set easy victory by Rafa seems a bit far-fetched to say the least.

akshay Says:

rafa you can wi n the u.s open2010 and you defeat fed express in the final

Cindy_Brady Says:


How are the conditions more favorable for Fed than Nadal? Nadal is a great wind player. If anything, Nadal’s higher margin for error and heavy top spin shots will be less effected by the wind than Fed’s delicate back hand slices.

Seems like sour grapes or damage control on Verdasco’s part. He’s just mad because he can’t figure out the riddle of Nadal’s game, Spain or no Spain.

Oh and Gordo, I will have the last “blah blah blah” glory moment when Rafa wins and wins big. I’ve said he was going to win from the very beginning. It was just a matter of who he beats in the final that is not clear. Believe me, my crystal ball sees all.

Fed fans better be cheering on Youzhny. A Youhnzy/Fed final is the only realistic hope for Fed to win a 6th U.S Open crown. But we both know that match up isn’t going to happen. Hell Joker may take out Fed.

And Fed’s game simply does not match up well with Rafa and his mental toughness if Fed gets there at all.

smasham Says:

Rain predicted for Sunday afternoon! Let’s hope it stays away so we don’t have interruptions.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Keep it honest, keep it real. The BIG match today is Novak vs Fed not Fed vs Rafa.

madmax Says:

It’s Roger Federer’s time.

He will easily beat Rafa or Youzhny in straight sets Sunday.

Verdasco let the conditions get to him and allow rafa to roll over him as he always does. Fed will not let any one roll over him.

I hope we see Rafa cry again as Fed raises the U.S Open trophy. No more hiding places for Rafa, grass and clay courts used to be his safe haven. Now it’s hard courts, his greatest enemy.

Federer has mastered the grass at Wimbledon, the hard courts of the AO and the hard courts of the USO. Now the fast U.S open hard courts are his too. He is in his own back garden.

The GOAT Federer will win.

Fed is the Goat.

madmax Says:


do you know what you sound like?

It’s always one match at a time with Federer, and there is a SF to deal with first.

Hi skeeze :)

PierrePaul Says:

Nadal – Federer matches in GS were always very close on grass or hard. The shape of the day of each player varies more than the difference between the players. The outcome of the match is therefore completely unpredictable.

johhny Says:


please describe us the feeling of being a jackass.

madmax Says:

Well Johnny you would know.

Where have you been all match? And if you referring to above post, it was a take on cindy_brady’s. obviously it passed you by. You must have had a brain freeze?

madmax Says:

Cindy_Brady Says:
It’s Rafael Nadal’s time. He will easily beat Federer or Djokovic in straight sets Sunday After destroying lucky Youzhny in the semis. Soderling let the conditions get to him and allow Fed to roll over him. Rafa will not.

Verdasco and Nadal are good friends. They naturally will SAY Fed is the favorite to make Fed more complacent and overly confident. The spiders have the set the trap for the fly.

I hope we see Federer cry again as Rafa raises the U.S Open trophy. No more hiding places for Federer, grass and hard courts used to be his safe haven. Nadal has mastered the grass at Wimbledon. Now the fast U.S open hard courts are his too.

Interesting the “so called” GOAT Federer will lose to Nadal in all 4 grand slam finals on different services. Who is the real GOAT again?

September 11th, 2010 at 8:22 am

There you go Johnny. I think you had a brainfreeze, it was a sarcastic post back to cindy_brady, obviously lost on you.

johhny Says:

“Where have you been all match?”

i was avoiding being in your situation now.

“I hope we see Rafa cry again as Fed raises the U.S Open trophy”.

utter embarrassment. you and your idol should learn how to abandon smugness and embrace humbleness.

Monalysa Says:

Well, by now, I dont have to ask whose crying now!!!

Arent you guys tired yet of having Rafa make you shove your smelly foot in your mouths?!!!


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