Roger Federer: I’ll Support the Twins if they Play Tennis [Video]
by Tom Gainey | October 11th, 2010, 6:38 pm

If you are a Roger Federer fan watch this feature interview on the Swiss great out of China’s Beijing Television.

Federer offers interesting answers on a range of topics of including playing with kids, the sports he played growing up (he’s not shy about saying he was really good at many of them), his future dreams and what if his twins will play tennis. Federer says if they choose to to play the sport then he’ll support them, but tennis will not forced upon the girls.

Federer is in Shanghai this week. He has a bye in the first round then will play the winner of Kubot and American John Isner.

Here’s the video:

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12 Comments for Roger Federer: I’ll Support the Twins if they Play Tennis [Video]

Emma Says:

Haha at 1:35 they have a shot of Rafa’s shoes. He seems like such a happy guy still! Totally in love with the sport. You can tell he’d secretly love if Myla and Charlene wanted to play ;)

L Says:

the online interview with federer: impossible to listen to it because you have the very loud and ridiculous music going on behind WHEN he’s answering

Andrew Broad Says:

It would be cool to see the Federer sisters playing in the 2030s.

Fot Says:

Great interview. I love listening to Roger because he tells is like he thinks. I love listening to him talk about the kids, Mirka, and just tennis. I can never get enough of listening to Roger!

sue Says:

Now with the extremely short and severe hairdo, his receding hairline is so visible. Not a good look, exposes his harsh features. Much better when the hair is longer, curly.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Yeah he is a straight shooter and I like that. Tell it like it is man!

dari Says:

Sue – no way! No receding hair line. Roger will have hair till the day he dies!

Skeezer- in terms of the straight shooting, roger has no qualms about telling us that he is very good at ALL sports!
Such modesty!

Skeezerweezer Says:

Yes he is so modest, lol

Skeezerweezer Says:

I think I can kick his butt in darts after 6 pints of Guiness though. No mas Roger!

Anna Says:

Great video. Roger has the best hair in the ATP. Love his hair short, long, or in a pony. I would kill to have his hair.

zola Says:

I love Roger’s hair too. He has the best hair and short or long, looks good on him. I think Rafa may go bald in a few years!

The twins are so cute. Federer seems very happy as a father.

Would be nice to see these second generation players. Agassis vs Samprases and Federers…..

Anna Says:


Hah, hah, hah. I think we may be talking months for Rafa’s hair. He’ll still be a cutie though.

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