Undie-Wearing Patrick Rafter Attempts Federer Trickshot [Video]
by Tom Gainey | October 29th, 2010, 9:47 am

This video is sure to have you laughing. Wearing just an underwear, Former ATP No. 1 Patrick Rafter attempts the Roger Federer William Tell trickshot of hitting a can off someone’s head.

“I taught Roger everything he knows,” Rafter reminds the volunteer. “So it should be okay.”

Check out the video to see what happens next. I will say the audio of the ball hitting and the reaction after is terrific. Rafter is a natural at comedy!

The shot is from Bonds which sells underwear and other products in Australia. Rafter has been a longtime spokesman for the company, often appearing in hilarious commercials and promotions.

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21 Comments for Undie-Wearing Patrick Rafter Attempts Federer Trickshot [Video]

gazer Says:

What! Did he get him in the nuts????

Betty Ward Says:

What is the big deal about that shot? Nadal has made it many times in play and Scavoni (sp?) made it better in the US Open. No one even replayed that one. Just because it was Federer……

Paolo Says:

Yup, Betty. Just because it was THE Federer. ;)

Kimmi Says:

ha-ha only federer can do it!

Gurman Says:

@ Betty and Paolo..
that’s not true..
but btw, if it were true..it’s reason enough :-)

montecarlo Says:

Looks like people here aren’t really watching the video. They are simply commenting. Its not between the legs shot we are talking about here, its the knock can off your head trick shot. :D

partyblast Says:

@Betty ward: Nadal has always faltered at the between the legs shot,,this time at US open he succeeded in getting the ball across the other side of the court,but his opponent brutally volleyed him

And guess what from whom is nadal taking his inspiration to practice this shot again and again from?

And Scavoni(sp?) really played the shot with an ugly jump in a messy way..i m sorry to say this but this is the truth..even if someone has buttons for eyes he/she can see..

Skeezerweezer Says:

scuse me. it’S A Rafter video, not a Rafa video. WTF?ZZZZ……

Lenny Says:

Okay, umm, I can’t add anything coherent to this discussion. I just saw Rafter, undies, and my mind went blank. :P Wellll, ok. Not exactly blank, but that is not a discussion for this board. ;)

margot Says:

My only thought is: put your shirt on…please, pretty please, GET YOUR SHIRT ON etc. etc.

Sarah Says:

Rafter looks like an out of shape office worker. Agree w comment “please put shirt back on”.
Sad to see him like that.
Sadder that he agrees to appear in such ads.

Chris Says:

Rafter out of shape? If that’s out of shape I might as well just shoot myself.

tennismonger Says:

Doesn’t look like any of the workers at my office that’s for sure…I’d say he’s doing OK.

As for the conclusion, pretty hilarious – would have been better if he had deadpanned, “Sorry mate,” as he always did whenever his service toss went “off the boil.”

Anita Says:

Out of shape? You’re kidding, right? Rafter looks pretty darn good to me! Funny attempt!

margot Says:

Oh come on you guys,
He should lay off the pies.

Chris Says:

I must be blind because I just don’t see someone who is remotely overweight. God, I worry for some people. No wonder so many people, men and women, adult and child, suffer from eating disorders, if that is now considered out of shape.

margot Says:

If only he’d kept on a suit..
nobody would give a hoot..

zola Says:

I love Rafter but I agree that the video would have been much more pleasant to watch if he had a shirt on! Nevertheless, it is funny!

bibi Says:

Rafter’s got stocky legs, that’s all. But that’s normal for a guy out of intense training. Nothing’s wrong with the rest of his body. On the contrary, he’s displying his fine natural muscles and frame. And he’s charming as ever, even while only in his undies.

Federer, on the other hand, has well toned legs, being an active player. As for the rest of his body, he looks like a combination of a wide ironing board, a small baloon and a scraggly scarecrow.

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