Roger Federer and DJ BoBo in Laughfest Before Match for Africa [Video]
by Tom Gainey | December 16th, 2010, 2:55 pm

Roger Federer’s exhibition match against Rafael Nadal is less than a week away and the Swiss is hard at work promoting the event. I should say it “appears” he’s hard at work.

In the video clip below, Federer loses control laughing as he tries to do a promo with DJ BoBo, who if you don’t know is a popular Swiss music star and producer (I had to look it up!). Federer presents DJ BoBo with the racquet he used to win Wimbledon to use for a charity project. But it turns out to be quite a laughing matter.

Federer and Nadal will play on the 21st in Zurich and then on the 22nd in Madrid. Proceeds will go to each player’s foundation and charity.

Translations are welcome.

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5 Comments for Roger Federer and DJ BoBo in Laughfest Before Match for Africa [Video]

Sky Says:

The God of Tennis, RF.

PierrePaul Says:

BoBo:Good evening to all of you.
Besides me is Roger Federer. He took something very special with him.
RF: Good evening to all of you. I have taken the wimbledon-racket with me tonight. I would like to give it to you. Its the racket I have won Wibledon for the 5th time. I will sign this racket and give it to you and hope to be able to help you with your project and I hope you will get a lot of money at the auction.
BoBo: Thank you very much
RF: Thank you.
Now they show what went on when they started to film this sequence.
BoBo: Hello, I am here with Roger, and I already have forgotten what to say next. It defenitly will not be a one-shot video.
BoBo: Les wait till the car has driven past us.
May be its even a helicopter.

Then the sound men will come with complaints.

BoBo: Fun is allowed, I don’t mind if its funny.

Pat Says:

What about the rest of it? Can somebody translate into English please? They look like they are having too much fun. Want to know what they are saying.

Fot Says:

Even if I didn’t know what they were saying, the laughing was contagious! lol!

PierrePaul Says:

Translation continued:
BoBo: I am ready
RF: I’m not yet. (laughing). Now we are where we didn’t want to be.
BoBo: Turn the film back, all is well.
Camera-women: This is the filming effect.
BoBo: May I start now ?
RF: You may. I’m freezing. Its awfully cold outside now. (laughing)
BoBo: So, let us try once more.
RF: Let us try quickly … (laughing)
BoBo: I simply try, if we burst out in laughter, we are in no danger.
BoBo: Hello to all of you, I am …(RF lauging)
Its working really fine. We could even do a “making of”. Hav’nt we filmed a similar sceen at the “Emmies” ? There we advanced further before we burst out in laughter!
RF: It was before 9AM. … We try again.
BoBo to the voice: Give me a signal please when we may start. Just say “one-two-go”.
RF: Say “action”
BoBo: Hellow all
Camera-women: “Good evening”
RF: Good morning
(I do not understand a short passage, they speak another swiss dialect than I do)
RF: I think we should go into the house and have a cup of hot tea.
BoBo: Let’s try once more. If it doesn’t work we will have a cup of tea afterwards.
RF: We’ll drink tea. (to Camera-women) but please do not laugh now.
BoBo: if you do, you’ll have to walk before the camera too.
RF: Now I really try.
BoBo: You know, fun is permitted. One, two three: Good evening to all of you. (laughing)
RF: We will come back and try later.
Bobo: Yes we will.

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