Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal Play Water Tennis in Doha [Video]
by Tom Gainey | January 2nd, 2011, 7:56 pm

Happy New Year everyone! This season there is a new surface being used on the ATP Tour: Water! See the video below for proof. In promotion of the Doha Qatar Exxon Mobile Open, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal hit some tennis balls ON THE WATER in the gulf of Doha.

It’s looks really cool, unfortunately on that wet surface all the players can do is volley (and catch fish?). By the way, who dives in to get the ball if lands in the bay?

“It was a fantastic experience,” said Nadal who beat Federer a day earlier in the Abu Dhabi exo 76, 76. “For the past three years we have done a few different things, and this one was a very nice experience. It’s going to be a very exciting season for me, I think. I would love to play against Roger a few more times this year, because when we play each other it’s in the final.”

Said two-time Doha champion Federer, “It was good fun. It was so different. You’re always excited and nervous to see how it will turn out. It is always nice promoting an event and an entire tour with Rafa. I am of course very excited about playing another season on tour. I’m playing some of my best tennis again. I am really enjoying it and have high goals for this year.”

Nadal is seeded first, and he’ll play Karol Beck in his opener. He is seeded to play Ernests Gulbis in the quarterfinals, Nikolay Davydenko in the semifinals. Second-seeded Federer begins 2011 against a qualifier with a chance at Viktor Troicki in the quarters followed by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the Friday semifinals.

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27 Comments for Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal Play Water Tennis in Doha [Video]

Skeezerweezer Says:

Thanks Tom! Cool stuff :). Ok question everyone, what kind of balls do you think they used? Anyoone played in the rain before? ha!

Catherine Says:

“I wanna hold your hand!”, LOL!

Very cute indeed. Seems to be coming a Fedal tradition. You can only wonder what they’ll think of next in Doha, after the boat, the flying carpet, and now the water…
Well as long as they don’t put the guys to play on the wings of a flying plane, I guess all will be fine!

koalarosa Says:

I love them both…………hard to say I like one better than the other………they are both great champions and guys……….

dari Says:

omg, cutest tennis couple ever! rafa is such a gentleman to the old man!
meanwhile, in perth, L. Robson almost took a set off of f. schiavone at hopman cup.
i like watching robson, and schiavone is rarely boring. good match!

contador Says:

adorable :)

is there some tennis streaming atm? oh, better go see…

schiavone is great to watch but she is really an intimidating grunter… have to mute it.

dari Says:

Contador- if you are not a fan of the glinting should be no prob- volume keeps going in and out on the live stream! Andy M. is up next if you’re a fan.

Kimmi Says:

great clip.

i am streaming WTA auckland right now a little boring but sharapova should be coming next. better switch to hopman cup, sounds like more fun.

steve-o Says:

@Kimmi: sadly, Sharapova isn’t next–a last-minute withdrawal means that the order of play has been switched around entirely.

I was hoping to see Sharapova vs. Suarez Navarro, because it would be a very interesting match between two players I like a lot, but it is not to be, unless they meet later in the tournament.

contador Says:


i missed the schiavone match but muzzzzz is coming on now in perth. not the best quality video

it’s murray v potito! i just want a good match with andym winning…but competitive…so c’mon potato

contador Says:

murray wearing the short shorts and white argyle shirt. appears to have game face on. we’ll see. should win easily…

Kimmi Says:

thanks for the info steve-o. i was wondering why they are showing the doubles. that match would have been good to watch also was looking forward to that..oh well.

I see sharpie is at 4pm now, playing some other girl never heard of (must be a lucky loser) wont stay up for that..

dari Says:

this is a better link for the hopman cup
scroll about 40% of the page with a little link for hopman.
once that little box comes up, click on the screen and it opens up to the original site, which is a little better quality.
this is soooooo early for aussie tennis, better not get used to it!

dari Says:

oh, its in italian if that makes any difference.

dari Says:

haha, i dont know italian, but after murray did that overhead jumping smash, i heard the announcer say …”salti… pete sampras” i know salt-jump in latin, i think we get the rest

Kimmi Says:

Go muzza. love this shirt with no collar. much much better than the WTF one.

contador Says:

thanks dari…..much better

Kimmi Says:

muzza drop shots not at the right time! needs to shapern them up

contador Says:

i didn’t think murray played too well….what i got to see of the match…my bf was on the phone…i was trying watch the match and telling him politely that tennis season has started up again and…uh….well, we’ll see how long this lasts…i try to get him interested …

all i want to do was look at the draws and catch up on tennis news.

gulbis will have a tough match against hanescu. ernie better be in shape!

contador Says:

but murray was playing starace…so it was good enough to win

jane Says:

Good job Andy M. Hope he and Laura can win the doubles. Welcome back to everyone, and happy new year. Conty I can’t remember the Canuck girl? Lol on your fognini persona. Also Kimberly, interesting that Kaiser took a stab, I was surprised he didn’t put Fed as #1.

jane Says:

Kimmo I liked Andy M’s shirt too, glad he stuck with the argyle.

jane Says:

Sorry that should be kimmi, but this iPad corrects everything. Almost called conty county, etc. Me and Skeeze are still adjusting. ;)

Kimmi Says:

iPad for you too jane..go girl! and skeezer ofcourse

jane Says:

I know kimmi, i feel spoiled. Only problem is I can’t seem to get streaming on it, so it’s back to the desktop for that! Hope you had a nice holiday.

contador Says:

LOL abt the ipad jane! happy new year!

the canadian girl we liked was rebecca marino

cant get the brisbane livestreaming until thursday.

but i have a great stream on for wta aukland…wickmayer and dinara warming up.

and both fromsport and channelsurfing will have doha and chennai….problem i have is figuring out the time zone thing…when i sleep…ect

doha first match is gulbis then federer, then nadal and dr; ivo ….in that order. ohh yeah. but ernie is playing hanescu…who knows. victor is tough.

fed plays thomas schoorel??

Sean Randall Says:

The boys really do walk on water. He he.

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