Australian Open Rally for Relief Announced for Sunday
by Staff | January 12th, 2011, 11:59 pm

The top tennis players in the world will gather again for a good cause on Sunday in Melbourne on the eve of the Australian Open. The special charity event titled “Rally for Relief” will benefit the recent flood victims in Queensland, Australia.

The event was announced by Queenslanders Patrick Rafter and Samantha Stosur during a press conference today at the Sydney Medibank tournament (video below).

Among the expected participants include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Lleyton Hewitt, Kim Clijsters and Sam Stosur.

“Along with many of the other players I was moved by the devastation caused by the floods in Australia,” Federer said Thursday in Melbourne. “We just wanted to do something to help aid the recovery because we know there are thousands of Australians who will continue to suffer as a result of this disaster.”

“This is a terrible tragedy, not only the loss of life but the destruction of people’s homes,” said Nadal. “I am pleased to be able to contribute in some way to help bring it to the attention of the world and raise some money for the victims in the process.”

“As an Australian I cannot help but be touched by such an awful turn of events. It is a disaster on a massive scale,” Hewitt said. “Australians are incredible at pulling together in times of crisis and this is certainly one of those times. If the tennis community can also help play a role in the recovery then we should, both in Australia and internationally. I just think at a time like this it is a case of getting all hands on deck.”

The ATP and WTA are also making a pledge of $10 for every ace served by players at the Brisbane International, Medibank International Sydney, Moorilla International in Hobart and the Australian Open. Andy Roddick already donated $10,800 in Brisbane after doubling his pledge of a $100 per ace at the tournament.

The Rally for Relief event will begin at 2pm on Rod Laver court. Tickets are available for $20 AUS.

The tournament main draw begins on Monday.


Pat Rafter (Captain)
Andy Roddick
Andy Murray
Victoria Azarenka
Vera Zvonareva
Rafael Nadal
Kim Clijsters

Lleyton Hewitt (Captain)
Novak Djokovic
Ana Ivanovic
Justine Henin
Caroline Wozniacki
Roger Federer
Sam Stosur

Donations can be made at:

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8 Comments for Australian Open Rally for Relief Announced for Sunday

Steve Says:

Good stuff. Roger really got this thing going with his exhibitions, now we have a few great ambassadors in our sport.

Skeezerweezer Says:

@Tennis X staff

Is there a Rally for relief website to donate ? Can you folks keep an eye out for that?


margot Says:

Sorry guys, but I’m going to inject a note of reality here. Australia is an extremely wealthy country, it really doesn’t need sports charity eg heard on the news this a.m. 250 people have died in a flash flood in Brazil. If the government of Australia can’t look after and adequately recompense its citizens, then really these tennis stars should be organising a boycott.

Charles Says:

Margot, when tragedies strike like the floods in either brazil or Brisbane, we all do our parts to bring it to the worlds attention so that support can be provided where necessary. I think federer et al are throwing this benefit because they are already in Australia and their efforts would have a larger impact. No government can fully bring the livelihood of it’s citizens back to normal following disasters such as these which is why we all come together to show support for each other regardless. I’m australian and am proud to say that when disasters strike throghout the world, it is in our spirit to help out. The austrlian government provided billions of dollars when the boxing day tsunamis hit Thailand/Indonesia. We aren’t asking for help, but the fact that it is being offered by high profile tennis players goes to show their generosity and compassion.

Charles Says:

For those who would like to support those who’ve lost everything in Brisbane, donations can be made directly to the Queensland government at and follow the links, cheers xox

margot Says:

Hi Charles, as an Australian I appreciate your point of view, believe me.Anyone involved in a devastating event like this flood, has all my sympathy, but my point stands: to those that have, more shall be given. People living and dieing in unspeakable conditions in parts of the globe far away from our Western eyes, do so largely unnoticed.
Perhaps the tournament itself could give a large percentage of their large profit?

madmax Says:

I think whenever our sporting heros – because of their high profiles – can do something to bring any natural disaster to the forefront, and they have the ability to make people listen – then I am all for it.

It’s just awful that this is happening, but Margot is right. This is happening everyday around the world in third world countries. And now Brazil. Just seen a woman holding her dog (which she had to let go), in a flood hit locality. It’s just horrendous. Horrendous in Australia, Brazil, China, South east Asia, everywhere.

But you know. Anything that the players can do which will add to the recovery, then it should be done. Doesnt matter where the money comes from and if the country is rich or poor. I would hope that our ‘neighbours’ would help the UK, if we were in trouble – whether we were rich or poor.

Every country should be involved, we are all neighbours, this really is just unbelievable.

The England Cricketeers are doing the same – led by Kevin Pietersen. Good on him.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Nothing would be done anywhere in the world if everyone stalled to consider whether something else more important could be done elsewhere. Charity and fundraising are not zero-sum games. Cancel this fundraiser and all that money would not shift magically to a place you consider more important. It would go back into people’s pockets.

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