Here’s That Incredible 54-Shot Rally Novak Djokovic Won During US Open Final [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 9th, 2013, 11:19 pm

Novak Djokovic did lose the US Open final tonight to Rafael in four sets, but the Serb did win probably the best point of the match, an incredible 54-shot rally in the sixth game. The point took place with Nadal serving 30-40 gave Djokovic the break.

Djokovic momentum, though, was shortlived. Nadal broke right back in the very next game for 4-all.

“I felt really tired after that point, but I said, I have the wind on my favor now,” admitted Nadal about the point. “I lose that game even I had the wind on my favor. So after this point the opponent will be tired, too, so it’s my moment to be strong and I gonna have the chance to break back. That’s what I think in that moment.I

“My thinking was positive. I had the break now, but I will have my chance in the next game.”

Here’s the rally:

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9 Comments for Here’s That Incredible 54-Shot Rally Novak Djokovic Won During US Open Final [Video]

Paradox Says:

Superb!.Both players are phenomenons and are real gladiators.How much tennis is lucky to have such players as top seeds.It is great for the game.Keep it up Rafa and Nole.They transcends tennis.

Michael Says:

What a rally that was ? Really phenomenal. I have seen many long rallies before especially the one between Lendl Vs Wilander as well as between Borg Vs Vilas. But they do not match this effort. Both players refused to give an inch to one another and they were hitting the balls as if the point is never going to end. It just goes to show the atheleticism, reach, power and their tenaciousness. Finally Novak won that point and he just lifted his hand to show that he infact won the match. That was the importance of this particular point which came on a break point.

Jo Says:

54 brutal shots. Balls that zooms fast and rotates in an incredible spin from back court to back court. Balls that players in the past would have not returned them. But it’s just like a routine for these two greatest athlete in tennis today or ever.

WTF Says:

Not as good as the Federer-Hewitt rally at Indian Wells. Nadal played very defensive, waiting for either an error from Djokovic, or an easy opening to be the aggressor himself.

The Fed-Hewitt rally was aggression from both players, one player with the upper hand and then the other player reversing it with the advantage going back and forth.

WTF Says:

This one between Rafa and Verdasco is also better.

SG1 Says:

Given the venue and the circumstances, it was the best point I’ve ever seen. To steal a quote from the PGA Tour, “These guys are good.”

Margot Says:

Didn’t Andy and Nole have a 54 shot rally there last year?

Margot Says:

Andy played a 57 stroke rally in his first match. Well, 54 stroke rallies are so….yesterday..

metan Says:

Margot at 8.08am LOL!

Every one keeps making record,,,,sweeet!!!

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