Roger Federer Right, Jim Courier Wrong in Post-Match Interview? [Video]
by Tom Gainey | January 19th, 2011, 5:09 pm

Jim Courier did his customary post-match on court interview with the victor of last night’s thrilling 5-set win by Roger Federer over Gilles Simon.

In his Q&As, the brazen Courier often asks questions about personal matters, appearance or other non-tennis questions. Yesterday with Federer, he got into some trivia but he got it wrong.

Courier asked Federer if he could recall the last time he had lost IN THE third round at a Grand Slam. Federer confidently responded with Gustavo Kuerten at the 2004 French Open, which is the right answer to THAT question.

However, Courier wouldn’t give Roger full credit for giving the right answer. He then backtracked and rephrased his question to the last time Federer lost BEFORE the third round at a Grand Slam.

From there it got rather confusing! Funny stuff.

Earlier in the interview Federer gave some humorous thoughts on his emotions and state of mind in that fifth set. It’s well worth a listen.

Here’s the wordplay from the two former No. 1s:

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14 Comments for Roger Federer Right, Jim Courier Wrong in Post-Match Interview? [Video]

jane Says:

Simon looking quite dejected but appreciative of Fed’s wait. Jim Courier can do well in these post match interviews, but other times he asks silly questions. Fed’s funny about “what he was thinking”, lol Simon “badly prepared”. This is the 4th thread on Fed’s second round match, pre or post; is this a record!? ;)

Nina Says:

EPIC! Man, I love Jim Courier, he always gives the best interviews on court and has some balls. Federer was really sweet, love the dimples.

jane Says:

p.s. Too bad for Gilles that this was a second round match. He is clearly playing so well, and who knows what he could’ve done in the draw had he not ran smack-dab into Roger.

Nina Says:

True Jane. I’m quite gutted for Simon. He would have gone far.

Peter Says:

Didn’t Courier say before the third round in a grand slam? If that’s the case then Roger didn’t understand the question. Great match by both players.

Karen Says:

Courier should get HIS facts straight. “What were you thinking?” Well, it sure wasn’t “I think I’ll pull out a book and start reading.” Right, Mr. Courier? We want Mary Carillo back! PLEASE!

Rene Kraus Says:

Yes, get Mary Carillo back, and sit Courier with Patrick !

scineram Says:

Hilarious, but Jim was such an idiot at the end. He could not be more wrong.

M Says:

Jim always does the on-court interviews at the AO, and he looooves to talk with Rafa and Roger.

This time he went too far, though, I think — didn’t he change the question in the middle of the discussion?

(And wasn’t Roger’s answer to the original question correct? After all, he was there – he would know! LOL!)

Chico Says:

Old story this :), but:
@ 10.17am

Wait for Courier to make a correction when they get back to the topic after Feds next win. If not, THEN Courier might be taken for a schmucksie..

Malisse better not spoil that party.

Chico Says:

Btw. right and wrong, madmax, shame on you for correcting someone without checking the facts. You make the other person transpire as an airhead.

Warwinka didnt play at stockholm. I should know, I was there.


Crusader Says:

What Courier meant was the last time Federer lost before the 3rd round was 2003 French Open to Luis Horna. I’m surprised Federer didn’t remember it.

Michael Says:

Crusader, yes that’s what he meant, but not what he said. Federer answered correctly.

Tennis Fan Says:

Courier – the ultimate hardworking, but stupid tennis pro.

Courier asked when was the last time Fed lost in the third round. Don’t tell me what he tried to say, that’s not relevant.

For a long time, Courier was rumored to be gay. But given his lack of intelligence, it was probably gay guys asking if they could warm up their dicks in his mouth. Courier would be dumb enough to say “sure dude, no problem”.

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