Roger Federer’s Groin Needs a Rest

by Tom Gainey | June 7th, 2011, 10:08 am

Everybody’s groin needs a rest once in a while, including tennis great Roger Federer’s. The former No. 1 announced yesterday that to better rest his body, especially his groin, he had to withdraw from this week’s tournament in Halle.

“I am very disappointed as its one of my absolute favorite tournaments on the ATP Tour, but my body, especially my groin, really needs a rest,” Federer said Monday. “After talking with my team this morning, I feel that its way to risky to take a chance on aggravating it even more before Wimbledon.”

Federer was due to play Lleyton Hewitt in the first round in a rematch of their 2010 final won by the Australian. Argentine Leonardo Mayer takes Federer’s place in the draw. Tomas Berdych is now to top ranked player in the tournament which also includes Gael Monfils, Viktor Troicki and Milos Raonic.

After finishing runner-up for a seventh time at a Grand Slam Sunday in Paris, Federer says he is eager to focus on Wimbledon where it all began for the Swiss eight years ago.

“That’s obviously the huge priority right now, to win Wimbledon in a few weeks’ time,” Federer said Sunday. “That’s always, for me, the sort of No. 1 goal in the season. This is where it all started for me back in 2003. Or even with Sampras earlier in ’01. So that’s why I always really enjoy coming back.”

The Wimbledon draw will be made a week from Friday. Ranked No. 3, Federer could move up to 2 depending on the Wimbledon seeding formula.

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45 Comments for Roger Federer’s Groin Needs a Rest

Queen Says:

Fed’s balls need rest hahahaha!!!!!
Rest your balls for Wimbledon Fed. You are going to need a lot of balls to beat Rafa.

gonzalowski Says:

Feliciano take a set from A. Rodick, 1-1

Vamos Feli!!

armelwani Says:

Just wanted to point out an error in The Funk. Nadal didn’t win 6 RG titles in a row, he lost in the 4th round to Soderling in 2009. :)

Humble Rafa Says:

I appreciate you leaving Roger in the trunk. Just ignore the fact that he beat a guy who no one could beat, I mean no one.

Seth Says:

Also want to point out an error in Funk/Trunk: Roger Federer is in the “Trunk” after playing a fantastic Roland Garros and making the finals yet again. Why don’t you glass-is-half-empty-it a little less often, tennis-x?

Seth Says:


Miki Says:

Yeah, the guy who wrote the Funk/Trunk was mean. I thought Djokovic was the one to be in the trunk, but it makes sense to leave him in the Funk section since he deserved it so far. But I would put Fed in the funk section, no one thought that he could pull off a win vs. Djoko, and take a set (almost 2) off Nadal. The fact that he can’t beat Rafa at RG is quite old. And it’s also mean to Murray :)

Eric Says:

Are you shitting me? Roger BEATS Nole and ALMOST beats Rafa in the final…and he’s in the trunk? And Nole is no 2 in the funk? And yet Schiavone, who clawed her way to the final and then played like crap gets to be just below Li…? sheesh…

Skeezerweezer Says:

Humble Rafa

Love your sadistic view on things, keep it coming lo :)i

Ben Wade Says:

Queen Says:
Fed’s balls need rest hahahaha!!!!!

Does he really have that ??
Yes he has…but he leaves them at home while playing against Rafa.

armelwani Says:

I second all those comments above. Roger should most definitely be in The Funk. He played a great tournament, and without a doubt the best final he’s ever played against Nadal at RG. A touch harsh to put in The Trunk, don’t you think?

andrea Says:

ha! i knew tennis-x would put roger in the trunk if he lost. it’s an ongoing thing to have him in the trunk, no matter what happens.

novak gets whupped and he remains in the funk? puh-lease….he lost his streak, his chance for the #1 ranking and his first ever french open final! talk about cracking under pressure. that screams trunk.

Ben Wade Says:

Im a Rafa fan, but to be frank Federer doesnt deserve to be in the trunk.

He proved once again his champion mentality by beating Nole and getting into the finals to have another go at Rafa, even though everyone (including himself) knew that he would be thrashed.

Eric Says:

Ben W, if you know anything at all about tennis, you know that Fed was not “thrashed,” so…

Ben Wade Says:


People talk about Federer’s choke job.
But it was Nadal who was a bit too tense in the first half an hour and also in the second and third sets after leading 4-2. Federer escaped a thrashing mainly because of the poor form of Rafa.

Huh Says:

Dear Ben Wade:
The only time Fed was thrashed at FO’s not just coz Rafa was playin his best tennis at dat time but also coz Fed was playin his worst tennis at that time. But anytime Fed plays even close to his best, there’s no question ever of anyone thrashing him anywher(includin King of Clay at RG), its impossibl to thrash him when he playd well. If you can’t get this simple fact, then there’s none who can agree with you, nor can anyone help you. And btw how about Rafa escapin a possibl thrashin from Nole! If anything, thank Roger.

Huh Says:

And btw this funk n trunk thing’s becomin more n more meaningless n hilarious.

Huh Says:

Hopefully, for the sake of folks like ben wade, I hope, Rafa doesnt get thrashed anytime soon only for his uncle to give some excuse on his behalf, which we’re so much used to from Rafa apologists. But how come they forget that it works both ways!

Huh Says:

By the way, everybody knows that Nadal ran away with the 4th set coz Fed’s level dropped considerably otherwise Nadal would’ve been made to work much harder. BTW its interesting to know from some so-called Nadal fans that the King of Clay gets nervous against Federer, on his fave surface, in patches durin match. Hmmm..

Huh Says:

May b Nadal too needs to rest his balls when USO hard courts n USO comes.

Huh Says:

All these Nadal fans taking cheap shots at Federer’ll soon have their payback time.

Kimberly Says:

Huh, Rafa was getting so many cheap shots during and before the French Open and during his losses to Djokovic that I think some of his fans are venting. Many Fed fans would have rather seen Djokovic win the semifinal over their own guy just so because they wanted to see Rafa lose more than see their own guy win. Surprising.

I on the other hand, have not made cheap shots at the other big 3 but I will say that I hope Rafa can play Novak at Wimbledon now that he should have more confidence under his belt. I think Rafa would have an excellent shot to win that match. I actually would rate Fed a tougher match at Wimby than Novak atm but who the heck knows.

RZ Says:

Seriously, why IS Federer always in the Trunk? Sure, he didn’t beat Rafa but he played one heck of a tournament and is the only guy to beat Djoker this year.

RZ Says:

I actually thought the final was disappointing in that there were only few times whenboth guys played well at the same time. The scoreline was close, but the rallies and quality of play was much lower than their last 2 GS final encounters.

Fruitcake Says:

Thought to see Fed no longer in the trunk after he beat Djokovic in what was by general consensus the best match of the FO. Some US journos seem to have a real downer on Fed – must really stick in their claw that he beat the Sampras 14 slam record huh? Don’t worry guys, you might have another European join that happy band .. name of Rafael Nadal.

Chico Says:

I understand that in a way tennis-x wants to show respect to the man by requiring only the best of him for him get to the funky side :). But now.. It is the second time Fed puts an end to a historical run that I can remember (Nadals clay streak). Same match was touted as one of best ever on clay, then he gives it his all egainst Nadal. Third set, down a break and here he still comes.. Honorary mention atleast(?)..

There was ofcourse this young americam dude who didnt loose a match in the tournament, fully deserved hes spot.

dari Says:

You can leave fed in the trunk, glad to see him playing so well, but #17 and undisputed GOAT were at his fingertips and he didn’t do it.
Yeah it was against the tenacious Rafa who owns clay, but still.
Murray, though? The kid made RG semis for the first time on 1.5 legs, that’s not trunk-worthy

dari Says:

Tried to play the tough game with roger in the trunk, but I couldn’t hold it. He played GREAT in the semi and for the first 7 games of the final and then some in the third set… well anyway, hope he heals that groin ASAP and takes Wimbledon

Humble Rafa Says:

Does anyone know why Rafa is not playing mixed doubles at Queen’s?

Humble Rafa Says:

Just so you know, my balls don’t need any rest.

contador Says:

Kimberly i hope i am not on your list of “surprising” fed fans. but suspect i am.

yes i cheered for nole to win over federer in the semi. i confess.

how i feel about match-ups: i am anti-fedal. i have seen enough. enough pummeling by rafa, okay? we know how this fedal goes in a GS match-up. that’s my opinion.

but it goes further than that. maybe 15 was enough. it is an embarrassing excess. i cheered for roddick to beat federer-wimbledon 09. *suprprise* and cheered for delpo us open 09 *another surprise* i was working and missed AO 2010 but fully expected murray to win and believe i would have celebrated murray’s win as i did delpo’s had i wirnessed it. i was surprised federer won. i don’t cheer for rafa to win FO – that is as excessive and tedious as federer winning 5 straight at wimbledon and going back winning a 6th.

i would have cheered for nole’s win at FO, yes. at least i think i would have. i like his tennis better than rafa’s. strangely, i didn’t like seeing rafa’s vamos reduced to a whimper. i’m not anti-rafa. perhaps by your standards i am. other than a fedal, i’m uncertain until a match unfolds. it’s an adventure.

i am repeating myself now as i say: ever since FO… i cheer for something different. if it’s rafa in GS final v someone not federer or federer in a GS final v someone not nadal…yes, eyes wide open adventure and that is my hope. which makes it clear now that in a GS draw, i will hope someone knocks out both federer and nadal before they even meet in a semi or quarter, nevermind the bleeping final…lol….

maybe the 1st time i ever cheered for a rafa win? rome 2011. surprised myself halfway through the final v nole.

meanwhile, i was delighted to have nole v murray at AO, though it sadly turned out to be not much of a contest. at wimbledon, i will be just as anti-fedal, to be sure, just so it is no surprise.

as much as i celebrated contador’s win at the giro, i dread another TDF v andy schleck. i beg someone else to contend…another year of the schlecklette v pistolero hype is dull imo. contador will win. he’s won enough, and as a lover of TDF, i want it to be fresh. but on some cyling forums just saying such a thing leaves one open to accusations of being an armstrong loyalist, which i am not. i’m a contador fan. i am a federer fan too who now happens to not cheer for him in certain situations for my own reasons which even surprise myself. i was jumping for joy when EG beat federer. (which now seems ridiculous)

i would cry with happiness (if) dolgopolov beats federer at any time. also certain i will cry (when) murray gets his 1st GS.

for me, not cheering for my favorite does not make me less of a fan. i admire federer’s tennis and contador’s climbing far more than the others in their respective sports. it’s a bit anti-fan, to many but there it is…the saga of a terrible tennis fan.

contador Says:

ever since federer won FO…. meant to say….i cheer for something different. at least that’s what i’m experiencing.

Kimberly Says:

Contador, don’t take this the wrong way, I know you love federer but I see you more as an overall tennis fan than a fed fan. My take is you are a fan of multiple players and even new younger players and smaller tournaments. I know you love the warm and fuzzy feeling winner and even root for nadal on occasion, although not often, because you don’t like his game, but like him off the court? Please let’s not fall out, you were my first friend here and I enjoy your conversation here and especially on the bracket challenges!

Kimberly Says:

Humble rafa, hahaha i don’t believe there is a ladies field there to play with. Or he could play with medina garrigues or Martinez Sanchez? You are very funny.

jane Says:

Kimberly these basketball games freak me out, so tense until the last second! 14 seconds to go…

jane Says:

Better luck to the Heat next time. They need to take game five for you Kimberly.

Kimberly Says:

Not the result I hoped for. Terrible performance, the nowitski struggling they should have been able to take this one,

sheila Says:

amazing if federer wins hes criticized. if he loses hes criticized. geez hes a gr8 tennis player as is nadal. they simply r both gr8 tennis players & djokovic is certainly working his way up to be gr8 as well. if u want 2get on who has no balls than i would pick soderling who has the game 2win nadal. hes tall, hes got a 2 handed backhand, he hits hard & flat & he cant even win a set from nadal. federer’s 1 handed bh doesnt match up against nadals lft handed top spin fh.

Borg Says:

If Federer hopes to win the Wimbledon this time he must pray that Nadal is beaten early or walks off the tournament due to injury. If the luck of the draw makes Federer and Nadal to meet at the semi finals, then once again the H2H will show as 18-8 still more embarrasing for Federer fans. Ofcourse they will forward the argument that Federer is aging but yet that will be taken with a pinch of salt. The fact is Federer just cannot play against Nadal and he just wilts.

Borg Says:

Federer is a great player. Nodoubt about that. The records speak for themselves and I admire his amazing consistency. Infact I would place him right at the top amongst the list of greats at present like Laver, Borg, Nadal etc. But to herald him as the Greatest is taking things too far. Even for that matter Nadal cannot be Greatest if he wins 17 Grand slams because there will he holes in every resume and the biggest hole in Federer resume is that he is yet to win Olympics nor lead his Country to victory in the Davis Cup. Moreover he is 8-17 against his main rival. While the holes in Nadal’s resume as of now is he has failed to win the World Series Masters which is a very important tournament next to a Grand slam and most of his Masters titles have been on clay surfaces barring a few and above all he has won the hard court slams only once as of now. Therefore, we need to wait till their careers get over and analyse threadbare their achievements. But just nobody can be called the GREATEST.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Don’t even think if trying to cover your @ss with this post. You already said your stuff on the other thread. Top of the greats…gimme a break….

Borg Says:

Skeezerweezer, I place Federer at the top of Greats simply because he has won more Grand slam tournaments than the other Greats. Ofcourse one can go on to argue that had Borg not retired at such a young age when he was just 25, he would have amassed more grand slams than Federer. But what is on the table is all that matters. So right now Federer is at the top. But mind you Nadal is not far behind and will be overtaking Federer in a few years time. That time is very near and by virtue of his H2H over Federer he will stand head and shoulders above Federer with his slam record as well as the Golden slam that he has achieved. Ofcourse, stomach will burn for Federer and his fans but what to do, Nadal is simply a better player than federer both in terms of mental as well as physical.

Swiss Maestro Says:

to whoever claimed fed leaves his balls at home when he plays rafa :

that’s for rafa’s mommy to suck on them. she is divorced, no?

borg :

nice story you got going there! fed’s fans reseneting nadal? may or may not. but i am sure being a fan of a wuss and pauper like borg, you must be crying everynight. what an idiot, quitting the game coz mac was kicking his @$$.

L O S E R!

Swiss Maestro Says:

the relevant question is not whether Rafa has overtaken Fed as GOAT or whether novak has overtaken rafa as GOAT( believe me, there are a lot of idiots who entertain these thoughts!)

the question to be asked is a) has nadal overtaken borg as the GOAT, not only on clay but overall. borg never won a hc slam, but rafa has 2. and if rafa does not quit in a year because nole is thrashing him regularly, he definitely gets extra points.

let’s get the ball rolling guys, LOL!

Michael Says:

As an avid Federer fan even I am frustrated at the frequent loss of Federer to Nadal. But looking at it closer, I can sense that it is an unequal fight more so especially now when Federer is nearing 30. Nadal is five years older to Federer and most of their matches have been on Clay Courts. During Federer best years from 2005-2007, Nadal failed to appear in the finals of many hard court tournamment slams as well as Masters and was beaten early. While Federer did not fail to reach the finals of Clay court tournaments. Such was his amazing consistency. With Nadal being such a hell of a player on Clay Courts, Federer just couldn’t cope up with and he was beaten repeatedly. Still, he is only one of the two players who has beaten Nadal on Clay twice. Federer was the one who ended Nadal’s 82 matches streak in clay courts at Hamburg Masters.
Intelligently Nadal converted this clay court supremacy into a more psychological plane and transcended to Grass and hard courts as well creating doubts in the mind of Federer. Now, if you take the H2H, leaving out the clay court contests, the score is 6-5 in favour of Federer.

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