Rafael Nadal: I’m Relaxing Now, Maybe Play Golf, Go Fishing, No Tennis
by Tom Gainey | June 11th, 2011, 9:19 am

It’s been a long four months admitted World No. 1 Rafael Nadal after losing to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the Queen’s quarterfinals yesterday.

Since Australia Nadal had reached the finals of every tournament he entered until this weekend. And the lefty just won his sixth French Open on Sunday.

“I had a tough Roland Garros,” Nadal said. “I had tough clay court season. American season was two finals, too. So I played all the matches possible this last four or five months, so is fantastic my result last five months, very happy for everything. Yeah, I came here. I tried in all the moments. So I tried in doubles, I tried in singles, I tried to practice hard. Hopefully it was good preparation for me. Sorry for the tournament because I had my chance to be in the semifinals, but it wasn’t possible today.

“Negative thing is I lost; positive thing is I have few days off and can stop a little bit mentally,” he added. “I can be a little bit more relaxed, because every day — I play every day with pressure. Wake up every day with that pressure that you have to play is not easy, and that’s what happened for me last four months every day.”

With a few days off Nadal says he’ll go home and get away from tennis before heading to Wimbledon next Wednesday or Thursday.

“Be with the friends, be with the family, play some golf, relax, go fishing maybe,” Nadal said of his plans. “That’s relaxing, too. You know, have a little bit of distraction mentally, think of other things, not tennis.”

Nadal will be the No. 1 seed at Wimbledon which begins in just nine days.

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23 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I’m Relaxing Now, Maybe Play Golf, Go Fishing, No Tennis

Nina Says:

Good mentality. Nole and Roger are doing the same.

Patty Says:

I think Roger and Djokovic were very smart in taking a break before Wimbledon and Nadal probably now wishes he had done the same.
Oh well!

billyboy512 Says:

“Since Australia Nadal had reached the finals of every tournament he entered until this weekend. And the lefty just won his sixth French Open on Sunday.”

…and no one else can say that..what a stat!

Miki Says:

Good for him. It sometimes seems that he doesn’t always fully understand that he is a human after all. It was obvious that he looked a little washed out yesterday on the court. Mentally that is. It’s not just his body in question, but also his mind. He often goes for too much, stressing himself in every way.

van orten Says:

i just hope federer is seeded second..i want another fedal in wimby..with a fed playing like this it could be another epic

charlotte buckley Says:

I’m glad he’s having some time off he deserves it.
You could see he was mentally & physically tired so it’ll be good for him just to relax and chill out for a while before Wimbledon.

luce lemay Says:

well,that’s the right to do now.he need that rest and hopefully he’llcome back top shape for Wimbledon

leo vixen Says:

He’s too much of a gentleman and a competitor. Biggest fan but glad he lost yesterday so that he could get some rest; he looked mentally fried. Should have pulled out from the beginning but that’s not him. Rest that mind and body, Rafael, we need you back in full force for Wimbledon. I hope you have enough time to relax. After all, it’s not as if you don’t know how to play tennis.

dzulkafley Says:

Golf, fishing,friends and family sounds like the right start for the mental preparation..vamos nadal

Dory Says:

I am going to very disappointed if Federer lands in the same draw as Djokovic AGAIN.

Dory Says:

to *be* very disappointed I mean.

grendel Says:

Well, for Paris it was a disaster Djokovic being in Fed’s half. It was always clear that a Federer playing well had a decent shot at beating Djokovic, but none at all, realistically, of beating Nadal – which didn’t stop one hoping, of course. Djokovic, on the other hand, had an excellent chance of beating Nadal – and, unexpectedly good though the final was, it would have been a great deal more competitive with Djokovic in it.

I don’t feel that with Wimbledon. I am assuming Djokovic and Federer are still in good nick. Nadal always is when it counts, and Murray is in the form of his life. So, from the perspective of someone who wants Federer to win and Nadal not to win, I honestly don’t know what would be the best match up.

Kimberly Says:

I wouldn’t exactly count Murray out. I actually don’t know i might prefer fed for Rafa than Murray. Not sure. Andy Murray playing well on a surface he plays well on is probably equal to Fed. Especially in a semi. In a final obviously the more experienced players/the player who is not trying to win their first grand slam at home with a history of getting tight would be easier.

Eric Says:

Wishful thinking, Kimberly… Fed no more dangerous than Andy at Wimbledon?

Michel Says:

Why is everybody thinking Fed will be seede above Djoker? They don’t follow ATP ranking, but they do have a system for calculating the seeds. It is not very hard to find out. Results on gras from the last 2 years are in the mix. T gap in ATP points between Fed en Djoker is so big that it does not matter. Seeds are following the ATP ranking for 1 to 4 atleast.

Kimberly Says:

If Murray plays like he can he is dangerouos for anyone, in a semi final. And he is clearly playing well. I don’t know, Murray I think has an excellent shot against Rafa or Novak. As does Fed. It’s really wide open between the big four IMO. They all can beat each other. Of course its unlikely that all four will make it again.

Kimberly Says:

I imagine Berdych and Roddick should benefit somewhat fro the seeding system.

Eric Says:

You can see the seeding already in the Wikipedia page for it (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Wimbledon_Championships#Men.27s_Singles). Unofficial, I guess, but since the formula is public knowledge it’s easy enough to calculate. Berdych is bumped up a spot, Roddick up 2; that’s about it for interesting adjustments.

Obviously Murray is very dangerous and very good. I gather he played extraordinarily well against Roddick, but I am sure every player on tour, from Rafa to Muster, would rather play Murray than Fed at Wimbledon if they got a choice.

Susana Says:

It’s me,or last year Rafa just overplayed Murray and won Wim. And now, I am hearing that he has a shot against Rafa???? Please, Murray will never win a Slam with that mentality of his.

pam Says:

Murray is not in the same class as nadal or fedrer, or even djokovich. The slam titles are the proof.

He is a good player no doubt, otherwise how can he get to #4 in the world. he is just that #4, not only in rankings but in play too.
The problem with Murray and his fans is the never ending comparisons they make against Nadal and Fedrerer. “Murray is as good or even better than Nadal (Federer), he can beat them anytime etc. etc.”
The fact remains that Murray is not as good as Nadal or Federer (or djokovich).
So please stop this comparison, be realistic and just play to the best of your ability, maybe he will land a slam title one of these days. Even if that happens he will never be in the same class as Nadal or Federer.

Nomsa Says:

Michel the seeds will not count at SW19. its like you said results. and Novak has not played well on grass the past years it doen’t matter you don’t remember Marcos 2yrs ago jumping to like no.4 or something like that

tinica Says:

Yes, people hoping for a Fedal final might only get a Fedal semifinal.

I am already so tired of people getting indignant when they learn Federer will still be 3.

skeezerweezer Says:

I hope Fed ends up in Rafa”s side.

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