Rafael Nadal: I Texted Rory McIlroy, But Didn’t Hear Back
by Tom Gainey | June 20th, 2011, 6:40 pm

Sometimes ten Grand Slam titles are still not enough to warrant a reply back from a golfer who just won his first Major. Speaking to the press after beating Michael Russell today, defending Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal said that he had sent a congratulatory text to Rory McIlroy but had yet to hear back.

“No,” answered Nadal when asked if he hard heard from the new US Open champion. “I for sure text him a message. You know how when you win a tournament like this how many messages you have on the phone. Anyway, he did amazing. He played solid yesterday doing what he had to do all the time, no mistakes. So mentally we talk about the level of the golf, only Tiger a few times. Saw one player play like this.”

McIlroy, who himself is a tennis, blogged that he couldn’t wait to be courtside at Wimbledon.

“I’ve been invited to Wimbledon on the second Monday and shall be in the Royal Box – you can be certain that I’m seriously looking forward to that as I love my tennis,” he wrote.

Said Nadal, “Hopefully have the chance to congratulate him in person.” Nadal and Rory met and became friends during the US Open last year.

Nadal, who has won 15 straight matches at Wimbledon, plays American Ryan Sweeting in the second round on Wednesday.

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10 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Texted Rory McIlroy, But Didn’t Hear Back

Humble Rafa Says:

One good thing about Venus’s dress is that it didn’t focus on her behind! Thank god for that.

It is the worst she has worn, I have to say. Can’t wait to see the other half of the family show up!

puckbandit Says:

My favorite hockey player, Zach Parise of the NJ Devils is a huge Rafa fan. He listed him as his favorite athlete as well as “athelete you’d like to be” during a Q&A on a devils blog.

I wonder I think Zach goes to the Open every year.

Kimmi Says:

serena outfits are very good. nike are doing great job for her.

Kimberly Says:

Humble Rafa–I think she has worn worse. See references on the other thread:
1. The dress full of holes (ao11)
2. The pink sequents USO 2010
3. The illusion desgined to make it look like she had nothing on under her dress top or bottom (i think that was RG and AO 2010)

Humble Rafa Says:


Probably so. Her fashion choices are atrocious. Wonder if they are available for sale.

Kimmi Says:

amazing what Rory McIlroy has done. i wonder if we have another woods type of domination. Good luck to him.

Kimberly Says:

Actually just saw the Serena outfit on tennis warehouse and it’s really beautiful. Quite classic and elegant. Def. Not a lines person threatening outfit.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Bring back the cat suit! ( but in white of course )


Kimberly Says:


Was looking through google on some of venus old outfits and this articule made me laugh.

jane Says:

Parise is great, puckbandit: he’d play well with Kesler – can we have him? ;) Actually Kesler reminds a bit of Rafa too: a total beast on the ice, but very humble and soft spoken in pressers.

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