Roger Federer: I Forgot My 29 Grand Slam Quarterfinal Streak Was On the Line [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 27th, 2011, 7:11 pm

Tennis great Roger Federer said he forgot that his incredible quarterfinal streak was on the line today in his tough four set win over Mikhail Youzhny 67(5), 63, 63, 63.

“I thought even though I lost the first set it was good tennis,” Federer said afterward. “He didn’t have a break point. I played a good breaker actually. Maybe got a touch unlucky with a net cord against me at 4‑1 that could have gone my way. I turned that into 5‑1, and I don’t think I’d lose a breaker from there. I thought overall we played a good match from start to finish. Good rallies, good atmosphere, it was fun.”

Federer’s win over the Russian earns him a record 29th consecutive appearance in a Grand Slam quarterfinal. Federer hasn’t missed one since his loss to Gustavo Kuerten in the fourth round of the 2004 French Open.

On Thursday, Federer will meet Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the quarterfinals. Federer has beaten the Frenchman four of five times, only losing in Cincinnati a few summers ago.

Federer is seeking his seventh Wimbledon title and a 17th career Grand Slam overall.

And in the win over the Russian, Federer hit yet another “tweener”. Here it is:

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22 Comments for Roger Federer: I Forgot My 29 Grand Slam Quarterfinal Streak Was On the Line [Video]

Joel Says:

With Nadal’s health issues, Federer is my bet to win it all, though I’d be happy with Tomic breaking through and taking it all.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Your fans didn’t :)

Kimmi Says:

hmm crazy day. too bad i missed almost all of it.

nadal finished strong in his match, i think he will be OK.

Eric Says:

Health issues? You mean his poor achy breaky heart? Or his foot that didn’t keep him from covering the court like a lightning bolt for three sets?

Joel Says:

Getting a MRI before you decide whether or not to play is a pretty big issue. He thought about retiring. Then again, maybe it’s all gamesmanship, but I doubt that with Nadal.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Joel, the second. Nadal? Gamesmenship? He doesn’t need to be 100% or it will be “impossible”. Unless he wakes up tomorrow and can’t walk on it my guess is he will continue to dominate, despite his pattern of minimizing his chances. He ran down balls like a Lion chasing a Gazelle for 2 straight hours after the injury TO. Don’t let his comments fool you. He will trounce Fish.
Fish never has beaten Rafa in 5 tries, and has only gotten a set off the Beast. The Fed/Tsonga matchup has some teeth to it however, as Tsonga does have a win over Fed.

Eric Says:

Joel, he “thought about retiring,” which means his foot hurt. Then he didn’t retire, and went on to play tennis as good as anything he’s played here in his career, except maybe 2008. Which means his foot wasn’t hindering his play. Getting an MRI is just to make sure it’s not seriously injured, i.e., to make sure he can play without risking the rest of the season.

Fish is probably the easiest seeded QF opponent Rafa could have faced except for Chela, so I imagine it will be straightforward, foot pain or no.

jamie Says:

An online psychic just told me she sees Nole as the Wimbledon champion this year. His chart is perfect.


Kimberly Says:

Does the online psychic see Maria as champion too?

grendel Says:

“Maybe got a touch unlucky with a net cord against me at 4‑1 that could have gone my way.” (Federer). They say history is written by the winners… One of the things noticeable about this match was how unlucky Youzhny was with the net cord. On one occasion, you could see Federer looking actually embarrassed. This was quite a tough match for Federer. Youzhny kept coming back at him, which I think surprised everyone – including Federer.

Michael Says:

What I value most about Federer’s achievement is not his 16 Majors, but only his physical ability and consistency which remains unparalleled. His crowning achievement is 23 consecutive Grand slam semis and now 29 consecutive Quarter final streak. This is a record that will stand the test of times for decades to come and I see no Tennis Player breaking this invincible streak. Never have I seen Federer bring out a Trainer in a major like most other players. That is really incredible. It shows how easy Federer plays the game with passion and dedication. It is difficult to imagine any other player of Federer’s calibre in the history of Sport. My hats off to this Champion.

jamie Says:

Predictions for the next 2 majors

Wimbledon: Nole wins

USO: Fed wins

Take it to the bank.

jamie Says:

Kimberly Says:

Does the online psychic see Maria as champion too?


I only asked for the male winner.

skeezerweezer Says:

2 bad Feds accomplishment practically goes under the radar. Hardly any comments nor media attention. Even in this Topic. No worries, when his career his done fans and media will look back and say OMG, 7 straight consecutive years of being in the Quarterfinals of Grand Slams, are you kidding me?

His records in the Qtrs and Semi’s is probably going to be more significant than any other. although his GS title reign is far from over.In the foreseeable future of our current generation, his final runs in GS is untouchable. He has done it by example, no excuses or reasons, not attained by controversial MTO’s or injuries, he has set the bar high of consistency and honor, all with raising a family intact to boot. No one in the top 4 has a family to care of while competing for Tennis’s highest crown.

Now the rest is gravy, and this poster doesn’t mind his losses, he has done much like no other. And he is enjoying the game and competing at at the highest level at 29 with chances for titles, still.

Father time is around the corner but the monument has already been built. Go fed, keep saying you have chances, that you can still do it, why not? It’s a coasting ride to the sunset from here on out….you know everyone is chasing…and you just may get a “gravy” GS title on the way out! Enjoy the ride. This poster will cheer you on.

Another record that stands alone!

Michael Says:

Well said Skeezer. A fitting tribute to a Champion. Federer is not done yet and I am sure the more he plays the more records he will set for Tennis enthusiasts to cherish.

Nims Says:

Roger..beware of the GOAT (in cheating).

tennis Says:

rogger federer is a great player………

grendel Says:

Skeezer, I don’t think Fed’s records go under the radar. His consistency is quite extraordinary and well attested. It will be remembered, as is the somewhat lesser consistency of Jimmy Connors. But this is a matter to contemplate quietly – it doesn’t really generate endless headlines, not that sort of achievement. Better, really.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Maybe that is true in Europe( recognizing quietly ), I don’t know, but here in America those achievements are very well recognized and considered one of an athletes greatest achievements. Playing at a high level always contending for the highest prize in your sport throughout your career is talked about all the time and appreciated. It’s the hardest thing an athlete can do over there career. Baseball, Basketball and American football have individual athletic achievements that are well recognized for this.

Stefan Says:

MRI? That’s just for media and public. He’ll be fine if he dominates the first set and then the match. If Fish is solid in the first set, Boom!!! another timeout and foot is sore. And if Fish is still good in the second, “……Retire……”. ala, Australian Open. And then, Fed won because Nadal got injured. Or else, this unbeatable-when-healthy would’ve grabbed it.

Twocents Says:

skeezer @ 1:43am,

Great post, skeezer. This (lazy) poster here will be with you and the Fed all the way!


Mainstream media has been misjudging Fed’s downfall thus trailing behind in terms of credit Fed’s achievement, in Europe and North America, where commercial interests dictate. But fans around the world have their own eyes/hearts, and internet :-)).

grendel Says:

Hi, Twocents, nice to hear from you. Where you been keeping?

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