Roger Federer: I Definitely Can Win More Grand Slams [Video]

by Tom Gainey | June 29th, 2011, 3:54 pm

Roger Federer says that despite his loss today to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, he can still win more Grand Slam titles.

“I think I definitely can, yes,” Federer said when asked about future Slam titles. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t the case.”

Federer hasn’t won a Slam since the 2010 Australian Open when he won No. 16. There were signs of hope earlier this month when the Swiss reached the French Open final.

“I thought my game was plenty good enough this year to win the tournament,” Federer said. “Unfortunately there’s only one that can win it, and the rest go home empty handed. That’s what happened to me today. I think Jo played an amazing match, like I said, so obviously it’s disappointing.”

In the match today, Federer jumped out to a quick two-set lead before Tsonga roared back to take the match 36, 76, 64, 64, 64.

“I’m happy, I’m healthy,” Federer said who lost in the quarterfinals. “I feel much better than sort of a year ago. That’s very encouraging really. Even though I took a tough loss today, I don’t feel, you know, discouraged in any way. I think that’s key right now, to not let anything get to me.”

Federer can put a positive spin on just about anything, can’t he?

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27 Comments for Roger Federer: I Definitely Can Win More Grand Slams [Video]

Goat Fed Says:

I thought bathroom break would help me…unfortunately he is not davydenko..Still,I have 6 wimby trophies, you know??

billyboy512 Says:

he will never win another slam again, case closed today

Hector464 Says:

at billyboy512 If your talking about Federer not winning another GrandSlam Title. Boy, I guess you really don’t know Federer.

skeezerweezer Says:

Goat Fed,

You would be funny but Tsonga took a bathroom break also at the same time. Apparently Tsonga can take a better one than Fed, has he won ;). Humble Rafa you’re not.


You may be right and your wishes of Fed not winning so Rafa can get closer may come true, who knows? As a Fed fan this year is disappointing, obviously, only won 1 tourney this year, and it was only a 250 tourney. Very low by Fed’s standards. And with only the USO to go it does not look good. Gloom and doom? Maybe. But Fed can not stay on top forever, so why ditz the guy on his way down? He’s done his bit for the Tennis historians and now others have to chase his records. He has done it, the if’s now are for the next generation.

Now we have Nole, Rafa, Murray in there prime. Wonder how they all will be competing at age 29 for Slams? Fed has done pretty darn good, and it’s a hater’s respect to wish his downfall, why? It means at 29 he is still relevant and scary to fans fav’s. That is genuine respect, not hate.

IN the end, no one can beat Father time, not even Rafael Nadal.

Tom Says:

I think Federer’s still got it in him to win at least a couple more grand slams. I don’t think he’s too old just yet. There’s still plenty of fight left in him.

On another note, if anyone’s looking for some nets or other sporting equipment I’ve got loads on my website. It’s Feel free to take a look around and buy some stuff.

billyboy512 Says:


THANK YOU!..that’s all I have been waiting to hear from Fedderites (and the ESPN crew) forever…there is no shame in facing 30 after the brilliant career of RF.

It’s crazy to hear Patrick McEnroe and gang on ESPN suggesting RF need to re-examine his game to return to form. It’s like looking at a 20-something body covered in tattoos and saying, “Hey, that’s gonna look great at 50! Get some more!”

sheila Says:

i am a loyal federer fan but even i feel this loss was big insofar as the possibility of him winning another major. was it skeezerweezer who said “humble rafa your not”. federer is constantly being criticized 4 not being a humble rafa. what exactly makes nadal so perfect & federer so arrogant. he said he thinks he can win more majors. what is he supposed 2say. that he wont win more majors. headgames in sports come in different varities. nadal taking his mto @ specific times in a match may also be construed as a headgame. federer says things that may come accross as arrogant, but what is he supposed 2say. he has 2show confidence, not negativity to his opponents. he gave credit 2 tsonga 4 playing a gr8 match. should he kiss his ass 2!!!! out of all the tennis players federer seems 2get criticized more than any other. djokovic having his temper tantrum the other day smashing his racquet, nobody said anything about that. patrick macenroe, the other day, that nadals mto were becoming a little suspect, and he said the other players are probably annoyed, but wont say anything. you know they are all gr8 tennis players w/different personalities & it seems we focus in on what we dont like about their personalities rather than giving them credit for their tennis gr8ness.

skeezerweezer Says:


I was referring to our resident poster “Humble Rafa”, GOAT of a comic Rafa in the 3rd party. I’s all good though, and me gets your post ;)

madmax Says:


you took the words right out of my mouth.

I am equally as devastated,but it doesn’t hurt so much. I think skeeze and gannu said that somewhere else here.

The great man speaks to anyone who wants to hear

guys, we forgot about davis cup! and you know what? Fed says he will work harder than ever.

Does he really have to? Yes, of course he does if he wants to stay in the game! And the great thing for fed fans is that he still wants to improve!

I hope Annacone stays around though with fed to ensure he wins the next 2 slams. US Open and AO would be just fine.

Always love the Fed. Always.

madmax Says:

billyboy512 Says:
he will never win another slam again, case closed today

June 29th, 2011 at 5:14 pm

Is this really necessary?

If this was returned to you about your fave player, how would you feel?

pete Says:

agree with billyboy.

federer is doomed. accept it. he had his run and its now over. he won 16 grand slams and broke nearly every record? what more does he have to prove? has to come to end one day.
But step aside fed, its time for a king called nadal to break the record of 16GS.

esquilax Says:

Tsonga would have beaten anyone on tour today. The match was incredible.

I enjoy high quality tennis regardless of who is playing, and Fed usually delivers quality.

I find it hard to understand why anyone could be bitter about that and then want to write Fed’s future career off.

Some people have tiny minds…..

Is Federer Finished? Tsonga, Murray, Nadal Impress While Djokovic Survives Says:

[…] Federer might be talking like he can still win Grand Slams, but the reality is it’s a longshot, if that. Federer, who […]

RZ Says:

The worst thing about Fed losing today is that he’s going to end up in the Trunk again. I hope the Tennis-X crew surprises us all by leaving him out of the Trunk (especially since there are so many worthier Trunk candidates from the tournament.)

Ben Wade Says:

Federer and his big mouth….LOL

Ben Wade Says:

Federer is probably the GOAT of bathroom breaks.

Michael Says:

It is very unlikely that Federer will win any more major. I will be most happy if he disproves my doomsday prediction. But, considering his level of play which is a shade lower than in his prime and the tough competition, it will be quite a tall order for Federer.

Michael Says:

Sweet Sixteen will stay for Federer and Sexy Seventeen is far far away.

Michael Says:

Federer is an eternal optimist. But I admire his courage and determination & above all his dedication to this Sport. Even if he doesn’t win another major, yet there is no doubt that he is arguably the GOAT. The only danger to that position comes from Nadal who is amassing majors just like that. But, at worst, Federer will be the second best player in the History of Sport.

madmax Says:

Ben Wade Says:
Federer and his big mouth….LOL

June 29th, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Ben Wade and his big mouth…. LOL

esquilax Says:
Tsonga would have beaten anyone on tour today. The match was incredible.

I enjoy high quality tennis regardless of who is playing, and Fed usually delivers quality.

I find it hard to understand why anyone could be bitter about that and then want to write Fed’s future career off.

Some people have tiny minds…..

June 29th, 2011 at 7:57 pm

tiny minds indeed esquilax.

Michael – your opinion. The majority disagree.

rogerafa Says:

I don’t get this bit about bathroom breaks. Most players take it before the start of the fifth set especially if the fifth set has no tie-break. It is the sensible thing to do given that both serve very well and there’s no way to know how long the fifth set will last.

Twocents Says:

Every soldier carries a marshal’s baton in his pack.

Fed The Invincible is gone. But Fed The Soldier is a very good soldier.

brucenhk Says:

Should Roger consider alternative careers? This is a very witty article:

Raju Says:

rogerafa, In Aus 2010, it was not 5th set against Denko..

SomewhatAnonymous Says:

I still think he has one more year, then we can talk. He def can´t win more than two more i think unless he´s lucky with the draws. Thing is as we know that the new good guys like Tomic, Dimitrov, Dolgopolov and Nishikori ect. can get potentially top ten material one day, not that either of them are a big threat for him now, but can def be withing a year or two. But that´s new fresh powers, just like Roger, Safin and Hewitt were when they beat Sampras one time each i think a couple of years before he retired. Delpo is back allso, very young, unless injuries he will not run out of steam before Roger is long gone retired, same with Murray and Djokovic, Nadal will allso be highly competitative untill he´s 27-30! Soderling, Berdych, Tsonga now! Man, it´s somewhere between 0 and 3 slams, not more!

Borg Says:

In your dreams Mr Federer. Your career is as good as over. Now, you will find it difficult to even win a 250 point tournament let alone a Grand slam and beware when you face my man in the finals. He will just decimate you.

Chitown Says:

Just throwing this out there, but does anyone think that if Roger went to a larger racquet head, lighter weight like Rafa and Novak, he’d improve against them or others? Sampras has been quoted as saying he wished he’d have changed racquet size. Fed still has the shots.

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