Roger Federer: I’m Not Just Playing For Grand Slams! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 5th, 2014, 12:02 pm

Roger Federer opens his summer hardcourt campaign tonight in Toronto. Earlier, the 17-time Slam winner gave an insightful interview about where his game is, including a revelation that his focus as he approaches 33 years of age later this week is not just on the Grand Slams.

“No they are not and people think they are,” Federer said about Grand Slams being the most important thing. “Just because Pete Sampras once upon a time he said ‘for me its all about the Slams’. And then I think everybody figures that for all the top guys have guys like me or Rafa its only about the Slams and which it is not for me.

“That’s why I’m here in Toronto that’s why I play a full schedule on the ATP Tour. I play from January to November.”

And Federer, who made the Wimbledon final, thinks he can still pick up another major.

“Clearly I hope so,” Federer said of the prospect of winning another Slam. “Regardless of which one it is, which surfaces it is, I believe I can go very deep and all these tournaments frequently. It’s just about staying healthy for me and mentally fresh and motivated and that I am. So I’m excited for the US Open now but the the focus clearly is now on Toronto.”

Federer also talked about the new crop of young stars, but the Swiss cautioned they’ll still have to wait because of the point system and the strength of the Big Four.

“I think that’s the tough part for the younger guys because you usually to have to come through the big three, big four, once or twice a tournament to win it. And because they’re not ranked top four yet they may even have to beat three or four top 10 players and that’s just is a hard thing to do for anyone. So maybe that’s why things going to take a while.

“I think Murray is getting back to his back in shape,” he added. “I’m playing well again and also Novak and Rafa anyway are playing so well for the last year or so. I still think it’s going to take some time for young guys to really, really breakthrough but no doubt they have made a name for themselves and I think we have interesting times ahead.”

Federer plays tonight against Canadian Peter Polansky.

“I will be playing on hard courts until Indian Wells next year. So from that standpoint it’s just like a lot of hardcore tennis up such as about getting used to it. Hopefully playing well here. I’m not playing quite that well in practice so I’m little bit disappointed but then again I might be jet lagged a little bit. It is still early in the hard court season but that’s why I think the first round is huge for me now here just getting into the tournament then anything maybe is possible.”

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26 Comments for Roger Federer: I’m Not Just Playing For Grand Slams! [Video]

madmax Says:

Go Go Go Roger! The best for tonight!


madmax Says:

All players play to win all tournaments. Obvious really. Whether they are davis cup, 250, 500, 1000, WTF or grand slams. A tournament win is a tournament win.

I am obviously stating the very, very obvious!

Giles Says:

Going, going, going, gone!!

Giles Says:

Fedfans using the term “Vamos”. Lol. What happened to Allez??

Polo Says:

Go Roger go! Vamos Roger vamos! Allez Roger allez!

NK Says:

Why the negativity at all? Can’t Federer (or anyone else) state something honestly without having non-fans posting mocking comments? It’s sad that some have a compulsive urge to insult or mock at the very mention of players they don’t like.

Irony is that the players themselves show healthy respect for one another, which some fans on this site are simply incapable of…

Ben Pronin Says:

NK, it goes both ways, unfortunately. And then those same people complain about trolls on their threads. The irony appears to be lost on most.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am not just playing for injuries.

Hippy Chic Says:

When you go onto an internet forum,your favorite player is fair game,lets just say that they all stomach their fair share of negativity,it goes in fits and starts depending on the success of a particular player,personally i dont for a minute believe there are any saints here….

Polo Says:

NK, I checked all the posts that preceded yours and I did not find any negative remark. You may have posted on the tread.

Polo Says:

…wrong tread.

NK Says:

Polo, you may be right, but make no mistake the inherent sarcasm tone in “Going,going,going,gone…”

When a player simply states that he is not just playing for grand slams, one would hope it elicits thoughts more on the lines of “…good for you (champ), all the best to you…” (regardless of which player said this).

In a twitter conversation the other day, a fan asked Federer if he had a specific saying that he would like to live life by. He replied: “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.”

I know many players follow this dictum; it would be nice if the fans did too.

Wog boy Says:

Is it “tread” or “thread”, I am confused now?

Btw, I would be happy if I can say for Nole, “Going, going,going,gone” after 17 GS and all the other records, pretty sure Rafa fans would be happy too.

Polo Says:

Wog boy, sorry. It is “thread”, as in a thread or string of messages related to a topic. My bad.

Polo Says:

NK, you can look at it that way and you are right that it had a negative intent. But it was said in a rather humorous tone and somewhat smart play on words. It made me smile, not angry, that is why personally, I let it pass.

Michael Says:

So even according to the Great Roger, Tennis is not just about majors in terms of importance. It is something much more than that. What has not been given its due regard in Tennis is the number of tournament wins registered by Jimmy Connors which has scaled to a phenomenal 109 titles in his glittering career. It is one of the few achievements in Tennis which would stand the test of time. But, parodixically, we have this “who is greater” discussion centered around just majors which is a tad unfair. Majors are ofcourse important, but they are not the only important.

Giles Says:

Polo. :))

Jatin Says:

I agree with roger. Being said by the guy who himself won the most grandslams.
Masters matter. Wtf matter. Even the title as little as atp 250 matters. Didn’t you guys remember how David ferer celebrated his first master’s win in paris ?
Tennis is not all about grand slams. Its all fan made concept. Otherwise players like Rafa would not give their heart and soul to win every tournament they enter. Just look at Rafa. He fights for every point in even 250 level tournaments because for him it matters. Its so obvious. I don’t know what more to say.

Jatin Says:

@Happy chic
Hey… How are you ?
Sometimes i wonder why some fans here and in other forums invest their time to break down every possible comment of the player they hate and spread negativity towards them.
Life is too short for hate. Can’t we all embrace tennis and the players who play it. But as you said “personally i dont for a minute believe there are any saints here….” Alas !

Hippy Chic Says:

Hi Jatin nice to see you posting again,i must admit to been the not such a Happy Hippy Chic just recently,more like the defensive raving lunatic Hippy Chic lately,saying a number of things to a number of posters whom i generally get along with which i now reget,however i will draw a line under it and try to lighten up a bit,i have my favorites,but i dont hate any player as lifes to short as you say,a little annymosity comes through from time to time when a rival beats one of my favorites i admit to that,but we are all human in that regard i believe,anyway sounds like Roger played really well,we will see how both Nole and Andy get on later today,as far as Rafa goes,i just hope hes fit for the USO….

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
Going, going, going, gone!!

August 5th, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Giles Says:
Fedfans using the term “Vamos”. Lol. What happened to Allez??

August 5th, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Giles you are just pathetic. Trolling on every federer thread without any nuance of intelligent conversation. If anyone needs time out and should be going, going, gone. It’s you.

If you haven’t anything to add to Federer’s progress then really, bog off.

Understand you are so very unhappy that rafa has yet another injury. But don’t bring us all down with your 5 year old chat.

Go read a book or something.

Alison, pleased for you that rafa is on track. Hope that makes you happier than you were yesterday.

I watched the Fed match and he played okay. I wouldn’t say brilliant all the way through. One of the comms said in the first set, he took the “scenic route”. Was leading 40 – 0, then advantage to his opponent, then he pulled it back to win.

Am liking his mint menthol green outfit too!


Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax unless he plays the USO, i dont know if he is back on track?i will reserve judgement until then….

Hippy Chic Says:

I hevent seen Federer play,but from what i gather he played pretty ok for a 1st round,Andy played well too,and i hope he has a good week,that was a good win,against a tricky player….

Giles Says:

madmax. Why so touchy? You need to chillax. Am worried about your blood pressure!!
You have no humour in your soul, take a tip from @Polo, at least he saw the funny side of my comment.

madmax Says:

Well, the humour would be to take you seriously giles. Am happy that you have ONE fan on this blog. Hope it lasts. You clog up the federer threads with a lot of innane conversation, doesn’t add to anything to the discussion at all. Vamos all your like on the rafa thread but don’t spoil it for the fans who want some sensible discussion. You are not one of them.

Giles Says:

madmax. FYI your opinion of my posts are of very little consequence to me. I will post whatever I deem fit and as I said to you previously you are at liberty to scroll down my posts. And who the hell are you to tell me which threads I should post on??? Take your own advice and don’t post on the Rafael Nadal threads, keep to your fave’s threads. Geez!!
You really need to stop being so jittery, very unhealthy!!
Vamos Rafa!
Vamos Rafa!
Vamos Rafa!

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