Sexy Maria Sharapova Shows Off High Heels at ESPYs [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 14th, 2011, 3:39 pm

A very sexy looking Maria Sharapova showed up at Wednesday night’s ESPYs looking the part of a blonde bombshell.

The former No. 1 was on stage with Amar’e Stoudemire and actress Rachel Nichols to present the award Best Upset.

Sharapova’s ensemble was from Alexander McQueen if you are so interested.

In the video, ESPN personality Erin Andrews conducts the interview with Sharapova and Stoudemire.

After a disappointing Wimbledon, Sharapova is scheduled to return in Stanford on July 25.

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13 Comments for Sexy Maria Sharapova Shows Off High Heels at ESPYs [Video]

Sizzling Serena Williams Steals the ESPYs [Video] Says:

[…] there’s one top WTA player who could steal the thunder from Maria Sharapova on the Red Carpet, it’s Serena Williams. And the 29-year-old did just that last night at the […]

Kimmi Says:

definitively maria steals the show, she looks good on anything.

and those shoes? how tall is her fiance?

Kimberly Says:


dari Says:

I saw a picture of her where she looks more stunning than this video. She got it absolutely right that night. The shoes!

grendel Says:

Fascinating. The smile, for instance, is contrived(though not, it should be said, quite so blatantly as that of the interviewer)and yet remains quite appealing. That takes skill – and practice. Maria Sharapova, as sharp and canny a businesswoman as you like, really does the fluffy blonde thing rather well. The voice, for my taste, is a bit brittle – hard to disguise, that one.

dari Says:

JC Ferrero won’t quit. He beat Youzhny at Stuttgart!

Kimmi Says:

kimberly – alright! so, he is tall enough..sharpie can wear those heels when walking with him. I think she is 6’2, 5″ heels still wont catch him.

Kimberly Says:

I saw photos of them together, you wouldn’t even know maria was tall standing next to him. You would have to see them standing near regular people to realize how big they both are. You lose perspective when you see a photo of just the two of them.

jane Says:

McQueen is brilliant, although I loved Lee’s designs better than Sarah’s. RIP. :/ But anyhow Maria has the best on and off court syle of anyone in the WTA imo. She carries herself exceptionally well too.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Kim’s cousin was there and offered her to dance. She wisely refused!

andrea Says:

i’m a girl so i had to take a look at the shoes! those heels are HIGH! don’t think i could walk around in those, but they are pretty fab.

grendel Says:

the old Sharp knows her stuff. Anyone who is very ancient may have heard of Mae West. “Suckers” was her response to adulation, although she said it kindly. Mae, of course, did not take herself seriously. The Sharp takes the concept of Maria Sharapova very seriosuly indeed.

Marine Says:

Sharpie’s modelling experience shows.

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