Maria Sharapova And Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov Were Styling At The ESPYs Last Night
by Tom Gainey | July 17th, 2014, 9:36 am

Tennis power couple Maria Sharapova and her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov were at ESPN’s ESPY Awards last night in L.A. Sharapova, who was there to pick up the Female Tennis Player of the Year Award (Rafael Nadal won the men’s honor), and Grigor were both dressed to the nines for the all-star occasion.

Here are some pictures:

GIF: Maria Sharapova boxes out Floyd Mayweather, then leans o... on Twitpic

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28 Comments for Maria Sharapova And Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov Were Styling At The ESPYs Last Night

nadalista Says:

What an ugly shirt Grigor’s wearing……….

skeezer Says:

What a lovely shirt Chrisy is wearing….

RZ Says:

Maria was styling. Grigor not so much.

jane Says:

maria has excellent style generally speaking, in fact.

Hippy Chic Says:

lol that should be what a nice shirt Chrisy is almost wearing?shes almost showing a bit too much,one false move and she would be giving Grigor and the other guy a right eyefull,thats why underwear was invented….

Hippy Chic Says:

Maria generally looks very stylish,but i have to say this dress is hideous,same with Grigors shirt sorry….

Hippy Chic Says:

Big congrats to Rafa on winning Male player of the year,and Maria on the female player of the year….

Wog boy Says:

Yes, Chrisy’s shirt is lovely..

RZ Says:

@HippyChic – Maria’s dress looks bad from close-up but pretty good from further away.

Gotta say I don’t know how she won the award, though. If it was for 2012 or 2014 I’d get it, but she really didn’t do much in 2013 other than lose to Serena in the FO final. She didn’t play the 2nd half of the year!

Hippy Chic Says:

Wogboy lol not to mention Liz Hernandez,geez have none of these women heard of such a thing as underwear?

Hippy Chic Says:

RZ exactly right on all counts the FO this year was the 1st GS she won since winning it in 2012 not much else otherwise,BTW Grigors suit looks fab all except for that horrible shirt urrgh….

Hippy Chic Says:

RZ agree on all counts,Maria winning the FO was the 1st GS she had won since winning the same one in 2012,other than that she hasnt done else,Grigor looks great have to say aside from the shirt urgh….

judee Says:

since you guys taking about clothes I have this question is it true that Rafa is going to return to sleeveless again ? ?

Giles Says:

@Judee. Yes, so we believe. He will return to the USO sleeveless although don’t know beyond that. Hope Nike lets him wear the sleeveless for a long while. Let’s see.

courbon Says:

Nadal will be sleevelees soon????Oh, I’m so excited!!!! This is most important tennis news I heard in last 10 years….

judee Says:

@Giles thanks I dont think that’s a great idea for Rafa to go sleeveless again because he is mature man not a teenager but we will see

Hippy Chic Says:

I did like the sleevless shirt and the pirate pants at the time,and the hair slightly longer,as it did make him stand out from the rest,however its in the past and part of the youger Rafa, im liking the way he looks now too hair shorter,shorts shorter,and sleeves on his shirt….

Giles Says:
He’s been wearing the new sleeveless for practice. Looks great.

Okiegal Says:

Rafa apparently reads TX……as I have commented a few times that he needs to go back to sleeveless so he won’t be fiddling around with his sleeves….you know, using those precious seconds!! LOL I played basketball and our uniforms had sleeves….they drove me crazy, very uncomfortable. We finally got sleeveless……much better! I’m for the sleeveless all the way…..if it will keep him from wasting seconds…..jmo…..

Okiegal Says:

I hope he doesn’t look immature in the sleeveless as some have suggested. That hadn’t crossed my mind. The time violations concern me most……but he is doing much better on that issue too.

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal Rafa reads tennis-x?well he will love some of the comments,but also cringe at some of the others,as will the other players,if they read also read this stuff….

Hippy Chic Says:

Both times Rafa won the USO he was wearing Black if i remember rightly?the year he lost to Novak he was wearing blue i believe,might be just a coincidence but i hope he wears black anyway :))….

Okiegal Says:


I have wondered if the players read this crap…..if so, they will find out they are loved and hated…..Well Rafa and Roger are, that is……and Novak too on occasion.

Hope Rafa wears black at USO and if he chooses to bear arms, he is within the constitutional rights while in the USA……..for now anyway!!! LOL Do you think if he goes back to sleeveless he will mess with his shoulders out of habit? Whatever he chooses to do, I hope he watches those seconds.

Have a great Sunday Chic!! We are vacationing in Kentucky and have seen lots of tobacco farms…..beautiful country, I must say. Lots of hills and hollows. We love it!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Have a lovely Vacation Okiegal ;)),i agree in that the sleevless might be a good idea it will save him a few seconds,and as Giles said hes practising in the sleevless,so he will have time to get used to the new/old look,IMO its agood idea as dont want him losing a crucial point at a crucial time in the match,im just second guessing here,but im just wondering if this is the sole reason thats hes going back to the old look?

Alexandra Says:

I really don’t get the fascination with this “power couple”.

Polo Says:

^^ It’s none of our business anyway whoever any of these players want to go out with.

Okiegal Says:


I know he must have read my comments and thought Okiegal has made an excellent point……sleeveless it is!!! LOL. I hope he does choose black….that would be awesome……and that’s my fav!!

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