Drake: I Want To Meet Nick Kyrgios, Look Him In The Eye And Chop Him Right Down!
by Tom Gainey | July 16th, 2014, 11:04 am

Pop star Drake and up-and-coming phenom Nick Kyrgios crossed cultures and continents this past week thanks to a minor misunderstanding. The 19-year-old Kyrgios rose to stardom status earlier this month at Wimbledon taking out World No. 1 Rafael Nadal in the biggest shock of the tournament and maybe of the year. And Nick’s notoriety continues to climb now that he’s involved in a public feud with Drake.

What happened was after Kyrgios beat Jiri Vesely in the third round at Wimbledon, the Australian was asked what music he was listing to on his headphones as he took the court.

“Today was a bit of rap, actually. I came out really flat, so hopefully I won’t listen to that again,” Kyrgios said. “It was actually Drake. Didn’t do the job for me.”

Well, news of the “slight” got back to Drake (at least he’s paying attention to tennis) and the Toronto rapper wasn’t amused.

“I want to meet that guy and just look him in the eye and see exactly who he is as a man and size him up and then chop him right down,” Drake said during an ESPY conference call last week. “Yeah, Nick whatever his name is, because he didn’t win, so that’s how he’s going to be remembered. Nick whatever his name is.”

Nick whatever his name (who did win) has since responded with a tweet hoping to smooth things over.

If they did fight, the 27-year-old Drake, who played some hockey as kid, is listed at 6 feet. At 6’4″ Kyrgios would have the distinct height advantage and being a pro athlete he might be the favorite to win.

Drake will be the host of the ESPY Awards tonight on ESPN. Whatever comes of it, Drake and Nick will be linked forever. For a youngster like Kyrgios that’s pretty cool, right?

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13 Comments for Drake: I Want To Meet Nick Kyrgios, Look Him In The Eye And Chop Him Right Down!

RZ Says:

Kyrgios is a teenager but Drake is acting like one.

Giles Says:

Go on Drake, just do it! Lol

skeezer Says:

Drake has no humor.

Hippy Chic Says:

A slow news day tennis wise,who cares?

jane Says:

seems like media hype to me. ;)

Hippy Chic Says:

Much ado about nothing….

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Drake, you are embarrassing our country. We don’t talk, we do.

Gee Says:

Who is drake? This clown is so idiotic and pathetic because no one will worship him in 5 years. the suicidal teen girls and schizophrenic amanda bynes forgot about him already.
Get his bruised ugly face and degrassi high school dramatics away from the public.
The disgusting music he toiled over must be genius stuff. “Talk”. Just don’t sing, drake.

At least nick has talent.

tennisfan Says:

Lol…too funny

Margot Says:

Not much tennis on at the mo., I guess :)

RZ Says:

@Margot – hi there! Yes, slower tennis week. Belated commiserations on Andy’s loss at Wimbledon. I swear I didn’t watch any matches while I was out of town! (Ok, I watched the final but Andy had lost by then). I guess my magic only worked once.

Colin Says:

Gee, you say he should talk, not sing, but if he’s a rapper that’s what he’s doing anyway.

Rap must be the absolute nadir of popular “music” culture. It’s merely talking, in a grating hectoring manner,accompanied by rudimentary rhythm. It can’t develop or go anywhere and is (hopefully) a dead end.

Hippy Chic Says:

Colin my late father used to say its not music its just noise,put it this way put a C in front of the word RAP and what do you get?CRAP music….

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