#ChocolateHeaven: Roger Federer And Lindsey Vonn Played Tennis On A Glacier Today
by Tom Gainey | July 16th, 2014, 10:19 am

In a new promotion for Lindt Chocolate, sporting superstars Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn teamed up for a special, unique event today by playing tennis on a makeshift court on a glacier in Jungfraujoch some 3,450 meters above sea level.

Federer and Vonn, who dates Federer’s longtime friend Tiger Woods, kicked off the campaign – which coincides with the opening of a Lindt store in the town – with this Skype video:

The genesis of this “duel” may date back to last fall when the two had this twitter exchange.

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12 Comments for #ChocolateHeaven: Roger Federer And Lindsey Vonn Played Tennis On A Glacier Today

RZ Says:

Now I’m craving Lindt chocolate (yum!)

skeezer Says:

Very COOL!

Humble Rafa Says:

Married man flirting with someone else’s gf.


jane Says:

so we will see fed skiing?!
i like what he’s wearing there actually.

skeezer Says:

Keep leading Fed in promoting Tennis! Oh..wait…you must be copying Rafa on playing Tennis on a Glacier.

roy Says:

tiger woods: 100+ mistresses, abusive sexual activity, grooming/exploiting the neighbour’s daughter, absolute piece of filth …

” Federer’s longtime friend Tiger Woods”

class act.

madmax Says:

roy, NOT a classy comment.

Roger is NOT responsible for the sexual exploitations for Woods, who, what? He hasn’t seen for years.

Get a life roy!

andrea Says:

at least when he retires he can start skiing.

love hearing him speak swiss-german. he’s such a goof ball.

mem Says:

I didn’t know that the definition of classy was dropping a friend when he/she needs you the most! I thought true friends stuck with you through the good and bad, ups and downs no matter what others may say. I guess tiger had to find out the hard way that he’s a sinner and roger is an angel and roger can’t be seen mingling with a sinner.

wishing tiger all the best!

Hippy Chic Says:

IMO Its Rogers own personal buisness whom he chooses to be friends with or how he leads his life,just like any other player,or anyone of us for that matter….

Hippy Chic Says:

Just going back to what HR said at the top of this thread,and its testament that Roger and Mirka are so trusting and comfortable with their relationship with each other,that they dont feel the need to live in each others pockets 24/7,Rafa also shares a friendship with Shakira and Bar Rafaeli,and Xisca is studying for a law degree,Xisca said in his autobiography that she doesnt follow him each and everywhere he goes,and he wouldnt want her to either,IMO this is much heathier for couples to have their own freindships and intereststs,and own identities,rather than been stuck together all day everyday,just saying….

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