Rafael Nadal Kissing Shakira in Full Gypsy Video
by Tom Gainey | February 25th, 2010, 9:14 pm

See for yourselves, here’s Shakira’s full length video of Gypsy featuring our own tennis star Rafael Nadal which is sure to heat you up should you be in those colder climates.

In the teaser there was no kissing, just some light petting. In full version, there’s a whole lot going on. With that said, I again offer some salient background before the dating rumors swell: Shakira is engaged to Antonio de la Rúa (since 2001!). Nadal is currently dating his high school sweetheart Maria Francisca “Xisca” Perello. Therefore, despite what you see below they are not a couple! There is no romance! It’s a music video. It’s an act.

So make of it what you will, ladies. Sexy time!

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51 Comments for Rafael Nadal Kissing Shakira in Full Gypsy Video

Ben Pronin Says:

I really dislike this song.

mauri Says:

This looks more like Shakira became a money hunter, no values, no limits. What about all the money collected in the name of children???? is it going to this type of campaigns????

Anita Says:

I thought this was fabulous! It was definitely a treat to the eyes! Rafa is hot! I can’t wait for him to play Indian Wells but this at least gives me my Rafa fix. And how!

contador Says:

can’t imagine xisca is too keen about the shakira + rafa sexy video.

but antonio has to be cool. not a jealous cell in him. since 2001, wow.

they both look hot, anita. hot, innocent wholesome …..right.

Gannu Says:

Well there goes Rafa’s career… After this i wonder whether he will ever be able to concentrate on tennis balls in his life ;-) LoL

Sean Randall Says:

Rafa might be injured but life sure looks good!

Kimmi Says:

I was just waiting to see him picking his butt in this Video, but not to be. Aha, he looks hot though!

RafaOwnsFed Says:

There isn’t all that much happening. It’s like any other music video or didn’t you know that. Don’t see the big deal. She asked him to do the vid and he agreed after much discussions. This is what happens when there’s no excitin gplayer like Rafa in tennis. Everyone gets distracted. Tennis needs Rafa – and Djoker, Murray, Delpo, Cilic and Kolya.

Jill Says:

Not that much happening? We must not have been watching the same video RafaOwnsFed. They are all over each other! And it’s hot! Rafa’s tennis will be just fine, people need to stop being such alarmists.

contador Says:

watched it again. had to. with sound off. the video is hot, the music IS annoying.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Who wants to play mixed doubles with me against Rafa/Shakira?

Skeezerweezer Says:

Post February 26th, 2010 at 12:21 am

Hilarious! LOL

nancy Says:

oooooo,well rafa luks too hot to handle..but shud say he is still a kid,not sooo passionate,come back on court u will more hot,vamos rafa

Blake Owns Rafa Says:

Shakira is hot :) Rafa looks very, passive. (like his game on hardcourts when he gets his behind handed to him by aggressive players like blake, tsonga, gonzalez, delpotro, djokovic, nalbandian, federer and even a defensive player like murray :)

There were rumors that Rafa was gay, a few years back. His uneasiness or whatever that is, with a super hot Shakira around, make me think there might be some truth to that. I think the video would have been better with someone like haas or safin or roddick or feliciano lopez or verdasco. Maybe even djokovic who is more of a natural in front of a camera and i am guessing, with girls too.

Thumbs down for Rafa!

Weanrr Says:

I’m not impressed! The video is kind of boring — she could’ve gone 6,0000 better places with this song.

Debra Says:


aman Says:

agree wid mauri.

kumar Says:

what happened to nadal i am worried about his tennis career. shakira is spoiling his career i remember last time when she met him in miami(last year )first time from then rafa career is pathetic now she is taking the balance left on nadal .

SheWho Says:

This video is steamy! Very suprising to see Rafa in this light but he’s a beautiful man and who could resist Shakira?! They may not be dating right now but watch this space…

Holly Says:

I love the video…they’re beautiful together.

Blake Owns Rafa: you must be male…lol

Last I heard proceeds were going to charity.


Hey Kumar. It’s like what happened to Tom Brady. Once he started dating Giselle and hobnobbing around the world he hasn’t won a super bowl. I think Nadal will remain more focused and not get sucked into the superficiality of the celebrity lifestyle. I hate even talking about this stuff. It is such a distraction.

confused Says:

Rafa manages to range between cute, wooden – not quite sure what to do with himself to kinda hot. This video is very confusing. Why exactly is he in it? It’s not just a publicity stunt is it? I’m a big Shakira fan but this song is a bit crap. Who knows maybe it’s better in spanish.

mem Says:

Blake Owns Rafa must be gay and jealous!

chloe Says:

If that’s acting wooden, give me wooden acting any day. Some people won’t let the facts get in the way of a good line, Rafa doesn’t look gay, or wooden he is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Jealousy will get some people nowhere.

Why don’t you give the man some slack, he has proved that he is not just a small town one dimentional ball basher. I am sure he will soon let his racquet answer back to all his detractors.

Rafa can’t wait for you to thrash the Fed again.

madmax Says:

umh chloe,

certainly will be great for rafa to be back on court and for fed and rafa to continue with the rivalry.

C’moon the fed!

St4r5 Says:

Rafa is very smart, he challenges Fed, can you kiss a girl passionately besides Mirka?

Joe W Says:

Well put Sean Randall

fae coleman Says:

Rafa is a full hot blooded male! there isn’t a gay bone in his gorgeous body! He is lovely, I am glad to see he has grown up and is doing what he wants, just bring all that passion back to the courts Rafa where I love you the most. Vamos!!!

Von Says:

“I was just waiting to see him picking his butt in this Video, but not to be. Aha, he looks hot though!” Kimmi

Are we to assume you love to watch butt picking? Your statement is in very poor taste. Why would Nadal be ‘picking his butt’, in a sexy video? He adjusts his clothing when he’s playing tennis, which is more of a quirk than *butt picking*. Your dislike for Nadal is waaaayyy over the top, IMO. sheesh

Von Says:

Joe W: Hello to you.

I posted way back on your comment to me about Roddick’s wife, and mentioned the Harley Davidson. I doubt you saw the comparison, but I thought you’d pick up on it.

Kimmi Says:

Von, so Nadal “adjusts his clothing” on court. Hmmm, I always thought he is picking his butt. But if you say “adjusting his clothing” then I am with you…I have to admit, I was watching for this in this video but alas, not to be.

BTW, I like Nadal, he is just not my fav.

Nina Says:

It’s really surprising for me to see so many international die-hard tennis fans drool over Rafa but I’m sorry to tell you that in Spain he’s not regarded a good-looking guy. He has a hot body like almost every other player but he hasn’t got a handsome face. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rafa as a player, he’s one of my faves, but hot he’s not. I just find it funny that he has so many fans amongst the opposite sex, everyone to their tastes I guess.

Ezorra Says:

Nina, you are right when u said everyone has their own taste. I am a guy myself but I think Nadal has quite a unique face. He doesn’t look like the rest of other typical Latin guys and I think that is one of the reasons why people think he’s hot. Plus, he is pretty charming and adorable too… those combinations will influence people’s view over someone… In addition, as the saying goes, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…”

jane Says:

Hi Ezorra, Long time no see you round here. I agree with your final statement. Personally, I find Rafa quite “adorable” as you say, and I love his hair particularly when it’s longer, as well as his smile, which lights up his entire face. Moreover, I love his fight on the court. So to each her own.

Nina, you must think Novak is cute, yes? ; )

Anna Says:

If Rafa doesn’t reach the level of handsome in Spain then there is definitely something rotten in Denmark. Thankfully he doesn’t have boring classical features, but rather bone structure to die for, the most kissable lips on the tour, a beautiful smile and dimples deep enough to fall into. As if that weren’t enough he’s a gifted athlete with unequaled passion for the game. Classical features doesn’t equal sex appeal, and Rafa’s got it. Nina, don’t even get me started on the body. You’ve got to be more discerning!!!

Elwin Says:

I hope to see music videos with a story, nowadays all it is is sexy stuff and it’s kinda empty, boring, brainless. If I wanna see sexy I’ll just google it, lol… Seriously the music business has become so one-dimensional, not only the music but especially the music videos IMO, pity but logical, i guess.

chloe Says:

Actually Nina, perhaps the spanish have a different view of good looks, but the international opinion out weighs whatever might pass for good looks in spain. All over the world – Europe, Asia, Far East, USA, and Africa, Rafa has a large fan base, and it’s not only because of his tennis, or his body. The whole world apart from Spain can’t be wrong. Spain should be proud of him, not try to put him down.

I am intrigued about why Rafa is not considered to be good looking in Spain, so to help me understand, could you tell me which of the Spanish tennis players is the spanish idea of good-looking, then I’ll be able to see where you are coming from, or are you just not a fan of Rafa’s.

mem Says:

right on, anna! i say, whatever suits your fancy and rafa nadal definitely suits!

nina, was there a poll taken in spain regarding rafa’s looks or are you speaking for you and a couple of your friends? just curious of how you would know what the general public thinks of rafa’s looks!

anyway, he is a knock-out, good-looking guy, totally captivating!

michelle Says:

This video is soooo hott and Nadal shocked the hell out of me with that kiss at the end! Shakira looks great as usual but I can’t help but wonder about Xisca to see your man on television all up on Shakira and appears to be loving it totally! For someone who appears to be shy if this is acting on his part then he deserves an oscar because he was totally involved and committed… should he decide to give up tennis he has another career…..
I did not buy Shakira’s reasons for casting him in the video but it certainly provided a legitimate excuse to be all over each other and maintain their relationships I guess!

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

This video is hot, but I hope Xisca doesn’t read too much into this though. I think Rafa is much better off with Xisca than Shakira.

Jill Says:

Let’s be honest, this has been a long time in coming. The minute I saw Shakira at not one but TWO of Nadal’s matches, I knew something was simmering. The vid has NOTHING to do with the lyrics of the song and Shakira could have EASILY picked somone else to do it. And would Rafa had agreed to appear in anyone else’s video? I highly doubt it. This was about them, full stop. Not that I’m complaining, they’re a gorgeous couple. Xisca would be foolish not to be on her toes with these two from now on…

Sharin Says:

apparently I’m the only person who is appalled to see Rafa in this vid. I always thought he’s such a shy,low key type of guy.
the whole thing is reall embarrassing and I’m quite shocked to see a tennis players with one of the most ‘normal’ off court lives in this vid.
it’s really in poor taste if you ask me but looks like others think otherwise.

Catherine Says:

Sharin, no you’re not the only one. I don’t like it either. It’s superficial, even ‘cheap’, and surely casts a different light on him being the low-key kind of guy… I hope this was a ‘one time only’-affair.

J Says:

Perhaps the two of you ought to get out more. Thank goodness Rafa isn’t as stuffy you seem to think he is.

Sharin Says:

everyone has their own taste and likes and dislikes J. there is a looooong way between being stuffy and appearing in such a clip in MY opinion.
so just because you disagree with me doesn’t mean I’m “stuffy” or like “stuffy” people.

fae coleman Says:

Interesting what you say Nina on looks in Spain but I agree with the others, Rafa has an appeal thats unique on its own. He doesn’t have a pretty perfect face, but he does have beautiful chisled cheekbones, full lips, intense blackcurrant eyes, and a smile that could light up any room on a dark day. You say he has a hot bod like all the other players, again I disagree, I have seen him live and he has a gorgeous physique, really nice proportions, his back, and neck are amazing, not to mention his tapered waist, back side, shall I go on? he oozes sex appeal, the others don’t, its my opinion of course but it isn’t just mine clearly is it?

Anna Says:

Kimmi and Skeezer –

I don’t think you two are old enough to be watching this video. Your humor is adolescent. Whoopee cushion anybody?

Ro Says:

Well, im disagree with Nina. Im from Spain also and i like Nadal. She cant say 46 mill of people in spain think Nadal is ugly just because is her taste. Probably her type of man is Beckham and she doesnt think the man she probably likes is horrible for other girls.But Nadal has sex-appeal. You cant say a man is not handsome just because he has not a perfect nose, or mouth for example. A man is handsome as a result of many aspects. But spain can be proud of the sexy tennis players we have: Nadal, Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez and Juan Carlos Ferrero. Anyway i love the video and the couple.

J Says:

Just saw the behind the scenes footage. There is no way you can tell me that there isn’t some serious chemistry going on. At one point, Shakira is giggling while ON TOP of Rafa and you can see a brief glimpse of their joined hands. Expect breakup announcements in the near future!

Siddy Says:

You know at times Rafa does seem gay but not in the video. He just looks like a 23 year old dude trying to keep up with a 33 year old goddess- a little shy and who wouldn’t be in that situation.

Beznik Says:

This song is racist. Thats my problem with it. It promotes negative stereotypes about Roma(gypsies) as if there weren’t enough around already. Of course in her mind she likes gypsies she is having fun, like schools where the kids dress up as indians in paper bag vests to celebrate Thanksgiving. It would have been ok if she had done some research into real gypsy music and didn’t say things like gypsies will steal your clothes, are too lazy to keep a job,never keep agreements and are “wild and Free”. This sounds a lot like what Hitler had to say about the Gypsies. I am Roma American my family is not wild and free. My great grandpa worked all day in a coal mine till he died of a lung disease to make money to feed his family back in Europe. Then his wife raised the family on a dishwashers salary. My grandpa owns a sucessful small store and works about 6 days a week 60-70 hours a week. We don’t steal and not all of us even play music or dance. That said real gypsy women that sing or dance, even if they are very modern and Americanized would never dress that slutty. Lingerie can be fun for things up in the bedroom but are not for work, which is how gypsy performers view what they do. Gypsy culture is actually rather socially conservative and shares a lot in common with Islamic and East Indian culture. Shakira is probably not intending to be racist, she is just being ignorant, and making money at a race of people’s expense. If you substituted the word gypsy in this song with black, white, Asian or any other race or ethnicity it would be taken off the radio. What if someone made a song that said I’m a Columbian I sell crack I got tattoos, Im a gangster cuz I’m a Columbian. That would be very racist. There are millions of people of Roma descent in North and South America, but most of us hide this from others because, well everyone would either clutch their wallets more tightly and avoid us, or ask us to do a song and dance for them on the spot like a trained monkey. Thanks for making it harder for gypsy kids to hold their head up high Shakira. We all know what a wonderful symbol you consider yourself to be for latino people apparently, shaking your booty like a stripper and adopting the kind of arrogant carelessness and cultural acquisition stereotypes we expect from white people. Shakira started out as “exotic” now she is the insider poking fun at “exotic” gypsies. Last but not least. Do a little research. I like tambourines and banjoes but they are not Gypsy instruments. They are actually African in origin and were introduced by African slaves into American folk music, harmonicas also not Gypsy. Its not like there isn’t a Roma person out there that plays those instruments(I carry a harmonica around myself) but if your makin a Im a Gypsy song maybe play something more core to gypsy music, like the guitar or violin. And last but not least how bout putting on a long skirt, I’m a guy and yeah Shakira’s hot we’d all like to have sex with her but if thats what you want people to think of you go be a stripper or a pornstar. Build your credibility on your music. Besides its not like wearing some clothes will hide the fact your sexy, we can still see your body when its covered by fabric, but make us have to use our imaginations. If anyone bothered to read my whole rant check out this link


this woman is fully clothed but still incredibly sexy she knows how to move her body but she also radiates dignity and self respect

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