Novak Djokovic Does his Best Rafael Nadal Shakira [Video]

by Tom Gainey | May 27th, 2010, 6:10 pm

Novak Djokovic did his best impersonation of Rafael Nadal in this latest “Jukebox” video out of the French Open.

Djokovic performed his song and dance to imitate Shakira’s “Gypsy” video which featured Rafael Nadal. From the clip it looks like Novak’s having a good time at the French Open with his countryman Victor Troicki.

But how will Nadal react?

Djokovic was washed out today at the French Open but plays tomorrow against upset-minded Kei Nishikori.

Enjoy the video.

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8 Comments for Novak Djokovic Does his Best Rafael Nadal Shakira [Video]

Kimmi Says:

Love the clip. couldn’t stop laughing when i saw this first time. (the link from sar)

Tom asked “How will nadal react?” I don’t see anything disrespecting in this video, I think nadal will just laugh it off..most music vedio are being imitated anyways. its all in good fun

zola Says:

This is just too funny!

I think Rafa would find it funny too. Even the (much disputed) imitations were really funny. They just became a bit too much when performed in the US Open QF. But no doubt that Djoko has a great talent in finding what makes people unique.

Great to see the players have fun and French Open seems to always find a way for the players to have fun. I think Djoko won the best music video in RG two years ago:

jane Says:

hi zola, good luck to Rafa tomorrow. : ) If I recall correctly, I think sar posted that Rafa would potentially be introducing Novak doing “Gypsy” in the song booth, so I think he knew about it ahead of time and knows it’s all in fun.

Besides, Nole doesn’t even imitate Rafa here; it’s more like he does his best “drag” show, LOL! Instead, Troicki gets the pleasure of being the Spanish matador.

zola Says:

Hi Jane,

Troicki is very funny too.
Do they all do some video song like the karaoke in 2007? I would love to see the clips.

Good luck to Nole too. I hope they all can go through their matches with this rain! I don’t know why they don’t start a bit earlier. Last night Monfils-Fognini match was stopped at 5-5 the fifth set and it was 10 pm!

Kevin Kane Says:

I find these videos incredibly lame and tacky but, I guess some people like them, so fair enough.

I suppose the videos show a lighter, more playful side of the players. It just seems a little too silly to me, and not really funny.

But different strokes for different folks, so if people like it… play on, I guess!

zola Says:

Of course these are not professional productions. The “funny” part is seeing how these kids are having fun. As you said, just a lighter side of the players.

nadline Says:

I would have been very surprised if no one had done the Gypsy video in the kareoke. Nole is a comedian when he is not playing tennis, it’s all in good fun. I’m sure Rafa will enjoy it too.

I’m sure that all the players have watched the realthing over and over again, pinching themselves to believing that Rafa can really act like that, and Rafa did himself justice in it.

Kimo Says:

Making such videos is a way of emotional release from the rigors of the tour. I find them very funny.

Here ais one of my favorites. It’s by US military personnel in Afghanistan. You see, war is nothing but long periods of boredom interrupted by few moments of shear terror, so in their spare time, soldiers do this:

If that didn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.

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