Tennis Players, Tournament on Hurricane Alert at US Open
by Tom Gainey | August 27th, 2011, 2:25 pm
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The US Open is on high alert with Hurricane Irene working its way toward the National Tennis Center. Already, the hurricane has forced the cancellation of Kids’ Day and could prevent an on-time 11am Monday start pending storm damage. Irene is suppose to hit the New York City area late Saturday night and could impact the weather into Sunday evening.

During a round of press conferences today, several players were asked about the storm and any preparations they were making to ride it out.

Andy Murray: “The thing is, I think people are right to be pretty cautious about it, because, you know, like we don’t see weather like this from the UK. It’s never, never this bad. So I think just have to wait and see what it’s like, because I have no idea what to expect. You know, we had to go and get stuff from the supermarket for the room in case – well, loads of places are gonna be closed. There’s a two and a half hour queue at the supermarket, so everyone’s taking it pretty seriously.”

Rafael Nadal: “I don’t know what’s going on, I think. Nobody knows exactly what’s going on, no? But having the club closed, all the places in Manhattan will be closed, so not much. Just stay in the hotel. Maybe watch some films. But we will see what’s going on. I never had an experience with a hurricane. Is something new. I think is very bad for the city, for the weekend, for everybody. But, you know, that’s a new experience, and not enjoyable experience, but we know how is when is hurricane.”

Mardy Fish: “Yeah, it will be pretty surreal, I think. Obviously it doesn’t happen a lot, but I’ve been through quite a few hurricanes living and growing up in Florida. I remember maybe going through we had like three or four in one year go through Vero Beach, pretty close to Vero when I was growing up, so we’re used to it. My wife is a little freaked out about it being from California. She had the earthquake that I have never been used to, and I’ve got the hurricane that I’m used to.”

Maria Sharapova: “Well, I’m a Florida girl so I’m used to this stuff. (Laughter.) I think everyone’s a bit overreacting about everything, but of course you have to take precaution and all that. But, I mean, where are we gonna go? All hundreds of us? So I just hope that our hotel is nice and tough and sturdy, you know. That’s all we can do, right?”

Roger Federer: “I mean, I kind of usually always take a break anyway shortly before the tournament. So, you know, I’m not anxious now having to hit tomorrow, but if my schedule would have been to hit, I don’t know, let’s say noon, it would have rained at noon, maybe then I wouldn’t have gone indoors at all, you know. Maybe I just go back and relax instead of trying to hustle around and trying to get an indoor hit. I’m not 18 anymore where that’s the kind of stuff you do then to show how badly you need it, how professional you are, you know. But at my age you kinda know what it takes, you know, to get ready, and you don’t panic. So, yeah, I won’t be playing tomorrow. It’s not an issue, you know. I’m not even going to try to. It wasn’t on the plan anyway to do so. But sure it’s somewhat scary, you know, because we don’t know how hard it’s gonna hit us. I’ve got family. We’re in New York City, you know, it’s not just a regular city. It’s quite something with all the buildings. So it’s unusual, but we’ll follow the news closely and we’ll try to stay as safe as we can so we get through it.”

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