Rafael Nadal: My Fingers Are Still Not 100%
by Tom Gainey | August 31st, 2011, 9:40 am

After a sloppy win last night over Andrey Golubev in the US Open first round, Rafael Nadal addressed concerns over the two fingers he burnt on his right hand during the Western and Southern two weeks ago.

“The fingers are much better,” Nadal said. “Is not hundred percent okay, but are much better. So the problem is not the blisters right now. I am happy how I hit the backhand. Is just the problem of position to hit the backhand more inside the court, to play the backhand with a little bit more confidence, because I was doing really well during the previous week. Hopefully for next match I will do it much better. That’s the way.”

Nadal who won the match 63, 76, 75, was broken five times by the go-for-broke Russian.

“The people forgets a lot of things, but last year my first match was really bad,” added Nadal. “That’s the true, even if I didn’t lose my serve, but I played bad against a similar opponent than today. He played very fast. Was different situation, but is very difficult to start one tournament playing very well from beginning. I am not saying that I will play fantastic next days, but I am confident that I can do it better.”

Nadal, who is defending his US Open title from last year, will play Frenchman Nicolas Mahut tomorrow.

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14 Comments for Rafael Nadal: My Fingers Are Still Not 100%

Skeezerweezer Says:


How about this.

Golubev played really well last night. I was fortunate to get through as he was hitting winners on me all over the place. If he had more confidence it would have been a really tough match for me. Thankfully i got through and i hope to play better also. End of story.

Anna Says:

Yea Skeezer, that’s pretty much what he said, but nice of you to clarify with your impressive English skills.

someone Says:

well well humble rafa, here we go with the excuses again…

yomama Says:

They aren’t excuses, its a fact. He really did burn his fingers. And he did admit and say that he didn’t play his best match today. I dont see him blaming it on the court, weather conditions, etc. His fingers are burnt- fact. He admitted he didnt play well-fact. You are just hating.

alison hodge Says:

yeah well said yomama,i believe he also said how lucky he was to get through,and that golubev played well,just like skeezer said,i dont know what else hes supposed to say other than that,someone doesnt care for the guy no matter what he says or what he does,in his eyes rafa will never win.

Little Wing Says:

The haters on this site are pathetic.

If you actually saw the entire press conference, which is on the USOpen site, Rafa states that he didn’t think he played badly but that against a player like Golubev who was going for winners off every shot, he doesn’t allow you to find a rhythm. A reporter also asked him about his serve during the match saying that Rafa didn’t serve that well but Rafa responded that his serving wasn’t a problem but that Golubev’s returning was the main issue because he was returning very well even off some very high speed serves. In the on-court post-match interview Rafa also stated that he was lucky to have won the match in straight sets. If that’s not giving props to your opponent then I don’t know what is.

So Skeezerweezer, that’s the end of the story.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Little Wing,

I did not see the entire press conference, just based on what i said on what was written above. Maybe you should write Mr. Tom a letter, he wrote it.

That said, i am happy you found more info on the interview, and am glad Rafa gave credit where credit was due, kudos to him.

alison hodge Says:

@little wing im not a hater i agree with everthing youve just said,as i stated in my post,just above yours.

mem Says:


what rock to you hide under and come out when nadal does an interview. why does it worry you so much what he says. you have already declared him to be a loser. you have already said he has gone downhill this year and you have already predicted he won’t win the title. so what’s the problem now? why does everything he says bother you if you know he’s not going win the tournament? you never disappoint, for every interview you come out looking for something. do you fear him that much? i would say yes! remember, he can’t beat novak, so you have nothing to worry about and we all know novak is already in the final. enjoy the tennis for a change.

and do us a favor and stop whining over every little thing or better yet, don’t read his interviews because they upset you too much. you would be less stressed and more happier.

Little Wing Says:

i know, i wasn’t refering to u:)

Lou Says:

Wondering why rafa was not able to play like before:
Read this and you will find out the answer:
Nadal’s Service- A Potential Area Of Concern (US Open Round 1 Update) http://bit.ly/o57E9v

someone Says:


“you have already said he has gone downhill this year and you have already predicted he won’t win the title. so what’s the problem now?” errr what? when did i say that? stop putting bullshit in my mouth?

No, I don’t fear him. I hate him because he has the worst sportsmanship ever and is the biggest cheater and in the sport and therefore should be stripped of all his titles.

alison hodge Says:

@someone for someone who hates someone so much you sure as hell spend a lot of time talking about that someone,sorry no pun intended honest,anyway joking aside why dont you send in a post on someone you do like,or more to the point talk about the bloody tennis for a change,after all thats the whole point,it also seems sad that you would hate someone that you have never even met,dislike yeah hate why.

alison hodge Says:

@someone guess you wont be bying the book either,no thought not.

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