Fair or Foul? Caroline Wozniacki Imitates Rafael Nadal’s Presser Cramping [Video]

by Tom Gainey | September 6th, 2011, 12:59 pm

Caroline Wozniacki continued her tradition of having some fun in press conferences. We’ve seen Caro bring a kangaroo into the press room and interview herself. At the Wimbledon this year she was among the journalists asking Novak Djokovic questions.

Last night, the Dane decided to have a little fun at Rafael Nadal’s expense by mimicking the Spaniard’s leg cramp he suffered at his press conference on Monday.

After her three-hour win last night, the No. 1 seed Wozniacki now plays Andrea Petkovic in the quarterfinals tomorrow.

“I’m just looking forward,” Wozniacki said. “I still think I’ve had a great year. You know, I’m playing good tennis. Again, I’m happy. I love playing here in New York. It’s a great tournament for me. I love playing out there in the night session, Arthur Ashe, it’s a really great feeling. So definitely a boost to be out there again.”

Wozniacki was a finalist at the US Open in 2009.


Caroline has tweeted a note about the incident: “Had a bit of fun last night b4 my press conference.Hope it was not taken the wrong way. I have the upmost respect and admiration of Rafa!!!!”

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121 Comments for Fair or Foul? Caroline Wozniacki Imitates Rafael Nadal’s Presser Cramping [Video]

patzin Says:

I think her mocking Rafa’s painful experience is rather insensitive towards another player. Seems distasteful to me.

alison hodge Says:

@patzin,yeah i agree,i dont mind anyone having a laugh and a joke,but i think its a case of knowing where to draw the line.

newman Says:

not in good taste…

Adam Says:

seriously? c’mon everyone on tour has cramped before. It happens to everyone all the time even if we dont see it. Im sure even rafa has looked at his video and had some laughs. its funny, she didnt go too far. lighten up people.

Jason Says:

Its a cramp, not some careering ending injury. I don’t think she did anything wrong. Just having fun at pressors which she normally does anyways. Lighten up.

stu Says:

not as bad as the SARS remark, but in bad taste IMO…

sutah Says:

Very badly done. Boo! Not a fan of this person. yuck.

Rafalicious Says:

Pathetic attention whore! Perhaps she has forgotten the painful cramps she experienced at Doha 2009? What an asshole, the World’s Slamless #1.

newman Says:

making fun of someone’s pain is not classy IMHO…what would have people said if a serena or a sharapova had done such a thing. OH wait…they would never do anything like that..:P

gagan Says:

That is the best situation in which she can imitate nadal she definately can’t imitate him on court and win grand slams

mem Says:

somebody should inform miss slamless #1 that the joke is really on her.

if she wants to really imitate nadal tell her to beat some top players in big moments. she is so silly trying to fit in and get some attention.

anybody who capitalizes on someone else’s pain and misfortunate to get a laugh is low class in my book. there is a time to joke and a time to sympathize. she doesn’t seem to know the difference.

yes it’s foul for a colleague to demonstrate that kind of behavior toward any player.

Kimberly Says:

hope serena hands her her -ss!

scoreboard66 Says:

I think Woz is trying to get some attention coz she sees others doing it, but to make fun of someone when they are suffering pain has got to be the bottom of the lowest one can go. Maybe, she’ll learn in time by growing up, but there are some who never grow up.

tennismenace Says:

Not a big deal but definitely not classy. This girl should focus on winning slams and work on her comedy privately until she’s ready for primetime.

tennis coach Says:

Not cool by any means, however some Rafa fans should chill out and stop calling her names. Moderators please take out all derogatory comments!!!!

ds Says:

I wish everyone would quit talking about nadals embarassing incident.

Caroll Says:

Shame on you wozniaki! You forgot how pathetic you looked at your cramps incident in doha! You want to ride on rafa’s popularity on this joke?! Just because you are a close friend of novak thats why u wanna make fun of rafa? I used to like u, but after watching ur pathetic joke, i lost all of my respect on you! U should be ashame of urself! Respect your co athelete for u to gain respect from other players and fans! U made me sick watching you!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Wow. That’s the first time Caroline has actually looked funny and relaxed instead of forced and nervous. I like that. Its just a bit of fun about a non-serious issue, don’t see why anyone but the most uptight person would take offense.

Its a leg cramp of no importance guys, its not some sacred moment to be discussed in hushed tones in the temple cellar.

Tennis Fan Says:

Poor taste and not classy. Caroline is copying others who make similar imitations. Both, of which are classless and in poor taste. Not to mention that she’s trying to deflect the question of when she’ll win her first slam.

Not a Serena fan, but, I hope she’s taught a lesson. Class comes from the inside, much the way she held her composure in last night’s match.

She and Novak aren’t funny. Novak is reminiscent of a cocky non-argumentative Rumanian in the 70’s.

mem Says:

Tennis Vagabond,

you’re no better than she is. what’s funny about any player experiencing severe cramps in public while being filmed by a group of wolves lying in wait to exploit it.

her behavior was inappropriate, classless, and stupid. you don’t mimic other players painful experience in public to get a laugh and anyone who feels it’s ok to do so, is just as classless as she is.

King Says:

Tennis Fan, what Novak has to do with this situation???? Novak is funny and classy which I could not say for you!!!

Merli Says:

how insensitive! how can someone make fun out of something that is very serious. does she think she’ll be popular by doing this? how pathetic!

alison hodge Says:

just read on tennis news asia,wozniaki said she didnt mean any offence,and has the up most respect for rafa,and hopes it wasnt taken the wrong way,so there you have it folks,not exacatly an apology,but probably the closest you will get to one,time to let it go and move on,we all make mistakes,i think shes learned her lesson and will more sensible in future.

Crusader Says:

You Nadal fanatics disgust me!

someone Says:

These Nadal fanatics seriously don’t know how to take a joke. I wonder what does Humble Rafa think?

Christina Says:

How crude, mean, stupid, babyish, hostile, rude, and unprofessional of this little kangaroo airhead! How dare she? Pathetic display of juvenile JEALOUSY!

Jen Says:

I’m sure Rafa isn’t offended by what she did, and I’m sure she didn’t mean any harm, but it still doesn’t reflect too well on her, imho.

Marylynn Says:

Caroline’s antics were a sign of immaturity. However, Rafa probably would not think anything of her actions == I’m sure he would laugh right along with her because that is the kind of person he is. Vamos Rafael!!

Marylynn Says:

There are at least 500+ articles on Nadal’s leg cramps. Why aren’t there many more articles about the new highly technical CVAC Hyperbaric Pod which which boosts and enhances those oxygen rich RED BLOOD CELLS which Novak is using(not the old HyPObaric pod which is used medically either). USTA and WADA need to get to the bottom of this very quickly, before the next grand slam, and definitly before the 2012 olympics. I don’t care who it is, why should any professional tennis player have an UNFAIR EDGE. Many of the commentators and sportswriters are afraid to touch this. Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated has written a good piece on it.

KissMyGrits Says:

Um, wasn’t Wozniacki the player who fell out in the middle of her match with painful full body cramps and they had to call the trainer? Yep, that was her and that was FUNNY! LOL!

Michael Says:

the Woz is getting fat and going bald…glad to see the personality matches…her forehead is bigger then Peyton Mannings…glorified fn nanny…

Anna Says:

I guess Caroline can laugh now, but when she fell to the court in Doha in spasms it sure as heck wasn’t funny. It truly looked like she’d been shot in one of those old timey westerns where they spin around and stumble before finally falling to the ground. Don’t know what Caroline was thinking here. I guess she probably wasn’t thinking and it may have cost her a few fans. She’s still young folks.

traineechemist Says:

I didn’t like her jokes at all. She is just like Djokovic( no wonder they are neighbors), they don’t know when to draw the line

skeezerweezer Says:

The egg

Idiots keep posting accusing so
much trash that is not true. Nole already has bwem askes and admitted only going in it twice last year yea TWICE!! So? Not This year. Uh what about this year where he beat Rafa continually? Look that up. Do you know what impact thay would have for how long? No one up here knows but attack to make there poor Fav look better. Sham.

All of you reading these blogs just goolle stuff when the controversy comes up. Its all there.

Besides if he did it only works on Rafa as Fed gave him a beatdown at FO. How do u explain that? You guus are just jealous, bottom line to start bringing in these lies.

popstar Says:

Hey Caroline, how about imitating Rafa’s 10 Slams?

lo va dez Says:

It is not right to have fun on some other person’s painful experience specially of Nadal’s calibre and at the same tournament! i am sure she did not mean it but let her realize her mistake by reading these fan comments here and not repeat it!!!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Good points. Really shameful that Novak even is asked repeatedly when he’s already answered the question. Not to mention that ITS LEGAL, and any player can use it if they want to.

gee Says:

wozni is trying to be the novak of women’s tennis without the game and the titles… having fun at someone else’s expense doesn’t show either a quick wit or class but the lack of it.

lo va dez Says:

I can’t imagine all officials and journalist out there did not even reached him to see what is really wrong with Nadal! Specially when his Physio was not around. If it was a heart attack? Thank god it was not serious, but this an eye-opener to all officials and journalists. Don’t wait to only get things from players but give them your attention too, specially when in need1

Paul Says:

Loosen up you whining bunch of bores,it was a bit of fun,get a life

Al Palomar Says:

If Rafa doesn’t think what Caroline did isn’t a big deal–that’s what matters. It’s Woz who has something to worry about. It’s good for her to have those Rafafans rooting for her whenever she plays. Karma, lady.

About Djokovic. If he’s playing better because of some substance that improves his stamina and gives him an unfair advantage over other players, thar definitrly SHOULD be investigated before it gets out of hand. What if Nole continues to win GRAND SLAMS ONLY TO HAVE THEM TAKEN AWAY from HIM BECAUSE HE HAD BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF ILLEGAL PRACTICES. WHO’D GET THE TROPHIES THEN, WHOEVER PLACED RUNNER-UP? That would be humiliating and career-ending. Nole should be careful. The press might be setting him up for a sensational story. `

dre Says:

She is just a hot mess, that’s all. You got to understand how hot messes operate

stu Says:

The pod exists in only a few locations in the world; one being this guy’s place in NJ. So even if Djokovic has been using this device to gain an unfair advantage over the opponents, it would only be possible at the US Open. Oxygen doesn’t last in ones body through the year, from one US Open to the next.

King Says:

Egg pod? bla, bla bla, the only advantage Novak has is his talent!!!! I guess you can not take that away from him, or……hmmmm?

Emelinda Says:

i agree with the others who said laughing and making fun of someone else’s pain and suffering is insensitive, cruel and disrespectul. it’s a poor excuse for being a professional player who knows the pains of cramping and injuries to one’s body.

King Says:

According to Jon Wertheim the following are banned:

The following are prohibited:
1. Blood doping, including the use of autologous, homologous or heterologous blood or red blood cell products of any origin.
2. Artificially enhancing the uptake, transport or delivery of oxygen, including, but not limited to, perfluorochemicals, efaproxiral (RSR13) and modified haemoglobin products (e.g. haemoglobin-based blood substitutes, microencapsulated haemoglobin products), excluding supplemental oxygen.

I do not see egg mentioned here.

On another topic, can you please refresh my memory and tell me who was using autologous blood last year to speed up knee injury recovery?


mem Says:


isn’t it funny that when nadal was beating roger consistently and particularly last when he went on a winning streak, sweeping the clay court masters winning three slams, etc. you, ben pronin and some others continues to suggest he must be using PEDs because no way was he able to consistently do what he was doing. even when he increased the pace on his serve during the 2010 usopen, many said it was suspiciou, no one had ever done that, bla, bla, bla. now all of sudden, when we question novak’s methods (which by the way have been confirmed) we are called idiots and envious of his sucess. had it been nadal using a chamber to enhance his performance and beating everybody in sight you would have led the campaign against him demanding that the itf/atp take action. i your how manipulative and deceptive you are. that’s why anything you say about anything means absolutely squat. i despise when people pretend to be oh so unbiased and innocent when i know otherwise.

now you know why i call you the ring leader of the hypocrites.

Jean Says:

mem, you rightly called woz slamless blal blah. as you suggest, she is practising nadal’s mto’s to become like him. mem can some surgeon maybe fix the vacuum between your and other rafalites ears?

Michael Says:

Mem, what is that you are exactly suggesting ? Do you mean to say that Djokovic has cheated to win his majors and Master series tournaments ? What is exactly his crime ? Can you please give your count.

Skeezerweezer Says:


First of all mem, lets put your constant lie about me and PEDS. This is what I did say,

That the ATP and WADA imo is doing a poor job and they should step it up for ALL players, and not single out one player.

I never said yes or accuse Rafa directly of using PEDs.

Now for you, you did NOT question Novak, you accused him.

You directly accuse Nole using a machine to gain a unfair advantage to beat your Love, and posted your findngs to back it up with one articles opinion. The opinion never went to the source for a response.

And that, what you accused, is a lie, flat out. That accusation has been answered very satisfactorily by Novak himself, and is Legal.

Who is the hypocrite, the word you use to accuse consistently not only me but many others on this blog?

mem my issue with you Is this,

Trash Fed, Nole and defend Rafa till your typing nails bleed, they are fair game and are pros and are paid ultimately by fans. But when spew out a post out of desperation to attack me personally or accuse me of being this or that, 99% of which is never true, along with the same kind of name calling and insidiuos degrading demeaning hurtful comments AT other posters as well, not players, I take offense. It just shows me that you have no gall to debate about a player, but always have to attack a poster personally. Most of us here know way more about the pro players than posters. Why? We actually watch, read, and follow any way we can. I amsure yu don’t waste your valuable time always following me. I am not on TV either, but I am flattered if you are trying. Do you know posters that personally from just typing? Then you are a great minded reader.

Stick to debating the players, lay off the posters. They are not evil.

Don’t take my advice, and i really don’t care anymore, you mean nothing to me. And you should feel the same. You have actually got be down to a level of talking personally at you, and I don’t dig it, frankly ashamed. But who am I to tell the Ruler here of condemnation, as you say, you know best. Imo We are just here to give opinions on the players, not posters. But that is just me. Done here.


Farrukh Sohail Says:

I think what WOZ has done is just shameful for her and she should appologize Rafa for her act. People are talking what she has achieved more than Nadal? My Question is that if she were have more GS than nadal, then this act was good? no. No one should immitate over other’s pain and should respect each other. That’s the sportsmanship



Michael Says:

Skeezerweezer, You hit the nail on the head. My request to all posters is never to get personal. We have our favourites, but that doesn’t mean we should disrespect the competitors. As far as me is concerned, I am a great Fan of Federer, but I also like Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Soderling et al. The most important thing is to enjoy the game of Tennis as nobody is greater than the game. Without competition, Tennis will lose its splendour and glamour as a sport. Thanks to the likes of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray etc., Tennis is shining and has expanded its boundaries. If today it enjoys more patronage it is thanks to the players and technology. Let us all enjoy the Sport as it evolves and appreciate the achievements of the elites.

Pete Says:

How misguided was that? Oh… not Woz, I mean the comments here.

It was a cramp. Surely no fun at the time but really not a big deal in the scheme of things. We’ve all had them. Rafa said he gets them all the time.

Rafa is without question my favorite player at the moment but I think we all need to show a little perspective. These are young people having a bit of a laugh. It was a harmless, spur of the moment imitation, made in genuine good spirit by one of the nicest players on the circuit.

Take a deep breath and smile everyone.

If we’re seriously looking for character flaws, we might want to turn the mirror on ourselves occasionally, re-read our comments here and acknowledge the side of ourselves we bravely show the world anonymously on the internet.

nadalista Says:

What is it they say about friends and relatives….? The former you choose, the latter are thrust upon you…….

Tipsy and this woman, both Nole’s friends, feel compelled to take pot shots at Rafa……..and make hasty apologies after realising (or being told) how stupid they are……….

Poor Nole………..friends can be such shi-ite…..

tennismenace Says:

It never ceases to amaze me how these discussions always seem to degrade into lame fights. Keep it together people. Let’s engage with each other’s opinions without all the mudslinging. We’re tennis fans not soccer hooligans.

mem Says:


you don’t owe me an explanation, i know perfectly well how you operate.

of course, i directly accused novak of gaining an unfair edge over opponents and i still do, but only after wall street journal provided documentation of an interview and novak admitted it was true. contrary to your belief, i don’t practice slandering the reputations of others. doesn’t matter what my personal feelings are toward a player, i don’t rush to judgment until there is sufficient evidence to substantiate the story. can you say the same thing? you can jump up and down and spit fire, but it won’t change the facts.

doesn’t matter, you have your beliefs and i have mine and we will never ever see eye to eye on this topic and i’m perfectly ok with that!

nadalista Says:

Steve Tignor’s take:

“It’s been a year of learning the hard way for Caroline Wozniacki, on court and in the press room. First, in Australia, she scripted her own presser, to tepid reviews. Then she was caught making up a story about being attacked by an animal in a Melbourne park. At Wimbledon, she showed up for Novak Djokovic’s pre-tournament presser and, doing her version of a journalist, asked intentionally inane questions. In recent weeks, she’s hired a “mystery” coach whose name she won’t reveal. Now, at the U.S. Open, she has done a little mock rendition of Rafael Nadal’s famous cramping routine.

While they’re a little weird, a little immature, and mostly harmless on their own, these hijinks and gimmicks as a whole will eventually look like part of the growing-up-in-public process for Wozniacki—a time she’ll probably want to forget. Like Martina Hingis, she’s the good player who wants to be popular, too, or at least noticed. I’m hoping, and guessing, that she won’t try so hard to be next year.”

……………why do I get the feeling the WTA #1 is too dense to get it…..??

dissident Says:

Caroline is desperate for attention and is extremely disrespectful, classless and immature. No way to act for someone who happens to be a world No.1 in tennis. Instead of making fun of a situation that luckily wasn’t too serious, but still was clearly uncomfortable and painful for one of the greatest tennis champions of all time Rafa Nadal, she should be sitting at home studying his tapes hoping to learn something, and try to apply it in her matches. She definitely needs help not just with her manners, but with her tennis skills as well.
And also, I have noticed that a lot of people were commenting on Tipsarevic’s not just offensive, but very malicious and dangerous “joke” he played on Rafa, while leaving Djokovic out of it. Do people forget that they were two of them participating in that video? Even if it was Tipsarevic’s idea, which I doubt, Djokovic agreed to participate in it, and is as guilty as much as Tipsarevic. Yes, many things can be taught but you cannot teach class.

Kimiko Says:

Shame on wozniaki! Shame on Novak! One – doesn’t know how to draw the line of joke, the other – forget what the sporting spirit is…and so pity for Tennis, both are Top No1!!!

Kristina Says:

I have been so exited about Caroline, but not anymore. As a fellow Scandinavian, I am ashamed over her mocking of one of our best players and role models in the game. Vamos Rafa!

Marylynn Says:

To: Tennis Vagabond your following comment:
“Not to mention that ITS LEGAL, and any player can use it if they want to.”
And my comment to you is that this new CVAC Pod has not been deemed legal, it’s just that it has not yet been deemed illegal. The manufacturers of this New Pod, namely CVAC Systems which are California based, claim that spending up to 20 minutes in the pod 3 times a week can boos athletic performance by …boosting oxygen rich red blood cells, removing lactic acid (this is ok) and possibly even stimulating mitochondral biogenesis and stem cell production. The Manufactuer also clarifies that their pod is different from other pressurized chambers on the market because it combines altitude pressure with cyclic compression. Because the pressure, temperature, air density in the CVAC pod can be adjusted, the company says it enhances an athletes ability to adapt o a range of conditions. CVAC Systems Chief Executive Allen Ruszkowski says the treatment seems to have many of the same effects on the body as intense excercise. He claims that the technology may be twice as effective at helping the body absorb oxygen as blood doping – a banned form of performance enhancement. Now Dont You Think This is An Unfair Advantage For Any Professional Tennis Player???

Marylynn Says:

I want to say that I believe that Novak Djokovic has so much natural talent and I know he’s a great tennis player. I feel that way about Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer too. However, I do not, and never have believed in cheating in professional sports in any form. There is no dammed need for it. It ruins the sport for all of us, not just the competitors themselves. If performance enhancement in the form of highly technical Chamber Pods such as the one made by CVAC Systems are somehow legalized, and are going to be the future, – professional sports, especially tennis will never be the same. Tennis is a gruelling game, I think one of the toughest on the body,and the mind. Tennis is the sport that requires the most individualized practice, training, and disciplne. Technology such as this will ruin it. If these things are legalized and common-place, then what will separate tennis from other sports and preserve its uniqueness?

John Giæver Says:

Caroline Wozniacki is one of the 3 best looking girls on the WTA Tour. Some American girls are not.
Is that why you Americans always are hacking on her?
Caroline Wozniacki is the number 1 women tennis player of the world. Some American girls are not.
So why are you always hacking on her?
Could it be jealousy?

alison hodge Says:

@crusader rep 8.21pm,yeah i admit i am a rafa fan,however i wouuld have said the same thing about any player,cramp is sheer bloody agony,whats disgusting is people making a joke about it.@someone if you have never ever suffered with cramp then you are one of the lucky ones,because believe me its no laughing matter.

dude Says:

i think she should be mockig her self , the guy has accomplished mere than she could ever done in 10 careers ,its realy an unclassful act she should be ashame

Nina Says:

Where are all these new posters coming from? never seen them posting here before. They just come to bash other players and they don’t add anything interesting or relevant to the tennis discussion. This is one of the few places where people can actually discuss tennis in a respectful environment avoiding the usual fan wars in other forums which are simply disgraceful. I’d like it to keep it that way.

@skeezer and michael… great posts, I respect you as a posters a lot. I know you have your favorites but more than everything you’re fans of tennis in general and never disrespect any player. Same as jane, kimberly, margot, grendel, duro, huh, dory, dari, madmax, alison, stu, sean, dan martin, ben, tennis vagabond, swiss maestro… sorry if I leave anyone out! You make this site great.

alison hodge Says:

@nina,yeah i dont understand some people,its a tennis forum after all,why do they even bother,people dont always agree and it wouldnt make for much of a forum if they did,but instead of attacking each other or the players personally,it would be nice to engage in diplomatic tennis discussion.

Polo Says:

Caroline has not been getting the respect for being number one because she has not won a major. Her distasteful antics have been accumulating and this is causing her to lose respect as a person as well.

Andew Says:

Its way worse than if it was appropriate or not. Nadal and Federer have over 8 million followers on Face book each. The next most popular tennis player is at low 1 million. So, if you insult Nadal and half of his fanbase think its bad there is a potential of losing 4 million+ fans. Now every time she has a cramp she is going to hear about it, for years, like Solderling did. Great career move !

Hans from Sweden Says:

This is the funniest clip from a press conference since Fed said: “well I guess I have a quarterfinal streak still going” after his lost to Soda..

stu Says:

Why has this thread become about Novak?!

nadalista Says:

Quite sensitive creatures some of these Rafa-haters are, aren’t they? They are all comfy and dizzy when they are bashing Rafa, or reading comments of same………..When dissenting views are aired………..help! Batten down the hatches, new posters not welcome!

Where are the regular posters…………my arse.

Hari Says:

funny? I don`t think so…maybe she would be more focused on winning a grand slam instead of that kind of things…would she laugh if anyone would remember that painful incident in which she was lying on the floor with a horrible cramps? if it was a guy who does the joke … it would be insensitive…

Wozniacki Sucks Says:

It’s too bad that Sveta choked away that match, then we would have seen Moonball Muppet Face on the verge on tears in her presser answering the the never ending question on how why she IS STILL a slamless #1. She is insensitive and stupid, considering she has experienced painful cramps looking like she was having an epileptic seizure on court. The girl tries too hard to be liked. There is nothing natural or funny about her. Good job, Woz, not only are you a joke as WTA’s #1, but you now hold the title as #1 Idiot. You could land a plane on that forehead and you sound like Kermit the Frog. Pushniacki should focus on winning a slam, which is unlikely at this point. Hopefully, Petkovic can take her out, if not, this is surely going to be the scenario for the semi final:

Buh Bye Slamless #1, BUH BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mayra Says:

Yes, it was just a cramp. BUT It’s about respect! Shows how immature she is!!!!

Casmaran Says:

I’m never disappointed by a degree of abuse in these comments that usually far exceeds any callousness or ignorance from the story principal.

How many slams do any of you have? Or any comparable accomplishments? Nor did Wozniacki appoint herself #1; she earned it within the present rating system whatever its flaws.

And I’ve experienced substantially painful leg cramps that don’t seem at all fun while being
suffered but can find the agonized writhing perversely amusing once it’s over. I’ll gladly
concede some slapstick value in it to Ms. Wozniacki or other innocent jokers.

Polo Says:

So Casmaran, is this blog meant only for people who have won Sams? What kind of an argument is that? By the way, as you yourself stated, “…find the agonized writhing pervesely amusing…”. Therefore, to poke fun at somebody who cramps is a perversion. That makes you and Wozniacki perverts.

nadalista Says:

Wow….look what I found! Another funny, spastic Caroline Wozniacki video! I wonder who she is imitating in this one………..oh, wait, could it be that she is actually not fooling around, that she IS actually in pain……cramp, per chance? Hmmmmm………..


This is sooooooooooooo funny……..

Friedrich Buch Says:

So, you feel compelled to do little comedy routines. For this, you need a course English 101. The wardrobe you sport on court also leaves a lot to be desired of. I will not even go into the COLOURED outfit you used to wear. My God, it was not simply pathetic, it was uuugly. In a fit of masochism, I sat through your whole on-court performance. Leaving your tennis-playing skills aside, halfway through it I could not tell anymore where your bandages started and your clothing began. With your income and a number 1 ranking by default, you could at least try to wear something that does not look like it would fall of you, or apart, at any given moment. Your opponent comes from the Ukraine, which is not famous for its fashion; you, on the other hand, are from Danmark where, each time I am there, I am pleased how well dressed everybody is.
Friedrich Buch
Caroline Wozniacki

alison hodge Says:

nadalista dont get me wrong i dont condone what wozniaki did for a single minute,but puurlease if you find that funny im afraid your sense of humour really does leave a lot to be desired,in a nutshell you have made yourself as foolish as she has.

nadalista Says:

alison hodge: you clearly do NOT get me, dahling…..

My posting that video of Caroline writhing in pain is

a) to invite those who found her imitation of Rafa writhing in pain funny to now “laugh” at Woz writhing in cramp pain as well in Doha!!!

Check the posts……….there are those who found her little imitation ditty funny…

b) to show what a short memory span Caroline has, and what an idiot she is

coachFun Says:

I always thought she was a bit silly in a blonde way & forgave as i watch the GAME only. No, I don’t think it’s right to imitate any1 in pain either, what will the young players gain from it? anywho it proves that some hide their true characters from the punters & some don’t have the ‘pretense’ in them! it seems we live in a nasty little world & nobody can hide a lack of heart, or sportsmanship. Looking forward to some great tests of character & hope play progresses, & continues to improve!

Hans from Sweden Says:

Hey people, go and buy a sense of humour, I’m sure even Rafa laughs at this. So much hate shown towards this sweet young girl. Bitter angry people don’t belong here!

alison hodge Says:

@nadalista no sorry i dont get it,i felt uncomfortable watching this.

nadalista Says:

@alison hodge

Decent people everywhere do not find the sight of:

a)Rafa writhing in pain funny;
b)Caroline Wozniacki writhing in pain funny

BUT, Caroline Wozniacki found the sight of Rafa writhing in pain funny. Go figure…………

As if this was not enough, turns out the “jokester” Miss has had a public cramping mishap herself. I am sure she will treat the world to an imitation of this (her own) cramping episode soon!

I am not holding my breath……………..

alison hodge Says:

@nadalista yeah whatever i cant even be bothered to discuss it anymore,have a good day.

skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks for posting that incredible valiant effort on court in a tight match by the Woz. Although not one of my favs either to watch, she amazingly she pulled that match out with an win despite going down with thigh cramps late in the match.
For those of us who have had cramps on the court, you know there is nothing you can do, and you can guarantee they won’t stop.

Rafaeus Says:

Here’s wishing you, Caroline Wozniacki CRAMPS out there! SO FUNNY, RIGHT?
Love a laugh! Let’s see how much the transplanted Pol. enjoys them herself…Oh, btw, hope you don’t take it the wrong way.

Daniel Says:

Hey come on people, she was just making a little fun of an incident that has its comic aspect.

The way he slided under the table looked like a sketch of saturday night live.

I think making fun of the situation is ok because it was not serious. Just a cramp. Stop being so sensitive and worry about more important things.

Rafalicious Says:

So Daniel, would it be OK to make fun of Woz’s Doha 2009 cramping episode which looked like she was being possessed like a scene from “The Exorcist?”

This sad display from the slam less #1 is a desperate attempt to be liked and failing miserably. Lets see:

Inflatable Kangaroo at AO presser: FAIL

Crashing Novak’s Wimby Presser: DOUBLE FAIL



Nina Says:

Fans often complain that today’s players are boring and not colorful enough. But when somebody tries to do something different, make jokes or speak their minds, haters fall on them like a pack of rabid dogs. Talk about double standards…

And no, I’m not condoning this incident, it was in poor taste. But it isn’t anything to write home about. Leave the poor girl alone. I bet you did stupidiest things when you were that age.

alison hodge Says:

@nina yeah i think shes learned her lesson,like you say in poor taste,but she has apologized,so its time to move on and leave it at that.

nadalista Says:

Hmmmmm, hate is a strong word to use against a child…………?

queen Says:


That video of Wozniacki cramping did not looked funny but scary. I did not know your body can twitch like that. It just proves what a stupid bitch she is making fun of it.

queen Says:

She must have been high on something cuz she was amused as hell although nobody else was laughing. Pathetic

queen Says:

well, one moron was laughing at her.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

One day, I wish that there will be as many comments on Tennis-X for an article about a women tennis match analysis, and not about this kind of video! I think that I need to wish hard.

@KAMELIA MORGAN: She knows what she is imitating http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALHObkStAt0

Rude a-whole Says:

FAIL she’s receiving bad karma and now she’s backtracking obviously.

Rafa is such an easy target to make fun of obviously, but this just crosses the line. She violated athlete code i mean u don’t make fun of another’s pain that’s just seems so wrong. It’s plain A-whole and rude.

Venkat Says:

I think she should make jokes about her grand slam record. That would be way more funny than mocking a player who has won 10 majors and has a golden career grand slam to boot.

Venkat Says:

People love self-deprecating humor.

In the next presser, she should mock replay her own cramping episode from Doha 2009 complete with twitching, crying and shaking. And then compare of her Grand Slam record to Nadal’s. Now that would be downright hilarious.

scoreboard66 Says:

“Nina Says:
“Where are all these new posters coming from? never seen them posting here before. They just come to bash other players and they don’t add anything interesting or relevant to the tennis discussion. This is one of the few places where people can actually discuss tennis in a respectful environment avoiding the usual fan wars in other forums which are simply disgraceful. I’d like it to keep it that way.”

Well, they’ve all come here from different places, just the same way you came and others who were here before you came. I consider myself a newbie as I’ve only been here since Wimbledon, so I suppose you felt the same way when I entered here?

“I’d like it to keep it that way.””

Excuse me, are you one of the moderators or the owner of this site, who wants to keep things just the way you want it to be? From what I’ve observed, there’s a close-knit Nole group here, who I suppose does not like outsiders? You can get rid of us all, by calling a meeting and have us all expelled. Then it will be Nole love spoken all day long. I hope you don’t get on each other’s nerves though, as variety is the spice of life and you won’t get that when everyone is chanting in the same choir.

If I remember correctly, you were one who bashed Nadal when he complained about his injury, but I can’t remember your exact words. You said something to the effect “well Rafa likes to broadcast his injuries, while Nole keeps quiet about his.” That was a most laughable comment, (which was made around the time nole was dripping to the media his shoulder woes) considering how much Nole talks about his injuries and how many he’s faked. I think Nina needs to have a good memory before picking on other players. Your precious Nole is not any better than Rafa, and Raf, with his many hundreds of injuries has never retired from a final.

skeezerweezer Says:

Same poster(s) here posting with multiple identities in this thread…….give it a break already

scoreboard66 Says:

Pot calling the kettle black?

scoreboard66 Says:

I suppose this only pertains to people who defend Nadal posters but not the new Novak posters who have multiple identities. Got something to say confront or shut up.

skeezerweezer Says:


If your referring to me my post had nothing to do with you but some previous posters on this thread who were posting. They know who there are. You are a self professed newbie right? Just because you see a post immediately after yours doesn’t mean it directed at you. If I will say something directly at you, you’ll be addressed accordingly. Your a passionate great poster. Keep it up.

scoreboard66 Says:

skeezerweezer, thanks for the explanation. I thought it was me you were referring to coz your post followed mine. I apologize. Yes, I’m a 3 month old newbie, and don’t know the history attached to some posters.

All I know is I love Rog, coz he’s the very best and want to see him win another GS. I like some other players also, Rafa is one of them. Anyway, plz accept my apology and peace to you too.

I’m not here to cause waves, believe me, but I’ve seen some derogatory stuff thrown my way, which is making me kinda sensitive, hope you understand.

skeezerweezer Says:


don’t battle with everyone, and choose your battles wisely my young padawan, and you will live long and prosper on the dysfunctional tennis x blog….j/k ;).

seriously I wish I could be jane or margot as posters but I cannot get my self up there respectable level, they are the queens here in my book. They pretty much know when to stay away and when to swoop in with grace :-)

zarina junaidi Says:

Wozniaki world no 1 women tennis clown the men tennis no 1 also clown. at least they have careers as clowns when they can’t play tennis anymore…call yourselves professional sports persons. both are spared jokes because the others dont stoop to their level

Linda Says:

Very bad taste. It shows a serious lack of good sense, in fact, of goodness. I had thought she was merely high spirited, not actually insensitive. I hope she doesn’t win the US Open.

Craig Says:

Nadal is a prima donna and too many tennis fans allow this type of behavior. I’m glad to see someone with a sense of humor has had the courage to point this out. Nadal looked like he was playing up the cramp for the cameras. Slowly sliding out of sight, what a joke.

Anna Says:

The large majority of tennis fans commenting on this and similar threads think your the one who’s insensitive Craig. Nadal is hardly a prima donna, and it’s not Nadal who’s put Caroline in this situation. It was a choice that I’m sure in reflection she wishes she hadn’t made. This will blow over and Caroline will think twice before letting herself get egged on by the media.

MMT Says:

Wow – a lot of vitriol towards Wozniacki over a harmless joke. I love Rafa, but once you know he’s fine, you have to admit that (with the volume down) he did look a bit like dainty. I’m sure it hurt, but even he said it was not a big deal after the “incident” (if you can call it that) so what is the big deal. They’ve all cramped, (including Wozniacki on court in Qatar a couple years ago) , and they all know he wasn’t on life support, so what’s the big deal?

leo Says:

it was an imitation guys, and does not seem malicious by any means.

relax. Rafa will live.

WTF Says:

I think it’s fine to have fun having a poke at others, but someone can easily poke fun at her World #1 status which she’s held for a few years despite never winning a slam.

He’s achieved a lot more than she has, and never reached #1 without justifying it. This is in an era with Federer winning almost everything.

So I don’t know. Maybe she shouldn’t be the one doing it.

Hannelore Says:

Tasteless and just awful! What was she thinking! She just lost a fan and I am sure I am not the only one! Just like the stupid prank that Djokovic/Tipsaveric filmed, showing that the only way Rafa could win over Djokovic was to actually shoot him dead….with a gun! I guess you can’t teach integrity no matter how many millions of dollars you make or if you are No.1 in the world…..Bad sportsman’s (-woman’s) behavior.

Marylynn Says:

My message to Rafa: Vaya con Dios

Kimberly Says:

come on serena, hand this woman her ass!

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