Rafael Nadal Collapses During US Open Press Conference [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 4th, 2011, 4:55 pm

In a scary moment, defending champion Rafael Nadal collapsed toward the end of his presser today at the US Open. CBS just ran the video which showed Nadal sliding off his interview chair and falling to the floor. Later, Nadal revealed he incident was due to leg cramps.

“I just have cramping in my leg,” Nadal said in a statement. “That’s all. I don’t know. There are no questions. I already finished my press conference in English. I talked half an hour. I just have cramping in front and behind. That’s why I, was so painful. That’s all.”

In a CBS interview moments ago with Mary Jo Fernandez, Nadal joked it was very humid today, and the cramping episode was something that happens often to him, just not during an interviews. More so in the locker room.

Nadal was a straight set 76, 61, 75 winner over David Nalbandian today.

“Very happy the first set and second set I think I played a very high level,” Nadal said. “Even if he was beating me 4 2 and 5 4 on serve, I was very pleased about how I played the first set, no? He was playing fantastic in my opinion at the beginning. I didn’t have unforced errors. I played well. I just tried to wait my moment.”

Nadal will face Gilles Muller on Tuesday.


Andy Roddick on Nadal’s cramp: “Not to put a dampener on the story, which I know you guys think is really big, but people cramp after matches when you’re cold. It’s just something that happens. It’s just unfortunate it happened in front of you all. Every single player in there has had that happen before. Every single one. What we do, we run around, run miles and miles and miles and miles on the tennis court in nasty weather. You throw nerves in there, I mean, it happens. As long as it doesn’t happen during a match, you’re fine.”

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80 Comments for Rafael Nadal Collapses During US Open Press Conference [Video]

Jean Says:

Is this guy a fake or what. He is working on my nerves.Where’s mem, the bottom part of Nadal

Jean Says:

Is Nadal a fake or what.What happened to Mem, the bottom part of Nadal

mem Says:


here i am! you got something to say. say it!

if you are able to tell when a player has a cramp or not, then kudos to you.

of course tom gainy is going to blow a cramp out of proportion. that’s what hypocrites do, i have yet to find an article by tom gainy on novak djokovic along with a picture of the “hyperbaric chamber.”

El Flaco Says:

Nadal even made the Drudge Report

Skeezerweezer Says:

Mr. Tom Gainey did NOT blow this out of proportion. It’s a straight uo article documenting the facts backed up by video. Thanks Tom for being spot on and got this out quickly. No other site does as good a job getting these little tennis videos out.

Rafa was not faking here imo. Hope he gets the fluids and nutrients in asap. He should be fine for the next match.

Mark Says:

He just had to do some serious butt-picking and, well …

This guy is a fricking joke. He makes Andy Roddick seems serious and sophisticated.

Jean Says:

Skeezer I am not disputing the authenticity of his injury,rather Nadals “timing” He is the only person using and abusing systems. Let it be known its an exuse should he have problems the next round. Truth be told, this guy personifies the Mem paradigm

Ben Pronin Says:

Nadal did a lot of running in his match, it’s no shock he got cramps. I think it’s interesting that this happens often, and he’s probably not the only one. Just the timing was weird, but as long as he’s fine.

Dan Martin Says:

I think he will be fine, but geez that looked painful. Muscle cramps are nothing to take too lightly. I am sure they will hydrate him and make him eat a few bananas, but wow painful nonetheless.

Kimberly Says:

seems very weird, i am sure he is doing it to sandbag, play possum, make excuises etc..

Come on guys! Rafa rocks. I’m sure he will be fine though. Kirilenko was cramping and she’s usually very fit. kind of odd.

scoreboard66 Says:

Anyone remember Baghdatis at the USO a few years ago, in his match vs. Agassi, when he was cramping? I doubt anyone can fake cramp.

I think the manner in which Nadal perspires so profusely, would definitely cause him serious cramping on a hot day. Today was a hot day, so it’s understandable.

Andres Says:

Of course he wasn’t faking it, it was too much of an embarassing situation. I still want to hear Humble Rafa take on the matter

mem Says:


sweetheart, can you believe we are thinking along the same lines. you sound like i did last week! similarly, i was thinking that novak was abusing and deceiving the system with using unnatural (hyperbaric chamber) means to enhance his performance to gain an edge over his opponents and i wondered why tom gainey didn’t rush to inform us about novak’s method and post a video for our viewing. but why would tom do that when novak is not the one he’s after. it’s nadal he wants to bring down! after all, tom is just being the hypocrite that he is. i shouldn’t expect a zebra to change his stripes! i guess it’s worth to him if he can come up with something that makes it sounds like nadal is “near dead” after experiencing cramps which is common among pro athletes especially in humid weather and excessive perspiring.

however, i didn’t know having “uncontrollable cramps” was abusing the system. you have told me something new and i can’t argue with someone as intelligent as you. i know you know whether he is faking or not!

oh, btw, thanks for comparing me to nadal. i love it and i’m so honored! you are encouraging me to support him even more. thanks!

subo Says:

the man nadal is a joke what happened he farted then the acting came in this is the only athelete in the world who complains more about pain then anyone what a creep

Anna Says:

Oh my God, there really are people who would walk around a dieing man in the street. This guy is in obvious pain and you haters still begrudge him. Jeeze, the level of stupidity of some of these posters is mind boggling. He’s a decent human being!!!!

JD Says:

I was there at the Nadal’s match today and at the tail end of the first set, I was wondering how these guys are playing relentlessly as it was tough to watch in the heat..

Stella Says:

Agree with Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Says:

Are you guys kidding, you think Rafa was faking this? Because, what, macho Spanish athletes are famous for their desire to be seen as weak and vulnerable for no reason? lol…

Humble Rafa Says:

As you know, some people on the forum are making fun of the fact that I cramped and collapsed during the press conference of all things. But the questions were hard and confusing. Normally, I relieve the stress by running to the baseline like a mad man or by picking my butt. But you see, when you are sitting, you can’t relieve your stress.

It would be wrong to compare this incident with a prior incident where I choked on a banana. 2 separate things, no connection whatsoever.

I also object to “experts” who say that I should have never showed up for a press conference. If that were true, you would never see Rafa on a tennis court. I have tens of niggling injuries, 1 major injury and 3 excuses handy at all times.

Small blip on the road, no big deal. Tomorrow I will be practicing for 4 hours. I will be fine for the next match as well, unless, I start losing. Then things change.

DC Says:

Uncle Tony : @#$%, why did you fall after the match
Nadal : that’s what you told me to do.
Uncle Tony : That was for you only if you lost. You won the match ..
Nadal : oopsie.
Uncle Tony – well, you came up with a good explanation, so no major harm done here. I’ve also asked the other anti-roger (Roddick) to support you.

Mila Says:

mem said:

“i wondered why tom gainey didn’t rush to inform us about novak’s method and post a video for our viewing. but why would tom do that when novak is not the one he’s after. it’s nadal he wants to bring down! after all, tom is just being the hypocrite that he is.”

Nadal did his thing at the press conference that was televised, and Tom just used that video.

How do you expect him to post video of Novak’s methods – use secret service and film Novak at his house?

mem, you are attacking Tom Gainey for no reason here!!!
I found your posts always to be stupid but this one is dumb even for your low standards!

jane Says:

It looked painful when they showed it on t.v. JMac said it was one of the hottest and most humid days today so lots of lost fluids. He looked well later though.

Humble Rafa Says:

Uncle Toni is so mad. He is putting me in the egg for 8 hours tomorrow. Pray for me.

billyboy512 Says:

Comments sections needs monitoring now, please. There are psychopaths running amok. I feel dirty reading this stuff.

mem Says:


save it, i’m not interested in what you think and i don’t recall requesting your approval. you find my posts always stupid but yet you continue to read and comment on them, so who is more stupid, me or you?

i stand by my comments and what i said about tom gainey is exactly what i meant. tom writes an articles every time nadal has a scratch. it’s not hard for him to dig up information on nadal. he can hear a rumor about nadal and write article about it. yet he deliberately swept what novak was doing under the rug, not one word written, not even an article not to mention a picture of the chamber.

you have a lot to learn. writers like tom gainey will go to any lengths to find information if he wants it bad enough. so why not write an article about novak? it was newsworthy! anyway, it was confirmed that novak was using the method. yet, today before nadal can complete his presser, tom comes out with a video with uses a title that suggests nadal has collapsed and is seriously ill or near death. maybe you should become more informed before sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

in fact, i suggest you just run along with your infantile, silly comments and play with your toys because you’re not smart enough to understand where i’m coming from.

Mila Says:


You are very stupid person indeed. If you’re not interested in what I (or Tom or anyone else) think, you are very welcome to leave this blog – nobody is forcing you to be here.

I noted that you were being idiot for suggesting Tom posted a video of Novak’s methods because it is not as easy to obtain as is Nadal’s collapse on the presser.

Pull your head out of Nadal’s a@@ and stop attacking anyone who doesn’t idolizes Nadal.

And if you are not interested in my opinions, feel free to skip this site from now on and blow your smoke elsewhere…

mem Says:


if you say so! feel better now.

Humble Rafa Says:

To be fair, I called the medical trainer. He was busy with all the retirements on the court.

As a member of the ATP council, I will propose 2 medical trainers for press conferences. You never know who might need them.

Adam Says:

Roddick is right. I have played competitive tennis for years and cramping after matches is extremely common. After long matches so many people, including me, will cramp while sitting down, driving in the car, laying in bed, showering, etc. Its just part of tennis for some reason. My only questions are, will he be sore? because after you cramp being pretty sore the next few days is pretty inevitable. Will soreness effect his game in the next round? And Uncle toni said he has been working extra hard on rafa’s physical aspect of his game recently, so why is he cramping so bad? He cramped for a while, it didnt seem to mild. Anyway, this stuff happens all of the time is my general point.

skeezerweezer Says:


LMAO as usual….

Mila @ 10:14 post

“classic”…. And True.

andrea Says:

jeez. that looks painful.

Ben Pronin Says:

Adam, soreness can be taken care of with something as simple as a protein shake. I don’t know if Nadal drinks them but I’m sure he, and probably everyone else, take or eat something that helps.

Regarding Djokovic’s pod, I asked Justin Gimelstob about it when I was at the US Open. His reply, “whatever works.” I pressed him about the legality and he said if it’s legal it doesn’t matter, if it’s not then it’s bad. The pod is legal, case closed… for now.

kjober Says:

it’s appalling to me to read these negative comments directed toward rafa….unless you have played a tennis match at the US Open, shut your mouth, unless you have walked a mile in his shoes, shut your mouth….the world is filled with enough negatives….how about we try celebrating some good and positive things….glad you are ok RAFA and good luck to you as the returning US Open CHAMP!!!!! Go RAFA

Michael Says:

Nadal’s game is too taxing and that is the reason he is often faced with fitness problems. He exerts himself a bit too much to retrieve the improbable. This approach although might help in the short run will have a negative impact on his physique in the long run. Speed and Nadal are synomynous. But what stands as his strength is also weakness in the form of long term damage to his body. It is fortunate that he had these cramps in a presser rather than in the match. Nevertheless all the best to him for his future matches. I only hope he does not make this as an excuse in case he loses from hereon.

margot Says:

Cramp is pretty common in that heat with all that running around. Am surprised it doesn’t happen more often. Ludicrous to suggest Rafa “faked” it. To what ends?

Huh Says:

If I were a Nadal fan, I’d b very angry with the comments about Rafa here! Anyway, cramp is a bad thing n pain in d butt. So I wish Rafa good luck n hope he recovers speedily n is totaly match fit for the next round.

scoreboard66 Says:

@adam, I’m a weekend warrior and get severe cramps at times, especially if I begin to perspire profusely. This has happened to me as recent as a month ago, on a very hot day. My tennis partner called me a wuss, because my legs went out from under me. However, he didn’t have to wait very long to find out what real camps were like, coz two hours later, he had a similar experience, which made him apologize to me. All I can say is that the cramps left me very sore and weak, and I hurt for days after.

@Ben, sometimes a protein shake just doesn’t do it for me. I have to add ribose and electrolytes to replace the minerals lost in perspiration. I find that drinking some herbal tea to get rid of the lactic acid buildup helps a lot.

BTW, I notice that you write for this site, and you mentioned that you were at the USO with Gimelstob, so will you be writing an article to share your USO experience? Did you see Rog play? I saw him at wimbles last year, and it was very exciting for me to watch him play live there.

@huh, I agree with you. I’m a Fed fan first, but I also happen to like Rafa and some other players, as well. At times, I become upset when I see unkind remarks made towards Fed, especially now that he’s losing more than usual, and we have every pundit and archair quarterbacks giving advice on how he should play and what he needs to change. I know if it were Roger who had suffered this unfortunate experience, I would be very concerned, and would not like it for anyone to say unkind stuff about him, which is like adding fuel to the fire. Because of how I feel about Rog, it makes me feel badly for Rafa and his fans also.

I think for Rafa, this has got to be a disturbing experience, and it does raise some concerns, probably in his mind and those of his fans, as well. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious, and he’ll feel better when he has to play on Tuesday.

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

Ha ha, Nadal has DESTROYED Federina 17-8. Ha ha Nadal will DESTROY Federina’s slam record. Ha ha Nadal has DESTROYED life.

someone Says:

well if Nadal loses, we know what excuses his fanfreaks will say

Swiss Maestro Says:

someone Says:

well if Nadal loses, we know what excuses his fanfreaks will say



Swiss Maestro Says:

someone Says:

well if Nadal loses, we know what excuses his fanfreaks will say



Nadia Says:

Since his MTOs are getting too much agttention on court he is just trying out new tactics off the court. Very impressive!!!

Anna Says:

Scoreboard – Amongst so many idiots, your comments are a welcome relief.

van orten Says:

absolutly no fake at all..anyone who ever had leg cramps knows they are pretty annoying things to have…so i stick to roddicks comments on that matter…

alison hodge Says:

@van orton i agree suffering from cramp is no joking matter,i myself suffer with them from time to time,it does not matter where i am or what im doing,ive jumped out of bed like zebedee in the middle of the night sceaming in sheer bloody agony,luckily the attacks only last me a few minutes if that,never the less they are very painfull when they do happen,in fact rafa said afterwards how embarrased he was about the whole thing,he already felt foolish enough anyway,so what would he have to gain by faking it.

mem Says:


in response to your 2:49 a.m. post, i can only speak for myself, but why should nadal fans be angry about comments rooted in “ignorance and hatred?” as a nadal fan, those kinds of comments don’t bother me simply because for one thing, i’m use to it. another thing, i understand that their comments come from a dark places deep down inside some angry fans like the poster SOMEONE & his kind. i know why they make such comments and it must be hard for them carrying this kind of bitterness around daily for a player who doesn’t even know them. it’s nothing unusual, there are many fans who can’t separate their personal feelings from the professional. to them, it’s not about nadal cramping which is something that happens to every player under certain circumstances in hot and humid weather conditions. for them, it’s about seizing the opportunity to release feelings of anger and hate that they constantly struggle with. it’s a pattern with the poster who calls himself “someone.” so it’s not hard to understand why they are so angry with nadal. it’s tears them apart that roger can’t beat nadal consistently; novak has to use unnatural means to increase his endurance and stamina to compete with him. murray can’t beat him consistently, del potro can’t beat consistently, and so they are terrified. to deal with it, they make comments that they figure will somehow do harm to nadal or make nadal magically disappear from the tour. that’s just how paranoid and mentally distorted they have become. they actually believe that what they say about nadal will determine whether he wins or loses a match. it’s clear that nadal’s success has taken a psychological toll on them, so there is nothing no one can do for them. sometimes i respond depending on if i’m in the mood to have a little fun with it. other times, i bypass it because it’s so repetitive and uninteresting.

bottom line, Someone & his supporters are just desperate, that’s all! it’s understandable! they feed off exploited stories like this. they feel better once they share their feelings with us.

i can’t speak for other nadal fans, but as for me, i would be disappointed if hatemongers did’nt show up out of cracks and holes and under rocks to eat a piece of a story that has been magnified and highlighted to attract readers and generate negativism surrounding nadal, a player who is “feared” more than any other. it’s not the first time a mountain was made out of a molehill when it comes to nadal and it won’t be the last.

power to them, if it helps them feel better. all that matters to me is that nadal is fine and playing tennis.

Nina Says:

What’s with the hate here lately? I see a lot of new names and none kind at all. :(

Can’t you feel empathy for someone that’s seriously hurting in front of everyone to see??? Disgraceful the attitude of some people.

Rafa felt terrible there and I symphatized with his pain. The reality is that this happens all the time to athletes. It just makes me admire them even more.

Nina Says:

By the way Mem, drop it… your doping accusations are ridiculous.

alison hodge Says:

@nina,yeah i completely agree,theres an old saying here in england,if you cant say anything nice,then dont say anything at all,why dont people comment on someone they do like instead of spending so much negative energy on people they dont like.

mem Says:


when did i mention doping? can you read or interpret information? do you even know the difference between blood doping to enhance performance and using a hyperbaric chamber to enhance performance? educate yourself before you attempt to instruct me.

i write what i so please! i haven’t said anything about novak that hasn’t been confirmed as true. legal or not, he admitted to using a chamber to enhance his performance by increasing endurance, speeding up recovery, and preventing exhaustion which ultimately helped him defeat nadal and other players as well. now if you can’t accept that, you have a problem, not me!

scoreboard66 Says:

@alison, 6:57pm, I think we are both newbies here, but from what I’ve seen, I think that there are many here who are guilty of using up negative energy non-stop. I see some are given a free pass and can say anything they want, and some are picked on for no reason at all. I think there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

@Anna, I think my comments, albeit pleasing to you are going to get me into a lot of trouble and I will become the hated one.However, sometimes, it’s difficult for me to remain quiet when I see unfair things happening. Wish me luck.

Anna Says:

SC – No really, thank God for people who are level headed and willing to stick their neck out to do or say the right thing. Common sense and kindness really should win out over anger, jealousy and stupidity. Each and every player discussed on this site is a decent human being and yet you hear vile comments directed at each of them without the slighest bit of shame. I don’t know how the uglies can stand themselves. Thankfully, most posters don’t engage in that kind of gibberish.

Michael Says:

Honestly some of u Rafa haters are a bloody joke. You obviously have nothing better to do than try to rip him to pieces. Why so much hate? He is the most likeable guy on tour. Nothing whatsoever to dislike. And now u r accusing him of faking cramp? I hope u suffer the same some day. Shame on you. Get a life as obviously u don’t have one!

Swiss Maestro Says:

Well, the shoe is on the other foot. I remember rafa fans made/make fun of federer for breaking down during the presentation ceremony in 2009AO and keep insinuating that roger did that to steal rafa’s thunder and under stupid comments like that ( it was just an emotional breakdown for a guy who cares very much for the sport and if you were in Rod laver arena that night, you would realise how overwhelming a response roger got, despite losing. he got as many cheers as rafa, the winner got)

now rafa fans have to endure the embarrassement of the so-called warrior collapsing like a sick girl ( along with the banana choking in 2005 FO, that was priceless too)

as you sow, so you reap. rafa fans made fun of another champions misery and now they get paid back in kind for their insensitive acts.

and for those preach against so called “rafa hating”. where were you when ret@rded baboons like rick or fed is afraid and i like bullies were making their spiteful comments against roger. oh yes, you guys were sitting by the side and giggling. comeuppance is a b!tch. face it guys!

alison hodge Says:

@swiss maestro i think then it just goes to show that the two sets of fans hating on roger or rafa are as bad as each other,im a fan of both men i just lean a little bit more towards rafa,although i have every admiration for what roger has achieved,at the ao in 2009 when roger cried,i too cried what i loved was rafa saying to roger sorry for today and getting roger in that arm lock embrace,and saying roger is amazing and for sure will break sampras grand slam record,if thats not showing true respect for another player then i dont know what is,i seem to remember on other forums people gloating about rafas tendonitis and his inability to defend his wimbledon title that he won in 2008,so yes it works both ways,its a shame the players have more respect for other players than what the fans do,so please dont judge us all by the same standards,as we are not all like that.

lynn dame Says:

he isn’t a joke. leg cramps bring women to their knees, it hurts so bad. i don’t see any of you doing as well as him and it isn’t your place to judge him.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks for the history lesson up here. I too was here during those years. Much needed for some to here, and a reminder for others to contemplate.

JF Says:

I am a huge fan but I understand not everyone has to like him but some of these negative comments are straight up childish. I bet some of these people with stupid comments about the cramping have never played a sport and experience cramping or even know why it happens. I don’t know about others but “Humble Rafa’s” comments aren’t funny just dumb.
Nadal had already interviewed for about 30 minutes prior to the incident. Also, the word COLlAPSES is not the right word to use, rather he voluntarily slid down to floor, not a sudden collapse as stated.

Kimberly Says:

my trainer who is an ex college footballer says he will be fine, that cramps hurt like hell but that they are common and he should be fine for his match today, if he gets to play it with all the rain!

Fair or Foul? Caroline Wozniacki Imitates Rafael Nadal’s Presser Cramping [Video] Says:

[…] night, the Dane decided to have a little fun at Rafael Nadal’s expense by mimicking the Spaniard’s leg cramp he suffered at his press conference on […]

scoreboard66 Says:

SM, your comments are fair, but don’t you think that at some point the animosity between the two groups should stop? I think the hatred takes away from the enjoyment of their matches. Some posters get in their digs without provocation in some very sneaky ways, and to me that’s hate.

BTW, thanks for recommending this site. You were right it’s a good place to blog, but I’m baffled about a few references. Why?

alison hodge Says:

@scoreboard 66,yeah i dont see why there has to be animostity between two sets of fans,why do people feel the need to have to take sides,it is actually possible to like both,regardless of whatever short comings they may have,its only a fippin game,by the way thanks for your post at 8.27pm,yeah like you i am a newbie,but i guess some people will never see things the way we do.

scoreboard66 Says:

alison, you’re welcome. I’m sure you see the sneaky comments and hints I’m talking about when Rafa is mentioned by a few posters. I’m a Fed fan, but I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to bring down Rafa to make Fed look good. Fed’s tennis speaks for itself. However, I would say something if I felt that Rafa behaved or said something inappropriately toward Roger, but other than those two situations, why bother to discredit either guy. I think the Djokovic fans are more sensitive than the Fed or Nadal fans. It appears that it’s forbidden to say anything at all about Djokovic, even if it’s pointing out that he’s played more night matches than the other top 4 guys.

alison hodge Says:

thanks again sb66,case in point swiss maestro seems to be just as bad as the people hes critisizing,rather a hypocrite.

scoreboard66 Says:

Alison , you’re welcome. Oh no, I wasn’t talking about Swiss Maestro as being sneaky at all. In fact, SM, is one very fair and objective poster, who is very realistic. I think he was pointing out some facts, as to why he thinks there’s so much animosity between the two groups. My question to Swiss Maestro about the references, concerned me personally made by some others towards me, and I was asking SM if he knew why this is so, coz i don’t have a clue.

The sneaky ones I’m talking about are those who say something nasty then try to cover it up with something else by talking from both sides of their mouths. theyh are bafflikng to me. I feel if someone wants to something nasty, then have the guts to stand by that, but don’t try to cover up with something else. Who do they think they are fooling? Only themselves, unless they think we are so dumb that we can’t see through the farce ans smoke screens.

alison hodge Says:

@sb66 i know you wasnt,that was my interpretation,the retarded baboon,the so called warrior colapsing like a sick girl,the chocking banana incident,the comeupance is a bitch,i mean dont get me wrong alot of what hes saying makes perfect sense,but comments like these make him sound just as bad as the people hes critisizing,just my opinion.

Michael Says:

I guess the Rafa haters will now say that the US Open was rained off today because Rafa wanted a MTO!!

alison hodge Says:

@micheal i guess they will,lol.

Swiss Maestro Says:


As I said, comeuppance is a b!tch. Look at how rafa is getting pwned by retirovic this year. Most of the rafa fans were ignorant to see that rafa’s H2H advantage was largely due to the unfair balance of pressure when rafa plays roger. Roger is the guy who was hunted and rafa was hunter. The pressure on the hunted is always more than that on the hunter. Look at how freely retirovic plays against rafa while rafa plays like a man burdened by a million expectations. It is the same dynamic now working against rafa. I know a good no. of rafa fans now realise that (the sensible ones), the rest as i said are ret@rded baboons anyway.

Alison Hodge :

More power to you dear, but fair rafa fans like you were not my target.


Do I know you? I am sorry, but my memory can be poor at times.

Swiss Maestro Says:


As for the references, it is a long long story. this duro guy is more egg-headed (sorry for the pun, sensible nole fans) than THE egg-head himself. He thinks roddick has only one fan and that retirovic must not be criticised. So anyone who criticises mr. retirovic and supports roddick brings nightmares to him about this poster called Von, who most of these duro cohorts conspired to gang up on and prevent her from posting.

Anyone with even a chicken brain will realise this guy has the IQ of a 3yr old kid. Think about this, a-rod has double the twitter followers than djokovic inspite of tennis being a sport no one cares in USA as compared to serbia, where I doubt people even know any sport other than tennis and basketball.

ignore him. no one who has been on this site for a good time will give much importance to his words. he knows squat about tennis history and he has zero information that can improve your tennis knowledge.

happy posting on tennis-x to you and alison hodge. get used to this animosity. LOL

alison hodge Says:

@swiss maestro you do talk a lot of sense,no two ways about it,i do actually enjoy reading your posts,your honest and dont take any prisoners,for the record i dont have a problem with what noles doing now as everything moves on,you probably couldnt care less but i apologize for calling you a hypocrite ealier on also.

scoreboard66 Says:

Swiss Maestro: Thanks for the information you provided, now it’s all clear to me. it appears that Djokovic is a sacred idol who’s on an altar, and no one can write anything about him. We all automatically become the poster this duro guy and his friends, about 4 of them on this site hate. It’s pitiful that I’m being harassed in this manner, and it’s even worse that someone who’s not here is being maligned and accused wrongfully. They behave as though they own this blogsite and can tell others what they can and cannot say.

BTW, I think if you rock your brain you’ll remember me, not as a friend, but as a fellow Fed poster. We interacted on another tennis blogsite about 3 months ago. I had mentioned that I’d like to find another tennis site to blog on, and you recommended this site as a good one. If you do remember, just let me know, but I would prefer it that you not mention the site and my screen name. BTW, Fed is still King and he’ll win another GS.

scoreboard66 Says:

alison, SM, is a lot of fun. He made it fun for me when I blogged on another site. I hope he can remember.

Snezana Says:

@mem you said ” i haven’t said anything about novak that hasn’t been confirmed as true. legal or not, he admitted to using a chamber to enhance his performance by increasing endurance, speeding up recovery, and preventing exhaustion which ultimately helped him defeat nadal and other players as well. now if you can’t accept that, you have a problem, not me!”
You do exactly what you are accusing Tom Gainey for. Novak only said that he had used the chamber couple of times, and not once this year. He is honest enough to admit what is true.
My question is how on earth you can say that, for example, Rafa hasn’t used it? Just because He hasn’t told? Let me remember you, clients who use the chamber are guaranteed with the secrecy on their identity, and yet Novak revealed it himself.
So, do you want to dig up more dirt on it ? You may not like what you could find…

Swiss Maestro Says:

Alison :

thank you for your nice words. You are a very likeable lady :) sometimes I have to stoop down to some people’s level because that is the only way to get through to them.

I appreciate you are big hearted enough to be polite to even uncouth posters.


I think I get it now. this site is much better and even though people can gang up, it’s far more balanced out here.

I hope Fedex can deliver this time. Each slam win from here on will be precious.

alison hodge Says:

thanks swiss maestro you too are a very likeable gentleman.

scoreboard66 Says:

Swiss Maestro, @10:35 am, does that mean you remember our posts and now know what I’m talking about? We did have quite a bit of fun that day, albeit it was very crazy.

scoreboard66 Says:

@snezana, Novak did not say he didn’t use the pod this year. He said he used it a couple of times at the USO in 2010. The reason Novak is still being suspected is that he’s staying at the ome of the guy who has the pod, so who’s going to kn ow whether he’s using it or not. Also, because Wada has been so lax in doing any further studies on the old chamber, it’s the reason why they can’t come out with a ruling on the new CVAC pod. WADA should have been kept up-to-date with the the new technologies instead of just overseeing banned substances. WADA could eventually find out that they’ve erred greatly to the detriment of other athletes, who could have used the pod and had things much easier, considering all of the benefits the pod has to offer..

You’re correct Nadal could have used it, but since he’s not stated that he has, then we should assume he hasn’t. I think the reason Novak is being questionsed is due to his endorsement of the pod’s benefits, while Nadal is not doing any type of endorsement.

skeezerweezer Says:

Well this seems to be the video topic that will not go away. On you tube the viewing is at almost a million! And the infamous bleacher report adds its take to it. Too bad this stuff hits the headlines for Tennis, obviously does not represent the sport well compared to others……;(


Wade Says:

Maria Sharapova is under the desk :)

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