Rafael Nadal: The Press Makes It Seem Like I Am No. 200 In The World, I Am Not, I Am No. 8!
by Tom Gainey | September 3rd, 2015, 1:54 pm

According to Rafael Nadal, no, the sky is not falling. The former No. 1 has had a down year, but he’s quick to remind you that depsite his struggles he’s still ranked No. 8 in the world right now.

“Seems like I am No. 200 in every press conference,” Nadal said after a shaky win over Diego Schwartzman. “I am not so bad. After I arrive here with the victory, I come back to the locker room saying how bad I am. Every day.

“The fans, is normal that they are worried because I am worried, too. If I am not playing well, I am the first one who am worried.

“You know, seems like I come here, and seems like if I am saying the true, if I am being honest, is bad. So then if I am being honest with you guys and I explain what happened to me, I explain if I playing with nerves or with anxious like I did in Miami and I say after in the press conference, then I don’t know what you want of me.

“The thing is you play well you have chances to won; you play bad, you gonna lose the sport is simple.”

Nadal is also an eye-popping 22-1 at the US Open in recent years, will play Fabio Fognini who he has lost to twice this year.

“He’s a big, talented player,” Nadal said of the Italian. “He’s a tough opponent for everybody when he’s playing well. So for everybody is a tough opponent, not only for me.”

Nadal hasn’t won a Grand Slam since his 2014 French Open triumph. He’s trying to win a Slam for the 11th straight year.

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33 Comments for Rafael Nadal: The Press Makes It Seem Like I Am No. 200 In The World, I Am Not, I Am No. 8!

jane Says:

“i don’t know what you want of me” – that’s the way it is with the press; you can hardly win with them. they build you up one day and tear you down the next. and bias abounds in tennis journalism.

it’s rather ridiculous how blatant writers are about their favourites.

it must suck for the players to do those pressers and face the same lame questions time and again.

Jeez Says:

May be if Nadal doesn’t qualify for WTF in London..!!!??

RZ Says:

My take is that Nadal 2015 = Federer 2013. In other words, an off-year but not as terrible a year as others make it out to be. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nadal back in the top 5 next year.

Ruby Says:

@Jeez, but really, so what if he doesn’t? It’s not a tournament that suits his game in the best of times and this year, he could likely benefit from taking a few months off to consider if and how he wants to change things up. He also didn’t play last year so nothing lost.

RZ Says:

@Jeez – he’s in 7th place right now. Assuming he makes the QF at the US Open, I think he’d be in good position to make it to London. Djokovic and Murray have already qualified; Federer and Wawrinka are pretty sure bets to qualify. Nadal will have to contend for one of the last 4 spots against Nishikori, Berdych, Ferrer, Isner, and Gasquet.

brando Says:

Yeah saw this before, spot on! Press and media are pretty much full of sh-t. They don’t care about you, the truth just the $$$. Everything is extremely sensational with him: your a king, your a pauper, your superb, your crap, your dominating the tour unlike any before, your a bum past his best. Etc etc etc. I’ve long stopped reading articles by writers, film critics, political journalism etc since soo much of it is dishonest, prejudice, bias ridden crap. 99% of the drivel they write virtually anyone can do so. There’s no great insight, precise, accurate assessment of matters at all. Just that they have a vocabulary that stretches further than the average joe does not make them any better as they still subscribe to blatant agendas as them. Take yesterday’s match for example: rafa lost 0 sets, ONLY 3 service games. What was the reaction: OMG, rafa was shaky, vulnerable, worrying signs etc. Now Novak lost a set, I don’t know how many service games v goffin at Cincinnati. The reaction? A minor hiccup, another win banked. I mean wtf? Both won, yet they are meet with extremely different reaction that it’s pathetic. A double standard.

brando Says:

Boris Becker: Critics are way too harsh on rafa. Props to boris. It’s interesting how past players, present players back rafael but the full of sh-t media knock him. Federer: look it’s only a confidence issue thing, it happened to me and its happening to rafael: he’ll come through it. Andy: I’m not surprised since he had close to 6 months on off with issues, it takes time to get back to normal, but he will do so. Novak post FO loss: look it’s normal for a player to have a dip, problem with rafa is he NEVER had one major dip since his teenage years that when he has its a bigger deal. He’ll be fine since he’s a real legend, a champion. Etc etc. All back rafa. But the twisted fans, haters put him under the bus. Ridiculous. Props to Boris for standing up for rafa:http://www.skysports.com/tennis/news/12040/9977171/rafael-nadal-can-regain-title-winning-form-says-boris-becker

Okiegal Says:

I will say this for Rafa in that presser, he took up for himself! Think of all the tennis player on tour that would love to be be ranked 8th in the world! He has a great legacy whether he ever wins another match. I mean, after all, 14 grand slams is nothing to sneeze at. He may get passed by Novak, who knows?? He’s still a great player. He’s gone through some tough times, but he isn’t the only one. Even with all the injuries he’s had in his career, he’s always managed to rise above it. Can he again?? That remains to be seen…….

brando Says:

So spot on by Becker, a 6 major winner not some Muppet who hasn’t spent a second on tour:He told Sky Sports: “The criticism Rafa got this year was unfair because he put his level so high by winning nine of the past 10 French Opens, and being No 1 or No 2 in the world for so long.”It’s obviously a big drop but he hasn’t forgotten how to play tennis. He was injured for a while, last year [at the US Open] he didn’t play at all so he’s only had half a year.

“It’s a question of time for when we see the old Rafa back.” Smart, intelligent, accurate assessment from a pro who has been there, done that. He knows what’s going on. He knows rafa had essentially 6 months off. Then usually players need that time to readjust. That he was ladden with pressure, expectation in that time to dominate clay season which was unfair. That after 6 months back now he’s in a part of the season that favours others anyhow, and bigger names are in better form that it’s UNFAIR to expect rafael to dominate. A fair and reasonable assessment from someone who knows whats going on, unlike many Muppets who ain’t got a clue but knock rafael for not working miracles this year.

brando Says:

@Okiegal: lol what? 14 is nothing to get sneezed at, lmfao: all the players on tour not named Roger Federer would exchange their career in a heartbeat for rafael’s. Without question. Nothing bad? Wtf: nadal is someone anointed by tennis community as all time no. 4 in 2012. Since then he added to stature. Many rank him today minimum top 3 since he has Laver beat on all fronts: slams, no.1, titles etc. Even Pete Sampras says he expects rafa to surpass EASILY once he’s done. So nothing to be sneezed at: lmfao: everyone on tennis history-past or present- not named Federer, Sampras would exchange their career for rafas. Within a heartbeat. Since as Novak said post FO QF: have you seen rafas record? Do you know who you are talking about when musing over rafael? They guy is certified legend and he reached that level ages ago. Bottom Line: don’t worry about rafa. A crap year is crap year. The career stretches way beyond that. Big picture? He’s more than doing fine. Quite a lot better than fine, lol!

AndyMira Says:

Totally agree with Brando..when roger had a dip in form in 2013 everybody mocked him..doesn’t matter the guy has 17 slam and GOAT to his name..they didn’t respect him at all..even suggest to retire!And now look where roger is and suddenly everything is okay..Rafa has a same problem now..and i bet when rafa found his A game back next year,everybody will praise him back..it’s unfair to treat such a great champion who played only half year through injuries..

Okiegal Says:

@Brando…..Well you know how non-Rafa fans like to dance around those 14 slams…..since nine are on a surface that shouldn’t even be allowed into the equation…..I’m not sure I understand just what you read into that comment?? Help me out….

chris ford1 Says:

Brando has a point on US media and for that matter UK and “international” media such as AP, al-Reuters, AFP, Al Jazeera. And the broadcast media.

By and large, all controlled by wealthy and powerful cabals. No longer doing objective news but obsessed with creating “Narratives” for the masses. Many transparently false or serving the pols the cabals wish to emplace in office, or put out to get the cabals further money and influence…..And Narratives have to be created, of course, in sub areas of interest like sports, ID’ing the “funniest comic TV host”, the ‘social justice Narratives’ and such.

Limiting the “Narratives” to a few currently the media’s fave topics in tennis ..what I get is:

1. Rafa is finished. He is but a squire to the White Knight Federer, anyways. And as long as beloved Roger is playing well, who cares about Rafa or the Serb or Scott pretenders.
2. Kyrgios is an Australian Hitler. He must be stopped!
3. The whole world loves Queen Serena.
4. The WTA is a role model for feminism in sports as women have proven the equal of men and are justly paid the same.

jane Says:

totally agree courbon. it’s about spin / clickbait, and so forth. anything to get a reader.

5. pssst, don’t forget, Novak is the evil ballboy screamer, he uses “antics”, he “plants” dancers, etc., etc. ;)

jane Says:

^ sorry that’s to cf1.

jane Says:

also cf1, i don’t know about the feminism one, that’s debatable because the WTA gets lots of negative press from the largely male driven sports reporting.

one thing to note about equality, though, that came up today, is that the men should have a heat rule just like the women do! it’s stupid that they don’t. they’re all human beings and the men play even longer matches. i have no idea why the WTA has it but the ATP does not.

Brando Says:


Spot on and I agree. But people, human nature is like that:

Hypocritical. And the media deceitful.

Rafa is improving. He himself feels upbeat about his future (fitness permitting) yet the media portray themselves to know better and it’s all doom and gloom.

It’s just ridiculous.

Look at World number 1 Novak Djokovic for example:

2009/2010: oh he’s a one slam wonder, a real choker, retirement king etc etc. Novak himself start’s musing whether to leave the tour since he’s just not enjoying life at all. Some bandwagon jumpers who know claim adoration where even dismissive and knocking him then.

Fast forward a meager year:

Wow he’s so good, so spectacular so complete.

LMFAO: one paltry year and such a complete change on how you view a player. It’s just laughable and flat out pathetic.

I mean even this year, Mats Wilander, 7 major winner, April time:

Novak Djokovic is the most complete player I have ever seen, when on he’s so good.

June, Mr Wilander:

When Wawrinka plays his absolute best he really is it the best in the game, he’s so dominant!


How can ANYONE take any of these people seriously when they flip/flop so ridiculously. It’s just a joke how so little can sway them from one extreme to another.

jane Says:

it’s about “what have you done for me lately” with the media (and some fans too).

chris ford1 Says:

I don’t believe the WTA is a side appendage of the sport, Jane. But it has seen better days of woman’s tennis than present. And you have to acknowledge the media, as enforcers of Sports PC, are well known to pounce on any male player and threaten their endorsements, if they question “equal ability women doing equal work for equal pay”. Ask Giles Simon about that.

I agree men should have a heat rule if temperature-humidity rises to dangerous levels. (Our guy Djokovic talked about how tough his NIGHT MATCH yesterday was for heat and humidity, each shirt he had got drenched in sweat in short order..) But the core problem is the men’s game has become far more physical, and while Wimbledon is not immune to occasional heat waves, the USO and Australian Open are scheduled in the hottest period in both countries.

Adjusting schedule would be the best thing to do, but of course money and tradition stand against playing the AO in mid February, moving the NYC USO to later September. Next best thing is to look at tech used in sports like American football. High school and above – training camp is grueling,in the heat of summer, often in full uniform and pads – and lots of kids died in earlier years in summer training camps. Now you have heat rules, mist makers, ice blankets and pads, “cool down breaks”.
Drills in stadiums with stagnant, humid air will call for extra ventilation.

Hardcourt arenas can be 10-15 degrees hotter and 10% more humid at courtside than posted, as much more than clay or grass surface, hardcourt absorbs heat and radiates it back.

Brando Says:


Do you respect yourself? If so (and I think you do) a simple advise:

Just ignore those who spout such nonsense since they are idiots. Plain and simple. The following:

1. Clay all of a sudden becomes a problem when Rafa’s around:

Clay has been around since the birth of Tennis. Many surfaces have long existed. Not a problem. But as soon as a Mr Nadal starts winning there ‘oh it’s ONLY clay’, ‘ oh how can anyone take that seriously’ etc. Just pure BS. BS coming from a spiteful, bitter, jealous place. Ignore that nonsense.

Legends of the game like Borg, Lendl, Wilander made their name of that surface. Legends like Federer, Djokovic et al developed that game of that surface. The tour dedicates a entire season, with ONLY surface getting more focus than it: Clay is highly valued.

Just bitter chumps who are tired from seeing their fav’s behind get whupped on it routinely are tired from clay. Ignore those chumps.

2. How can Rafa win comparing his record to his exploits on Clay:

Some of those same clowns say ‘oh, Rafa’s record outside Clay look meek in comparison to what he does on the dirt’. Well you don’t say so you dimwit.

ANYONE’s record looks meek compared to Rafa on clay: Slow HC GOAT Novak’s record on that surface look’s average compared to Rafa on Clay. Federer, Sampras on Grass look inferior to Rafa on Clay.

Borg on Clay looks secondary to Rafa on Clay: and that’s a guy who for over 30 years was seen as the best on a given surface.

So if legends who are the absolute best on a given surface look secondary atleast, a distant second even at times then:

What f–king has Rafa got to post a major record on other surfaces that stack up very strongly to his numbers on clay when other legends, elite of a given surface look lesser to Rafa on clay?

He’s got no chance. A dumb argument.

3. ALL legends with great no of major wins do so on the back of a given surface:

A popular thing the muppets say: ‘oh, Rafa built his name largely of clay exploits’. No sh-t Sherlock!

ALL the all time legends build their legacy of a great dominance of 1 particular surface: LAVER= 9 slams won on Grass. Sampras= 7 won on Grass. Borg-= 7 on Clay. Djokovic= 6 on Hardcourt. Agassi= 6 on Hardcourt. Etc etc etc.

They ALL build their name with a large portion of their success being built off a given surface. It’s just normal. Yet when Rafa does it: oh it’s a big deal. F-ck those hypocrites.

4. But Rafa hasn’t won many slams off clay to be called great:

LMFAO, my favourite idiotic argument from the muppets. Okay: so Rafa hasn’t won many slams of clay right? Let’s apply that standard to others:

– one surface, – the slams on that surface from their count. So:

Rafa has 5 off clay. That’s minus 1 surface, 1 Slam. How do the other legends fare:

– BORG: 5 slams outside FO. Same as Rafa.
– LAVER: 2 Slams off Grass. Less than Rafa.
– DJOKOVIC: 4 Slams outside slow HC, AO. Less than Rafa.
– AGASSI: 4 Slams outside AO. LESS than Rafa.
– LENDL: 5 slams outside FO. Same as Rafa.
– EDBERG: 4 Slams outside Grass, LESS than Rafa.

Etc, etc.

Rafa either MATCHES OR SURPASSES many of the legends in slams counts when the same standard is applied to others as is to Rafa and yet:

They get a pass and Rafa get’s put under the bus! LMFAO: how hypocritical are these pathetic clowns.


As I said initially Okie: IGNORE the clowns. They are a source of amusement not seriousness. With all information it’s about source: whether it’s trustworthy and reliable.

What those idiots say about Rafa? I NEVER take seriously since they are bunch of losers, bitter, envious hating fools with ZERO qualifications. F–k their opinion.

What I do take seriously is the pros: present and past, along with the tennis community with recognized credentials, along with the facts.

And they place Rafa top 4 of all time in 2012. And since then likely top 3, maybe even top 2. That’s the standing and reality of Nadal.

LISTEN to them. IGNORE and CHUCKLE at the chumps who cannot stand that reality.

Okiegal Says:

@Brando……Alrighty, I will do just that!! I agree with everything you said in your comments. When I started watching tennis, the US Open was clay. I guess every tourney was clay or grass back in the day…..in the old ancient medieval times…lol

Pamela Says:

RZ, completely agree with you that Nadal is like Federer was in 2013… yet, why does Rafa always sound like a little kid? So what? The press, the commentators, they all slayed Roger. the ones (you all know who they are) gave up on him,
said he was too old and not to embarrass himself and on and on. I don’t think he ever said “boo hoo the press is mean” (not that Rafa said that, but he certainly implied it) Rafa will come back, he has to get it out of his head the same way Roger had to….just stop complaining, pull up your big boy pants and figure it out…. and all you Rafa fans, please play nice.. I am only saying what we are all witnessing…. I like Rafa (admit I am a roger fan) but Rafa is very immature.. we have watched most of the top players, grow up, mature, etc… Rafa still seems to act the same age that he was 3 years ago.. maybe he should move out of his “family complex”, move in by himself and grow up a little bit….he is such a nice person, but the “poor me” is getting a bit old… okay guys, let me have it!!!

Ben Pronin Says:

I agree that Nadal has always had something of a victim complex, but it’s served him well. His whole “everyone doubts me, I’m always the underdog” mentality has lead to a pretty decent career, no?

skeezer Says:

Rafa: Boohoo.

Okiegal Says:

Duh, why wouldn’t he respond the way he has? My gosh, maybe he just has had enough. There is no player on tour that has had to put up with so much criticism as he has. Call him what you want, I call him a CHAMPION!!! How he manages to rise up above all of the mean spirited press and media, I’ll never know…..he has to be very thick skinned…….
On Fed, he’s had a few whiney moments too…..

Okiegal Says:

@Brando…….I tried to let the comments fall on deaf ears, but just couldn’t manage to keep my fat fingers shut! Boo hoo hoo….from me to you!! Lol :)

kriket Says:

Rafa: boo hoo? At least he never cried on the court like Federer did after that AO final loss to Rafa, essentialy stealing the moment from him, with everyone suddenly focusing on Roger’s crybaby tears instead of Rafa’s phenomenal victory.

That was “so Roger”, even in defeat he wanted all eyes on him. He’s behaving better nowadays, but then it was shameful, to me at least.

Okiegal Says:

@kriket 1:34……You nailed it! I thought that was really strange behavior after a loss. Save it for the locker room in a bathroom stall or something. Weird!! What was weirder was the fact that Rafa clapped for him as long as the crowd did…….No, that wasn’t weird, that’s just Rafa, a true gentleman and ever so humble!!

danica Says:

that’s a bit unfair don’t you think? Sometimes you cannot control your feelings. You just can’t stop those damn tears even though they humiliate you.

Margot Says:

Agree danica. This “man up” nonsense just makes me yawn.

skeezer Says:

Kriket…What has Fed have to do with Rafa problems? Fail. Plus, Rafa has shed tears at losses also, check your google search. And if that walk back to the locker room wasn’t telling….dude. Check your shameful meter.
Just finished rewatching the Rafa/Fab highlights. Rafa sounded like basically a male version of a Shriekapova match. The grunting was excessive, like “I am going to hit alot of winners to intimidate you with my grunting” …but………not. Didn’t happen. Fabio would have nothing to do with it, out running and out hitting Rafa. Job well done. Just win baby.

Ahfi Says:

Kriket, as Danica says, it is not always that one can control one’s feelings and there is nothing wrong with crying. If crying is shameful to you, trust me, you need some help. Besides, you must not have watched enough of these painful/dramatic losses. Rafa has shed tears openly at losses, at Press conferences (where he struggles to hold back tears) etc. Again, you must not have watched this past French Open final where Djoker lost to Wawrinka. Djoker was close to tears when he was about to speak and the crowd started clapping for how long (Lord knows) when he was actually tearing away. ALL THE ATTENTION WENT FROM THE WINNER WAWRINKA TO DJOKOVIC. He could not control himself. People are NOT super human as you think. By the way, what has Federer’s tears at AO so long ago got to do with Rafa’s loss to Fognini or Rafa’s problems?

Okiegal Says:

More grunting tonight……both guys gutting it out! Great match!! Lots of grinding…..

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