Rafael Nadal Is Looking Sharp In This Vanity Fair Video

by Tom Gainey | September 23rd, 2013, 10:00 am

Video came out last week of Rafael Nadal’s cover spread in a November issue of Vanity Fair Spain. Nadal is looking sharp in a tux and slicked back hair. Joining him for the August 20 shoot in NYC was model Clara Alonso.

Rafa was also on the red carpet earlier this month for a Vanity Fair launch party:

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9 Comments for Rafael Nadal Is Looking Sharp In This Vanity Fair Video

Anna Says:

So handsome, but I’ll always prefer sporty Rafa to tux Rafa. Never seems quite comfortable with the modeling gigs either. Put him on a court or a course and he shines.

Giles Says:

Dapper Rafa or sporty Rafa, all good!
Vamos Champ!

Perfect fan Says:

woh-woh-woh!!….what am I seeing here..lotsa girls will be swooning over rafa on this…..must admit! he is looking great!!

queen Says:

Love those akward faces he makes.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Very nice just lurve a man in a suit,Nole,Roger,Berdych is handsome even though i cannot stand the guy my husband on our wedding day etc,but for me head and shoulders Rafa tops the lot,i have to say though i much prefer a long tie as opposed to a bow tie,and i love the ending where Rafa has the 1st two buttons of his shirt undone.

Brando Says:

It’s obvious to spot Rafa’s appeal for the showbiz sector of the world but equally obvious it is to see the blatant unease, reluctance Rafa seems to have in these shoots.

It’s a natural habitat for him to exist in unlike say a Federer or Djokovic who seem to relish such attention being lavished upon them.

Okiegal Says:

Loved everything about it except the music. Thought it could have been more subdued….softer and more romantic…..but it was great…..just like Rafa’ s tennis expertise.

karen mutch Says:

love Rafa but this video is hideous. Sexist springs to mind. Not his but the commercialist.

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