Serena Williams: I Don’t Have Any More Room In My House For Tennis Trophies
by Tom Gainey | September 6th, 2011, 1:37 pm

Serena Williams was all smiles again after another strong win yesterday over Ana Ivanovic. When asked about her motivation of passing sister Venus and Kim Clijsters in overall titles, Serena joked that she has no more room in her house for tennis trophies.

“I don’t have any more space,” Serena said. “I have a new house in L.A. I created a karaoke room, so I can’t put trophies in there. The other area, the gentleman’s lounge, is kinda packed with vintage things I got at a flea market, which is really cool. In Florida, forget it. Venus and I, there’s just no more space. I would love to keep winning them. But we’re like, Oh, what are we going to do with this one?”

Serena has a karaoke room? Serena has a gentleman’s lounge?

“We sing our hearts out,” she said of her karaoke room. “We’ve sung till 8:00 in the morning. I was like, Oh, my God, the sun’s coming out. I look out and see the sun. We keep singing and singing and singing and singing. It’s magical.

“I’m big into the ’80s and ’90s. Sometimes I’ll start raping some of the latest songs. Just depends what’s out. My favorite thing to karaoke is definitely Rihanna. She is my favorite artist to karaoke.”

Right now everything is pointing to another Serena Williams US Open so she’ll need to clear some space. Still, the 29-year-old said she can play better.

“I think my movement has been pretty good, but other than that, I can improve a lot of the different things,” she said.

Serena plays Russian 20-year-old Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova tomorrow in the quarterfinals.

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11 Comments for Serena Williams: I Don’t Have Any More Room In My House For Tennis Trophies

Kimberly Says:

well you better make some room because i have a feeling a whole slew is coming in the next two years

mmm Says:

Then it’s a good time to retire & call it a career. I have a feeling Venus won’t be winning many titles from now on.

scineram Says:

“Sometimes I’ll start raping some of the latest songs.”

I have no doubts about that.

Richard Says:

Why is it that even her humor comes across as offensive? Poor thing.

zm Says:

Jealous much, Richard

tennis this Says:

Well maybe the sisters should quit playing tennis so that they don’t have to take home anymore trophies.
I think that’s one of the more self absorbed things Serena has said all year. Unbelievable.

alison hodge Says:

i think this is why i dont care too much for serena, a terrific player but has a huge ego,and the reason i like venus more,venus always lets her tennis do the talking,and is much less big headed,with much more class as a person,i miss venus and the sooner she returns to tennis the better.

charles williams Says:

White people ant use to see black successful women her size. It is shocking to them…………

coachFun Says:

Serena is gauche in her manner & feels ‘other'(I wonder why?) so over compensates by boasting. I’ve seen players do it before…but they’re here to play, yes!
…hmmm these ‘haters’ better get used to non barbies, all sizes, no surprise they can’t see the wanna b venus & serenas (juniors of all shapes & sizes) playin the USO? With potential to soar further than we’ve seen b4. Watch out now, they may have 2 give up spectating tennis, all together now!

coachFun Says:

I am in the UK where they are atarting to appreciate the newcomers & the potential & more positive support of the sport overall, finally!

Christina Stow Says:

Serena is a rapist? use spell-check! “Sometimes I’ll start raping some of the latest songs”.

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