Novak Djokovic To Appear On 60 Minutes This Sunday [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 23rd, 2012, 9:42 am

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic will be profiled this Sunday on the revered TV news magazine “60 Minutes” on CBS. The profile centers on how Djokovic grew up during the bombing on Belgrade, and how a frieghtened boy became a tennis champion.

Djokovic says the experience gave him the hunger that ultimately drove him to fulfill his dream of becoming world No. 1.

Djokovic takes host Bob Simon to the basement of his grandfather’s apartment in Belgrade, where he and his family spent a few hours in the middle of each night during the 1999 NATO bombing campaign on the city.

“Because we were waking up every single night more or less at two, three AM for two and a half months,” Djokovic says. “But the best thing about it…I always try to remember those days in a positive, in a very bright way…We didn’t need to go to school and we played more tennis.”

Looking back, Djokovic says it was a formative time for him and his family. “[The war] made us tougher. It made us more hungry, more hungry for the success.

“We have a harder way to succeed in life as Serbs because of the past that we had and because of the history we had,” he says. “We have to dig deeper…”

Within the piece, Djokovic’s mentor, Jelena Gencic, is also interviewed.

The show will air Sunday, March 25 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS.

Djokovic begins his Sony Ericsson Open Miami title defense Saturday night against former Australian Open finalist Marcos Baghdatis.

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65 Comments for Novak Djokovic To Appear On 60 Minutes This Sunday [Video]

Brando Says:

Nole’s is a fabolous story. And it is a good move doing this show. He’s no.1 yet his profile is FAR below Feds, rafa’s. On contemplation that is understandable since they have been around longer. BUT it should be alot higher still nonetheless.

jane Says:

Looking forward to this; I guess it was filmed a while ago.

Brando, it’s interesting what you say about Nole’s “profile” yet for me it’s not an issue. I’d rather, in many ways, he have a “low” profile and just go about his business. The fans he does have really support the guy. :)

Brando Says:

@jane: it should be ALOT higher IMHO. The guy deserves it. He’s not my fav, but it doesn’t take genius to realise he is an exceptional athlete ( sliding on HC- how the hell does he pull it off?). And when one consider what does get paraded around in the media as special, well it seems all the more unreasonable I feel. Nole probably wants his due, and in all honesty, he deserves it.

El Flaco Says:

I haven’t watched 60 minutes in 25 years, but I think I’ll watch this episode.

Wog boy Says:

Jane, my understanding is that it was filmed after USO, same time as video with his first coach Jelena Gencic that we saw here on tennis-x last year. We cannot watch it here but I guess it will be on internet after sunday.
Brando, nice post:)
Cheers, going to work;(

Alessandra M. DeMarco Says:

As a longtime Novak “Nole” Djokovic fan, this is THE Twenty Minute Segment I’d always hoped for. He’s had some pretty low tennis valleys, but despite this he was a sturdy World #3 for four years straight! He loves his Serbia, and tries everyday to put “her” in a better light. What sport hero didn’t have a dream, right? This guy Nole, however, fulfilled his dream with many challenges en route. He’s one of the good guys in sport, and HOW and WHO he consistently beat to get to #1, is as impressive as his personal history. Bravo CBS! Bravo Nole!

Sienna Says:

He is the true successor of Fed but he should not try to rewrite history.
I am old enough to know for myself what happened and who the bad guys were at the time.
Stick to tennis.

Wog boy Says:

Alessandra, good to see you here. I read your posts on the other forum (I don’t post there) and I loved them. I know that you know a lot about certain things and thank you for your understanding and support.

Alessandra M. DeMarco Says:

Sienna, You just had to go there, didn’t you. He was a little boy with a big dream at the time, an innocent. Regarding your “Knowledge” of the NATO bombings: “Those who do not know their history, are doomed to repeat it.” Google Michael Savage and “The truth about Serbia”, then get back to me okay. “Stick to tennis” was a flip and arrogant remark to make. Nole’s beloved Serbia will right the ship regardless of any help from you.

Boris SRB Says:

PPL…Where i can watch this video???

Sienna Says:

Actually Novak is going there. And he should not have done that. We all know what happende with minoraties in certain areas.
So do not try to place NATO as the bad guys when there where wrong and violent things happening.

Sienna Says:

I remeber him last year making that statement after winning a tournement… He was referring to the hardship of the serbian people. Well how can you do that without even acknowledging the fact that there were others who where done hard buy as well? He is supposed to be a rolemodel and not only for the Serbs.

Paul Says:

Sienna: you’ve been fed poisonous propaganda and now you’re dripping it all over this website. I was also old enough to remember many things: hundreds of thousands of Serb refugees cleansed out by their Croat, Muslim, and Albanian neighbors. Massacres of Serbs by beasts like Naser Oric, Jusuf Prazina, Musan Topalovic, Mirko Norac, Branimir Glavas, Tomislav Mercep, Agim Ceku, Ramush Haradinaj, etc. Burnt Orthodox churches. Pogroms (Zadar 1991 and Kosovo 2004, for example). Assassinations of wedding guests in Sarajevo. And all the rest.

Nobody said the Serbs didn’t do atrocities. But they weren’t the only ones, and they were victims of a heck of a lot of atrocities by the other “innocent” sides. Nobody talks about these atrocities because Serb victims never count.

Please get a d*mn education for once. Google “Jasenovac” and “Independent State of Croatia” and maybe “SS Handzar” and “SS Skenderbeg” and then you’ll see that these conflicts did not start 20 years ago. They go way back to WWII and even before, and then you would understand very well why the Serbs were so vehemently opposed to being ruled by the same people who exterminated their parents and siblings in death camps.

Enough politics. Nole is speaking about his own personal experience. He was bombed. You, Sienna, weren’t. So it’s not your place to tell him what he has the right to talk about and what not. We’ve heard the “other” side more than enough, what with all the Goebbelsian hysterical anti-Serbian propaganda. Now Nole has *earned* a right to speak up for the thousands of innocent Serbs murdered by NATO bombs (and KLA thugs, Croatian neo-fascists, Bosnian Muslim mujahideen, etc.).

Sienna Says:

I donot have to google anything Sebrenica is still glued on my eyes. Do you think we have forgotten, Paul?

Sienna Says:

you do not have to reply because the lyrics of youre talk, hatred shows just what your made off. He is talking about something that devides people. He should be talking about forgiven and heading into a future with no hatred. Him only acknowledging the hardship of the poor Serbs is sickening. It showed he has not learned 1 damned thing. They have done enough hardship themself to take atleast mutual blame for disasters that have happened.

Paul Says:

Shame on you, Sienna. You think by blood libeling Serbs over Srebrenica you will get us to shut up?

What do I – or Djokovic, for that matter – have to do with one town in Bosnia were local Serbs and Muslims engaged in massacres and counter-massacres over a period of 3 years of warfare?

How about the Muslims answer first for murdering thousands of Serb men, women, and children in the Srebrenica municipality and wider region of the lower Drina River valley? How many dozens of Serb villages did they torch and devastate?

Reading up on Naser Oric is a start. He killed all those Serbs in 1992-1993, before the 1995 massacre.

I have Jasenovac before my eyes, morning, noon, and night, and I will *not* shut up while hundreds of thousands of innocent Serb victims – men, women, and children – are stamped out of the Western public consciousness by Roman Catholic activists, Nazi sympathizers, Russophobes, Islamists, or any other lobby – in favor of miserable lies about Srebrenica “genocide,” “destruction of Dubrovnik,” “rape camps” that never existed, and other frauds.

Nobody has provided us with an iota of recognition, compensation, or apology for genocide against the Serbs during WWII.

Nobody has apologized for the hysterical propaganda war waged against us which can only be compared to antisemitic blood libel in medieval Europe. Completely disproportionate to facts on the ground, with a clear intent to demonize an ethnic group so as to justify their killing and expulsion by Western powers and their stooges, whether the Krajina cleansing of 1995 or the Kosovo bombing of 1999.

Neither I, nor Djokovic, nor any ordinary Serb, should have anything to apologize for regarding Srebrenica or any of a whole slew of propaganda exercises, exaggerations, and the odd real event, that you are abusing in order to get us to shut up about truths you dislike hearing.

The Western/Vatican/German recognition of independent neo-Ustasha Croatia and Islamic fundamentalist Bosnia against the will of the constitutive Serb minorities was an act of war and designed to provoke bloodshed.

The NATO bombing of Serbia was an aggressive war crime with no justification whatsoever.

Albanians have stolen Kosovo from Serbia via a high birthrate, expulsion, and murder of the native Serbs. They have done this over several episodes, starting with the Ottoman Turks, through WWI, WWII alliances with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, and then NATO bombing + KLA terrorism.

We are not waiting for apologies, but neither can you expect any apologies from us, nor for us to shut up about the truth. I applaud Djokovic for not shying from discussing this, and I can only encourage him to talk more and point the finger at lying journalists and media rats who engaged in a rabid campaign of satanization against his people and even himself personally.

jamie Says:

Paul and Allesandra, thanks for speaking out about the proven facts of history, which can not be erased, no matter what. The history did not start in the 1990’s and it is not one-sided as Sienna’s of this world would like them to be presented. Some people will go on cold-heartedly ignoring the truth, and trying to “shoot the mud” around and pollute the phenomenal success of Novak, who is a most wonderful, normal, intelligent young individual, and exceptional athlete, who was also a victim of the war in his youth, by experiencing 79 days of relentless daily bombing, but has raised himself above all dificulties and make an example of how you can turn adversity into triumph. He is super cordial and friendly with all nationalities, so it just tells you a lot about the person who is trying to desperately find something wrong – anything to demean his success. Then there is Ana and others – successful, vibrant and some people just can’t digest that.

Sienna Says:

There we go I am not even gonna read your nonsens You are just here to overkill any critism on the Serbs. And they have caused a lot off hardship and the camps you referring to contained muslim men and they were killed by the thousands/SHAME ON YOURSELF.

Paul Says:

Sienna, my father’s good friend was a Serb in Sarajevo who was kidnapped by his Muslim neighbors, taken to a Muslim camp FOR SERBS and never heard from again. Obviously he was killed.

Muslims kept Serbs in camps during the Bosnian war, there were a lot of camps in Sarajevo, not to mention notorious ones outside of it like Celebici in Konjic or the Tarcin silos camp.

Get over yourself and stop trying to argue facts with people who know a lot more of this history than you do.

And by the way, I prefer to call the 1992-1995 camps as “prison camps” or “prisons.” They do not satisfy the criteria to be called classic concentration camps, since they were not intended for concentrating populations for extermination. Their purpose was for prisoner interrogation and prisoner exchanges. Atrocities did happen in them, and dozens were killed in the more notorious facilities.

But they were not Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen, your false attempts to compare them to that notwithstanding. They do not represent genocide.

If you are interested in real concentration/extermination camps in the Balkans, you have to go back to 1941, to the camps set up by the Independent State of Croatia and operated by Croat and Muslim guards. Camps like Jasenovac, Stara Gradiska, Jastrebarsko, Jadovno, Kruscica, Lepoglava, etc. The victims there were Serbs, Jews, and Roma/Gypsies, and they were men, women and children.

Ajet Says:

If you compare serbia and their ethnic opponenents(not referring to NATO but to the others which the pro-serbian people here are alluding to), then you’ve to say that serbians suffered much more brutality! you’ve to know a thing or two before blaming the serbs or djoker.

it’s so sickening story of attrocities against serbs that you’ll never find it possible to describe here, this is a tennis forum and we should leave it at that.

it’s graphic and devastating, you’ve to see it to believe it. i dare anybody who says to the contrary, if you’ve guts, then go and see what happened to serbs and in what way and by whom!
videos and documents are available in the net!
women’ll either faint or get depression/shock out of horror if they see those videos!

but again, this is not the place to talk about the sanguinous and gory saga. just leave it.

Sienna Says:

I know that in Sebrenica thousands and thousands of Muslim men wher massacred by the hands of the Serbs.

Ajet Says:

i’m out. but all my symapthies with the countrymen of djokovic. be courageous as you’re.

Paul Says:

I would leave it, Ajet, but it’s like you have to stick the photos of people having their heads sawed off or heads impaled on pitchforks for these Western “humanitarians” to get a grip. War is horrible and civil war is the worst. For you to denounce one group as “bad guys” without any understanding of the other side’s goals/views/perspectives/history, etc. is just totally myopic.

After the Balkan wars, I swore I would NEVER believe Western media reporting ever again. They lied about Serbia, they’ll lie about Syria, Iran, India, Russia, Brazil, China, etc. whomever they dislike. They demonize, publish one-sided unsubstantiated reports, cover up stuff that doesn’t look good for their side, etc. It’s just propaganda, through and through, and the truth is somewhere very far away from CNN/BBC/Guardian/NYT journalism.

Ajet Says:

massacre is all right. but what about thousands of serbian not being even shot/hacked, but actually BEHEADED, that too not in one strike of the sword, but by, you know, i’m sure you must have already guessed which way, by now. and even if you’ve not sienna, then you being a woman, i would rather tolerate you not believeing me/thinking me whatever than you finding out for yourself as to what happened through those bone-chilling horrific videos. anyway, i’m done on this topic. all people stay well…

Sienna Says:

OMG it;s sickening. The propaganda machine is even better then Hitler had.

jane Says:

What matters, imo, is the tennis success. This is a tennis site.

Sad histories all around. :'( There are no winners in war. It’s just sad humanity can be so reduced.

The point of the CBS episode, I assume, is that Djoko has become a champion *notwithstanding the incidents of his childhood.* Being a kid and having to hide from bombs would be traumatic regardless of details. Children are the innocent lights in war situations.

Isn’t Nole just saying it made him want to rise above that conflict, to have a better life. Well he had done so. Good for him. The focus is on sports, specifically tennis. And Nole is such a jovial character all things considered.

Ajet Says:

You’re welcome Paul…
I get it, and to be honest, I’m surprised with all the dirty politics played all around the world, that is not actually aimed at the welfare of the public but about power game! but you know, you can never make a wild beast homely, but unfortunately some’re doing the blunder of attempting to do so! only time knows what’ll happen if everybody didn’t realise the reality and the global threat looming large, before it’s too late and it overtakes everything starting from my India in the east to USA in the west.

alison hodge Says:

i think this is a great story,from a man whos determination to suceed,against such odds is an insperation to others,and to go on and become the worlds hottest tennis player atm.well done nole.

Larry Says:

Nole is a kid bombed in Belgrade in 1999–by NATO.

My wife is a kid bombed in Nis twice–in 1941 by the Germans and in 1944 by the Allies.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Wog boy Says:


“And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”

That is so mighty and so true, right time and place to post it!

skeezerweezer Says:

jane ( as usual ) brings some sanity here. Look, Novak was a kid ( 12 yrs old ) like anyone one of us who was 12, and just remembers getting bombed on. You can say shame on his parents, shame on Serbia, shame on the non-serbs, shame on NATO, but this kid was innocent and was just trying to survive in a world that he did not choose. He was a kid. Now, He speaks of his experience he had to go through and does not carry a political stick. He got the through it all and became the #1 tennis player in the world. He carries his own survival techniques he has learned as a youth( both mentally and physically ) and he has given this tennis world a great performance, carried his # 1 ranking with style and respect.

Should he not be proud of where he is from? He must grab ahold of something that is good from where he is from. Wouldn’t you?

War is never good for anyone. This one displayed atrocities on both sides, and both sides admit to it. Let’s all hope that a players like Novak who has been blessed with fantastic tennis skills can bring people back together internationally….because of the great game of Tennis.

Yes it will prove in the Tennis world that anyone from anywhere can become great…..out of the ashes….poverty…war….hunger…pain….Tennis can contribute to the betterment of humanity.

Wog boy Says:

Skeezer, if I don’t know you I would never guess that you are Fedfan:)

Mila Says:

Apologies for a long post, but some posters are clearly here to provoke and spread malice towards Novak in particular and Serbs in general, and it really bothered me tonight.

It is evident that there are still many folks around who cannot stand this kind of mega success by a young man from Serbia. These miserable hateful individuals hurt all over when Novak wins and associate himself with Serbian nation in his celebratory speeches. Then, Laureaus awards come, major talk shows, and now even “60-minutes”, which pretty much means ‘making it big time’ in USA. I can offer those miserable beings a word of of advise – don’t follow Novak for he is a proud Serb and that fact won’t change. Following his life (and inevitable success that comes with it) will only exacerbate your misery…
As “skeezer” wisely pointed out above should Novak not be proud of his heritage? Being patriotic was a virtue last time I checked.

And regarding history, I was born here in Miami but my Montenegrin father and Italian mother have always kept telling me that Serbs saved Europe from islamization by stopping Otoman Turks in 19th century, and then saved her again in 20th century by stopping Hitler, all that while Croats and Bosnian muslims sided with Hitler and Mussolini. Europe knows the first outcome of that struggle – Otoman Turks and Hitler were stopped and are no more, but the second outcome is the price that Serbs paid in casualties which is far more than any other nation in that region! Who wouldn’t be proud of that…

OK, my parents stories were one thing, but then I have read the book by a genius and one of Britain’s true feminists, Rebecca West “Black lamb and Grey Falcon”, about her travels through Balkan region in 1937 just before WW2. The book is part travel journal and part anthropological observation and is considered one of the best 100 books of 20th century (according to reviews on Amazon) and is more than 1000 pages long. After reading the book, I’ve learned a lot about the region and all nations there and realized that my parents’ stories were fairly accurate.

I know that in these times, reading a 1300 pages book is a hard endeavour, but for what it’s worth here is the link on Amazon:

And for those who want to read it online (I definitely recommend it to a poster “Sienna”), here is the free link:

Ajet Says:

nice post skeezer! :p

Ajet Says:

time for sienna to stop complaining about what novak says! novak was telling his experience and he has earned the right to speak it out.
its pretty inspiring to hear from novak what he went through before becoming the amazing player that he is!

Leon Says:

OMG, Wog boy, how does being a Federer fan relate to the meaning of skeezer’s comment? And even if you nevertheless insist it does, then I’d suppose the comment was rather in Federer’s spirit than not.

Sienna Says:

I am actually referring to his last years victory speech. I am not goona watch the this guy talk for 60 minutes unless he tries to built some bridges in his pressers or his victory speeched. The quotes I get from these litle statements are more then enough to krealise he is in full flow of Serbian propaganda machine as protrait on this site by others as well.
Youre dislike of me as a poster should not result in a blind trust into the people who are advocating on Serbain behalf.

Wog boy Says:

Leon, it was meant to be joke and nothing else, that is why I put smiley face at the end. Nothing else but one fan teasing another one. Same as if we are sitting in the pub and teasing each other while enjoying a drink. Skeezer’s comment was rather nice.
I am really sorry if it was understood any other way, that wasn’t my intention and I don’t post that way.
I wan’t be making this kind of jokes in future.
I hope this clear the things, because I do care about your opinion and Skeezer’s, even if we are going for different
players and agree to disagree.

Wog boy Says:

“60 minutes” is the name of the program and that doesn’t mean that they give 60 minutes to one person, at least you can inform yourself about topic if you are commenting. It is current affairs program, one of the best and they let only one sports person a year in, that is my information. There is a few stories in “60 minutes” and this one was made after USO to be shown now. Nobody is asking you to watch and listen because you already know everything and you are sure that what you know is truth and nothing but the truth, apart that Nole’s story doesn’t last 60 minutes.

Ajet Says:


i am out of this discussion on warfare. you’re free to think as you like. i believe what i see! I’ll stick to what i know and cannot change my stand, at my own peril, just to be in agreement with others, who’re not facing what we face.
this is my last post on this topic, on to tennis!

Ajet Says:

i hope djoker talked what he eats to remain fit, what he eats when he celebrates! ;)
hope it’s interesting video on his life and family

michael Says:

sienna on one side and others on the other side, how bout you people take your crap else where? this is tennis forum not serba bashing (sienna) or history revisited (all others) forum…i am sure you can find some other place to figure it out what ever “it” is…

sam Says:

Ajet is an idiot who is vehemently porpogating all this nonsense for one group of people.

Iam sure he does not know what actually happen to the group he is talking about allover the world or even if he knows his hatred for them is so strong that he conviniently choosing to ignore.

I agree this is not the place to discuss these kind of things.

But when someone talks with this much hatred for one religion , these are the people who are actualy responsible for wars and atrocities of this world.

And I really hope that world is free of such hatred from these kind of people like Ajet.

Sienna Says:

All I am asking for is another #1 who will portrait the #1 for all people To unite etc not devide.

Roger is stepping up just at the right time.

Ajet Says:


idiots like you should visit kashmir/iraq/bosnia/mindanao island of phillipines/malysia/thailand/kabul instead of typing your idiotic crap sitting in safe places! i’m sure your mom has made you brave enough to face what’s in store there, or at least it seems so, from your posting! their kindness, you’ll know then; and only if you’re lucky enough, you’ll live to remember and repay it!


”Sienna Says:
All I am asking for is another #1 who will portrait the #1 for all people To unite etc not devide.”

Point gladly accepted…

Brando Says:

Nole’s life gets covered on 60 minutes- not the the serbia-bosnia war.

Here’s a quote by nole on the subject matter anyhow:

“This is the best moment of my career and probably of my nation. This is like winning the World Cup for us,” an emotional Djokovic declared, after half the Serbian population tuned in to watch the final against France.

“We put a lot of effort into improving the image of our country,” he said recently. “The history of our country is cruel. We have to face those issues, or, should I say, we had to. Not anymore, I hope, because we are going in the right direction, and we are ready to forgive, ready to move on.”

June 2011- source:

Like nole said- time to move on. The facts are there for everyone to be seen, BUT they shouldn’t be discussed here on a tennis website!

Paul Says:

Sienna: don’t hold your breath for that Swiss fraud.

sam Says:

Ajet you doesnt make any sense, atleast to me.

I hope yo get cured soon whatever you are suffering from. I will pray for you.

P.S .. I am brave enough for you or anybody . For others sake, I dont want to continue this here . If you are brave enough contact me on this

Ajet Says:


why should i contact you dude! neither i have to convince you nor you’ve to convince me! our positions are polar opposite and they’ll remain so!

and btw, as by your own admission, you’re brave enough, so go to those places i mentioned and find it out for yourself. of course, you’d have no problem if you happen to be one of those ”innocent ones” for whom you are advocating. safe journey!

and don’t pray for me, am atheist!

sam Says:


You are idiot and you will remain one all your life.

And if you dont have guts or conviction to continue this, dont blabber like pig on public platforms.People like you feel safe behind internet and say whatever you like. In real life you sit with tails between your legs.

Actually I feel sorry for guys like you. You are exactly what I expected you to be ” A COWARD “.

Have nice idiotice life. Dont wish to talk to idiot like you again.

sam Says:

Moderators of the site :

If people like Ajet can spread such a hatred for certain groups or religions and they can get away with that. Then I am really sorry I visited this site.

Paul Says:

Boohoo sam. You had no problem with Serb-bashing on this thread, but when your precious Muslims get vaguely criticized you get a fit of apoplexy. Are you going to hold a minute of silence for them?

Ajet Says:


believe me, there’s a reason for me not trusting you or else i’d have surely sent you a message immediately! but giving others e-mail id has become the new way of you and your likes for gaining access to personal information and hacking and causing trouble! i am well aware of your sinister designs sly fellow!

btw, i love pigs, they’re much better than psychopaths like you! by the way, be brave, as you really are, and meet your fate!

and don’t worry, I’ve noted your e-mail id and would send you the message at the right time, if i ever feel like sending!

Andrea Says:

I have one comment to make.
I have been working with the Red Cross during the war and I have seen evil things being done from all sides.
Innocent people were tortured, raped and murdered on a daily basis REGARDLESSof nationality.
So with all due respect none of you have the right to pass judgement on the other here.
Every nation has a number of evil people whos actions will bring shame to their people, no matter if you a Croat, a Muslim or a Serb or any other nation that has ever fought in a war.
I have treated both Serbs and Croats who told me horror stories what happened to their village and MOST of them were just innocent people who had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from the oncoming terror.
I have treated both boys and girls from both sides who were beaten and raped and left for dead.
Their only “crime” was to being born either a Serb or a Croat.
So all of you, just lets get back to the tennis and lets be respectful of one another no matter where is he/she coming from.

Dre Says:

Wow so intense. I like your comment Andrea

Miljan Says:

Hallo guys, my name is Miljan and am Serbian…and I just wish u love

mat4 Says:

What the hell is happening here? It is a tennis forum, for God sake!

Bob Says:


You have to realize that whenever the subject of Novak Djokovic or anything to do with Serbia arises, it will always end in a war of words over politics. No other country in the world can understand the hatred and bickering between these three religions/republics of former Yugoslavia except the locals and descendants of these people. So if you think that people from these countries are going to talk about tennis on a tennis forum, you’re mistakenly incorrect. Welcome and dobro dosli to the Balkans.

mat4 Says:


I am very familiar with the history of that region, and with the policy of the western powers (most notably GB and Germany) on the Balkans. In fact, nothing new happen. I have friends in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, FYROM and Montenegro (and Buchurest, and Athenes too). Most of them work at the university, and many of them are historians, from Plamen Pavlov to Zivojin Andrejic, not to mention linguists.

And the posts above were not only about the Balkans. The behaviour of some posters was disgusting.

Wog boy Says:

mat4, if you think what I think by ” nothing new happened “, and by reading your post, particulary one bit, I think you do, then you cannot be more right. As the matter of fact you are right, “nothing new happened” ;(

mat4 Says:

I think you understood me well, WG.

Steve 27 Says:

Wars are the worst things, people need to realize that majority of governments around the worlds only worried $ and geopolitical issues, the don’t care people, self interest is their preoccupation.

My favorite war poem is “In Flanders Fields” by a Lt. Col. John McCrae. He served in the WWI with the Canadian (British really) Army. He wrote it after the death of a friend in 1915. He would eventually died due to sickness in a field hospital in 1918.
His poem is as follows:

IN FLANDERS FIELDS the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

Miljan Says:

Ivo Andrić, born from Serbian mother and Croatian father…he always was just Yugoslavian. He won Nobel Prize in Literature in 1961 for book The Bridge on the Drina…I think u should read it cose u can actualy find out who are “Muslims” that ur talking about…but for Croats and Serbs, again go and read…cose u can find out that they are both Slavics…same roots. So stop takeing sides in something that u dont know, in something that there is no sides. You dont have facts u just have point of view…and as somebody of u said, Welcome to Balkan…

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