Roger Federer: In My 30s, I’m Still A Great Player
by Tom Gainey | March 23rd, 2012, 10:01 am

In a special Gillette sponsor media conference, Roger Federer met the press yesterday to announce he will play a series of tennis exhibition events in South America at the end of the 2012 season.

“We’re hoping to put together an entire tour,” Federer said. “This is the announcement for Brazil, that I will be playing two matches in Brazil. We don’t know what cities yet and against whom exactly, but it’s gonna be happening at the beginning of December, Gillette Tour. I’m happy that one of my long time sponsors, Gillette, are sponsoring the tour. Colombia has announced as well that I will be playing in Colombia, so we are looking for maybe one or two more places to play.”

Federer said his opponents in Brazil is still undecided, but he will play Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in Colombia.

In the immediate future, Federer still has a big bullseye on winning the summer Olympics at Wimbledon.

“Well, it’s obviously very big,” Federer siad. “Particularly this one is special because it’s going to be held at Wimbledon. For us, the tennis players, we’ll never see that again in our lifetime.

“So I really hope I’m in the best shape. If I’m playing well, I know I’ll have a shot for the title. To have the Olympics held this year at Wimbledon is, for us or for me personally something very exciting.”

And at age 30, Federer agrees he’s playing some of the best tennis of his life.

“I have played some of my best tennis now since I have turned 30 last August,” Federer said. “I expected it, that it was possible, but I’m happy to prove it to myself and maybe some people. Just, you know, prove it to my fans that, you know, they’re right. That I’m still a great player.”

Despite his recent run of three straight titles, 15 consecutive match wins, Federer is wary he could lose at any moment.

“It’s given me a lot of confidence and I played amazing in Indian Wells under the circumstances,” Federer said. “And also the last two in Rotterdam and then also in Dubai, you know, I played some great tennis. I’m just happy I have been able to win six out of eight tournaments. It’s special. I come into this tournament hoping to survive the first round. Let’s be honest, that is my focus right now.”

Federer opens Saturday against American upstart Ryan Harrison, who the Swiss beat at Indian Wells last year.

“I think he’s very talented,” Federer said of Harrison. “I’m sure he’s gonna be making his move up the rankings very easily this year and the coming years. He has a big game. Obviously he’s the classical American hard court player. But he’s also got some good defensive skills and has a lot of good confidence, I’d say. That’s why it makes him a very difficult opponent in the first round here.”

More from Federer on the Olympics:

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12 Comments for Roger Federer: In My 30s, I’m Still A Great Player

alison hodge Says:

great to here roger with such a positive attitude,seems like he has a second wind,only an idiot would bet against him winning more slams in the future,go roger.

Brando Says:

There is NO EXCUSE as far as I am concerned for those who use Feds age as a excuse when he loses. Age is only a number, and as the man himself says he is playing brilliantly. Well done fed for proving that age doesn’t doesn’t determine whether a tennis player is quality or not- it is the tennis player that determines it themselves.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Yeah, Roger playing some of the best tennis we seen in last few years, specially after his AO 2010. But it would sound empty, if he has to go without any Slam title. Winning a GS would make this form more meaningful.

rogerafa Says:

@ Nirmal Kumar

I agree with you. Roger has not done that well in best of five in the last two years. The longer format is tough physically as well as mentally for an older player especially if his main opponents are all younger and all in their prime. That is why another major appears slightly unrealistic despite some good form shown by him in the shorter format. There is a reason so few players have won a major in the open era after attaining the age of 30. The modern game is so physically demanding that peak fitness is an absolute must just to stand a chance. More importantly, the ability to focus for long periods stays with you for only a few years. Age, beyond a point, is an important factor.

jane Says:

This is a recent article about age and tennis by Bodo; it might be interesting to some. One quote goes: ” I was somewhat surprised by the longevity of Federer’s rivals in the record books, which suggests that while the age of 30 undeniably is a milestone (by popular acclaim, if that’s the right term), it isn’t quite the turning point some make it out to be. ”

Nirmal Kumar Says:

rogerrafa: Since Roger had been an exception in so many terms, probably he could prove an exception and win a slam after 30yrs. His form seems to be good, and except Rafa I do not see him take down in a 5-setter. Novak can beat him, but he also has chances against Novak. But with Rafa, I just can’t see him beating Rafa.

But if someone takes Rafa out, I believe Roger still has a great chance, just like 2009. Infact his tennis is even better than what he played in the mid-2009.

Humble Rafa Says:

In his 20s, he was my b*tch. In his 30s, he will be my b*tch.

skeezerweezer Says:

“Just, you know, prove it to my fans that, you know, they’re right. That I’m still a great player.”

Damn Right. A great player.

gypsy Says:

Humble Rafa, What an awful person you are. That was completely uncalled for.

Michael Says:

Roger need not say he is a Great player. Every Tennis Fan knows that Roger is the GREATEST player

AASS Says:

Hey guys,

Anyone knows what is he wearing? The white jumper? where can i buy it?

AASS Says:

Hey guys,

Anyone knows what is he wearing? The white jumper? Where can i buy it?


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