Roger Federer Says He Likes Nick Kyrgios’s Personality And He Enjoys Watching Him Play
by Tom Gainey | January 26th, 2016, 7:20 am

Would you believe Roger Federer is a Nick Kyrgios fan? According to the Swiss, he is. Federer said he likes watching the controversial Australian because of his game, his personality and his power.

“I think he’s a great player,” Federer said of Kyrgios. “I think he’s enjoyable to watch. I know some people might not like it. I like it. He’s got a lot of personality. Might take it far to some extent, but I think he’s a great player. He’s got sick power, and it’s going to take him a long way.

“I just think the next couple years are going to be so crucial for him, and I just hope he’s aware of that fact.”

On that last thought, Federer then offered the 20-year-old some free PR advice after what he went through last season.

“I think he’s doing okay now, better now,” Federer said. “The advice I would give him, just that he’s aware of the fact how important the next couple of years are. Otherwise the train leaves the station and you’re maybe not on it.

“It would be a pity to waste talent and all that even more so in this day and age because I feel talent brought you further back in the day. Just talking about a guy who has talent and potential, I can’t hear it anymore. Too many guys have talent. Too many guys are working hard. I don’t believe in that very much anymore.”

With Federer a support of Kyrgios, what does his friend Stan Wawrinka think?

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3 Comments for Roger Federer Says He Likes Nick Kyrgios’s Personality And He Enjoys Watching Him Play

Tennisfan Says:

Conviniently leaving out the part where he mentions the Wawrinka thing?

‘The world No.3 said Kyrgios was attempting to grow up in public and seeking redemption for his behaviour in 2015.“He’s fighting that a little bit. But I think he’s doing okay now, better now.,” Federer said.“He needs to, obviously, for what happened (sledging Stan Wawrinka) last year.’

He also backpedaled about the Tomic comments, saying he didn’t know Tomic’s ranking was actually that high. That’s pretty embarassing imo but at least he admitted it lol.

full quotes:

sienna Says:

lmao Roger cant be fighting those youngsters in media. So sucking up to Kyrgios doesnt cost him.
He also expressed to much on Tomic. It cost to much negative energy so he know must fix something he could care sheit about.

Concentrate Roger dont be tempted to talk about others. your oppinion is always up for second guessing. You should know better. Let others give their respected views on others. All your energy should be in semi final matches.

Shadab Says:

Roger have eye for talent and he is a true judge of a person. What he said about Tomic was not wrong as he has been on the circuit for a long time without an impact. If he needs to be in top 10 than he really need to learn how push around the top seeds, which he has failed time in time again. So Roger is right

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