Nick Kyrgios Reveals He Likes The US Open More Than Any Other Slam, Including The Australian Open!
by Tom Gainey | August 25th, 2014, 4:33 pm

Following an impressive win over 2-time US Open semifinalist Mikhail Youzhny, rising superstar Nick Kyrgios revealed that the Australian Open isn’t his favorite Grand Slam. It’s the U.S.!

“It’s awesome,” the 19-year-old said about the US Open atmosphere. “I’m going to get scorched in Melbourne, but it’s my favorite Grand Slam.

“It sort of suits my personality a bit. I like to go out, not go out, but just roam the streets and that sort of stuff. I like the atmosphere at the tennis courts. It’s always so electric and there are so many people in the crowd. The crowd today was unreal. You know, you’re not going to get that at the French Open or anything like that. I really like the crowds. As soon as you walk through the gates here it’s a really good feeling.”

Kyrgios also talked about how his life has changed since his big win over Rafael Nadal almost two months ago.

“It’s all happened so fast,” Kyrgios said. “It sort of hasn’t sunk in. It sunk in a little bit, but I’m still pretty amazed how fast it all happened. Last year I was qualifying. I knew I had a chance to qualify, but I wasn’t really expected to. Qualified there, and now, you know, I’m winning matches in main draw Grand Slams. It’s pretty amazing for me even still.”

Kyrgios will play Andreas Seppi in the second round on Thursday.

“It will be an interesting match. He’s solid on both wings. He has a good serve, as well. I think I’m going to have to play aggressive and keep the match on my racquet. It’s going to be exciting.”

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24 Comments for Nick Kyrgios Reveals He Likes The US Open More Than Any Other Slam, Including The Australian Open!

Giles Says:

Nick the kid was one code violation away from elimination, he had received 3. Brian Earley called to court #17.
Not good.

skeezer Says:

Nick is backing up his big wins against seeds, proving his win over Nadal was not a fluke. He has got game. Like this kid!

And good to hear there handong out code violations, the rules need to be obeyed, not abused.

Wog boy Says:

Not a bad draw either, he can go deep with a little bit of luck, after Seppi it should be Robredo and then Raonic.

Tennis Australia put together new team for Nick:

“Kyrgios Crew
Nick has an expert coaching team behind his on court and off court success.

Coaching Team
Todd Larkham
Todd has rejoined the Kyrgios Crew following his reappointment after Wimbledon 2014, where Nick successfully reached the quarter finals. Todd has experience on the main tour, playing in grand slams and challengers in his career being coached by his brother, Brent. Todd has previously worked with Nick for seven years as a junior. Todd leads the team on a day-to-day basis in Canberra and supports Josh Eagle when travelling to events on the ATP tour.

Josh Eagle
Josh joins the team along with Todd with Nick on the tour. Josh has previously worked with the best Australian players in his role as head coach of the Davis Cup team. Josh won the elite coaching excellence award for Tennis Australia in 2012 and was a successful player, particularly in doubles in his own career. His previous coaching achievements include taking Marinko Matosevic to the top 50 from outside the top 200.

Aaron Kellett
Aaron continues his work with Nick on a more permanent basis after their successful relationship in the Tennis Australia setup, where Aaron is Manager of physical performance. Aaron will tour with Todd and Josh after working well with Nick in his development. Aaron is a fitness specialist who has worked with the biggest names in Australian sport.

Tennis Australia has built an expert coaching team around Nick, based at the national tennis centres in both Melbourne and Canberra. The coaching team Tennis Australia have put around Nick consist of world class strength and conditioning experts, sports psychologist, nutritionist and biomechanists who all have a proven track record of achieving at the very highest levels of professional sport.”

Read more:

jane Says:

wog boy, do you like nick the kid? i assume better than tomic the tank(er) engine? ;)

Polo Says:

I do feel sorry for Tomic. It must be tough to have a difficult father. It can mess you growing up.

jane Says:

that’s true polo. definitely tomic is talented. but then again, some players with difficult fathers have thrived so i guess it could be a number of factors.

Wog boy Says:

jane, I am getting to like Nick the kid, He is doing smart thing by taking advice from the right people and getting caried away with all the fuss surrounding him. It looks like he is good mixture of Greek temperament, Malay wisdom and Aussie laid back attitude, tipical Aussie dude:)

As for Tomic, it is not secret that I never liked the bloke and don’t blame the father, he (they) was given the same and more than Nick from Australia Tennis, and they keep asking for more and blackmaling them that they will swithch playing for Germany or Croatia (Tomic is entitled to)… apple never falls far from the tree.

Wog boy Says:

^^Should say “not getting caried away”

jane Says:

youz is cool, and of course he’s has a few of his own outbursts over the years.

sharpie just broke the other maria in the second set. maybe it’s close to done. for a while there it looked like little maria would take set 1.

Giles Says:

The bloke has had 3 code violations in one match for different misdemeanours including audible obscenities and he is described as having a laid back attitude? Unbelievable!! If he carries on this way he is not doing his reputation any favours.

elina Says:

You guys, with his win yesterday, Tommy Robredo became the third active player with at least 200 wins on clay and 200 wins on hard court along with Nadal and Ferrer!

Hippy Chic Says:

Elina yes and well done Tommy Robredo,we here about the achievements of the top players all the time,so its quite refreshing to here when the other players getting some recognition too too for a change….

Wog boy Says:

Of course it is laid back attitude, same as “who gives a f… what Mrs Giles thinks or says”. F bombs don’t exist as such here, they are part of every day life, laid back life on the sunny beaches with a Foster in one hand and BBQ tongs in another.
Don’t you worry about Nick the kid, he knew how far he could go, he is a smart kid, I would be worried if I see him doing wedgies in public (millions watching on TV), pulling out undies from plumbers crack, now that”s what I call bad manners.

Margot Says:

@Wog Boy
“Mrs Giles” why?

Polo Says:

Like Giles, I don’t like obscenities. They are not tolerated in our house. Just because a lot of people use it does not make it right or proper.

Wog boy Says:

Because I believe she is she, female poster, I think I am entitled to it, this is forum, we don’t know each other, we can post as male or female but as much as man and women have equal rights they don’t react or write the same, Good Lord or mother nature ( I you don’t believe in God) didn’t want us to be the same, for a reason. That is another opinion I am entitled to under the equal rights, or I am not to?
Can I ask you one question, why are you so sensitive, this is just a forum, we don’t have to explain ourselves?

Wog boy Says:

Andy Roddick wouldn’t have a chance to finish one single match if he was given warning for every single “F” bomb he dropped, wouldn’t he? Another Andy is not shy of dropping “F” bombs either, I don’t remember chair umpire counting his “F” bombs either. Double standards?
Give it a brake people, have you been lately in schools or did you have a chance to listen to young people on the streets, public transport (young people from the good families), if they swear at home that doesn’t mean they don’t swear in public.

Wog boy Says:

^^”if they don’t swear at home” should say.

Margot Says:

@Wog Boy
Why do you assume Giles is a woman? If a woman, why can’t Giles post as a man? What does it matter? Shouldn’t you simply address Giles’ arguement regardless of gender or calling his/her gender into account?
There seems to me to be some sort of agenda on tx that ALL Rafa fans must be women and therefore subject to derision and denial.If someone posts something idiotic then, whether male or female, they can be called up.
I’ll say it again, it should not matter whether fans are male or female, men posing as women, or indeed women posing as men, who should care? Gender, real or assumed is unimportant, it’s what we write that is important.

Gee Says:

RIDdick faked injuries during clay season, but then he realized that Novak djoker destroyed him on grass too.sometimes parents who project a fake nice image outside are really money hungry parents, just like roddick’s overbearing mother.

Wog boy Says:


I do respect you and Andy’s fans on TX as a best fans here and I mean it.
I am not going to say anything else but to repeat, I don’t have to explain myself, people can read or ignore what I post, no big deal, I am good with that. As we say “words and feathers the wind carries away”.
I am out of here, nice day for fishing.

Polo Says:

Gee, I would suggest that you do a little bit of research before you post anything so that your stupidity would not show. Roddick has a 5-4 edge over Djokovic in their head to head matches. And they never played against each other on grass.

Hippy Chic Says:

Wogboy/Margot i must admit to feeling annoyed and patronized with some of the many adjectives used to describe the Rafa fans on this forum,ie Rafa fan girls,Essex girls,armani sniffers,but and bicep lovers etc etc,followed by lol,well im not lol,and i find it downright rude at times….

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