Andy Murray Says His Poop Is Proper, So He’s Not Sure Why His Body Broke Down Today
by Tom Gainey | August 25th, 2014, 8:43 pm

Former champion Andy Murray very nearly suffered his earliest loss ever at the US Open today, needing a very tough 4-sets to beat Robin Haase 63, 76, 16, 75.

Murray was down 41 in the fourth set before he overcame an assortment of ailments to beat the Dutchman. Afterward, the 2012 US Open champion admitted he wasn’t sure why his body began cramping after he won the second set after just 90 minutes of play.

“I trained very hard, so I don’t know exactly why it happened today,” Murray said of the cramps. “I need to just try and find out what went wrong, because the conditions in Miami were significantly hotter and more humid than it was out there today.

“It was hot today, for sure, but I don’t think it was particularly humid. It felt very dry or fairly dry, anyway. At the time it happened I wasn’t exhausted. I didn’t feel incredibly tired or anything. It just happened.”

The Scot who trained in Miami earlier this year says food may have been an issue.

“The fact that it was the whole body would suggest that maybe it was something to do with my eating or drinking, because if it’s through fatigue in one part of your body, then, yeah, that would probably be down to conditioning. But cramping in my left forearm? I mean, I didn’t use my left forearm a whole lot today compared with other parts of my body, so I would expect it would be something to do with what I have eaten or something or not eaten.”

With a few days off before his next round against Matthias Bachinger, Murray plans to find out exactly what happened and why.

“Maybe speak to a nutritionist and look at what I had eaten the last three, four days,” he said. “I don’t think I was that dehydrated, because I needed to go to the toilet when I got off the court. And not to be too graphic, but it wasn’t like it was like brown. You know, I was fine. I wasn’t particularly dehydrated. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I will try to get to the bottom of it before I play again.

“It’s the worst I have ever felt after an hour and a half of a tennis match. That’s what was worrying about it, is it came after such a short time.”

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25 Comments for Andy Murray Says His Poop Is Proper, So He’s Not Sure Why His Body Broke Down Today

Ben Pronin Says:

“And not to be too graphic, but it wasn’t like it was like brown.”

That’s too graphic, Andy.

I think he’ll be fine going forward. Simply an anomaly imo.

jane Says:

his poop is proper?? lol! *too much information*

jane Says:

someone tell andy it could be magnesium. the body can use calcium and especially magnesium to settle cramping and/or tremors/twitches.

Humble Rafa Says:

Mr. Lady Forehand gives interesting poop interviews though I can’t understand his English. He sounds drunk all the time and uses complicated English words.

I wish you and poop well for the rest of the tournament.

Wog boy Says:

“That’s too graphic, Andy.”

Agree, did he really have to say that, did anybody asked him about his poop, do we all have to know what was the colour of his poop?

Polo Says:

Andy was discussing dehydration so I think he was referring to his urine not being brown. A deep color implies dehydration from being very concentrated. He said it was not brown, so not dehydrated. If he was referring to poop, if it is not brown, it is more likely to be abnormal which would worried him. But he was not. Ergo, he was referring to pee, not poop.

jane Says:

maybe it was dehydration? not sure, but nole and diego are sweating buckets tonight, both going for the towel a lot. diego is not bad, but his serve isn’t strong, so he’s on the back foot all the time. he’s like a lesser hewitt in some ways.

Colin Says:

Thanks, Polo, you’re the only one (including the headline writer here) who grasps what Andy meant.How could anyone possibly say “It’s not like it was brown” as a POSITIVE statement, if he was talking about something that SHOULD be brown?
As he suggested, it must be a dietary problem.

Meanwhile, Haase must be kicking himself for not closing out a match against someone who could hardly move.

As the BBC commentators said, Andy was very honest. You can’t call the physio for a health issue, only for injury sustained during the match. Many players would have claimed an injury, then quietly asked the physio for a cramp remedy.

Another thing – how come they couldn’t find a proper supply of ice when Murray needed it? This is the USO, not some minor tournament in the boondocks.

the DA Says:

Geez, of course he was talking about urine! What’s wrong with you Gainey? As Polo indicated, checking the color is the easiest way to determine whether you’re dehydrated.

The whole thing is quite strange. Interesting that Robin also suffered cramps, though less severe. Haase said he thought he got them because he hadn’t eaten properly beforehand (due to the earlier-than-expected start). So, I’m going to go with food, or lack thereof. Really hope it’s just an anomaly and not a symptom of some deeper issue.

Michael Says:

Well, the start itself is not looking good for Andy and he has a tough draw to contend with. Suffering from physical issues as well as being out of form, I do not know how Andy is going to make this US Open productive for him ?

Hippy Chic Says:

urine should actually be clear not brown,as a woman who works in a care home for the elderly,ive seen it a million times,as many here are saying it sounds like hes dehyrated and has a urine infection,which can make you feel dizzy,moody,and generally not feel right,the only answer is to drink,and drink plenty.
Michael agree it was not a bright start but hopefully he will play himself into form,also he has a couple of days before he plays his next match,so he can get some r and r,and he will probably have a much easier time in his next match.

Colin Says:

Hippy, Andy’s next match may not be all that easy, because the guy just had a good victory over Stepanek, who is no pushover.

Hippy Chic Says:

Colin i did take that into concideration,as theres no such thing as an easier match,but the difficult thing to do after one great win for a lesser player,is backing it up with another,im not like Michael who judges players and believes they will or will not make the final going by only the first match,i only tend to see things Rafas way and thats one match at a time,and only his next opponent,the old cliche that you cant win a GS in the first match/week but you can certainly lose it….

Margot Says:

Agree with you there, one match at a time, but really hope 1)Andy sorts this cramping issue out 2) it’s cooler when they play and 3) if this guy is another huge server, they don’t play on Armstrong.

Hippy Chic Says:

Anyone would think that Andy was two sets and match points down,he wasnt at his best,but was still two sets up before he went to pieces in that third set,he was losing the fourth set,but dug deep to make sure the match didnt go to a 5th set,Hasse is a player that can trouble the very best,he did it in 2011 here in the 1st round,and did the same to Rafa in 2010 the year Rafa won Wimbledon,so a little perspective wouldnt go a miss….

Hippy Chic Says:

Colin consideration not concideration in my 3.34am post,so please excuse the spelling error lol….

Polo Says:

Hippy Chic, I think Colin understands that some spelling errors or omissions are typographic errors and lets them go. But if done repeatedly, it could not be typographical anymore and that’s when he swoops down to rectify it. He should continue to do so. We might as well learn while we’re discussing tennis.

Hippy Chic Says:

Polo lol true,in my case i have to admit though,that i am indeed a terrible(is that right)speller though lol….

RZ Says:

Cramps can also be caused by stress and anxiety. Maybe Andy was putting too much pressure on himself to win this match.

jane Says:

true, rz. except andy was up 2 sets to 1 as hippy pointed out. so he was actually doing pretty well and therefore shouldn’t’ve been too stressed as he was winning (contrary to another match versus this same opponent where he was down 2 sets). i believe andy was up a break in the 3rd too but i had to leave before it was over. so that would suggest that he didn’t have a lot of reason to be stressed, at least on the surface of things. maybe deeper down he is feeling pressure though; that’s certainly possible. these are human beings not robots! things that are going on off the court affect them too.

Okiegal Says:


You are so right….they are human beings and sometimes we fans think they’re super human, and they’re not. We aren’t out there in this hot weather busting our guts, so easy for us to sit by and judge them. I know that they should train and hydrate themselves before a match, but there could be underlying problems that even the player isn’t aware of. A commentator said he took a day off to relax a bit……but that one day shouldn’t make a difference. Andy was taken aback by his sudden cramping problem too……just hope nothing is seriously wrong……go Andy!!

queen Says:

My poop is proper too. Although it becomes improper when I read this blog/news feed/bs. Sorry got to go…

queen Says:

I am glad he looks at his poop before flushing

RZ Says:

There is also pressure when you are ahead in a match – the dreaded choke! Andy should be beyond that though.

Alen Says:

I only wants to see things Rafas way and thats one match at a time,and only his next opponent.

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