Haas Shocks Federer; Nalbandian Bloodies Umpire; Weekend Wrap
by Staff | June 17th, 2012, 11:07 pm

Tommy Haas’ career has always been more defined by his injuries than his play. On Sunday at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, the former world No. 2 turned back the clock to defeat five-time former champ Roger Federer 7-6(5), 6-4.
The German has amazingly not lost in a final since 2002 in Rome to Andre Agassi, winning eight since then for a career total of 13.

“My 13th title was a goal of mine to maybe achieve in the next coming months, years or however long I am going to play,” Haas said. “To have somebody across the net like Roger is a real honor for me. To have that picture with the winning trophy and Roger next to me is something really special, something I’ll obviously never forget.”

The 34-year-old Haas was off the tour for 14 months with hip surgery in 2010-11.

Federer led 3-1 in the first set, but was denied a sixth Halle title by the inspired German.

“I should never have lost the first set,” Federer said. “So, obviously that hurt. He got momentum after that. He started to serve a bit better. I missed a few more forehands and missed a few chances earlier on in the second. So, it was a tough match for me to lose really. He was aggressive, he was maybe the more inspired player out there today. And that’s why he deserved to win.”

Nalbandian Implodes, Defaulted in ATP Queen’s Club Final

The score read 7-6(3), 3-4 in favor of David Nalbandian, but Croat Marin Cilic was named the winner of the 2012 AEGON Championships when a Nalbandian outburst resulted in a bleeding linesperson, and Nalbandian defaulted from the match.

After being broken serving at 3-3, Nalbandian kicked the front of a sponsor’s advertising board surrounding the linesman’s chair, and a piece struck the linesmans leg, drawing blood. Tournament Supervisor Tom Barnes in consult with umpire Fergus Murphy then defaulted Nalbandian for unsportsmanlike conduct, handing the title to Cilic.

“It’s unsportsmanlike conduct, and the supervisor has the authority to declare an immediate default,” Barnes told the media. “Once I saw the injury [it] was not a judgment call. I didn’t have any other option.”

Nalbandian by ATP rules forfeits all rankings points and prize money earned at the tournament.

“I made a mistake and I apologize,” Nalbandian said. “I feel very sorry to the guy. I didn’t want to do that. This is a bad situation for everybody that I really apologize for.”

Nalbandian then further jammed his foot in his mouth, lambasting the ATP as too controlling.

Cilic, sidelined the first seven weeks of the year with a knee injury, won his seventh career title.

“I’m definitely very sorry to finish the tournament like this, especially in the final where we both I think played good tennis,” Cilic said. “He was playing also some great rallies and in those last two games it was extremely interesting with making two breaks one of each side. So I think it was good tennis today.”

It was a long-overdue first grasscourt title for Cilic, whose style suits the lawns, and his first title since St. Petersburg last October.

Oudin, Jankovic to Complete WTA Birmingham on Monday

Former No. 1 Jelena Jankovic and American hopeful Melanie Oudin will contest the final of the AEGON Classic on Monday after rain-delayed quarterfinal and semifinal matches were completed on Sunday.

On Sunday Jankovic beat Misaki Doi 6-3, 6-4 in the quarterfinals, and qualifier Zheng Jie 6-7(2), 7-5, 6-1 in the semifinals.

The qualifier Oudin defeated fellow American Irina Falconi 6-4, 5-7, 7-5, and in the semifinals beat No. 8 seed Ekaterina Makarova 6-4, 3-6, 6-2.

“I’ve played six or seven matches in a row here now and I feel my confidence building with each one,” Oudin said. “I’ve always loved playing on grass. I think my forehand is one of my biggest weapons and since I hit it so flat it goes through the court a lot on grass.”

Oudin beat Jankovic in their only previous meeting, at Wimbledon in 2009.

Cornet Ends 4-year Title Drought at WTA Gastein

France’s Alize Cornet defeated Yanina Wickmayer 7-5, 7-6(1) for the N�RNBERGER Gastein Ladies title on Sunday.
“I was playing a lot of chip and slice today — she plays really aggressively, and I can’t play like her or she will kill me,” Cornet said. “I knew it would be a really tough match. Yanina’s a really good player. I was about to lose the second set but I fought so much and tried to stay calm and positive, and that helped.”

It was Cornet’s second WTA title, four years after her first.

“It has been four years I haven’t won a singles title, so it’s just happiness now. I’m so happy,” Cornet said. “It’s been a super week. I really love this tournament. I love the people here and I feel everybody loves me as well. I’m not Austrian, but I feel like I’m Austrian when I’m here.”

Wickmayer dropped to 3-5 in finals.

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48 Comments for Haas Shocks Federer; Nalbandian Bloodies Umpire; Weekend Wrap

Roger Federer Fan Says:

Federer’s loss is because of Rafa and uncle toni who conspired with the halle tournament director to slow down the grass court.
It is very clear that halle played like clay just to suit Rafa this year.

Another factor is that Federer did not really try hard…..he wanted to conserve energy for the wimby-olympics….he also wanted to gift this match to his friend haas.

Roger Federer Fan Says:

Federer IS still the world’s best player when it comes to percentage of wins (thanks dave) during the last 1 year.
Its only a matter time before he gets back his throne. He IS the real No.1.

If Federer turns on the God mode, he will thrash everyone in straight sets including Nole and Rafa.

RZ Says:

Nice to see Haas put all those injuries behind him and get a quality win.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I saw Roger fell in the last game of the match. Maybe it’s an indication of his mind, and this may be a percussor for his permanent fall for the rest of the year.

I remember Roger saying something in Halle’s pre-final interview, when he was asked about Mcenroe’s record and if he can beat it. Roger said if he needs to do that within this year, since he may not get a chance in next year.

So, I’m not sure if his loss to Novak in Semis has a permanent scar in his mind and probably forcing him into retirement if he has a good Olympics or USO.

Michael Says:

I might be wrong in my assumption. But it has a sound basis. Haas is a very good old friend of Roger for many years now. He is 34 and is in the last stages of his career and reaching the finals of a tournament. Roger, a true gentleman did not want to disappoint Haas, his good friend and may be gifted the match by not playing his best Tennis. That is a possibility and Haas playing his best Tennis and winning against Roger despite his best efforts is also probable. Nevertheless, I feel happy for the unlucky Haas to have won this home tournament. It surely should be a morale booster for him ahead of Wimbledon. I wish him the very best and also to Roger.

metan Says:

Wow, will ask vamos rafa to do the same thing next year, give Roger one of Clay trophy, probably rg trophy before Roger,,,,,,,, since nadal n Roger are best friend too,

Nirmal Kumar Says:


Actually I stated after his Raonic’s match when I saw Haas defeated Berdych, I mentioned that Roger would give the match to Haas.

But after seeing his quality in this match, It’s more like Haas earned it, rather than Roger gave it to him. Let’s give credit to Haas rather than claiming Roger gave it to Haas.

scineram Says:

“Another factor is that Federer did not really try hard…..he wanted to conserve energy for the wimby-olympics….he also wanted to gift this match to his friend haas.”

What a despicable sportsman Roger Federer is! How dare he call himself a tennis professional!?

Bryan Says:

Haas Shocks Federer…Federer shocks his fans who still thinks he is the best player out there specially in grass! I don’t know why it is so difficult for most of his fans to accept the fact that his best days are behind him already.

Michael Says:


I have not seen that match and so it is not nice for me to comment. Therefore mines was mere assumption. I know Haas is a great player and infact he was No.2 one point of time. He has the ability to defeat top players even today when he is 34. Still I harbour a hope that Roger would have gifted away the match.

jayne Says:

Well, no hi6tory for Roger this year, I guesw, at the massive 250 point tourniein Halls. Cuz, you know, according to Federer fans it would have been the equivalent of Rafa’s 7th win at RG, apparently. I like Roger, but just find it hysterical that when he loses, you can count on someone coming on and going on and on AGAIN about Roger still being the best and greatest ever, you know in case anyone might forget or disagree. Can’t just disucss the tournament itself without the GOAT argument thrown in for good measure.

solar Says:

It could be that match was handed. But it was maybe the most horrible match I watched Roger playing. Quality of the match was of Futures level. If Roger will win something after this, then it would be clear, but this may be down the road too.

madmax Says:

Well, considering Haas beat Novak only 3 years ago, in the same tournament, when he was 9 years older than Novak, I think Haas is more than a little underrated.

Roger has been on the downward slide since 2008 by all accounts, guess I will have to go away and check out how many slams, masters and other tournys he has lost during that time. May be he has even won a few?

jamie Says:

I read this on MTF:

Federer has never won Wimbledon in a year when he has played in Halle and failed to take the title.

I doubt Federer will win Wimbledon

the mind reels Says:

@Bryan: I don’t think many Federer fans have a problem accepting that Federer’s best days are behind him. He has shown that he’s still capable of playing at a very high level, and on paper, independent of other factors, he should have won this match, which is why some fans are probably a little surprised.

Nadal fans were very quick to write off his loss to Kohlschreiber earlier in the week as due to lasting fatigue from his run at Roland Garros. That seems fine (though on paper, independent of other factors (i.e., playing two weeks at RG just before), he should have won), though it seems also fine to attribute Sunday’s results to something similar. Federer played one fewer match at RG than Nadal (but also played two more matches than him at Halle). All else equal, should he have beaten Haas? Sure. Was he possibly a little gassed from the French still? Probably.

jamie Says:

Federer has better chances of winning USO than Wimbledon.

Grass is now his worst surface. He even won a title on clay this year at almost 31, ffs. Has not won a title on grass in 3 years. Almost lost to Falla at Wimbledon 2 years ago. QF in the past 2 Wimbledons(worst performance at the slams in the past 2 years) while he lost in the past 2 years in the SF after having mps at the USO against the best hc player atm not some random player like Berdych or Tsonga in the QF like a Wimbledon.

Grass demands great athleticism and ROS. Federer struggles with this atm.

The last player over 30 to win Wimbledon was Ashe almost 40 years ago.

USO has seen several players over 30 win there in the past decades like Sampras and Connors.

jamie Says:


QF in the past 2 Wimbledons(worst performance at the slams in the past 2 years) while he lost in the past 2 years in the SF after having mps at the USO against the best hc player atm not some random player like Berdych or Tsonga in the QF like at Wimbledon.

the mind reels Says:

@jamie: true that Wimbledon has been his worst Grand Slam in recent years, but let’s hesitate before calling Berdych “some random player.” He’s a top 10 player with a grasscourt title who straight-setted Djokovic in the semis that year after beating Federer in the quarters.

As for Tsonga, while I still wouldn’t call him a random player, if what you mean is a surprise loss, I suppose I’d agree (though Tsonga’s another top 10 player who has contested the finals at Queen’s and is defending a semifinal appearance at Wimbledon).

RZ Says:

Jamie (and the mind reels),
I would call Fed’s loss to Tsonga last year a surprise only b/c Fed was leading 2 sets up. Tsonga can turn it on at different times and beat any of the top guys. He’s beaten each of the big 4 at a slam at least once, and remember how close he was to taking Djokovic out at the French this year.

Brando Says:

I agree with jamie- fed’s best chance for a slam is USO. It’s the quickest surface, and that’s where he has had his best results recently. Wimby to me doesn’t look good for fed. Aside from novak and rafa- a major problem for him at slams, especially week 2 wimby conditions- he’s also vulnerable to the power of tsonga, berdych too. Who knows, maybe even del potro could take him out here IF he’s fit. He needs alot of luck to go his I think- more than novak or rafa- in order to win. IF the big 2 do not win, I’d give fed the edge over Murray solely due to murray’s historic nervousness in big moments.

metan Says:

Cheer up Roger fans first,

No mountain’s too high for Roger to climb
All he has to do is has some climbing faith
No river’s too wide for Roger to make it across
All he has to do is believe it when pray

Title of this song I am your angel by R Kelly n Celine Dion,

All Roger fans/angels , come on your knees , miracle will happen, slam is coming!!

jamie Says:

Federer went on to beat Tsonga in straights at the USO last year after the Wimbledon loss.

6-4, 6-3, 6-3

Says it all.

metan Says:

@ jamie,
Wimby is nadal this is for sure
Olimpic is nadal probably ( unexpected fortunes as told by my ft )
Uso is Roger,,,, but you ever said that it could be nadal too, ?

jane Says:

I am hopeful that Nole and Murray will each win one of the remaining big titles: Wimbledon, Olympics, USO and YEC. There are other people who could also surprise us, like Delpo or Tsonga too. Here’s a blurb from ESPN from a week ago.


metan Says:

Lightning struck, hoping Murray will get one, at least wimby, he is just unlucky most of the time,,,,,

RZ Says:

Nole’s, Rafa’s, and Fed’s performances at Wimbledon will determine who’s #1 at the end of the tourney. See Darren Cahill’s tweets: https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=darren_cahill

madmax Says:

jamie Says:
I read this on MTF:

Federer has never won Wimbledon in a year when he has played in Halle and failed to take the title.

I doubt Federer will win Wimbledon

June 18th, 2012 at 8:02 am

Jamie, don’t listen to negativity. It serves no purpose, gets no one anywhere in life. You seem to thrive on it. You can finish the last sentence. It kind of rhymes.

madmax Says:

As its only short, I’ll post it here.

darren_cahill Darren Cahill
Novak Djokovic is assured of retaining the #1 ranking if he reaches the @Wimbledon final.
about 2 hours ago darren_cahill Darren Cahill
Rafael Nadal will reclaim #1 if he wins the @Wimbledon title and Djokovic fails to make the semifinals.
about 2 hours ago

jatt Says:


this is interesting. Just read Scotland Yard to investigate Nalbandian kick. I am surprised and shocked why police is getting involved into it ?
here’s the link


jane Says:

Wow, allegations of assault. This is just even more sad. :/

Dave Says:

There is no need for Federer’s critics like RFF to wet their panties. Anyone who predicts Grand Slam results based on a loss in a ATP 250 final needs a reality check and tennis history lesson. The prize ceremony proves Federer didn’t care about the loss (he probably would have skipped Halle to rest his body if not for his lifelong contract). Roger and Tommy were just two close buddies happy to play each other in such an atmosphere, Roger and Mirka were genuinely thrilled for the winner, and here is Roger having fun with the TV cameras…

Federer got maximum match practice ahead of Wimbledon, did not succumb to the Raonic serve on grass, and presumably leaves Halle in relatively healthy shape (with respect to his hip injury). Federer admitted he had a cold at his presser after the Raonic match on Friday (Q: Do you have a cold? Federer: Yes, for the past week. Q: But it doesn’t keep you from playing? Federer: No, it doesn’t keep me from playing tennis.). Colds are temporary, and have less impact on the body than a flu.

30-year old Federer played 45 matches this year, just one match less than younger Nadal’s 46 (for whom playing on clay is probably easier than other players) and three matches more than younger Djokovic’s 42. Regardless, fatigue or not, Federer fulfilled his promise to the Swiss press: he said last week he was going to Halle to try to compete all the way because he doesn’t want to disappoint fans who bought tickets to see him – he said he wasn’t going there to play one or two matches, collect the money, then drive home.


Well, at the French they did not investigate when Djoker broke his racquet in his chair :-)

Dave Says:

The winningest NFL teams may or may not win the Superbowl, but their results make them a leading contender. Thus it is amazing that even at age 30 Roger still has the best win-loss record in the ATP over the past 52 weeks – during the supposed Djokovic-Nadal era. Accept it or not, this excellent win-loss backs up Federer’s credentials as a leading contender at the slams. It’s stupid to write off Federer – who won his record 16 slams at the fastest pace in history, man or woman – while he remains this consistent throughout the season. Sooner or later, such a special player will catch the wave at a grand slam, regardless of how well Djokovic or Nadal might be playing (they are not invincible).

And it is even more stupid to make a mountain out of a molehill out of every Federer loss – especially when he has the least losses of any player who played substantially in the past 52 weeks. Such nitpickers are creepy.

Federer has the best win-loss record in both absolute and relative terms (most wins, least losses, best winning percentage) of the top players over the past 52 weeks:
1. Federer: 69-10 (87.3%)
2. Djokovic: 65-11 (85.5%)
3. Nadal: 65-13 (83.3%)
4. Murray: 60-14 (81.1%)
5. David Ferrer 66-18 (78.6%)

ATP link: Current Index is based on player’s performance for past 52 weeks (the differences in winning percentages between my figures and the ATP figures are probably because my calculations are more accurate than the ATP’s :)

RZ Says:

To add to madmax’s post, here is Cahill’s 3rd tweet:

Federer will reclaim #1 if he wins the @Wimbledon title and Djokovic fails to reach the final, breaking Sampras’ record of 286 weeks at #1

metan Says:

@batman, yes correct, at least atp fine nole, it’s not fair,,,,but who knows, but it doesn’t mean I justify nalby’s act,
So sad,,

Wog boy Says:


In order for the police to investigate somebody has to be injured and somebody has to make a claim. None of these happened in Nole’s case. Case closed.
That is rule in UK and also here in Aussiland:)

P.S. The only one who was entitled to lodge a claim was Perrier because their panel has been destroyed, but when you think again that wasn’t so bad because far more people saw the ad due to Nole’s “action.” So Perrier got more for the same money.

jane Says:

Wog Boy, ironic indeed.

jane Says:

Wog Boy, ironic indeed.

bojana Says:

Ironic but right.Wog Boy and Jane,Nole needs more fans like YOU.

Wog boy Says:


I am very happy with 95% of Nole’s fans on tennis-x, some of us (smaler part) needed to mature but we are getting there:)

I am waiting for one particular fan who is in self exile since FO to come back, the one that doesn’t like Perrier and burek, can you imagine that:)
But he likes slivovitz and pig on the spit, so he is forgiven.


Yes, indeed.

jane Says:

Wog Boy – yeah, where is that grammarian? I miss his posts! Cheers mate, and ditto to bojana – pop in more often why don’t you? :)

bojana Says:


I am following this site for a long time,mostly reading,not posting because of my English.I think I started visiting this site in 2008.On that time YOU were only person/not being Serbian/to like and be fair toward Nole.This site was full of the hatred.I am glad that today is better,much more better.I am like You,even though I love Nole,I know that he is one of the best,I cant be as some of Federers fans.I want to go step by step following him from start of each tournament and see haw he plays,haw far he is going to go.Some time he brings a joy to my house,some time there is to much distress.Federers fans go to much with predictions.I would like them, if it is possible to go back one or two years and read what they were posting.

Wog Boy,
I am from Sumadija where is the best slivovitz and burek is not bad, but to be honest I do not like any of them. I live in Canada,and very soon I am going to my Sumadija to my Kragujevac.

Wog boy Says:


Have a good time, I was in Kragujevac last year. I wanted to take my family to Sumarice museum and to show them what happened in Kragujevac in october 1941. That was the best history lesson they ever had. I couldn’t hold back my tears reading last messages that people left when they realize they are going to be executed, actually none of us couldn’t hold back tears and I had Australian and Irish people with me touring Serbia, they were my friends.
My mother is from sumadija, Rudnik mountain:) best slivovitz and kajmak and gibanica:)

jane Says:

bojana, your English is great! You shouldn’t worry about that as far as posting goes; I am always amazed at posters who speak and write in two or more languages: impressive. And yes, for sure it is a roller coaster being a Nole fan – from joy to distress, as you aptly put it – but that’s part of his charm too. He’s human and fallible like the rest of us: that’s easy to identify with. :) Let’s hope he does well at Wimbledon!

madmax Says:

What a great moment between Haas and Fed at wimbledon.


Wog boy Says:


Nice one, Haas looks like a person that you wish always to have as a friend. I like people whose face smile when they smile, he tells you “that is me, I am not pretending.”

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