Pete Sampras: Murray Just Can’t Hang Back And Hope Roger Misses
by Tom Gainey | July 7th, 2012, 12:22 pm

Tennis great Pete Sampras was interviewed by the Associated Press yesterday, and the American offered his thoughts on Roger Federer’s match against Andy Murray in the Sunday Wimbledon final.

If Federer wins the title he’ll match Sampras in all-time victories at Wimbledon with seven.

”Roger’s the favorite, but anything can happen out there if Andy serves well, if he plays aggressive and goes for his shots,” the 14-time Slam champ Sampras told the AP.

“If he gets passive against Roger, I think Roger will win,” he added. ”Andy’s going to have to take his chances. He can’t just hang back against Roger and hope he misses.”

If Federer wins he’ll also also tie and then overtake Sampras at total weeks at No. 1. Sampras currently leads with 286 total weeks at No. 1, one week ahead of Federer.

As Federer continues he assault Sampras’s records, there’s one the Swiss will likely never get.

”The only record I think I’ll have left will be No. 1 for six years,” Sampras said. ”Which I think will be tough for anyone to break.”

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15 Comments for Pete Sampras: Murray Just Can’t Hang Back And Hope Roger Misses

conty Says:

Pete Sampras, being American-Greek is really the only tennis player my Greek bf will ever acknowledge as the GOAT of tennis. hhahaha

He’ll be pulling for Andy Murray for the obvious reasons. Tennis isn’t high on his list of sports but as much as I call Federer the god of tennis, he argues, it’s Pete. He doesn’t want Federer breaking any more of Pete’s records!!

El Flaco Says:

If Andy plays like he did in the 1st 2 sets against Tsonga he has a good chance to win. If he plays like the last 2 sets he’ll lose.

Daniel Says:

Pete needs to make just one correction. His record of sixth STRAIGHT year end will probably be unmatched, just like Rogers 237 straight weeks as #1, but Fed already have 5 Year End Rankings, and if he finishes #1 this year (he not even return to #1 and I am already thinking high), he will tie this record as well.

Brando Says:


madmax Says:

Federer and Murray will be under so much pressure tomorrow.

Can you imagine how they will both be feeling walking out towards court with their bags carried by the gentlemen of wimbledon.

What an honour for both of them.

Sienna Says:

you are hoping and clutching for straws.

Tomorrow the winners must show heart and character I believe the title is Roger’s because of that

Lisa Says:

I think Roger will be the big favourate to lift the trophy, Sunday afternoon….

But wouldn’t it be the story for decades….

“Murray beating possibly the Greatest Tennis Player to have Ever Picked up a Racket”….

Stuff kids and young tennis players would dream of growing up…..Murray has that opportunity on sunday….

So let it begin….

Lisa Says:

What’s all these ‘fuss’ about Federer not winning any slams in ‘two and a half years’?????

That’s just a silly gimmick or attack against Federer’s confidence of winning a slam again….

If Federer wins the final;

‘It was only 1 calander year(2011) that he didnt win a slam….LOL…:)’

Lisa Says:

Usually my Heart always tell me…..

‘It’s Federer’

This time, for the first time, it’s on the contrary…..

My ‘mind’ tells me it’s Federer

My ‘heart’ tells me it’s Murray

Michael Says:

Murray is a very good player and he certainly has a chance against Roger. But it is minimal. It all depends on Roger playing below par and not having a good serving day or his back problems begin to haunt him yet again and the match goes to five sets. All things considered, Roger if he just keeps his level of play as he did against Novak will go on to win his seventh title with comfortable ease. If his level of play drops a bit, the match might go to four or five sets with Roger still winning. The only chance of Murray winning is Roger’s level of play falling very drastically and he succumbs to the pressure of the moment. So, I would say it is 70:30 in favour of Roger.

Dave Says:

Daniel Says: “Pete needs to make just one correction. His record of sixth STRAIGHT year-end will probably be unmatched, just like Rogers 237 straight weeks as #1, but Fed already have 5 Year-End Rankings, and if he finishes #1 this year (he not even return to #1 and I am already thinking high), he will tie this record as well.”

Yes, it’s quite plausible for Fed to finish year end No. 1 even if he doesn’t win the Wimby final. He can still add lots of points until US Open. After US Open, even though Fed has 3,000 points to defend, he made those points in a four week stretch so he can choose to add Shanghai, Tokyo/Beijing and possibly even another event if he really needs the point. If Fed does well between the Wimbledon final to US Open final, he might not even need to do that. But we’ll see.

hans Says:

What’s so important about getting the 6 year end no 1. Having it for consecutive weeks is much more prestigious.

alok Says:

@Brando, cut the crap with the CAPS, and stars. Which stars are you yapping about? Those in Bollywood or Hollywood?

Michael Says:

It is a strange feeling for me. I like Roger to win his 17th major and become the new World No.1 because I am his ardent fan. Similarly, since I love most of the top players, I also do not want Murray to lose because this is his fourth major finals and his career is at stake. Also the fact that Roger has already won Wimbledon six times and he has nothing more to prove in terms of records. I am in a big predicament and do not know how to wriggle out of this ?

Dory Says:

Hi everyone bye everyone. I couldn’t participate muhc on tennis-x during the Slams and Masters 1000s because I have to watch all matches on my slow internet streaming, don’t have cable TV any more. Roger winning today would mean the world to me. He already is the GOAT but he’s trying SOO hard since Aus Open 2010. That Slam final I remember well, he played AWESOME. Hope he wins today and creates history once more – 7th Wimbledons, 17th Slam, back to No.1. So excited today. Would be great if Murray finally gets his 1st Slam but Murray is 3rd of my “Like” list behind Roger at 1st place and DjokerNole at 2nd place.

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