Azarenka Out-shrieks Sharapova, Faces Serena in US Open Final
by Jeremy Davis | September 7th, 2012, 9:20 pm

They exchanged a cold handshake at the net, apropo for two women who had spent the last two hours shrieking at each other, and Azarenka blew kisses to the crowd and did a Charleston-type jig in celebration, while Sharapova hurried off the court.
ESPN’s Mary Carillo during ESPN’s coverage of the match commented on the WTA’s willingness to try and ensure a next generation of non-shriekers, but their aversion to going head-to-head with the two queens of shriek.

Azarenka beat Sharapova 3-6, 6-2, 6-4 to advance Friday into her second Grand Slam final.

“I just tried to you know not focus on the score, to give whatever it takes,” said Azarenka on court after the match. “I know my opponent is going to try hard, so I just try harder. [It’s my] first [US Open] final and I’m so excited, I don’t want to leave, I want to play another [match] again.”

Sharapova was frustrated at coming so close.

“It’s frustrating, but it’s the game of tennis,” Sharapova said. “A lot of swings in the match today. I had the lead and the advantage, but she picked up her game. And in the third set it had a lot to do with the returns. I didn’t do much on her service games — she was winning them pretty easily. Mine were quite long…It’s New York; it’s a Grand Slam; it’s the US Open. This is what you practice for, is to get in those situations and try to get out of them; today I just didn’t.”

In the final the exuberant Azarenka will play Serena Williams, who in a replay of this year’s French Open final mowed over Sara Errani 6-1, 6-2.

Williams, who hasn’t lost a set in the event, has lost only 19 games over her first six matches, and at one point won 23 straight games stretching over three matches.

“I’m American guys, go USA, it’s an Olympic year, we can do it,” Williams told the crowd afterwards, seeking her 15th Slam singles title.

This year Serena has beaten Azarenka at the Olympics, Wimbledon, and Madrid. Serena leads the head-to-head 9-1, losing her only meeting with the Belarussian at Miami in 2009.

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50 Comments for Azarenka Out-shrieks Sharapova, Faces Serena in US Open Final

Ben Pronin Says:

The match was on in the background for me for the first 2 sets but I think the third set was pretty amazing quality. And there was only one break of serve!! It was clear Azarenka was playing better and seemed only a matter of time before she took it but gotta credit Sharapova for fighting and fighting and fighting. But the shrieking needs to stop asap. It was extremely, extremely annoying.

billy bob Says:

I agree Ben: the first set was mainly Sharapova; the second set mainly Azarenka, who carried momentum into the 3rd, but as you say, things were tight until finally Azarenka got the break and the match. It was a good match I thought.

jane Says:

Yep, Vika was putting a lot of pressure on Sharpie in the 3rd. Maria kept fighting until the end. You could tell she was choked.

Cruise Says:

Serena is just unstoppable. I wish even the ATP used those small and lighter balls that the WTA uses.

Kimberly Says:

Dear everyone

in case you didnt know i am in first place in the girls bracket. its all easy peezy lemon squeezy when you pick williams didnt you know.

love colinO7

Huh Says:

even though i don’t like serena(venus n masha being my faves), i still can’t see the olegendary serena lose to shriekarenka! so…


Kimmi Says:

congrats colin07. waving at you up there at the top. Hope serena wins today, that will boost my bracket too.

Humble Rafa Says:

Mr. Lady Forehand aka Master Choker has a chance to live up to his name tomorrow. We shall see.

mat4 Says:


Hope you are right, though I doubt it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

About the match against Ferrer: I don’t know if anybody has noticed it, but David has a very weak spot in his armor — something Rafa routinely takes advantage of, and Novak exploited today from 3-3 in the third — he has a lot of difficulties with high balls on his backhand. It is the usual problem for all players, but I would have expected that, with his two-hander, he would be able to cope with better. The moment Novak started to spin FH on that backhand, the match was over.

Kimmi Says:

serena not serving like wimbledon, azarenka gets a look at a lot of her serves but she is still not winning them.

Kimmi Says:

there is the break! azarenka needs to hold now

Kimmi Says:

serena in trouble now.

Kimmi Says:

third set!!

azarenka could win this.

autoFilter Says:

Vika up a break in the 3rd!

Kimmi Says:

azarenka breaks! she is the better player once the rallies starts.

autoFilter Says:

Azarenka is living dangerously, though…

Kimberly Says:

this is some big girl tennis! Loving it!

Kimmi Says:

very tense match. azarenka really bough it up today.

harry Says:

yep! really good tennis :-)

Kimmi Says:

serena serve is gone. she is hanging on here. she is winning only 30% of her second serve. not good news.

harry Says:

yes Kimmi — Azarenka is winning 58% on her second serves. That is impressive against Serena…

autoFilter Says:

Vika is doing so well to open up the court in many of these rallies. One game away!

Kimmi Says:

wow! azarenka almost home.

autoFilter Says:

Almost home indeed, Kimmi, but she’s about to face the mentally toughest service game of her life…

autoFilter Says:


harry Says:

Serena is back :)

Kimmi Says:

OK! not over till its over. 5-5

Kimmi Says:

oh man!! serena is tough

autoFilter Says:


Kimmi Says:

azarenka is crying. i would too. she was soooooo close. ugh!

skeezer Says:

Barf? Finally, the shrieker is OUT!, #1 pretender.

SERENA, Queen of NY!!

Brando Says:

Damn! Serena you legend!

Brando Says:

Congrats to serena on slam no.15- hopefuly she’ll stay healthy and add more to her total. Azarenka: close, but no cigar! :-)

Kimmi Says:

no regrets vika? no, she should have served better when serving for the match. but big up to vika. she was really very good today. what a match indeed.

15 grand slam..very good number and in a very good company.

vika needs to improve that serve, it was her downfall when serving for the match today.

Sienna Says:

Serena is goat.

Graf is put forward from people on this site but serena is way better.
Serena eats graf for bf.

fed is afraid Says:

what a busted trophy ceremony. they barely got out a sentence. hurry up they have to run to show 60 minutes. sell this tournament to the chinese. It sucks.

skeezer Says:

^then why were you watching it? Hehe….

The tournament is great. The scheduling sucks.

Alok Says:

Great win for Serena!.

What a dramatic ending to this match. I began watching the 5th set at 5-3, then serena made it 5-4, and Wika had to serve it out. At that point, I thought Vika has to be nervous serving out the match, and walla, Serena broke back. 5-5 all, then 6-5, and Vika’s turn to serve to take it to a TB, and again she got nervous, with serena earning the first two points to make it 0-30, and before you can count to 20, it was Advantage Serena, and the rest is history.

It appears from the scoreline that they both beat each other 6-2-6-2 in the first two sets, so am assuming those were unewvenful sets, but the third set more than made up for the lack of excitement (I’m presuming) in the first two sets.

Glad to see another American win a title at their home slam. The Bryans, and now Serena. It’s too bad we won’t have a male American GS winner, as our last hope went quietly into retirement after losing to JMDP. Unless Isner or Harrison makes a push and starts playing better. Really thought Isner would have made a deep push, but I suppose his back problems got worse..

Kimberly Says:

dear everyone

i won the womens draw so i want to know what my prize is going to be. am i getting to the us open next year in the front row


Brando Says:


Lol, congrats on your bracket win. Well done. :-)

Kimmi Says:

congrats colin07. vika nearly won but serena is very tough. i think if you keep picking serena you will win a lot of wta bracket. she is very tough to beat.

congratulation. goodluck for the mens too.

autoFilter Says:


Ha, yeah, not my most articulate comment. Obviously I’m not a huge fan of Serena. I’ve always loved Venus and so have tried really hard to embrace Serena, but I just haven’t been able to make it happen at all. And the whole “ball down your &*^% throat” episode was the last straw for me.

Also, I wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment that she is the greatest ever. I mean, of course a big part of that depends on one’s criteria for “greatest”. She may very well be the most difficult to beat, but to my eyes that is not because of superior courtcraft or tennis IQ… but, again, it is all very subjective and those just happen to be aspects of the game that I value.

Oh, and I feel that Azarenka coos rather than shrieks, which is not to say that the former is any less obnoxious than the latter. In any case, she really really really needs to address her serve. I just can’t understand how a woman of her size and exceptional athletic ability can only manage a maximum service speed of 107mph.

SG1 Says:

Jeremy…love the title of the article. It’s hysterical.

SG1 Says:


I agree. People have to get off the John McEnroe kick of calling Serena the best ever. At this point, she’s one of the best ever. Graf won all 4 slams and a gold medal in a calendar year. She played in an era with Seles, Navratilova, Evert and other all time greats. Graf even beat Martina at Wimbledon.

My point is that Serena has never shown the consistency of a Graf or a Navratilova over a long period of time. And she hasn’t done it with other truly great players still kicking around.

And Graf, particularly in her younger years, was absolutely fearless. I highly doubt that Graf would have flinched the way Azarenka did at 5-3. Neither would a prime Seles or a prime Navratilova.

Serena is a great player. But please, some perspective. Let Serena get up to the major totals of Navratilova and Graf. Then the GOAT talk can be re-opened.

skeezer Says:


I get what you ‘re sayin, and it’s all good. I am not here to defend Serena’s personality either, but her play on court is , well, championship quality no doubt. Never seen so many outright single shot winners from a Woman.

I have seen the Grafs’ ( Love her ) and the greats of the past. But Serena at her very best? Mmmmm

I will not call her the greatest ever but her clutch play at defining moments with huge winners is something I will always admire.

Re; Zenka’s serve. Ever thought her serve issues tonight were caused by Serena’s ROS awesomeness? Anyways, IMO screamingness is a crutch, not needed to be a Champion.

Thanks for the nice response back Autofilter your post was a goo read … ;)

Huh Says:

callin serena as the greatest ever is like callin nadal better than federer, period.

graf and navratilova are without doubt the greatest ever.

BTW fantastic post by SG1! completely agree! mc enroe while callin serena the greatest ever CANNOT BE SERIOUS! ;)

and like SG pointed out, serena never had even great competitiors like seles/navra/graf/evert for most part of her career. so gimme a break when
callin serena the greatest ever, it’s absolutely hilarious to say so!

Sienna Says:

I have seen Graf and i washington not impressed with her mental part of her game.
Serena has that never say neverattitude.

She just refuses to lose and more important she wants to win more.

Huh Says:

only people like sienna can say that nadal is not great whereas serena is the greatest ever, haha!

Sienna Says:

Graf won most of her slams after Seles got stabbed.

Sienna Says:

If people are calling graf greatest then i am entitled to put serena forward.
Ithink the slams they are separated can be put bythe stabber.
And well about opponents I remember the wimbly final against the biggest choke job in tennis novotna very vivid .
So it wasnt all that great in that era.

Serena can claim equally the throne and people here always overlook navratilova so if that is the case serena is a true champion ahead of graf.

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