Darth Djokovic Feels The Force From Querrey At Paris; Murray, Ferrer, Del Potro Advance

by Staff | October 31st, 2012, 10:47 pm

The Paris tournament lost its third big name as top seed Novak Djokovic was stunned in his opening match by American Sam Querrey 0-6, 7-6, 6-4 today at the Paris Tennis Masters. Djokovic’s loss further damages a tournament that already saw Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer withdraw, and remaining top draw Andy Murray might have an eye or two looking ahead to next week’s finale in London.

Murray, however, showed no signs of disinterest (yet) easily dispatching Paul-Henri Mathieu of France 7-5, 6-3.

“I served well. I didn’t start the match off returning particularly well. I was struggling a bit with the timing on that,” Murray said. “I think towards the end of the first set, we started to have a few more rallies. But the conditions were fast.”

With the field so open Murray has a great opportunity to compile ranking points, but London is definitely calling.

“I’m going to go for it this week and try and play well and have the best finish to the year possible,” Murray told BBC’s 5 Live Monday.

“Paris to London is a one-hour flight or three hours on the train,” he said. “That might change when the Tour Finals move to a different venue. Right now I don’t think it’s too much of an issue.”

Next for Murray is the 6-foot-8 Pole Jerzy Janowicz tomorrow. The Scot is joined in the third round by fellow seeds and recent title winners David Ferrer and Juan Martin Del Potro. Ferrer won his sixth straight match defeating compatriot Marcel Granollers while Del Potro dusted qualifier Alejandro Falla 6-2, 6-2 for his 11th consecutive win.

“I feel tired, but this tournament is so good. It’s a big tournament, and I’m ready to do my best like in Basel and Vienna,” said Del Potro. “I played really well today. Tomorrow, I have a difficult match against a French guy.”

Del Potro was speaking of Michael Llodra who ended the London hopes to John Isner earlier today, and in doing so shut out American men from a Top 10 finish for the very first time in ATP ranking history.

In the final two spots in the London race, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga can lock up a berth by beating Nicolas Almagro. Janko Tipsareivc, the heavy favorite to take the final spot, can eliminate Juan Monaco from the discussion on Thursday. Along with Isner, Richard Gasquet was also a loser today thus ending his chances for London.

Milos Raonic and Almagro are still in the hunt but each will have to at least reach the semifinals. Raonic meets Querrey who’s win over No. 2 Djokovic was his best by ranking of his career. The big-serving American had to overcome a 6-0, 2-0 deficit and the image of Novak walking out wearing a Darth Vader mask before turning the tables and giving the Serb the ultimate Halloween fright.

“Once I got the two games I kind of settled down. I was like, ‘Okay, that’s all I want.’,” said Querrey. “But then I got rolling and got more confidence and started serving better and being a little more aggressive.”

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86 Comments for Darth Djokovic Feels The Force From Querrey At Paris; Murray, Ferrer, Del Potro Advance

tennisfansince76 Says:

little bit of a letdown for Djoker maybe. he already has #1 in the bag.

the DA Says:

Ugh, another giant with a massive serve.

racquet Says:

I know! Another serve fest. yawn..

Polo Says:

I think it’s time for ATP to put a control on these tennis rackets and tennis balls. They are giving too much advantage to the tall, big servers to the detriment to the rest of the game. It is becoming very uninteresting to watch. In golf, they have a governing body that looks at golf clubs and balls so that nobody gets an unfair advantage in using them.

racquet Says:

1st BP against Janowicz in the whole tourny.

racquet Says:

How ironic, loses serve for the first time on a DF. Andy to serve for the 1st set.

the DA Says:

C’mon!! hehe Brad Gilbert is already hyping up this guy as future top 10.

racquet Says:

Whew, that was a dicey game but Andy takes the 1st set 7-5.

Polo Says:

There you go, Andy. Put that guy in his right place. Keep going now.

racquet Says:

The grunt when he serves is very apt for Halloween.

racquet Says:

Oh wow! What a way to break. Go Andy, finish it.

racquet Says:

Oh dear, can’t believe it. Closing out seems to be a jinx now.

racquet Says:

Ugh, I’m out. I kind of hope Andy loses now. Rest up like Nole and Roger and go into the WTF fresh.

Polo Says:

Me too. I hope Andy just lets it go and not try too hard to win this match. Rest sounds so much better.

Polo Says:

The rest of the guys who have already made it to next week’s tournament should follow Novak’s lead and lose their matches today and rest. There is even bigger money with each match you win in the YEC, isn’t there?

scineram Says:

WOW, MAndy getting ROSOLed HARD!!

What a sight!

the DA Says:

Rosol-ed is right.

the DA Says:

heh…Janowicz reacted like he won a slam. Oh well. London calling.

volley Says:

1st time since 2008 that a Masters 1000 QF will not feature one of the Big 4.

Colin Says:

Racquet, if you think this guy is just another big-serving giant, you haven’t been watching. He has a frequently excellent drop-shot, and plays some great stuff at the net. He’s not 22 yet, and if he can improve his consistency, I think he is a better prospect than the much-touted Raonic.

the DA Says:

This is a great chance for Delpo to win his first Masters 1000. Or it would be nice for the crowd if Tsonga won it again.

RZ Says:

Crazy! Why, oh why, did Fed choose to sit this one out???? I hope Ferrer can win this. Or Tsonga for the home team. (Just not Berdych – can’t stand him!)

Tz Says:

So few comments….
I guess there’s not much haters for andy and novak on this site. I just wonder what would’ve happened here had nadal or federer lost to querry/janowicz! :D

volley Says:

>>I guess there’s not much haters for andy and novak on this site.

heh, i guess you’re new here.

Brando Says:


This what would have been said IF they had lost:

Rafa loses to Querrey: he’s finished, this is the end, pathetic indoor players.

Fed loses to Janowicz: LMAO- and some think he’s still going to be relevant in 2013, lol, the old man’s past it!


BOTH of them are the BEST at proving people wrong time after time. So the haters opinion is rendered meaningless virtually all the time.

Tz Says:

@ volley,

I’ve been here since the FO this year. So, I am not an old poster like skeezer, grendel, jane, etc. But i guess may be i’m not that much NEW :)

racquet Says:

@ colin

Yes, as the match went on it become clear that Janowicz has more than a huge serve. I lost count of the drop shots which won points. He’s pretty good at the net and is FH blows hot and cold, but if he improves that he could become a force. To have beaten Kohlschreiber, Cilic and now Murray means this might not be a fluke. However, Andy did gift him a few points.

Tz Says:


agree totally. I’ve been laughing for a while as i was imagining those types of reactions that u just wrote :P

Giles Says:

Brando. Exactly right! Lol

volley Says:


well, you’ve missed plenty of hate. check out the archives some time.

the DA Says:


haha, spot on.

I almost forgot Ferrer is still in the mix and hasn’t won a Masters 1000 yet either. Maybe it’s his turn?

volley Says:

here is another astounding statistic: 17 straight Masters 1000 titles won by Big 4. the last non-Top 4 winner was Soderling in ’10.


Brando Says:

@the DA:

Of the remaining players, i’d like either Delpo or Ferrer to win their first MS 1000 title.

The battle between the nice guys lol!

I’d probably say Ferrer, now that I think about it.

Why? He’s 30 (31?) so I doubt he’ll ever get a better chance than this.

So I i’ll be rooting for Ferrer from here!

Go Daveed go!!!!!

Tz Says:


maybe. But i think fed/nadal got more haters than andy/novak got

volley Says:


>>maybe. But i think fed/nadal got more haters than andy/novak got

in my experience Nadal gets the most hate, followed by Andy and then Nole. i think that is due to Fed’s huge fan base and their h2h. there seems to be a mutual respect between Rafa/Andy fans and Andy/Nole fans. there used to be more between Rafa/Nole fans until 2011 happened. there seem to be a huge number of Fed fans who despise all of the other 3. just my observation.

Ngentot Says:


Maybe. But I think Fed/Nadal got more LOVERS (admirers) than Andy/Novak got. LOL

Giles Says:

Llodra takes the first set. Another upset on the cards?

the DA Says:

And now Delpo is in trouble against Llodra, losing the 1st set. It’s a conspiracy by the top players! lol

Tz Says:


u have said something that i’d agree. But u know its not like that nadal doesn’t have a huge fan base. U can look at both fed n nadals facebook pages. They both have 11+ million fans. Besides, nadal has huge number of followers on twitter.

What i think that fed n rafa got huge fan base. And for this reason, the possibility of having more fanatic fans is much more than the others. And I think its the fanatic fans of rafa and fed who bring up so much hatred

** i don’t know if i have made my post understandable. And i’m sorry for that. I’m not much good in english

trufan Says:

Was Federer the smart one, sitting it out, or did he make a mistake – he could have won this one (Delpo is also on his way out) and kept his No. 1 hopes alive.

Murray just lost a great chance to come closer to No. 1. If he doesn’t get it before Wimbledon (which is unlikely anyway), he will not get it the rest of the year next year, since he has too many points to defend, and will lose the 750 Olympics points.

Maybe the olympics points should last 4 years??

Polo Says:

I think that all those with a realistic chance of winning the year end championship will all be gone before the semifinals. This is beginning to look like a throwaway tournament for the top guys.

the DA Says:

OMG, freaky Thursday Delpo out in straight sets. What next?

Polo Says:

Oh! I am glad I saw that, Del Potro rubbing the head of Llodra’s son.

trufan Says:

I think everyone is saving for the YEC.

However, Murray and Djoke might be a bit rusty…. And Delpo is still going to be a bit tired – 12 matches in 2.5 weeks is a lot. 3 days isn’t enough rest for the big guy.

All the opening matches are going to be a bit unpredictable.

When does the YEC draw come out??

trufan Says:

Also, Tsonga qualifies for sure today (for the YEC). Then its between Tipsarevic and Raonic – Raonic just has an outside chance.

Brando Says:

Fed, Nole, Muzza, Delpo ALL OUT of Paris prior to QTRS, one way or another.

Stranger coincidence or devious planning?


Polo Says:

Isn’t Almagro still in the running, ahead of Raonic?

the DA Says:

I read the draw will be done on Saturday, subject to results at Bercy.

the DA Says:

I think Raonic has to get to the final and for Tipsy to lose in the next rnd.

trufan Says:


you are right, Almagro is still in the running. I sort of assumed he would lose to Tsonga!

How can they make the draw if the players are not yet decided? I guess they can, just call them No. 7 and No. 8. Tsonga, is, for all practical purposes, the No. 7 guy. Only the last spot is now up for grabs.

Raonic needs to make the most of this great chance now!!

the DA Says:

Personally, I’d rather Raonic didn’t make it. He can join the party next year ;) Tipsy would be more fun.

alison Says:

Personally i have have no idea if Nole,Andy,Delpo etc are losing deliberatly,or simply because their opponents are playing great hmm,however imprepared to give them the benifit of the doubt,as only they know whats going on inside their heads,if thats what they are doing then its disrespectfull to the tournament,the fans that pay to see them,and their opponents,if you dont want to play dont play,if your ill dont play,or if you do at least try your best,and if you lose dont blame it on illness or injury,alot of credit must go to Roger for putting his health,and the tournament above personal greed and the world ranking,just my take,end of rant.

bstevens Says:

I would just like to point out that Murray has now lost 3 consecutive matches having held match points. You could look at it in two ways: he was close to winning or he has trouble closing matches. Either way, this year has been a success with his maiden slam and Olympic gold.

bstevens Says:

Paris has always been a strange Masters event. The big 4 have only won it a combined 2 times (Novak in 2009, Roger last year). And as others have already mentioned, this will mark the first Masters won by someone outside the top 4 since Robin Soderling – remember him?!

Kimberly Says:

I don’t understand what happened to Murray but it does sound like this Janowicz is playing the tennis of his life. But it sounds to me like another typical poor end of the year unimpressive performance from a top player.

With that said, I would be surprised if there is a person on this blog who would not at least be happy to see Ferrer get his first and likely only masters here. But frankly with the speed of the court I am seeing Tsonga or Berdych. Like Kaiser picked for the bracket challenge.

the DA Says:

Raonic loses 1st set to Querrey. His chances of making the WTF fading.

Tootie Says:

Novak, it could be your loss at Paris was the result of sin. Sexual intimacy is for husbands and wives, no one else, according to God’s Word. You have met Nik. He knows Jesus personally. The Holy Spirit is drawing you. A born again believer is expected by Jesus to actually live a clean, pure life.

“Do you not know that the righteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived, neither fornicators . . . will inherit the kingdom of God.” L Cor. 6: 9, 10

alison Says:

Tootie this is a tennis forum,no offence but religion and sexual politics dont come into question here,anyway what Novak does in his spare time is his own private and personal buisness.

Brando Says:


Will all due respect, and for all religious beliefs, really a tennis forum is not the best place to mention such a thing.

best stick to the tennis and all matters that are linked to it- of the sporting variation of course.

Polo Says:

Tootie, you are tooting at the wrong place.

the DA Says:

Querrey knocks out Raonic. He’ll have to try to make it next year. Sam seems to be a bad match-up for Milos, 2 losses in a row.

Sienna Says:

So everyone has done almost everything in their power toensure they arrive at full speed at London O2.

The game is on and the best player of the year will be decided at that event. The results in the last master are proof for that.

I’d rather have them been pulled out of the draw like Fed did but that probaby is the way of the new generation.

Again. WTF at O2 is the decider for the year. No matter what the rankings say.

Im up for it and I am sure Fed is up for it.

Question is. Is the Serb up for it?

the DA Says:

So the field is set for the WTF. Tsonga and Tipsy book the last 2 spots. It’s a pretty strong field.

racquet Says:

Just saw the shocking news that Sergei Bubka Jr is in hospital after falling from a third floor apartment. That sounds serious.

alison Says:

Thanks Giles nice to know he is missed by so many people.

Wog boy Says:


I don’t think that court is fast, not at all by watching matches. I might be wrong though. I agree I really would like to see Ferrer winning it, it could be as well his last chance.
When Nole bombed out yesterday we had two new threads in no time and we have to wait for Murray’s Olympic gold one few days, didn’t we:) and wasn’t big one anyway:)
Now we have Andy, Delpo, and who else out and there is no new thread……just teasing….TX is doing good job .

alison Says:

Wogboy Ferrer is the highest ranked player left now,i agree hes such a nice guy it would be great to see him win a masters title.

trufan Says:

So the YEC field is set – Fed, Djoke, Murray, Ferrer, Delpo, Berdych, Tsonga, Tipsy.

I think a fair draw would be Fed, Ferrer, Delpo, Tsonga in one group, and Djoke, Murray, Ferrer, Tipsy in another.

What do you think?

trufan Says:

4 unseeded players in the QF of Paris masters, with none of the top 4 there.

When was the last time this happened at a masters tournament???

racquet Says:

You’ve put Ferrer in both groups.

Wog boy Says:


I remember him after AO when he beat injured Nadal. He almost felt guilty for betaing him and said something like…” if Rafa wasn’t injured he would beat me without giving me a set like in all our previous matches”, he is nice guy but always remainds me on boxer walking in to the ring to fight with that head and neck movement and pace walk.

andrea Says:

wow. murray and djokovic out. with roger pulling out as well, the organizers must be bummed. all the top guys should be refreshed for london.

Brando Says:

‘You’ve put Ferrer in both groups.’

LOL! :-))))))))))

alison Says:

Wogboy haha yeah,what i like about him is as you say the humble attitude,hes also a very quiet unasuming charater too,no whinging and whining like most players do,just quietly going about the job in hand win or lose,hes not as talented as some of the top guys,but no one can find fault with his work ethic,it might be a tall order but with Rafa out,im rooting for Andy to win the WTF,but if he doesnt win,i would love Ferrer to win it instead,however we will see i suppose.

Wog boy Says:

Wawrinka breaks in second set for a 4:3 and he has got spectators with him. It looks like French just cannot cheer Spaniard:)

Wog boy Says:

Wawrinka serving for the second set, it looks like we are going to third set, he pick up his game in second set, better on the net and more winners.

Wog boy Says:

What a point by Ferrer, can he brake back?

Wog boy Says:

No, he cannot:(

allcourt Says:

“…it might be a tall order…”

Yea, Isner and Delpo are out, but with Querrey and Jerzy still in there, it will be a tall order for Davide. But I’m still rooting for him. :)

the DA Says:

@ trufan – I would prefer the draw to have Fed, Murray, Delpo, Tipsy in one group, and Djoke, Berdych, Tsonga, Ferrer in the other.

alison Says:

Yay so happy for Daveed Ferrer.

courtside Says:

“I’m going to go for it this week and try and play well and have the best finish to the year possible,” Murray told BBC’s 5 Live

Jerzy was way too good for Andy. Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris Murray had match points. What’s wrong with him?

Alok Says:

WOW, who would have thought a MS tourney would be devoid of top 4 players, although technically, Fcan be considered a top 4 player due to Nadal’s absence.

I watched Murray’s match and was amazed at Jerzy’s match play. He’s got some game going for him. Absolutely awed that he was able to drop shot Murray effectively so many times. I’ll be rooting for Jerzy in the future but not when he plays against Fed and some of my other old faves.

I think if Jerzy continues to play this way he will be someone the top 4 would not like to see on their side of the draw. I’ve not been so impressed with a player for a long time as I’m with this guy. I hope he will be able to go deep and not let today’s win cencel out his focus, a we’ve so many times seen when a lower-ranked player beats a top player, only to lose in subsequent rounds.

I’m also happy for Querey who seems to be finding his form now, and hope he can carry it over in 2013.

jane Says:

“volley Says:
1st time since 2008 that a Masters 1000 QF will not feature one of the Big 4.

November 1st, 2012 at 11:41 am”

Amazing stats you gave volley; both this one and the fact that Soderling in 2010 was the last player not in the big four to win the Masters titles.

Shows how consistent these guys have been for years.

I am hoping for Ferrer most, I think. I would love to see him win a Masters!!

Margot Says:

Yay! Go Ferrer or Simon….wub

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