Roger Federer’s South American Exhibition Schedule
by Tom Gainey | December 2nd, 2012, 12:11 pm

Roger Federer will be back on the court this upcoming week for a special exhibition series in South America. Federer, who hasn’t played on the continent since joining the pro ranks, will begin a six-event stretch through three countries starting Thursday, December 6 in Brazil.

Federer reportedly will receive $2 million dollars per event! And Federer is already making plans (he’ll need some extra baggage to carry all that money!).

“Starting to pack for the Gillette Federer tour through South America and I was excited to receive these new Nike RF hats in the colors of Brazil, Argentina and Colombia….very cool!” Federer posted on Facebook accompanied by a picture of three of his signature “RF” hats.

Last month, Federer spoke in depth about his December trip.

“It’s true, if you haven’t been to a place, you just don’t know as much as you should,” Federer said of the three countries. “You have to look it up, spend a lot of time with people who are from there. I’ve had obviously some experiences, but I guess not enough. That’s why it was also one of my big dreams as such, was to hopefully play there one day. I knew through the normal schedule, it was going to be extremely hard to do. My only way to get to South America in some ways was to play an exhibition tour. I’m happy we’ve been able to accomplish that.

“It’s big for me to go to see new places, playing in front of a crowd that I’ve never experienced before. That’s going to be really, really nice. I definitely have some homework still to do more about the cities I’m going to, the countries, even though I know quite a few things. But I’d like to know as much as I can getting there beforehand.”

Federer Gillette Tour Exhibition Schedule:
December 6
Ginásio do Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil
Roger Federer vs. Thomaz Bellucci
Bob & Mike Bryan vs. Bruno Soares & Marcelo Melo

December 7 (No Federer)
Ginásio do Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Sharapova vs. Caroline Wozniacki
Thomaz Bellucci vs. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

December 8
Ginásio do Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil
Serena Williams vs Victoria Azarenka
Roger Federer vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

December 9
Ginásio do Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil
Thomaz Belluci vs. Tommy Robredo
Roger Federer vs. David Ferrer

December 12-13
Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Roger Federer vs. Juan Martin Del Potro

December 15
El Coliseo Cubierto El Campín, Bogota
Roger Federer vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

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78 Comments for Roger Federer’s South American Exhibition Schedule

skeezer Says:

Cha Ching!

El Flaco Says:

Playing in Bogota will be a new experience for Federer. It’s 2,600 meters above sea level.

Esrelle Says:

Have an absolute fab time Roger!!!

Brando Says:

Good for fed.

If he wants to make some extra, easy money then he has every right to do so.

Let’s see how the Tx posters react to such a thing when rafa or nole do such a thing.

Something tells me they ain’t going to be showered with love should they make such a move.

andrea Says:

as appearance fees go, those are pretty rich. not a bad deal – 12 million dollars and an all expense paid trip to south america. sign me up.

jane Says:

That’s a lot of incentive. Cha-Ching indeed! Why not?

It’s already been noted on Nole’s schedule thread with regard to the Hopman Cup and Mubadala that he “will receive a lot of money for appearing in both events, and that’s why he is playing both events.” I suppose it’s not such a bad thing if they make some extra money on the side. Besides which, as prep for the AO, those 2 events can’t hurt.

alison Says:

Exhos are a great way of getting prepared for GS,for the players to try out some new tactics,i just wish they wouldnt pay them so much money,IMO its overkill the top players get too much money,and the lower ranked players struggle,one British player is thinking about retiring after next year if his ranking doesnt improve,as hes struggling to make a living playing tennis,tennis seems to benifit only the top players these days.

jane Says:

alison, agree about the grand slam prep and that the inequities do seem glaring. But I guess it’s like that in a lot of fields. Think of how many actors/actresses have to wait on tables just to make ends meet while others have more money than they know what to do with! Meanwhile there are so many underprivileged people the world over. In that sense, it’s good, imo, that some celebrities lend their name and time to a charitable cause, thus promoting it (I know you don’t like to hear about it, but at least it’s worthy either way).

alison Says:

Jane thanks,yeah i have always been someone myself who has struggled finacially,had to work hard,thats why i can identify with people who struggle,dont get me wrong,i know we all work hard,and im sure im not the only person blogging on here whos ever had to struggle,ive never had anything against the rich and famous helping charities,promoting awareness,its great that they are in a position to do so,what i find annoying is the song and dance thats made about it,and the appearance fees,awards for doing so,and the whole hero worshipping hooha that goes along with it,but hey thats JMO,and like you say its worthy either way

Brando Says:

The money the big players get is justified IMO.

Ultimately Tennis is part of the entertainment industry- like any sport. People turn up since they want to be entertained by watching the game.

And considering the money that is made from matches involving the big ‘name’ players- it’s ONLY right and fair that they get a good slice of the pie, in terms of the BO they generate.

I know i’ll be in the minority in this regard, but IMHO the top players should GET MORE MONEY from the total income the game generates.

YES, it’s true they earn a ridiculous amount already for what is ultimately just playing a game.

BUT when one sees Tennis as a business, and looks at the revenue the players generate- in particular the top players, then I feel they are entitled to earn more of it.

For example, let’s say fedal have 10 matches across the planet and generate a profit of $100 million in revenue’s from the matches- is it really unfair IF they demand say 10% of the profits form them?

I think NOT.

Most people tune in or attend these matches for the big name players- take out of their ‘star appeal’ and all of a sudden the figures earned drop steeply.

For example, Pirates of the Caribbean makes a $1 billion plus at the BO- would it really be unfair for Johnny Depp to demand or claim $250 million of that?

Of course NOT- take him out, and the franchise sinks. So he’s entitled to it!

Right now, out of the total sum the game is making the players- whilst earning way more than in the past- are still getting a SMALL % of the profit generated, and when one consider’s how much of it generated by their ‘appeal’ then an UNFAIR amount!


Tennis is a big business, and for many the ‘star players’ bring in the crowd, create the interest that leads to earning the amount they do.

Sure their is a HUGE GAP between what the top and lower ranked players earn- but it is what it is!

Take out the big players and all of a sudden their isn’t much money to be talked about in the first place!

Brando Says:

Fed call’s his rivalry with rafa a great one- compares it to Sampras v Agassi.


I would say it is way more exciting rivalry than that one. In fact, i even remember MARAT SAFIN saying once that the fedal rivalry trumps the Sampras- Agassi one!

madmax Says:


You are being really nice about federer recently, thanks for your views and comments.

In terms of the fed/rafa rivalry. I love it. One for the ages. Don’t care about the head to head. I mean that. Love these two guys when they play. Their different styles and can’t wait for rafa to get back on court and for these two, to play again.

I watched the wimbledon 2008 tiebreak again yesterday. Just for the suspense and the tension, set 4. Rafa’s championship points, Roger’s set points, come and go and then eventually Roger snatching it.

It was worth it.

Brando Says:


No worries and thanks for your kind comments too.

I admit whilst it’s nice as a rafa fan to have rafa leading the h2h, I personally think ultimately once both have retired people will just remember the great matches between the 2- as opposed to the statistics.

Since ultimately what happens on court always OUTWEIGHS any so called statistic in the memory of the public.

And these 2, IMO and many others i am certain of, provide the best possible tennis match when both are firing.

NO ONE brings out the best in rafa the way fed does- and I am more than certain rafa bring out or at least demands the best from fed.

This is the rivalry that has excited the public, former and current pros and the press in a manner that – for my money- no other rivalry in tennis history has ever done so!

They are two completely different tennis players- YET equally compelling in many different ways!

alison Says:

Madmax those are such sweet words that you said about Rafa thankyou.

alison Says:

Brando two great posts.

alison Says:

Pretty simple really Rogers the greatest player of all time,Rafa/Novak are two of the greatest players of all time,theres room for them all,as fans we should be content with that,love one admire the rest,its only a game after all,it would be nice if people remembered that from time to time.

alison Says:

Have the 2008 wimbledon final on DVD,and still watch it from time to time,and i still get butterflies in my stomach watching it even though i know whats gonna happen,just about the best final i have ever seen in tennis,loved the Fed/Roddick final in 2009 too,i could enjoy that one from a neutral point of view though,as i had no emotional investment in either player,felt so sorry for A.Rod at the end though,i would also rate the Rafter/Ivanisavic final as an absolute classic,cant remember the year though,Goran coming back after been c,ship MP down amazing stuff.

lasslo Says:

Amazing how the top four always claim to be tired and then do all these exhos- and I’m a Fed fan too!

LuisG Says:

To be frank I don’t really understand the point of this “exhibition tour”.

Would be much easier and MUCH more exciting for tennis fans to see the sponsor pay Federer that money to simply play the ATP Tournaments in South America (Acapulco, Vina, Buenos Aires and the very own Sao Paulo where he’s doing the exhibition!).

It’s ridiculous to see Fed (and I AM a fan of his since the early days) say he never had the chance to visit South America given the current schedule. If other players have time to play the South American season, why doesn’t he? Because he opts to play the more lucrative European tournaments at the same time, like Rotterdam. Fair enough, it’s a decision, but don’t come say that you “don’t have time”.

I’m not against exhibition tennis in places where there is no ATP event (ie I recently attended a fun event in Singapore with Tipsarevic, Monaco, Nishikori and Querrey), but have high profile “exhibitions” off-season in places that a player could simply visit on-season?

I think that reflects poorly on Federer. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve the money. He does. Good for him. Really, no grudges. But, as a fan, I’m disappointed.

madmax Says:

For federer fans.

Brando! Great posts from you!


alison Says:
Have the 2008 wimbledon final on DVD,and still watch it from time to time,and i still get butterflies in my stomach watching it even though i know whats gonna happen,just about the best final i have ever seen in tennis,loved the Fed/Roddick final in 2009 too,i could enjoy that one from a neutral point of view though,as i had no emotional investment in either player,felt so sorry for A.Rod at the end though,i would also rate the Rafter/Ivanisavic final as an absolute classic,cant remember the year though,Goran coming back after been c,ship MP down amazing stuff.

December 2nd, 2012 at 4:45 pm

I absolutely get butterflies in my stomach! I love that feeling though, don’t you?

Yes! I agree!

lasslo Says:
Amazing how the top four always claim to be tired and then do all these exhos- and I’m a Fed fan too!

December 2nd, 2012 at 5:04 pm


I agree with you to a point, but please remember that they will have had a 3 week break before their exho, which is a bit different to playing back to back tournaments, then an olympic games then another quick turnaround for 1-2 tournaments. As long as there are adequate breaks, I don’t see the problem, and as another poster said, this is more like a winding down, plus fun and trying out shots.

It’s great also that fed is playing somewhere he hasn’t played before. Just imagine!

Wog boy Says:


It was 2001 and Rafter still cannot understand how he lost it cannot get over it. Goran was given WC for that Wimbledon.

Wog boy Says:

It was for alison and madmax.

madmax Says:

Wogboy, thanks. :)

alison Says:

Wogboy yeah thanks from me too lol.

alison Says:

Wogboy that was a double dissapointment for me that year,Heman losing to Goran in the semis,and Pat losing to Goran in the final(sigh),Pat was my favorite player at the time,and Henmans a Brit of course,would have been delighted to see either one win wimbledon,that year seemed to be our Tims best chance that went begging,and Pat sadly retired the following year,that final was moved to a Monday if i remember rightly.

Esrelle Says:

What’s an exbo but a glorified romp in front of a crowd. Lots of fun without any pressure.I think they are great for a players morale and
the fans love them.

Fed’s SA tour is completely sold out in all 3 countries!!!

Tennis Guy Says:

It’s ok to play exhos! no problem.

But you whine and cry that the tour is long, your knees are becoming mush because of the length of the season and so on. The tour then reduces the season and immediately you start scheduling exhos in the off-season, then you start reeking of double standards.

Maureen Roudine Says:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Fed doing the exhibitions or making $ doing them. Others have done them for years! And the Bryan Brothers will be there, and Serena Williams will be there, and David Ferrer, and Jo-Wifred Tsonga, and Del Potro, and Belucci, and Sharapova, and Azarenka, etc… They’ll ALL be there, and they’ll ALL be making millions…

Some of you act like Roger is bad for making the money when so many in the world are struggling, but do you not know that Roger Federer gives away more money to foundations, causes, the poor and the struggling and the suffering, in one year, than most of us will ever make in an entire lifetime? He is beyond generous and donates millions each year, so to act like he’s greedy for earning a lot of money is very unjust, and not fair to the bigger truer picture of who he is or how generous he is with the abundance of blessings he has… He shares it — lots and lots of it… I wish I could make in my lifetime what he gives to others in just one year… THAT’S how generous and giving he is…

And if you’re going to skewer him for playing there, spread the hate evenly to all those other players who will be there, too, like Serena, Maria, Azarenka, Ferrer, Belucci, Tsonga, Del Potro, the Bryan Brothers), etc… If you think Roger is wrong, so are ALL of them!

Maureen Roudine Says:

To Luis G, the ATP calendar is very full, and oftentimes, players have contracts to play at specific tournaments, so they HAVE to be there, which prevents them from playing elsewhere…

To say that playing an exhibition reflects poorly on Federer sounds very harsh to me… Does it reflect equally poorly on Maria and Serena and Azarenka and Ferrer and Tsonga and Del Potro and Belucci and The Bryan Brothers, or does it somehow reflect poorly on only Federer?

Exhibitions are a no-pressure bit of fun that can be a good warm up without costing points… The players loosen up and have fun, the fans have fun, Roger donates tons of the money he earns — it’s a real win-win all the way around.

To sound so bitter & hateful that he doesn’t play in SA regularly (or ever) is unkind. He never plays in Russia, either, or Japan… So what? His 11 month schedule is packed already, and he must train and rest at least sometimes!! And for some tournaments, he’s contractually obligated already, and cannot zip off to SA just because you think he should…

So if you think HE’S wrong for playing the exhibition, then at least declare Sharapova to be wrong, too, and Serena, and the Bryan Brothers, and all the others…

Maureen Roudine Says:

To Tennis guy, when have you EVER heard Roger “cry & whine” about the tour or his knees being mush????

He paces himself very well, in spite of a very long 11 month season, no crying or whining about anything, he just takes good care of himself and his schedule and gets on with things… And bad knees are RAFA’S complaint, not Roger Federer’s, so why are you even saying that?!

alison Says:

Madmax @ December 3rd 2.07am,love the butterflies err yeah lol,but sometimes i cant eat or drink during,or sleep as im high as a kite with extacy,or despair afterwards lol,was especially like that in that final,likewise the Djokovic/Murray final at this years USO,i cried tears of joy in both matches,couldnt sleep a wink on either night,even though i was emotionally exhausted both times.

adb Says:

One of the very best is the “Not Roger Federer” parody Twitter account!

alison Says:

Lasslo even if Uncle Toni was joking the jokes in very poor taste whichever way you cut it,there are some things you just dont say ,however if its true,then Tonis the one at fault here not Rafa,people shouldnt take this out on Rafa,they probably will though,lets wait and see.

jane Says:

Interesting one, Ben – why DO we worship them from afar and/or overlook their faults? They’re all human and no one is perfect. In fact, it’s usually the revelations of humanity that make me more interested in a player; it’s about identification I guess. I did feel super sad for Roddick that day – so close!

Polo Says:

If somebody offers me a lot of money for an exhibition game, I would take it without even blinking. It’s a lot of money, usually it’s for a good cause, even if not, it will still benefit some people who will be hired to work there, it is not a real tournament so I would not have to kill myself to win, it is good PR for the sport and for yourself.

Ben Pronin Says:

It’s definitely weird with Federer, though. Like with Djokovic, people think he’s overbearing with his celebrations after wins. I can see why, for sure, but I don’t mind not out of worship but because I like it. I obnoxiously celebrate when I play football with my friends so it doesn’t bother me that Djokovic does it, too. And I don’t really see people going nuts to defend it, because it’s just how he is.

With Federer, and Nadal, too, at times, you’re just not allowed to say anything negative. Like his arrogance. I love it, too. Why shouldn’t the holder of 17 major titles be arrogant? It’s part of why I don’t like Nadal as much, I think him being so humble is weird and it’s off-putting to me. But again, I can see why people like it. Yet we have Fedal wars for this very reason. People just can’t accept that the faults are actual faults and exist. It’s crazy.

But Federer letting it all go and alienating fans? 1) I doubt he’ll alienate anyone. 2) I think how Federer behaves on and off the court is pretty natural to him, especially after all of these years. So if he freaked out or whatever, it would probably be forced.

Humble Rafa Says:

Some folks here can’t take a joke. Uncle Toni is no comedian, it was a poor attempt at humor. That’s all.

Tennis is safe for another day.

Tz Says:

Are exhos set up matches?? I’m asking it as I saw an interview clip of roger n rafa in 2010 before their exhos that would be played in switzerland and spain. At some point of the interview fed said to rafa, “….how about i give u the first set as a christmas present…” . I thought that fed had joked. I didn’t understand until I saw the scorecard of the match. Fed lost the 1st set then won the next two sets. He also lost the 1st set in spain, won the second but lost the third. The “SET UP” thought came into my mind as I saw them win their matches played in their hometowns. I don’t know if every exho’s result is set up earlier. Can anyone tell?

jane Says:

^ I don’t know, but go with your line of thought, Guga just beat Nole in Brazil and last year I think Roddick beat Fed in NYC, in which case, both times the hometown guy won. Maybe some exos are kind of planned?? But I honestly have no idea.

jane Says:

*going …

dari Says:

I wonder if there is an actual conversation between the pkayers or if there is an unspoken “make the crowd happy” tenet to these.exhos. that said, will fed really take a loss against belucci? Juan M and Jo can really beat Rog so I wonder how that will go. Speaking of- does anyone know if these will be on ESPN3 or anything like the Miami exhos? Which by the way, gosh love Andy Murray, but don’t think he has learned that fine line of trying, but not too hard :/ nice to see both andy’s though

Polo Says:

It may be fair game to attack another blogger for his comments but to drag his family into the argument and insult them is unconscionable.

Sienna Says:

A champion of champions conducts like oneon and off the court. He will need to carry the wheight of being the best of the best whole heartedly.

Rafa never conducted himself like a champio of the court. I admit that he had a few years or year and a half where there was little doubt who was the best. Mostly because his fellow elite were injured or under prepaired. But that is the part of the job. SO hedid get to dominate on court.

Never ever he showed that spirit in communicating with us or the rest of the sports world. Leaving him always as the underdog. He always took andtakes the court as being not the favorit even at Garros he downplays his chances. Never dares to take it as a man.
A leader is someone who gives directions and show which way the future is headed.

I doubt if Rafa will be remembered for this unlike Roger, Novak, Sampras Agassi….That is another big reason Rafa is not part of the topelite players of history.

alison Says:

Polo i dont know if you were refering to me in that post,and fair enough if you were as i asked for that i suppose,i dont tend to drag players families into topics,as its about the players themselves,i was only pointing out that if what Toni said were to be true,and hes joking then the jokes in poor taste,and this was coming from an unbiased Rafa fan.

Polo Says:

No Alison, I was referring to someone else who attacked Ben’s mother in his argument. It preceded my message but I don’t see it now. It must have been deleted and rightfully so because the language was rather foul.Your messages are not objectionable at all. Uncle Toni often talks to the media himself, therefore, it is ok to comment about him.

alison Says:

Polo i try to be a fair poster,and thats all i can do is TRY been the operative word,its not always easy,and granted im not perfect,but i never set out to offend anybody intentionally and i can only apologize if i do.

Alejandra Says:

Novak played with Guga charity match in Rio! Nole is the best!

madmax Says:

I think it’s pretty poor for Toni to even joke about this – it’s just not funny. Like you said alison, some things are just better not being said.

Ben, did you see the link I posted on SI about Roger being voted athlete of the year by their featured athlete – she talks about his “supposed arrogance” and said he doesn’t have any.

I think for every negative that roger has against his name, there are a hundred positives.

No one is perfect.

alison Says:

Thankyou Madmax,i just hope people are sensible and dont take this out on Rafa,its Toni thats at fault here.

Brando Says:


An excellent article regarding rafa and what he hopes for 2013:

It’s a very honest assessment of his comeback trail by rafa and I pretty much agree with him.

He virtually rules HIMSELF OUT of possibly being a strong contender at AO- and in all honesty, after 6 months out ONLY the dreamer’s would be expecting him to contend as a likely winner there!

I think the man is SPOT ON with his assessment of his situation, IMO!

Ben Pronin Says:

Madmax, I feel like Roger is a good person. But there’s definitely some arrogance in some of his interviews. That doesn’t mean he goes around shoving his success in everyone’s face. And like I said, I like that. It’s a negative to some, but not to me. He holds about 90% of all ATP records. He should be arrogant.

Giles Says: Compilation of 25 of Rafa’s best points in 2012. #Champ

Polo Says:

Alison, just to make it clear, your posts are fair and not offensive at all. In fact, I like what you say about almost everything…because they are often similar to what I think. :-)

It appears that I was the only one who read that offensive blog by somebody who I would not name. I commented as soon as I read it. When I read alison’s comment thinking that it was directed to her, I checked and found out that it has already been deleted.

Tennis Guy Says:

Ben : you direct a lot of cynicism towards Great Athletes like Federer, yet a small comparison to show how cynical your posts are and you delete them.

Do you guys even have the courtesy to say what was it that was offensive? We are not supposed to get offended when you call our favorite players all kind of things, but say the truth about how nasty your posts are and you will moderate our posts!

You can’t take the truth? then don’t provoke others.

Tennis Guy Says:

You go about spreading lies that Federer is arrogant that he is not classy and you expect people to just accept it?

The majority of tennis fans – I believe 57% voted for federer as ATP fan favorite this year. What makes you think you are a better judge than all those people? For proof of his arrogance you give 3 incidents. There are 3000 incidents which prove what a class act federer is.

Again I ask, where is the proof for Federer’s arrogance. Please don’t give me 3 or 4 stray incidents. If you are going to brand someone arrogant, please tell me you do so with much more evidence than 3 or 4 stray incidents?

madmax Says:

Ben, I hear you.

I don’t find Federer arrogant.

That is the honest truth.

I love his directness and his natural affinity and comfortableness with people which is obviously as a result of being so used to being in the media for such a long time. What other player do you know, spends so much time in front of the media, and not so much as a swear word? Hours and hours he gives to the world at large. That’s not arrogance. Arrogance would be NOT giving interviews or giving time to fans, or setting up charitable events or organising hitforhaiti, he doesn’t have to anything like this. God, the list is endless!

Like you say, he has a right to be arrogant, but I really don’t find him this way. I think it is other people’s insecurities with Federer, they can’t believe he is the person he is. He is just so nice. He is almost not real.

No hidden agenda, doesn’t beat around the bush like some. Is ready to play his part on the circuit, more than ready, spend time with fans, is this the mark of an arrogant man? I don’t think so and still he gets blasted for minor misdemeanours, the odd quirky statement, or whatever it is.

I think the media play on the fact that he is really Mr. Nice Guy, and just can’t deal with it. He is probably just too nice. People don’t deal with “nice” people so well.

This is what Lindsay Vonn said about him a few days ago:

You know, I’ve met a lot of athletes over the years, and plenty of arrogant athletes who either don’t care to meet you or have any interest in what you have to say. But of all the athletes I’ve ever met, Roger is the kindest and most genuine. He really cares about people and what he’s done with his foundation and his humanitarian efforts has been incredible. He’s hard-working and extremely humble, but the thing I respect most about him is he’s the same person every day whether he wins or loses. You just don’t find many people like that in sports. The truth is, the greatest athletes in the world are just not that nice. I really feel he’s in a league of his own there. He cares about being a role model and that kids can look up to him. I consider him a hero because I want to be like him. I want to be a good role model for kids, too.

I’m a Youth Olympics Games ambassador so I was at Wimbledon this summer when he beat Juan Martin del Potro in that incredible Olympic semifinal match. I talked to Roger after that match and I remember how he was just so tired. But he was the same as he always is. He asked me how my skiing was going and I was like, ‘Don’t talk about my skiing. Let’s talk about how awesome you are.’ He just smiled and laughed.

Read More:

People are so ready to try and bring others successes down to earth with a bang.

I think it is quite sad, when really we should wish others well and not covet what others have.

Ben Pronin Says:

I direct cynism towards athletes the way I’d direct it towards any person. Except way less, because despite the fact that I’ve never even met Federer I think very highly of him as a person. At the very least I can say I’ve met Djokovic and I have nothing bad to say about him from my personal experience. But I’m sure he has his negative side, too.

And I didn’t delete anything, I don’t know what comment Polo is referring to. But apparently you attacked my mom, so I don’t see what justification you’re trying to use here. Are you related to Federer? Do you know him on a deep personal level? I doubt it, so I don’t think it compares at all. It’s not a provocation to say I think Federer is arrogant. Madmax disagrees with me and has stated several times why. And she did it without attacking me or my mom, so I don’t have a problem with her and I don’t believe any of her comments were deleted.

Or am I wrong? Madmax, do you feel provoked because I think Federer is arrogant?

Jane or mat4, do you guys feel provoked when someone says Djokovic behaves like a wild animal when he wins?

What truth am I not taking?

Ben Pronin Says:

I’m not spreading lies, I’m stating my opinion. It’s how I percieve him in his interviews. And for the millionth time, I don’t see it as a negative. Man I hope you don’t follow the NFL or NBA because those guys just get wrecked.

madmax Says:


I don’t feel provoked by you at all. I can handle you :) and you can handle me :) we may not always agree, but I think that’s healthy. I haven’t read any comments about your mom so don’t know what you are talking about.

Ben, I am just going to read the rest of your post now,before I sleep – but I absolutely don’t worry about you saying Fed is arrogant, it’s your opinion. I just don’t happen to think he is.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply though. I would rather take the view that the people who meet him on a regular basis (L Vonn), know him slightly better than you and so have a particular insight and a better perspective on him as a person.

Of course, we all have views on this, as is everyone’s right!


jane Says:

I saw the deleted post; it was full of rude language imo. And yeah, Ben, how you think of your mom was a part of it.

As for your question, of course part of me wants to defend him, because he’s my fave, but I do* try* to just scroll and let people have their opinions without sweating it too much. After the recent win at WTF, there were lots of comments on the “outslugs federer” thread about Nole’s celebration – posters I’ve never seen here before or since were commenting. I didn’t respond to those.

The bottom line is that we all perceive things a bit differently.

skeezer Says:

“Man I hope you don’t follow the NFL or NBA because those guys just get wrecked.”

Yeah just try to follow Lebron James ( ask Kimberly ) the last 5 years…..whoa baby.



That was someone else who mentioned Ben’s Mom and yes it was deleted. Madmax may have a Mad in her name, but she is not a Mommy caller ;)

madmax Says:

Thanks Skeezer but don’t know to what Ben is referring? though looks like a bit of argy bargy earlier.

I only just answered his post.

Hope you are okay.

Now I am going to sleep! :)

Ben Pronin Says:

Skeezer, exactly.

Madmax, I agree completely. And I’d love to meet the guy one day. I don’t think our differing views need to start a war.

Ben Pronin Says:

Madmax, I’m sorry if you got confused. Apparently Tennis Guy posted some bad things. I was just making a point that you disagreed with me, too, but you didn’t attack me.

alison Says:

Thanks Brando and Giles for the links,Rafa has no unrealistic expectations,neither do i as a fan,just happy to see what unfolds,Giles thanks for that great video.

Alok Says:

@alison: December 2nd, 2012 at 3:28 pm

I agree with you on people struggling financially. I think about over 60% or more of the world struggles financially. The poverty and poor living conditions I see on TV makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I think it’s nice that celebrities help the less fortunate, but so do organizations like the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Feed the children, etc., however, we don’t see these organizations receiving the same type of accolades as when the celebrities do it. Those organizations, if they’re fortunate enough, are mentioned in a three sentence article on a page in the newspaper least read.

Alok Says:

I’m now catching up with the comments on this and other threads.

What’s gotten into Uncle Toni? Even if he’s joking, that’s a sick joke. There’s a saying that a lot of stuff people say as a joke they really mean.

Humble Rafa Says:

I wanted to reserve a private flight that can hold all the money for my middle east cash grab. But the Arrogant One has booked 3 flights for his family. Live and learn to let live.

alison Says:

Thankyou Alok @December 4th 7.53pm,i believe that theres enough money in the world,so no human been should have to live like that,its completely unfair IMO.

madmax Says:


It’s all fine. No hard feelings. Hope you are okay. Keep writing sterling stuff and posting. We are all going to disagree at some point, but no need for posters to get nasty or too personal.

Cheers. :)

alison Says:

Madmax very well said,its great when we agree,and theres nothing wrong with disagreeing,but theres no need get personal regarding posters families or nationalities etc,it would be nice if people remembered that its only a game,theres enough hatred in the real world,lets not bring it onto an internet forum.

Tennis Guy Says:

Oh Ok, you also get to decide what SHOULD be offensive to others?

You get offended by people mentioning your mom and please I did not call your mom or anyone names. I told you how 2 people like you and me can look at the same thing.

Who cares if madmax or jane gets provoked? I will get a 100 federer fans to say your comment is provocative. Your statements are baseless. You have not met federer, yet you want to convince all that he is arrogant. Please give it a rest.

You are really reaching for it calling Federer arrogant. As I said for every straw you are holding on to there are a 1000 arguments against it, showing what a great and down-to-earth guy Federer is.

If you saw the same NFL or NBA, you know what the celebrity standard for arrogance is. Federer is way off it. You call Federer arrogant, you can call every other tennis champion the same.

Please tell me your nomination for a humble champ, I will show you atleast 3 or 4 incidents to show his arrogance.

Tennis Guy Says:

Madmax : you are under moderation. Aren’t you?

Please tell me a djokovic or nadal fan who is placed under moderation? Does this tell you something about the guys running the show here?

jamie Says:

Olderer exhausting himself at 31. LOL. What a spaz.

madmax Says:

Ummmmmm tennis guy,

Who are you?

No, I am not under moderation. Why would I be? Are you some one who has been banned from this site under the name we all know and love?

If so, please keep your nasty comments to yourself and stop blaming others.

I don’t feel provoked by Ben’s comments at all. We have disagreed in the past, and probably will continue to do so, but unlike you, I don’t go crazy, over the top. There are definitely similarities there with a certain person who used to frequent these waters. Good riddance I say. Any more of your ridiculous accusations, I hope that you will be banned. Here’s hoping! Oh, I notice you were banned or warned, so a trusted friend mentioned to me, over on the dark side.

Tennis Guy Says:
Madmax : you are under moderation. Aren’t you?

Please tell me a djokovic or nadal fan who is placed under moderation? Does this tell you something about the guys running the show here?

December 6th, 2012 at 2:53 am

Ummmm as for the above comment, I have no idea. Take this up with Ben or Sean please.

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