Andy Murray Reaches Second Wimbledon Final, Admits He Might Be Nervous Against Djokovic
by Staff | July 5th, 2013, 7:16 pm

Andy Murray is back into the Wimbledon final for a second straight year. In 2012 Murray met Roger Federer. This time it will be Novak Djokovic. And the Brit will once again have the task of erasing now a 77 year drought since Fred Perry became the last Englishman to win Wimbledon back in 1936.

Murray advanced this evening after rallying to beat 22-year-old Jerzy Janowicz 67, 64, 64, 63 in the semifinals.

“I’m obviously delighted with that,” said Murray who hit 20 aces. “It was a tough match today, completely different to any matches I’ve played so far. He’s very talented, very unpredictable. He hit huge serves out there and gave me very little rhythm. I’m very glad to get it done.”

Murray dropped the opening set to the big-serving Janowicz who was the first Polish man to make a Grand Slam semi. Murray bounced back in the second and when the Pole began to get upset that the roof wasn’t being close to start the third, it looked like Murray would run away with the match.

Janowicz brushed aside the controversy to storm out to a 4-1 third set lead, but then fell apart. Murray won the final five games to take a 2-1 lead in the match.

Yet once again the roof issue returned. Just past 8:30 local time referee Andrew Jarrett came out to close the roof, which didn’t please Murray who now had the momentum.

But to the delight of Janowicz who was returning from a bathroom break, the roof was closed delaying the match 30 minutes.

The break, though, didn’t disrupt Murray one bit. The World No. 2 breezed to a quick 6-3 set to put him into his seventh career Grand Slam final.

“I just feel Wimbledon is an outdoor event and you should play it outdoors until it is not possible,” Murray said of roof closure. “Anybody would be angry when you have the momentum with you and it is still light. But once I got back on the court I wasn’t angry and it worked out OK for me in the end.”

Janowicz, who played so well early on, looked tired by the end of the match.

“I’m a little bit disappointed,” said Janowicz. “Today I didn’t play my best tennis. I think this was my second worst match during this tournament. It’s such a shame I didn’t play my best tennis today. I was struggling a little bit with my serve. But I’m still deep down really happy. This was my first semi-final in a Grand Slam, so tomorrow I’m going to be okay.”

Murray will now take a 7-11 record against Djokovic into the final. The Serb, who earlier edged Juan Martin Del Potro in a five set thriller, has beaten Murray in three of four in Grand Slam play.

The two have never played at Wimbledon and Murray did beat Djokovic 7-5, 7-5 at the London Olympic semifinals last summer which were played at Wimbledon.

“It will be a tough match,” said Murray. “He and Del Potro played an incredible match. Some of the stuff they were playing… great rallies. Novak is playing very well. We’ve only played once on grass before, at the Olympics last year. I’ll take that thought into my head on Sunday.”

Despite his successes and his US Open title, Murray remains guarded of his state of mind come Sunday.

“I learned a lot from last year’s Wimbledon, and though I lost I didn’t have any regrets as such,” Murray said. “I will probably be in a better place mentally because I have been there before and I have won a Grand Slam. I would hope I would be a bit calmer but I might wake up on Sunday and be more nervous than ever before. But I wouldn’t expect to be.”

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39 Comments for Andy Murray Reaches Second Wimbledon Final, Admits He Might Be Nervous Against Djokovic

metan Says:

Congratulations for Andy and his fans and also all the British. He is in the final for the second time. Hope he would be able to win since Nole is playing incredible games. GOOD LUCK!!!

There is plenty if room and opportunity for JJ to improve.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I watched a bit, enough to see Janowicz is a BEAST. I see why some commenters compared him to safin, his touch and variety are amazing. When he learns to think a bit more, he’ll be deadly. He could be a Slam champ, and SOON. He could give DelPotro a lesson on power ball. Janowicz’ shots are like a video game. Lasers, trailing streams of fire. Unreturnable.
Murray was great today, he handles the pace amazing, when he can get to it. Great serving.
Should be a great finals. I’m really enjoying what feels like a sea change in the second week storyline.

Nina Says:

I’m sure Andy, you won’t see the same Nole from the Olympics on Sunday. He’s playing much much better than then.

andrea Says:

yes, congrats to andy. his serve was a real force and if he can maintain that in the final it will be a real battle.

jj has to be proud. he wasn’t blown off the court. less consistency was his downfall, but i didn’t mind having him smash the net out of frustration. :)

you have to hand it to novak….he finds a way to win these marathon matches. compared to his chronic retiring a few years ago, he’s come a long way.

delpo…good to see the slugger back in form. tough loss, but he’ll be back.

let’s hope for a great women’s final tomorrow.

andrea Says:

and tennis-x…what is up with that photo of andy in the bathtub?

skeezer Says:


Agrre on JJ. Just needs some maturity in his game. Although he shouldn’t play defensive tennis, he could be way better at it when he needs to. Again, the maturity factor. His movement is quite good for a big man.

Michael Says:

Andy fans might feel this offensive, but I have to be very frank in my assessment. I would say Andy is extremely lucky to reach the finals. Till now, he has not met even a top 20 player and that will tell you something about his easy path all the way to the finals. Jancowicz if he has to have any chance against Andy should have had a big serving day. But he failed miserably on that score and paid the price. Still, he took a set off Andy and was ahead in the third, a development that should worry Andy’s camp. As regards the finals, it will depend hugely on the game Andy produces and the many imponderables that will happen during the match like net cords, serving in important moments etc. On a balance, I would give the edge to Novak in the finals with a percentage of 55-45.

Danny Morris Says:

Looks like lady-forehand is scaaaaaaaaaaaaaared, after watching nole-delpotro play a match from another planet.

I doubt nole will let him win a set. he is going to want revenge for the USopen final and olympic semis where lady-forehand was lucky to catch nole on a off day. Nole is playing the greatest grass-court tennis of his life [even including 2011 Wimbledon] and I am going to love it saying “I told you guys, so”.

Any murray fans [1st fav, 2nd favorite, 3rd favorite], please feel free to stand up and be bold and claim your guy is going to win this in 3, 4 or 5. I just want to see how many lady-forehand fans ACTUALLY believe the guy has even a 50% chance tomorrow.

Nole has 50% chance of winning trophy in 3 sets, 30%chance of winning in 4, 19.99% winning in 5, .009% of nole being injured/getting ill. and finally, 0.001% chance of lady-forehand winning.

The 2nd greatest grass-courter of the last decade will win Wimbledon tomorrow and that player is nole.

Ben: I know he is not 2nd greatest yet, but when they wind up their careers, nole will have superior numbers than claydal on all surfaces except clay. Nole may even surpass Fed’s 9 slams on HC, though I don’t think he will win more than 4 wimbledons, when all is said and done.

Go Nole, let’s continue the march to overtake claydal on the GOAT list.

lazlo Says:

after Roger retires I am going to fan him.

James Says:

Andy-Novak final will be another exciting tennis match. It will be interesting to see how Novak plays Andy and vice versa. Expect both men to do a lot of running. A battle of passing winners, good serves, solid defenses. Novak has played better tennis in the tournament so far, but like Delpo I expect Andy to make it very difficult for the world #1. With the home crowd support, Murray has a good chance to finally win Wimbledon, his home Slam.
Novak will go in as the clear favorite. But really it means little in this match as both are very capable of taking down the other. I get a feeling Murray will win this.

James Says:

“Go Nole, let’s continue the march to overtake claydal on the GOAT list.”

Nole already is ahead of claydal. Or did you mean Novak’s and Roger’s greatest rival Rafael Nadal? Doesn’t he have like twice as many slams as Novak Djokovic? The guy who not long ago beat Novak in a 5 set Roland Garros epic? The guy who hasn’t lost to the so called GOAT in slams since 2008? Ok, good luck.

James Says:

@DM, all this “claydal” “lady forehand”, are you like this in real life too? I can understand your bitterness towards Rafa but Murray? Ummm is it because of the h2h against Federer? The Olympics final last year? Federer had his time at the top. He did great. So let it go, man. And if possible, try to get over that 2009 AO final. Roger did. Bitterness isn’t good for your health or happiness :-)
try being fair for a change. Might change your life forever.

Margot Says:

Andy really raised the roof yesterday! Come on!
@James 1.48am
Lol and pigs might fly.

James Says:

@Michael, I agree that Andy’s lucky to reach the finals as he didn’t have to face a single top 20 player like you say. But to be fair, his path to the finals wasn’t meant to be an easy one. Remember he was to meet either Nadal or Federer in the semis. Roger who he lost to in last year Wimbledon’s final or Rafa who Murray has never beaten on grass. Funny, Novak was to be the one having an easy path to the finals only to face a red hot Nadal/Federer or Murray. Now it is Murray who had a relatively easier path to the finals to face a red hot Djokovic.

@DM, I’m not even a fan but I boldly predict a Murray win in 4. Happy?

metan Says:

Great post James at 1:29 am & 1:35am.

How about giving 50-50 for Nole and Andy???. We’ll have block buster again.

Huge LOL at 1:48 am.:-);-)

Michael Says:


True. That is the whole irony of it. A cake walk draw turning into a quagmire and a mine field of a draw turning into cake walk. How quickly things change ?

Margot Says:

@Michael 2.44
Is why I NEVER worry about draws.

Michael Says:


First of all congratulations to you too being an Andy fan on your man’s win. The good news for you is that many of the commentators are picking Andy to lift the title come Sunday and they predicate it on the fatigue factor of Novak who played a very long long, compelling and taxing match against Del Potro. I am not sure if that will have any effect on Novak considering that all along in this tournament he has been winning in straight sets. But Andy needs all such psychological boost that he can get to thwart Novak’s bid to the crown come Sunday. It should be one helluva of a match and may the best player win.

Margot Says:

Cheers. Having seen what an incredible athlete Nole is, I don’t think any Murray fan should be counting on the “fatigue factor” to help our man win. No, should be his grass court skills that do it.
Really looking forward to the final.

James Says:

@metan, regardless of what I or anyone say, Novak is the favorite in the final. I think it will be a tough 4-5 set match.
The reason I say Murray will win is because he’s lost 5-6 Slam finals in the past and won only 1, the USO last year. I don’t see a player as talented as Andy Murray losing 7 slam finals with only 1 win. But then you never. Let’s see and enjoy the match when it happens. And may the best player win.

the DA Says:

After reading the Morris dancer’s post at 12:47 am I would say that he has a 60% chance of being a troll, a 30% chance of being bi-polar, 15% chance of not having friends and 1% chance of being fun at parties.

@Margot & Michael
I would never ever count Nole out physically (remember the SF & F at AO 2012) but I wonder if that SF took a toll mentally. Quite a few of his fans on another forum think the crowd will be a factor, i.e. that he hates when the crowd are against him. I also doubt that will have much effect. Let’s hope both players give their best and we have a great final, maybe even a classic.

the DA Says:

@Margot – that’s a great read. I’m loving this: “Andy Murray takes you guys on that roller coaster and it is a goddamn pleasure to come along for the ride.”

That quote could only come from Bollettieri.

TennisZod Says:

Danny Morri,

You no reply me yet. I say I want tennis quiz with you. For fun. I just wanna know if your tennis IQ half as good as me. Tennis match also if you is no far from me. I wanna see if you can play tennis. I wanna see if you is shotmaker or ball retriever or DF king. For fun.

TennisZod Says:

Devil lawyer, why British crowd so rubbish? Why no love for world best player, no.1 player of 21st century? Why they like Federer and Nadal when they are beat Murray in Wimbledon? Nole only beat him tomorrow final not before. So why this hate? Is you British? Will you cheer No1e? I hope No1e beat Britain boy Murray 6-1 6-2 6-3 and silent most rude crowd in tennis history.

Michael Says:


You have put it plain and simple. It is Andy’s all round grass court game which should deliver the knock out punch on Novak and he should not rely or count on other factors to help him in his win. Well, I cannot agree more on that. Good luck to Andy !!


I just put across the views of some commentators like Mcenroe who have speculated that fatigue factor could prove to be Novak’s undoing. Even I could not buy that theory considering that Novak has played only one five setter in this tournament and he has managed to register straight sets win in other matches. As regards your doubt as to whether that epic semi final would have some mental effect on Novak. I cannot buy that theory too since the win can only make him even more positive in his approach. Less said about the crowd factor, the better. Infact, it might have a reverse effect on Andy too considering the pressure that is exercised on him both by the Media as well as the British public. So, to put it in perspective, it would be the player who displays his best on that day who is going to win.

dari Says:

I am headed home from vacation which included a few days at Wimbledon. I saw Rog lose to Stakhs on centre court good seats, then saw Murray play on Centre a high quality match against Robredo from row E. It was simply amazing and Wimbledon is quite an experience. Was very sad that Roger went out, but I suppose I was glad I caught him before I didn’t see him at all. I still am in awe of his movement.
As far as Andy, I already loved him, and have seen him 7th row at USO, but Wimble puts you so much closer to the court it was just a whole new experience and I was on the side where his backhand would face me when he was closer to me- thing of beauty. His explosive movement mixed in with the touch shotsas well, iI was just in a Murray daze for a couple of hours. And it persisted like the next day!
Big time cheering for him in the final!
I highly reccomend queuing and camping it was a fun experience and we ended up with great tickets and at a reasonable price. To be that close at USO I have to get friends corporate tickets or face value is 635$ and you still are not that close to the court.
In closing C’mon, Andy!

Margot Says:

Thanks for that dari :) Just brilliant :) What a gr8 experience. I got very close to Andy at Queeens and that was magic too.
@the DA
1%? Lol how you love to exaggerate.

Wog boy Says:

Off topic but since this is Andy’s thread I hope you don’t mind.

Congrats to all British and Irish Lions fans, if there are any on TX, first victory in 16 years against Australia, they won third match which was decider, they were superior tonight, that little Welshman Halfpenny is just great. My British and Irish customers are more than happy and almost smashed, they really can drink:) It was up to 40,000 of their fans on Sydney Olympic Stadium out of 84,000 )record crowd). Pretty noise fans:) I didn’t have idea rugby union is so big in UK. Sorry again for off topic.

Long Live The King Says:


I know you don’t think much of Murray and that is fine – but surely you don’t think murray has 1 in a 100000 chance?

I want murray to win, but I agree he has no more than 30% shot at the title. As you trust the betting sites, we can also check there.

I agree with a lot of good points you make, but as you must know, it is about how you package. Look at how politicians and religious leaders achieve their agendas. If you really think Djokovic will achieve more than Rafa, and you do put up some excellent numbers which have me thinking about the possibility of such an event, you should do a better job of getting it through to people.

I will wager something, if Djokovic wins tomorrow, I will accept he has a real shot at overtaking rafa, who I still think will get atleast 2 more slams at RG before he is done.

If Andy wins, will you accept murray is a better grass court player than Novak? I am sure even the statistics will support Andy. He has more titles than Djokovic and has a higher winning % and also won the 2nd most important title on grass in the last decade or so, the Olympics.

I hope the final will live up to the quality of the 1st semi-final or the drama of the 2nd. I am mighty impressed with JJ. He reminds me of how I felt in 1992 when Pete lost in the semi-final and his rival agassi won a wimbledon before him. I thought Pete may not win as many Wimbledons as Andre. What a folly that thought was, eh? I am the wiser for that mistake and I believe JJ will win the most no. of Wimbledon titles, going forward from here among the 4 semi-finalists we have seen. Maybe Dimitrov/Tomic will prove me wrong in my anaylysis/forecast this time too.

Final note:

Nolandy have made 3 out of last 4 slam finals. They have decisively replaced Fedal who last met in a slam final more than 2 years ago and last played in a slam 18months ago! I will definitely rate Fedal as the greatest rivalry tennis has had – even ahead of Borg-Mcenroe and Sampras-Agassi.

Look at these numbers for fedal:

29slams, 400 weeks at number 1 and 45 masters titles.

I cannot think of another rivalry that brings history/achievements to the court as much as these 2 do.

I seriously hope they sign-off their rivalry with a meeting in the 2013 USopen final. Most probably Rafa will win it in 4 sets, but I hope fed will dig deep and give us a 5 setter like their last 2 slam finals outside the French Open: AO 2009 and Wimbledon 2008!

to get back to the Wimbledon final, as much as it hurts being a fan of gifted/smart tennis players like murray, it looks like Nole will finish the job in 4 sets. I will be rooting for murray to rise against all odds and defy all the unfortunate pressure/burden he has to carry.

Does anyone here follow Cricket? I am a Tendulkar fan for life and trust me I know how the media/society burden young sportsmen with unhealthy pressure – justifying that it comes with territory. For 25 long years, Tendulkar has carried the expectations of a billion+ indians. You think murray got pressure? Go see Tendulkar play in a match in India. Jerzy Janowicz and his team would need Presidential-level security to get out of the country if what transpired at Wimbledon happened in a cricket match in India.

My sympathies and heart are with Murray and I will hope for him to create magic on Sunday.

Giles Says:

@LLTK. Great post. I too will be rooting for Andy.

Okiegal Says:

Andy can do this. C’mon Andy, make those British fans happy campers!!

Margot Says:

@ Wog Boy
Of course. I’m a huge rugby fan. Wheeeee! As for Leigh Halfpenny….”wub.”
Big cricket fan too. Tendulkar is/was magic/majesty.

Danny Morris Says:


don’t feed the trolls man. look at them coming behind you like cute little puppies wagging their tails. LOL!

You know I don’t mind lady-forehand winning, but I really don’t see him troubling nole in such imperious form. If he can’t beat claydal and an over-the-hill Federer, how the f is he beating nole?

Not one murray fan says he is going to win it tomorrow. If it was against berdych/haas I would have anointed him the champion and that is the true, no?

equally true nole is gonna run him like a poodle, no?

If nole withdraws/retires for some reason and murray wins wimbledon, I will say he is the 2nd best grass-courter behind King Roger. [god! this is cracking me up, murray winning wimbledon? i wish he would win just for the silliness of the whole situation. it is like johannasson winning AO 2002 or gaudio winning FO 2004]

James: you got a big mouth for a guy who doesn’t even know how to find out how many titles nole got outside hardcourt. leave the psycho-babble to smart people like Ben and myself. you are fast approaching DA/volley league with your IQ. I told you not to hang out with them. did they bite you? get some shots. god knows where their filthy mouths have been.

if you getting frustrated coz nole is fast closing in on rafa, I suggest you start supporting janowicz like brando. murray is only going down the drain. he cannot hold on to a trophy if the queen herself placed it in his hands. he is so busy choking himself with both those hands.

i hope he gives nole a tougher match than delpo. what a player delpotro is, huh? hits the forehand like a senor and not a senorita!

please be ready to apologize when murray chokes himself and nole whips his chokingas in 3 sets.


I will take bi-polar or even schizophrenia than bein an 100% murray fan like you/volley. it is worse than the clowns who are 100% dolts.


pigs may fly or not fly, but tomorrow, yourself, DA and volley will cry and andy I am sure is rehearsing for his cryathon tomorrow. after murray retires, they should replace the fed perry statue with murray’s statue where he is crying like lisicki. please tell them to have a big sign saying it is lady forehand and not count-dracula? what tooth-paste does andy use? aren’t there dentists in Britain? you guys have such bad breath and bad teeth, you guys are polluting the atlantic. get some dentists in your kingdom, will ya punk?

Danny Morris Says:

Donot worry lady-forehand/claydal fans I will let you wallow in your ignorance and denial once Nole gets that trophy to Serbia.

We will resume our good relations once USO starts.

Danny Morris Says:

here’s a joke from the rest of brits to the scots

when andy cried after losing, judy said to feliciano “why cant you be like him”

feliciano said “you mean be sensitive and cry more”

judy said”No! come second!”

LOL! atleast kim is not complaining I guess.

Giles Says:

Morris dancer. Have only just read your posts above. You really are the pits. You are unemployed, right??

Michael Says:

It is the moment of truth for Andy. Can he do it and quench the thrist of Britian who are eagerly yearning for a home grown Champion. We can only wait and watch with bated breath. The moment of reckoning is here.

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