Andy Murray Admits: “I Swear On Court Regularly”
by Tom Gainey | May 16th, 2012, 9:57 am

Andy Murray admitted yesterday that he often swears on court during matches, and he can’t help it!

“I mean I swear on court regularly,” Murray said. “I try not to, but sometimes you forget where you are, and what’s on you. I know it’s a mistake.”

During his 61, 46, 75 win over David Nalbandian at the Rome Masters 1000, Murray was issued a verbal warning for cursing. But the Scot contends that Nalbandian was the one offering up the harsher verbal barbs.

“I also understand a lot of what he said from my time in Spain,” Murray added. “But because what we say is in English we’re the ones who get the warning. I think what came out of my mouth today was not as bad as the translation of some of the things that he said but, it’s not right, regardless.”

Murray, a semifinalist in Rome last year, will play Richard Gasquet tomorrow in the third round. Murray celebrated his 25th birthday Tuesday.

Here was Murray’s birthday celebration:

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4 Comments for Andy Murray Admits: “I Swear On Court Regularly”

jane Says:

Cute vid with the cake. However, as if it’s a surprise that Andy’s swears on the court, lol! He has a point, though – is swearing in languages not English is a loophole!?

Michael Says:

This is a bad habit for Murray and he must try to overcome it as it is distracting him on Court. Murray is not like Mcenroe who may prefer that yelling to pump up his game. His game suffers when he is out of concentration. All that Murray needs is a cool and calm effort which will help him in his matches.

Polo Says:

Of the top 4, Murray seems to have the worst attitude on court. In all matches of him that I have seen, at some point during the match he would show the following emotions: unhappy, disgruntled, angry, apathetic, resigned. To me, he never looks happy while playing. There is no joy in his game. I keep waiting for that to show because I think he is a really good player and an attitude adjustment may do wonders.

laslo Says:

He’s gotten worse since he hired Lendl.

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