Andy Murray: I Didn’t Pick Up A Racquet For 2 Weeks After Winning Wimbledon
by Tom Gainey | August 5th, 2013, 9:46 am

Andy Murray detailed what he went through after his historic Wimbledon win last month. Speaking with the Daily Mail, Murray told the paper that he didn’t pick up a racquet for two weeks after beating Novak Djokovic in the final.

“I spent two days inside my house and I didn’t come out,” he said. “I was just with my girlfriend and my dogs, I was getting followed everywhere so I just stayed inside. On the Thursday evening I went out in Wimbledon Village with a few friends for a Thai meal.”

Murray returned to Wimbledon to collect his belongings later that week before vacationing in the Bahamas with girlfriend Kim Sears.

He resumed training in his second home of Miami as he eyes another US Open title.

“I want to try and win another Grand Slams, I want to try and win as many as I can,” he told the Daily Mail. “It took me a long time to win my first one and I want to give myself another opportunity at the US Open. I had a talk with my team about that a few days ago.”

A two-time Canadian Open champion, Murray will play the Marcel Granollers-Grigor Dimitrov winner on Wednesday.

Here’s a portion of Murray’s interview, the audio isn’t great.

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25 Comments for Andy Murray: I Didn’t Pick Up A Racquet For 2 Weeks After Winning Wimbledon

James Says:

You deserved those two week break from tennis after making history for Britain at Wimbledon, Andy. I heard Andy and Rafa played a practice set and Rafa broke him twice. But it was just a practice and I don’t think Andy took that seriously, so shouldn’t read much into it. But perhaps Rafa is ready to challenge the top HC players this summer.

Ben Pronin Says:

Djokovic did the same thing after winning Monte Carlo and flamed out early in Madrid. Are the top guys really this cocky?

rafaeli Says:

Andy Murray: “I Didn’t Pick Up A Racquet For 2 Weeks After Winning Wimbledon.”

Andy must be rusty then. Oooooh! Stop press!

Why is this headline news? Isn’t it normal to take a 2 week break?

metan Says:


Hmmm, don’t forget about your vision and also what Jamie astrologer said to me.☺

Go Andy , practising hard, your dream will come true with the determind assault on the court and perfect planetary positions.

My heart gonna be broken.

Brando Says:

And as he should have! Well earnt and deserved and I definitely think more slams are down the line. Ignore the nonsense Muzza and take care of business on court as you are!

RZ Says:

He did pick up a racquet. We have video of him playing paddle ball with Kim in the Bahamas! :-)

Dan Martin Says:

Lendl said to him after he won, “Congratulations. You played well. What time do you want to practice tomorrow?” I can’t imagine the answer being, “Two weeks from today.” However, Lendl might not be as strict as he portrays himself to be.

donna Says:

Hopefully he will pick up a racquet for the US Open, want to see him play live!

RZ Says:

Dan, Lendl has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. I could see him asking about the next day’s practice as a joke.

James Says:

@Dan, I’m sure Lendl was just pulling Andy’s leg re the next day’s practice after Wimbledon win.

@metan, Rafa may not be the favorite to win this year’s US Open, but imo he has a good chance. I wasn’t too sure about his chances at Wimbledon. I even said here before Wimby that if Rafa were to win two slams this year, i wanted the 2nd slam to be USO and not Wimbledon. It will be amazing if he ends his career with at least two of each slam.

Steve 27 Says:

Perhaps Andy would tank if he meet Del Potro in qf. His goal is evident: Retain his US Open crown

James Says:

@Steve, why would Andy tank his match against Delpo? Losing to one of his main rivals before the US Open imo is a bad idea. Going into a slam you don’t want anyone to think they can beat you. Unless you’re so confident in yourself that you can beat ’em for the title.

And what if you fail to defend your US Open title? Isn’t it good that you at least won a Masters 1000 even if you failed to defend the slam?

I get a feeling from your posts, Steve, that you’re worried if Andy or Novak decides to win the tournament Rafa will have no chance. Please correct me if I got it wrong. IMHO Andy and Novak will both want to win the title in Montreal, esp Novak as not doing well in each tournament he enters could result in him losing the year end #1 ranking to one of his top rivals.
Btw, I completely disagree with the popular opinion that Nadal cannot beat Djokovic or Murray on the HC. One match is all it will take to change that perception.

James Says:

*Unless you’re so confident you can beat ’em all for the title.

Steve 27 Says:

James, This is a hypothesis, one vagary about something that maybe could happen, nothing more.

but one thing is the best of 3 sets, and over the best of 5 sets.

As for Del potro, its weakness is its physical state, so far no evidence that he can return to repeat his performance at the U.S. Open 2009 or Rafa can service as in the U.S. Open 2010

Eric Says:

Dan, that was after Murray’s SF win last year, not the final this year. Cute though.

Michael Says:

Well, Andy can be forgiven for that. Who would not be delighted winning their first Wimbledon title and this one for Andy came after a hard struggle and he became the first British player in about seven decades to win the coveted title. Although technically Andy can only be called as a Scot, yet Britain wish to identify with him since he has been a success. This win was a much needed breather for Andy since it has taken his confidence level to sky high and he must fancy himself in defending the Us Open title which he won last year. He might be rusty in Montreal, but as the tournament progresses, I think he would slowly discover his groove and unleash his explosive Tennis. Novak and Rafa have their task cut out with the rise of Andy and Del Potro.

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Michael according to most,with this not been Rafas best time of year anyway,hes apparantly done for the season now,its just a feeling but im sensing that Andy and Delpo are the trio that will dominate on the HCs,it will be interesting to see now,as this is all very new to Novak facing a new and improved Murray whos now beaten him in GS on two of the surfaces,and Delpo has looked very good lately,looking like that form that won him the USO in 2009,with regards Rafa im happy to sit back and see what unfolds,but i would favour the other 3 1st,although much would depend on the tournies leading upto the USO.

tennisx hippy chic Says:

I would love to see Stosur carry on that form,that won her the title last week,beating Azarenka that comprehinsivley showing that form that won her the USO two years ago,when her game is on shes so watchable,and such a smooth striker of the ball,totally outplaying Serena two years ago,and Vika this week,she needs to be more consistent though.

Dan Martin Says:

Steve 27 – Murray said the same thing after winning Wimbledon this year. I watched him say it as he was asked what Lendl had to say to him when he climbed into the stands.

Michael Says:


I agree with your thoughts. It is not going to be easy for Novak and Rafa with the epic rise of Andy as well as Del Potro. They will have their task cut out in the hard court season. When we have more competition, it makes Tennis even more interesting than it is now.

metan Says:

Speaking about the rising of new star in tennis is pretty much exiting. For Delpo for instant, if he didn’t absent from Tour because of injury, I think he could have more than one GS. Compared to Murray which is improved after changing the coach.

Michael Says:


In my opinion, DelPotro is right there in the top. His game is quite similar to say Soderling, but he has more consistency. Del Potro’s biggest rival is his own body and if he can overcome it, then he will be one of his kind. I see him winning about 7-8 majors in his career if all things go well. By the way, I do not know what happened to the poor guy Soderling ? Has he recovered from grandular fever ? Do you have any news on that ?

metan Says:

I have no idea about Soderling. All I knew is he has wrist injury around 2 years ago. Since July 2011he hasn’t come back. Hope he is doing well.

Michael Says:


Soderling was suffering from grandular fever and it seems he has never recovered from that attack. This illness has completely devastated him and his career. It should never happen to another Tennis player. About six months ago, there were news reports about the possibility of Soderling playing at the US Open, but it seems that has not happened. Even if he makes a come back, it remains to be seen as to how successful he can be ?

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Michael/Metan Robin and his wife Jenny Mostrom now have a baby girl,im just wondering and i dont know??if it could be thats hes called time on his tennis career,maybe with a family his priorities are completely different now?

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