US Open Men’s Draw: Nadal v Federer Quarter; Murray Looking Good In First Slam Defense
by Sean Randall | August 22nd, 2013, 1:16 pm

To me the biggest intrigue of the 2013 US Open draw was in which quarters Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro would land. We know defending champion Andy Murray will end up in either Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal’s half, but there really isn’t much to choose between the two – Murray would probably rather be with Novak, but you could argue either way. But with Roger’s ranking crashing and Delpo on the upswing, it does make pairings that much more interesting.

So who will Roger be seeded to meet in a quarterfinal night showdown likely two Thursdays from now? Why it’s Mr. Nadal!

Roger and Rafa have never played at the Open in their historic rivalry, will it finally happen now?

First to the top of the draw.

Former champion and current No. 1 Djokovic is again our top seed. The Serb’s been at No. 1 the whole season but after a strong start he’s hardly playing like it of late. And with Nadal’s reemergence, Novak’s going to have to at least get to the final I think to finish the year No. 1. Unfortunately for him it won’t be an easy road. Novak opens with one-time future hope Ricardis Berankis. Then maybe Lukas Rosol followed by a weekend date with Mr. Sharapova, Grigor Dimitrov who beat him at Madrid. He could get a little breather in fourth against Benoit Paire or maybe Marcel Granollers – that little section is a toss up! In the quarters, though, I like Del Potro to be waiting. Delpo will have a tough road with Lleyton Hewitt, then Jurgen Melzer before edging Tommy Haas in what would be a fourth round classic. In the quarters, right now I’ll lean slightly to Djokovic only because the Haas-Delpo match could really take a lot out of the Argentine. But we’ll see.

Murray did end up with Djokovic and overall he has to be pleased in this his first Grand Slam title defense. The Scot’s been to the finals of the last four Slams he’s played, of course winning the US Open last year and Wimbledon earlier this summer. As I said before, I know he’s had a poor 2-week hardcourt run, but I think with his draw he’ll do just fine. There’s no Federer, no Isner, no Del Potro so he’ll take it. Murray will be tested early by Michael Llodra who has a dangerous game for the quick New York courts. But otherwise there’s no one to worry about until the quarters and Berdcyh. And for Tomas, like Murray he’s in a good section at least until the fourth where he could run into Kevin Anderson (again!) or Stan Wawrinka. Murray just lost to Tomas at Cincy but in best-of-5 at a Major I think Andy gets the job done.

Things are quite wide open in the David Ferrer quadrant. This was where guys like Federer and Delpo hoped to end up, and unfortunately for them the chips didn’t fall their way. And that leaves the struggling Ferrer in a section with Richard Gasquet, Milos Raonic and Jerzy Janowicz as his fellow top seeds. Gasp! If Ferrer was playing well he’d be my pick. But he isn’t. If Gasquet had a brain, I’d take him, but… Raonic or Janowicz? I don’t know. Feliciano Lopez, Dmitry Tursunov, Ernests Gulbis, Janko Tipsarevic, Jack Sock? If you ask 10 people they’ll give you 10 different favorites for this section. Right now I’d take Andy Roddick to get through this section, if only he’d unretire. Anyway, it will be quite an opportunity for someone, and right now I’ll pick…Gasquet to beat Raonic then beat Gulbis in the quarters. Like that will really happen – if it does lunch is on me.

Ok, now to the quarter of death. We have Nadal, we have Federer, we have Querrey, we have Tomic, we have Dayvdenko, we have Isner, we have Verdasco, we have complete armageddon. Roger has to happy, though. He’ll open with Grega Zemlja, then maybe the noisy Carlos Berlocq followed by Sam Querrey in the third. Federer’s week two could begin with Kei Nishikori if healthy or maybe Bernard Tomic, before that collision with Nadal in the quarters. But will Rafa be there? Federer needed a great draw and boy did he get it. Rafa would always like a great draw, especially on hardcourts, but he didn’t get it. Winner of his last 19 on hardcourts, Nadal opens against feisty hardluck American Ryan Harrison, then likely Canadian ace Pospisil, then Davydenko or Verdasco before Isner or maybe Gael Monfils. Certainly he can win those matches outright, but he’s going to lose some sets and get tested, especially Isner. But it’s hard to bet against Rafa and I think he comes through and beats Roger to reach the semis.

So my semis look like Djokovic v. Murray and Gasquet v. Nadal. I’ll still take Murray to beat Novak and then beat Rafa in the final. I think all the energy Rafa will have to expend early on catches up with him in the end. And Murray repeats.

Then again, Del Potro could certainly beat Novak, Berdych beat Murray and Nadal lose to Isner.

Overall, I think it’s a good, not great draw. I just wish there were some more threats in that Ferrer-Gasquet quarter. That section is by far the weakest.Of the top guys, I think Federer and Murray have the best draws to week two.

And of added importance, I really think the winner of the tournament will finish the year No. 1. Yes, that means Murray.

Matches begin on Monday on Tennis Channel and ESPN2. I’ll have more before then.

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200 Comments for US Open Men’s Draw: Nadal v Federer Quarter; Murray Looking Good In First Slam Defense

Ben Pronin Says:

You’re really loving Murray, aren’t you Sean?

Hamza Says:

Ferrer’s in the cheesecake quarter and irrespective of how he has been playing, he’s going to get to the semis.

The Great Davy Says:

Finally, DavyDal will happen at the slams.

I will take it 7-5, 7-5, 7-5 to remind him ;)

Thangs Says:

Thanks Sean for not picking Rafa!

Giles Says:
Here’s the full draw folks.
Vamos Rafa!!

madmax Says:

Well, let’s just see hey Sean? With so much being said about Federer, what a wonderful moment it would be if he could lift up the USOpen trophy.

Ben Pronin Says:

Hold the phone, is it mathematically possible for Murray to claim number 1? Especially if Nadal makes it all the way to the final?

jamie Says:

Sean picking Murray, LOL. Wrong pick.

The winner will be Nadal.

Last year Sean picked Federer to win the USO. LOL.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Kimberly ive registered for the bracket challenge,but the column is still empty,is this normal at this stage?is anybody else in the same boat,just wondering?

the DA Says:

I don’t think Sean is being entirely serious. Are you? This new found confidence in Andy is straight out of left field. I suppose I’m used to so many negative write-ups about him in the past.

On a side note, I’m really looking forward to the Murray/Llodra match. If it’s anything like their AO match last year it’ll be such an entertaining opener.

sienna Says:

I fancy ryan for the shock upset.
He is due some major breakthrough.

2nd 1st rounder on the troth.

Temple Says:

The only players who could give Nadal trouble are Djokovic, Murray, Del Potro and Berdych. He meets 0/4 before the final and you call this a bad draw for Nadal? Absurd.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Well, except for Ferrer, I think everyone got the most interesting quarterfinal matchups.
Let the games begin!

James Says:

Ben, Murray is currently over 3500 points behind Nadal in the race to YE #1. Rafa is aso 2240 points ahead of Novak.

nadalista Says:

I like Sean’s prediction better, Garber at SI tennis has Rafa beating Novak:


Ben Pronin Says:

And if Sean’s prediction for the Open comes true, Murray will be 2780 points behind Nadal. It’d be incredibly hard for him to catch up unless he, what wins both fall Masters at least?

billyboy512 Says:

this has turned into anyone-but-Rafa b.s.

fed wont even make the quarterfinals

Is Sean Randal really Mary Carillo in drag?

Ben Pronin Says:

If Federer had a tougher draw, maybe he wouldn’t… but seriously who is going to beat him before the quarters?

Btw, has no one noticed Djokovic could face Rosol in round 2? Would be ironic, no?

hawkeye Says:

Agree with Ben on the math for year end. A Muzz win over Rafa still leaves a lot of ground to make up before year end.

BB512, who’s gonna stop Fed before the QF exactly???

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa’s first week draw is toughest. Ferrer’s easiest. From quarters, Ferrer again has the easiest: Gasquet is top seed. After that, could we say Rafa has the second easiest quarterfinal or would that be disrespectful?
That’s just a mean joke on myself to pre-empt others. I’d love to see Roger teach that whippersnapper some New York manners.

James Says:

If Rafa gets to the QFs which he should, he’ll beat Federer again.

Ben Pronin Says:

James, either Federer is a tough draw for Nadal because he’s a 5 time champ or he’s easy pickings because “he’ll beat Federer again” because you said so. Pick a side and stick to it. Got ourselves a typical Skip Bayless in you.

Humble Rafa Says:

Skeeze must be at work!

I will leave it to him to explain how the Arrogant One can win this one.

I don’t have 17 because I was born 5 years later.

jamie Says:

You know who is a big jinxer?

Del Potro.

Ever since he won the USO in 2009, after that the eventual winner of the slams does not come from the same half where Del Potro lands in the draw.

That’s almost 4 years of jinxing for the Argentine.

Check out all the draws for the slams after USO 2009, the eventual slam winner never came from the half where Del Potro was in the draw.

Rick Says:

Fed will drops from top 10 soon!

Rick Says:

Wouldn’t suprise me if Fed makes early exile! He did that at Wimbledon with a grass title! So it is not a suprise if he exits early at the US Open!

Rick Says:

Wouldn’t suprise me if Fed makes early exit! He did that at Wimbledon with a grass title! So it is not a suprise if he exits early at the US Open!

Teeg Says:


I don’t really think so. He is only defending QF points at the Open. As we’ve seen by the draw, he should at least make that round no problem. Then, its all gravy from there. He’d be adding points if he makes it further. He’ll be hovering between 4-8 for the foreseeable future. I don’t think he’ll be able to crack top 3 again. The top 3 (Novak, Rafa, Andy) are at this stage in their careers, better than Roger. But that’s no slight against Roger. I think he might be able to get back to at least no.4 and finally send David Ferrer home packing for good. Berdych is a head case, and with DelPo, you never know with the injuries. So I think Roger had a good shot to get back no.4 by year’s end.

Rick Says:

What Fed did at Cincy was only moment of brilliance of his old days!

chris g Says:

Anyone else notice that the top 2 seeds play someone outside the top 100 again? Clearly something non-random going on:

Alex Says:

@Humble Rafa

So you don’t have no1 because Knees are no good.

And you have 12 because your too young.

Thats not so humble…

Last time you said something different (This is for you too Hawkeye and ALL NadalExtremo), Enjoy.

“I think the head-to-heads are important (regarding) important matches,” said the third-seeded Spaniard. “But, for instance, Chelsea beat Manchester United in both matches during the season, but Manchester United won the Premier League. The better team is Manchester United. That’s an example.”

For Nadal, there is no getting around Federer’s record-setting 17 Grand Slam titles compared to his own 11.

“Roger has 17 Grand Slams and a lot of records on his shoulders. ***It would be arrogant and stupid for me to say that today I have a comparison with him just because he has a negative head-to-head against me.****

“I’m happy about what I achieved, I’m happy about what I’m winning. But Roger has better numbers than me, and that’s the real thing. Nobody has more Grand Slams than him.

“He’s the guy with more weeks in history in the No1, I think. So these kind of records say that he’s the best of the history. Numbers are for that.”

Case closed.

eric Says:

Rafa has an easy draw. At this point, he’d rather play Roger than anyone else in no. 5-8 spot.

Alex Says:

^”because you’re too young.”


What do you have to say?…Regarding those wise words your Idol spoke.

eric Says:

Also, “Canadian ace” Pospisil? Seriously…

Teeg Says:


Rafa is very humble and would never exalt himself above Federer despite his commanding 21-10 h2h advantage. He has too much respect for him and the history he made. I believe even if Rafa breaks Roger’s slam total, he would still deny being the greatest. The guy is just too humble for his own good.

Teeg Says:


I also think he wouldn’t mind if it were Gasquet either. That guy is a mental case.

Alex Says:


Rafa says: “Numbers are for that.”

When hes numbers are better, surely hes not so humble that he wont stick to his humbleness rule book. After all, if he didn’t, wouldn’t that make him a liar?

And his much to humble for that.

I think Nadal is level headed and speaks the truth.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.
You don’t back a horse and not listen when it tells you something, do you?

hawkeye, you seem to like beating, an opinion?

eric Says:

Gasquet’s not in the top 8.

Alex Says:

lol, getting late.

(above-post-should-read)hawkeye, you seem to like betting odds, an opinion?


Yes, he seems like a humble person, soft spoken etc.

Which is why It puzzles me more that some of his fans make the claims they do. Should learn a lesson from the Clay King :)

Polo Says:

“I believe even if Rafa breaks Roger’s slam total, he would still deny being the greatest.”

If and when that happens, Rafa does not even have to say anything because everybody else will say he is.

Alex Says:


IF and when?

Rumble Says:

What a coincidence (or is it??). Nadal and Fed set to meet in the QF at Wimbledon (of course, neither got there). Then they play in Cincinatti – again set to meet in the QF. Then they play USO – AGAIN set to meet in the QF. There’s a 1.5% chance of that happening in 3 consecutive event draws. I.e., 98.5% that it won’t happen.

But it happened. Either its a freak event, or something is fixed.

Nadal really lucks out by avoiding Delpo AND Murray until the final. He could have gotten both. He got none. Again, a low probability event.

Combine the two and its suspicious.

Roger is a 32 year old man who is done. Nadal has such a soft draw this time, all the dangerous players are in the other half.

All I can hope is that, IF Nadal reaches the final, he faces at least a fit Djokovic or a fit Murray. If he beats either of them, then he deserves to be USO champion again. Otherwise, he just lucks out.

Skeezer Says:

“this has turned into anyone-but-Rafa b.s.”

You meant to leave out the word “anyone”, no?

Skeezer Says:

I am picking Ferrer, the little engine that could.

Lou_tennisfan Says:

In the Semifinals, If Murray and Djokovic play each other, I think they will be too tired for the Finals. Plus they both have Berdych and Delpo to overcome before that.

With the form Nadal is in, he is the strongest contender this time to win US Open The reason why I say that because Rafa is a momentum player and this year he has won 9 finals out of 11. His service looks like the one he had in 2010 ( a huge enabler at that time which helped him win US Open) and plus he has that belief that he can defeat Nole, his biggest nemesis on a regular basis..

Rafael Nadal – The Momentum Rider

James Says:

Ben Pronin Says:

James, either Federer is a tough draw for Nadal because he’s a 5 time champ or he’s easy pickings because “he’ll beat Federer again” because you said so. Pick a side and stick to it. Got ourselves a typical Skip Bayless in you.

August 22nd, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Federer cannot be taken lightly because he’s been a USO champ five times. The fast NY courts are supposed to suit his game more than Rafa’s. So Nadal will need to play close to his best to beat Federer.

Ps- not a fan of Skip Bayless.

Teeg Says:


He’s the 8th seed. Tsonga’s absence bumps him up.

Anna Says:

Everyone seems to be pretty excited about Big John meeting Rafa in the 4th round, but both Monfils and Kohls could give John fits. H2H between John and Gael is 3-3, with Gael winning the last two h/c matches. Kohls beat John last year at the USO in 5 sets, so either way, John will have his hands full before meeting up with Rafa if he makes it. Harrison took a set off of Rafa at IW, last year I think, but he hasn’t been looking that good as of late. Pospisil’s stats prior to Canada aren’t impressive, but he’s just puppy enough to make it tough. 5 sets, Rafa’s versatility and experience should bring the match good for him though. I have no idea who Rafa will play 3rd round (Dodig, Verdasco, Davydenko seem evenly matched for different reasons), but if he makes it through, then the rest of the draw is a been there done that.

Polo Says:

I just hope that Federer makes it to the second week. My faith has been shaken.

Anna Says:

I don’t see anybody taking Roger out before the quarters. Nishikori beat him in Madrid, but I think it was a fluke. Barring injury, he should make it to week 2.

kjb Says:

IMO the winner of the fed-nadal quarterfinal (if they make it) will win the whole shebang. If Fed beats Nadal his confidence will be through the roof. If Nadal wins Djokovic is the only one left that has a chance but he hasn’t really looked all that good for the last 6 months. The semifinal in the Fed/Nadal half will be a practice session for the final.

Tennislover Says:

“Otherwise, he just lucks out.”

That doesn’t take anything away if Raf does end up winning the title. Every major counts whether it was won with a cushy draw or a tough draw. Over a long career these things even out. Raf still has to win seven matches and one really bad match is all it takes to make a mockery of the apparently easy draw.

Having said that, I agree that Raf is in a very good place at the moment considering his form as compared to that of his main rivals. He definitely has an incredibly easy path to the finals especially given the tremendous form that he has been in. His path appears even more cushy compared to a similarly easy path at the 2010 USO. The stars seem to have aligned once again and Raf is way too savvy to let go of this golden opportunity to add another hc major to his resume.

Ferrer has got all the big hitters in his quarter and he probably would be spent by the time he reaches the semis. Even though Ferrer hasn’t been in very good form lately, he is very good at neutralizing the power hitters. Even a fresh Ferrer isn’t likely to have much of a chance against Raf. I’d personally like a Gulbis or a Janowicz to reach the semis. They don’t have much of a chance too but they can at least provide some fireworks.

With Murray falling in the top half and Djok having Delpo in his quarter, that is where the real action will be. Murray could end up meeting Berd or Wawa who somehow seem to play very well against him. Djok’s path seems to be particularly rough especially given the iffy form he has shown of late. He’d have to be pretty sharp from the start itself. Dimitrov is not going to be easy. Delpo is possibly dealing with some issues himself but if he is fine, a below-par Djok faces a real threat of an ‘upset’. If both of them engage in a wimby-like titanic battle, the winner’s campaign could get seriously jeopardized because another likely brutal semis vs Murray could leave them out of gas for the final in case they win the semi. Murray himself could face a similar situation especially if he gets embroiled in a brutal sf and/or qf encounter. The Monday final will help but as we saw at AO and Wimby, sometimes two straight tough matches take out a bit too much. Even a fresh and fit Djok/Murray/Delpo will face great difficulty in handling the rampaging bull in the final. If they are not 100%, the final will probably be a lopsided affair.

As things stand now after the draw, Raf seems to be the heavy favorite to add another big feather to his already richly-decorated cap.

Polo Says:

Ferrer looks exhausted in the last few matches I have seen him play. He has to put in so much effort to counter the powerful players that it just takes the starch of him. And to do that in five sets, against a succession of powerful players is simply to much for him at this stage. He can go far but reaching even the semifinals seems to be quite a stretch. I would have wanted to see him win a major but it does not look like it will happen, not in the kind of field in men’s tennis now.

Anna Says:

kjb – That’s a quarterfinal for Rafa and Roger.

Polo – It’ll be interesting to watch David’s match against Bautista Agut. He’s suppose to be the up and coming player from Spain. Apparently Ferrer is his idol. I don’t have a lot of confidence that David will get by both Ernests and Jerzy.

Tennislover Says:

“Federer cannot be taken lightly because he’s been a USO champ five times. The fast NY courts are supposed to suit his game more than Rafa’s. So Nadal will need to play close to his best to beat Federer.”

Fed was a seven-time champ at wimby too. The Cincy courts, supposed to be faster than the USO courts (Raf said they were slower this year though and a lot bouncier), were supposed to suit his game too. Raf almost always plays his best against Fed and, generally, does not allow Fed to play well by running him ragged and forcing him to make errors after ugly errors on the bh side.

Fed and Raf are on polar extremes at the moment. It’d be a big upset if Fed – or for that matter Davy, despite his positive H2H which is totally irrelevant in the current context- were to beat Raf. Raf’s current form and that of his current main rivals for the title(Murray, Djok and Delpo according to the general consensus) matter the most. Fed is not a factor at all imho. I wonder if Fed will even reach the qf stage. Raf followers are salivating at the prospect of him meeting the world no. 41, who has been a non-factor for a long period now, so that the H2H can be evened and reversed asap and the gloating gets even shriller without realizing how meaningless a win over Davy at this stage of his career will be, and, notwithstanding the fact that Davy’s positive H2H is not all that significant in the first place unless one is obsessed with it. I guess some of them are more excited about this ‘monumental’ prospect than the prospect of Raf winning the USO. Time to lure Hrbaty, Corretja, Guccione, Srichapan, Johansson and Mutis temporarily out of retirement so that Rafa’s negative H2H against them can be reversed. ;)

WTF Says:

Last time Nadal and Federer were in the same quarter, it was billed as brutal for both of them. And it was… neither player made it past the 2nd round.

Kimberly Says:

I am going on a limb now and taking the winner if the fedal quarter to win the tournament. Just a gut feeling.

Ben Pronin Says:

Murray’s accomplice, Del Potro, not in the best spot for him this time. Sure, it might help him get to the final, but then what will happen there? Who knows??

Tennislover Says:

“I don’t think Sean is being entirely serious. Are you? This new found confidence in Andy is straight out of left field.”

Having read Sean’s articles for some years now, I get the feeling that Sean inserts some contentious and teasing stuff so that the arguments can begin in earnest. No offense meant to Sean and apologies in advance if he is offended.

tennismonger Says:

I will go further out on the limb & just go w/Fed.

My (shaky) argument –

1) Fed is peaking & is ready to step up
2) Nadal has peaked for the year. (Maybe not in humbleness but for sure his tennis)
3) Murray – I know you want to peak for the big ones but this is ridiculous. Just not seeing it. One bad, hot day in NYC & he’ll be done.
4) Nole…I love Nole but he’s been on a low boil for most of the year post AO. Ease up on the pea-protein maybe!
5) Dark Horses (Delpo, Isner, Gulbis, etc.) –

I promise to repost this once it falls to pieces!

Steve 27 Says:

Americans know this is the last chance to see a Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer is not surprising that they may face this time and it is not surprising that this time Djokovic and Murray can only face in semifinals . Certainly nothing is random.
Morbidity generated audience and money.
The show is guaranteed.

hawkeye Says:

Alex, betting odds and GOAT opinion are two different things, no?

I am fully aware and respect Rafa’s opinion. I also respect your opinion on who may or may not be GOAT. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Rafa’s opinion as stated just happens to differ from my own.


Hamza Says:

One does not simply rule out Roger Federer.

I, a Rafa fan, acknowledge Fed’s chances. He did prove us wrong in Wimbledon 2012, and that was just a year ago. He is always up there in the mix.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

If you take out Nadal, this would be the most ideal draw for Roger. But with Nadal, this looks the worst possible draw for him.

If Nadal reaches the quarters, then the title is most likely his. If not, then it’s anybody’s title.

Nativenewyorker Says:

For those who persist in saying that Rafa is never honest, I think that’s exactly what he’s being in his comments about Fed. However, Rafa also knows that there is no way he could possibly expect to have 17 slams at his age and having played three years less than Fed. So he is being realistic about how it is now.

Rafa has also said that people should evaluate his record when he has retired. I agree with him. Once Rafa and Fed have retired, then their respective careers can be put in historical perspective.

As far as the draw, I agree with Anna that Isner has to get there first. Harrison is not going to challenge Rafa, neither is Pospisil. I don’t know how Verdasco is playing now. He had a good result at Wimbledon. It could be Davy, who is a shadow of his former self.

As far as Fed and Rafa in the quarterfinals again, I guess the American fans will finally get to see them at the USO.

skeezer Says:

^Fed is not retired, but you can evaluate his records and achievements(and fellow tennis players, past and present, tennis writers and media have) NOW. It’s all there. Hell, they saId he was the greatest years ago. WTF? The reason you don’t have to “wait” until he is retired is because he already owns most of them!

Listen to Rafa, he knows best (more Clay surfaces, 2 year ranking system, etc, etc, etc )

Michael Says:

I do not share the optimism of Sean on Andy especially when he has Berdych in the quarters. It is going to be an uphill task for Andy to overwhelm Berdych especially considering the poor record he has against him. To beat him in the quarters, then Novak and may be Rafa in the final is too tall a order. Looking at the draw, it appears that Novak has an easy path to navigate till the semis and if he plays his best Tennis then nobody can stop him. Unfortunately, Novak is low on confidence as well as adrenalin and I do not know in what shape he will be at US Open ? As regards Rafa, well he has relatively a tough draw on hand, but I expect him to go through all the way to win the title. He has Roger in the quarters and can Roger extract his much needed revenge here ?

Anna Says:

sleezer, er…. skeezer only pretends to be simple. Surely he can count to 5. That’s the difference in age between Roger and Rafa, and you can bet that Rafa’s got 3 good years coming that Roger doesn’t. And that’s why it’s best to compare careers after their careers are over. If that’s what your into…..and obviously skeezer is with his #17 after every post. You should get that number tatted so as not to forget skeeze.

roy Says:

as for federer records, supposedly proving fed>nadal, federer has some shiny records for sure, weeks at no.1, slams, SF, QF runs etc.

i urge sophisticated folk to look a little deeper.

here’s a stat that speaks volumes and discredits much of the statistical ”superiority” we see in federer records.

career versus top 10

Rafael Nadal .687
Roger Federer .648

when you acknowledge that nadal has played his prime in a tougher era, which is irrefutable, and you see that he still has a higher win percentage than federer versus top players, it tells you that
prime nadal is a superior player to prime federer
and that much of federer’s statistical advantage over nadal has come from playing in a weaker era.

in other words, if nadal had been federer’s age, not only would his win% against top 10 have been even higher, but this would have translated to more slams, more masters, more everything.

then you consider how much action he has missed through injury, about a handful of slams at this point. then you consider that only twice has he played a doubled up clay swing, spending most years playing the majority of the year off clay.
then you consider the guy is a natural righty and would have been even better with a real tennis coach/academy as opposed to his numbskull club coach uncle.

records are RELATIVE. you have to look at the big picture.
if you can.

Pitchaboy Says:

In the big picture if donkeys had more ATP, they would be horses. The fact is in his prime, Federer made his competition look small. As his prime waned, the field appeared stronger. Federer in his prime never ran into Nadal on fast hard courts because Nadal was not good enough on the to make a deep run. The big picture in history is number of slams and number of weeks as No. 1 to show a players domination. When Nadal gets there, he is GOAT.

gonzalowski Says:

I agree with you Rafa’s era is overall tougher than Fed’s complete era…
But this about Toni correcting Rafa from righty to lefty…
Toni has said in some interview that it’s not true, and Nadal simply started to play with the left.

The only Nadal’s shot I could imagine being better by doing that would be the serve… well, and some subtle shots like the drop shot.

Giles Says:
Grand Slam Greats. Some interesting stats

James Says:

If Nishikori reaches the 4th round, his match with Roger will be interesting. Nishikori hasn’t been playing good this summer, so I doubt he’ll reach the 4th round. If he does, he’ll give Fed a tough match.
For Rafa, this is his best opportunity in 2-3 years to add another USO title. If he wants to be the best in the world (which he’s been so far this year), he needs to lift the trophy.

Dan Says:

This Federer-Nadal QF at every possible tournament is becoming oh so transparent. I actually hope they both go out before the QF like in Wimbledon to fuck up this planned joke.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

I doubt Rafas even thinking about winning the title ATM,im sure the only think thats forefront of his mind is Ryan Harrison,the old clique that you cannot win a GS in the 1st week,but you can certainly lose it certainly rings true,one game at a time.

Ben Pronin Says:

“when you acknowledge that nadal has played his prime in a tougher era, which is irrefutable”

I already refuted this, Roy. It’s bs.

Honestly, I want to see either Murray or Djokovic take the title because their likely paths are Berdych, Djokovic, Nadal or Del Potro, Murray, Nadal, respectively. For either guy to win a slam beating these guys 3 in a row would be one of the greatest stand alone achievements we could ever witness. Federer beating Nadal, [irrelevant], and Djokovic/Murray/Del Potro would also be pretty great. For Nadal, I think the most notable thing would be to beat Djokovic. Otherwise it’ll be too much of a gimme (sorry Murray fans, gotta turn this one around somewhat before I believe in his chances).

Kimberly Says:

Allison, when you go to the group page you need to click sign up for group. Everyone else please join. So far my son and I are the only members. This is a grand slam, important bracket challenge!

skeezer Says:

roy once again you have rafa kool aid in your system. Fed stats will probably get worse on percentages as he gets older. So will Rafa’s( when he gets older ). What matters is records, titles and Slams. Get used to it.

hawkeye Says:

^^ and skeezer has excessive Lindt chocolate in his system (or maybe it’s something else which would explain all of his BS).

All GOAT candidates should have winning records vs ALL of their main rivals (lets say 20+ matches played.

Oh wait, Fed is just 4-2 in that department.


hawkeye Says:

Rafa is a slight favourite over Nole to win the USO outright.

Muzz is falling behind followed by Delpo.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Thanks Kimberly all done,looking forward to it,just wondering though where is everybody else??

skeezer Says:

Quit inventing GOAT candidate qualifications, lol. Your hilarious.


Alex Says:

***It would be arrogant and stupid for me to say that today I have a comparison with him just because he has a negative head-to-head against me.****

lol, Hawkeye your God finds your words arrogant and stupid…ouch!

Hes words, not mine.

madmax Says:

hawk eye, I think you need to be fair about your statistics to be honest.

God, this head to head argument really is bs.

The reason why Fed lost 8 of the 9 matches played outdoors was that when roger was playing well and Nadal playing at his peak, Nadal didnt get to nearly as many semi finals and finals as Federer because he lost early (remember?) and please don’t forget, that it was Federer who consistently made the semi finals and finals of the slams, you know the record – (even on the red clay), remember Fed got to the most finals at RG, but it is just conveniently forgotten – he got there and so rafa has that record.

The fact remains if rafa would have made more semifinals and finals on hard courts (which he didn’t), whilst Roger was younger and playing then, it’s not difficult to comprehend that the record would be different!

WE know Fed has been in a bit of slump, but no different to Rafa’s slump a year or so ago – re e ber, he lost something like 11 matches IN A ROW – was it 2010? How our memories fade when they need to.

I can see roger getting to the semi finals actually. It’s time for a turn around and I can’t see him letting this opportunity slip.

gonzalowski Says:

Wow madmax, that’s faith


Giles Says:

What opportunity??

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Im sure that both will be fired up should they both get that far,obviously that will mean both are in good form,and hopefully it will be an exciting match,between the two greats,bring it on cannot wait.

hawkeye Says:

madmax, works both ways pal.

Fed and Rafa were about equal on grass and hardcourts up to 2008 when Rafa turned 22 and Fed turned 27 (representing Fed’s peak age range) at which point Fed was 5-4 on grass and hard so even if they had met a few more times, not like Fed was going to dominate Rafa on these surfaces. So before Rafa fully matured, yes they had a near equal h2h on Fed’s best surfaces and Rafa already dominated on clay 9-1.

Since that time, Rafa is 4-3 on HC. Where was Fed when Rafa was winning on grass and hard courts?

Where was Fed when Rafa won ’05 Montreal? Oh yeah, DNP.
Where was Fed when Rafa won ’07 IW hardcourt? Oh yeah, Fed lost 2nd round.
Where was Fed when Rafa won ’08 Olympics hard court? Oh yeah, lost to Blake.
Where was Fed when Rafa won ’08 Toronto hardcourt? Oh yeah, Fed lost 2nd round.
Where was Fed when Rafa won ’10 Wimby on GRASS? Oh yeah, lost in QF.
Where was Fed when Rafa made it to the ’11 Wimby final? Oh yeah, lost in QF.
Where was Fed when Rafa made it to the ’11 USO final? Oh yeah, lost in SF.
Where was Fed when Rafa made it to the ’12 AO? Oh yeah, lost in SF.
Where was Fed when Rafa won ’13 Montreal? Oh yeah, DNP.

Fed has lost his last five slam appearances vs Nadal over the last five years one on grass and two on hard court and he’s 32 now. It’s not up to Fed anymore vs Rafa. Hasn’t been in majors since Rafa grew up and turned 22.

Take a note out of skeezer’s book and, as he says, get used to it.


hawkeye Says:

skeezer Says:
Quit inventing GOAT candidate qualifications, lol.

I’ll stop when you stop.


hawkeye Says:

But that’s just it Alex.

I agree with Rafa on that statement.

But it’s not just h2h alone. Never said it was.


skeezer Says:



You mean the one guy who changes different GOATs every year?




You can post all the negative stats you want that favor your worshipness and devalue Fed, but the facts of titles, records and Slams remains. When you and Rafa are 5 years older, then you can come back and tout.

skeezer Says:

Fed when Rafa
Fed and Rafa
Rafa and Fed
Compared to Fed

You don’t get it it. Each man stands on his own accord against of field of players who play in tournaments. THey do not just play each other everytime to determine who is the best player on the planet. You play through a draw, must be able to “enter” into them, play a filed of players and hopefully you are the last man standing. These are of which titles, are won. Not by Rafa or Fed beating each other ( unless they just so happen to meet in the final ). Not by H2H record against all other players. Each players ultimate goal is to WIN a tournament, not have a WINNING H2H. Even your God says so. It’s a nice stat, but its not one that all players desire, and kudos to Rafa for having that.

But the players desire is to win tournaments. That is the way the game works. Holding the trophy. You don’t get to hold up a trophy at the end of the tournament that says ” congrats to the H2H winner of the tournament.” You hold it up because you went through the field of players and won against each and every different opponent the draw was handed to you.

Slice Tennis Says:

Its a cup cake draw for both Rafa and Roger. But only one them can take advantage of it.

nadalista Says:

“But the players desire is to win tournaments.”

As long as that tournament is not a clay tournament, no? Otherwise, what’s the point, clay counts less, no?


hawkeye Says:

skeezer, no you don’t get it.

Nowhere in that post did I mention GOAT. I was clearly responding to madmax’s post August 23rd, 2013 at 11:57 am.

Please read more carefully.

van orten Says:

as i wrote before at cincy…fed nadal on american fast hardcourt…2-4 years too late…fed will play a big match vs rafa but in the end nadal will prevail as always

skeezer Says:


“All GOAT candidates should …..”

My post was not necessarily in reference to madmax’s post either.

Read more carefully.

hawkeye Says:

First of all, as far as GOD goes, there are 10000X more RF hats going around than Rafa caps.It’s Fed fans that treat him like God (including most commies). It is absolutely laughable.

Some people believe that Rafa is the GOAT is a fact.
Some people believe that Fed is GOAT is a fact.
Some people believe that there is no GOAT and refuse to discuss it.

Roger Federer is the GOAT is not fact nor is Rafa being the GOAT.

I’ve already said I respect an opinion that Federer is the GOAT. Or Laver, Sampras, Borg, Rafa.

And I don’t even wish to convince anyone that Fed isn’t the GOAT or Rafa is the GOAT.

I’m just explaining my own position when people trot out that Federer is the best of all time like it’s cast in stone.



hawkeye Says:

No, your post:

skeezer Says:

Fed when Rafa
Fed and Rafa
Rafa and Fed
Compared to Fed
August 23rd, 2013 at 1:11 pm

was quoting me and therefore obviously in response to my post:

hawkeye Says:
madmax, works both ways pal.
August 23rd, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Nice try though.

Skeezer the revisionist.


skeezer Says:

“And I don’t even wish to convince anyone that Fed isn’t the GOAT or Rafa is the GOAT.”

Not from what I have read from you.

I’ll leave it at that. ;)


Meanwhile, Nike has a new poster promo with Fed titled
“There are no shret cuts in best of 5 matches.”
“No excuses.”

Love it!

(go to Nike FB)

skeezer Says:

shret = short lol

Hawkeye Says:

Please do. ;)


Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Just wondering where are all the bracket pickers??

queen Says:

Skeezer, and did you see the big NIKE poster with Rafa’s face on it saying 2013 US Open Champion? You should check it out really awesome!

Ben Pronin Says:

This, ladies and gentleman, is why the rankings matter, Only 25 world numbers 1s in 40 years, only 16 year ends!!!

Slice Tennis Says:

Roger Federer says he is not the greatest player ever.

Who is correct ?
Federer or his fans ?

Slice Tennis Says:

Carline wozniacki was ranked No.1 for 67 weeks which is 9th on the all time list ahead of many multiple slam winners (Ex. Azarenka, Sharapova, Arantxa Sanchez, etc).

Similarly Hewitt was ranked No.1 for 80 weeks (10th on the list) ahead of several mutiple slam winners.

Ben Pronin Says:

There is no write up for the women’s draw. Why? There’s tennis and there’s women’s tennis. Let’s try not to compare, please.

jon jaravata Says:

Rafa will win USO 2013 because nole and murray will battle it out in five sets in the SF.

jon jaravata Says:

Isner, federer, and all others will be handily defeated by Rafa and his SF opponent would either be Gasquet or Ferrer. This is really a good draw because Rafa will avoid nole/murray till the final.

jon jaravata Says:

If the knees will hold up that is when Rafa will hoist the USO trophy…Hopefully the knees will not buckle down during the tournament.

Slice Tennis Says:

On the men’s side Wilander, Kuerten, Edberg, Becker, Newcombe, etc are there with much less no. of weeks at 1 compared to Hewitt.

Kimberly Says:

Come on everyone? Brackets for this exciting us open?

skeezer Says:


Lol, have a link for that?

Here’s mine;


madmax Says:

hawkeye Says:
madmax, works both ways pal.

now when you have said this, it shows you can be more objective.

Being an ardent federer fan doesn’t mean we have to slate other players, the way you do fed. I know you are ex tennistalk, (clearly you told everyone over there what you would be posting over here), hence the consistent rafa reminders of fed’s demise. It’s really sad I feel, but I know I will not win this respect argument with you so there is no point.

When you discuss federer and the clay tournaments/RG defeats, you see, I like to see it another way, Fed was the man who reached 5 finals, MORE than any other player and he gave it his all, apart from one match where nadal crushed him. I like the way that Fed fights hawkeye and I like the way that he is still admired amongst fans and commentators alike, all around the world. So really a couple of bloggers on tennis.x doesn’t matter so much.

I think Fed will go deep and that he remains the dark horse. I mean Rafa was going to win wimbledon this year, wasn’t he? (as was Roger!). Sometimes, it’s just better to keep your mouth shut.

skeezer Says:

^Ahh the everyday life of stalking for “Hot Rafa Photos”.


Nadalista Says:



WTF Says:

Who is GOAT cannot be considered fact unless there is an agreed upon criteria for how GOAT is determined.

If it’s based on slams won, it’s Fed, end of story. Is there any other metric that can be universally agreed upon? It is a little bit subjective after all.

James Says:

ESPN experts pick their favs for the Open

Perfect fan Says:

YAWN…..zzzzzzzzz !

Kimberly Says:

Come on everyone contador, Skeezer, madmax, kimmi, dari, brando, margot, mat4, wogboy, jane, the mind reels, tennis vagabond, all others, where are the brackets? Lets do it!

Giles Says:
Very funny! Lol

hawkeye Says:

For me, Sampras was the GOAT with most majors, overall dominance and finishing six straight consecutive year end number ones,

Then when Fed got his French Open and beat ARod at that epic Wimby for his 16th, along with his style of play, for me he was the new GOAT and I kept that opinion and defended it aggressively until this year.

Rafa’s amazing comeback in 2013 with yet another FO and all of those titles on clay and hard courts along with all of his existing achievements and winning records over everyone else in the top 36 in the toughest of eras makes him GOAT.

For those that think Fed or some other former great player is the GOAT or don’t think there is a GOAT, I certainly respect and understand that opinion.

I’m sure that I, like McEnroe, will see new GOATs in the future as the game continues to evolve and improve


hawkeye Says:

Good overview on the draw from WSJ (even though the writer refers to Roger as the best)…

What to Expect at the U.S. Open

madmax Says:


I have registered as Maxi surfer, but I can’t see the tab to pick the brackets! Can you help?

I only have until tomorrow! :(

Skeezer, look at what I have found: (it’s such a fabulously written piece, so any federer fan, please read – might give you some hope).

“Federer told me that being constantly asked about his retirement was annoying, but he masked any irritation when I brought it up. “I honestly don’t want to think about it,” he said politely, “because the more you think about it, the nearer the end is, and that’s why I avoid the thought of it.” But he went to say that he was not sticking around because he needed tennis. “I don’t need to come back to Wimbledon every year because I can’t live without it,” he said. “I’d be totally cool without tennis.” He had achieved far more than he had ever expected, he said, and this had given him an emotional detachment from the game — a “total distance.” He gave an example. He badly wanted to win the gold medal in men’s singles at last year’s Olympics and was “crushed,” he said, when he was beaten in the gold-medal match by Murray.

After the match, Federer was taken to a holding room to await the medals presentations. An Olympic official came in to discuss the ceremony protocol, but Federer asked to be left alone. As he sat there, though, he turned the situation around in his mind: yes, he’d wanted the gold, but he had won silver, a rare medal for Switzerland (“we don’t make that many”) and instead of dwelling on the loss, he decided to be happy with what he had accomplished”.

Perfect fan Says:

Fed has 4 or more titles in each of these 3 slams (AO, W & UO). A very special and rare record.
Nadal’s total title count in these 3 slams equals to 4 (AO-1, W-2 &UO-1).

Clearly, Nadal has to go a long way before getting tagged as GOAT.
Nevertheless, no offence to Nadal & fans and no demeaning his feats either. His 8 titles at paris and counting is out of this world.

courbon Says:

Kimberly, same as madmax-I’m registered but not a clue how to pick up players (by the way, I’m :dusan o-picture of bunny ).Help?

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon i had the same problem,you press group page and then sign for group,keep trying you will get there in the end.

Perfect fan Says:

DONE finally (bracket) ;)

“let the games begin….”

Nina Says:

To mark the 40th anniversary of the ATP Rankings, the ATP hosted a ‘No. 1 Celebration’ on Friday, 23 August, in New York City. Current and former World No. 1s were in attendance, including Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Ilie Nastase. Pretty cool to see all these amazing tennis legends in one place. This video is 2 hours long. GOOSEBUMPS!!!

James Says:

From Twitter.

#USOpen Monday Day 1 Ashe
schedule: Radwanska-Soler Espinosa, Flipkens-Venus, Harrison-Nadal. Night: Serena-Schiavone, Federer-Žemlja.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

I hope Madmax and Courbon managed navigate their way through the bracket challenge problem.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

^ Sorry managed to duh.^

Kimberly Says:

Courbon, on the top it says main bracket and “your bracket” click on “your bracket” and check the box of the player you choose to win the match!

Giles Says:
Rafa received his trophy for winning the USO series.
Vamos Rafa!

Michael Says:

Well, Roger Vs Rafa, both sides give compelling and persuasive arguments as to who is Greater than the other. Rafa is better than Roger in terms of dominating the circuit while Federer on the other hand has piled up a mountain of records which validates his Greatness. Rafa, for all his achievements, has much to catch up . Still he has age behind him while Roger is in the evening of his career. I think it it would be better if this argument is put to rest until Nadal finishes his career and then we can flag on a debate as to who is Greater ?

Michael Says:


Thanks for referring me to the bracket challenge. I eagerly tried to register, but something is letting me down and I am not able to comprehend what it is. I will be trying again later.

Pogi Says:

^agree to michael…

Lets stop to this ok…

skeezer Says:

there is no waiting till Rafa’s career is over, WTF? We are talking here……and now.
The qualified statement is made.
Waiting for ones career to be over? Then lets wait for Novak, Murray, and others also, LMAO.

Michael Says:

Well at the moment, Roger is the most successful player. Period. I would also not tread to compare Rafa with Novak and Murray. Let their career get over and we will then have a threadbare discussion based on their achievements.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Rafa has broken a fair few records of his own,26 Masters titles,at least 1 GS for 9 consecutive years,the same GS 8 times,and will surely go down in history as one of the greatest ever,however be that as it may,Roger is still the worlds greatest tennis player ever,end of story.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Michael any luck with regard to the bracket challenge as yet?

Michael Says:

Alison, I am trying to register. I am facing some technical issues there. I am figuring out how can I overcome it ? Nevertheless thanks for referring it. It is real fun. Hopefully, I will succeed.

Michael Says:

Alison @ 2.01 am, Well said !!

nadalista Says:

Nice one, Novak, trying to take the pressure off your shoulders and heaping it on Rafa’s!

“Rafael Nadal’s scintillating form has made him the man to beat at the US Open, according to Novak Djokovic. ”

“Nadal is definitely back and playing maybe the best tennis that he ever has played on hard courts,” said Djokovic.

Giles Says:
Roger Federer’s diary – humour!

courbon Says:

@ Nadalista: Maybe Novak is doing bit of gameship there, but the bottom line is:
He is right, Nadal is the man to beat at US Open.

the DA Says:

What no mention yet of Wojtek Fibak joining Nole’s coaching team? I’m surprised. It’s kind of newsworthy.

nadalista Says:


I still think Novak knows he (Novak) has the best HC out there and yes, Rafa is now very, very competitive on the stuff.

I think this is a good change for Novak, talking up the competition’s prospects rather than his own as we saw pre-RG for example. Less pressure is always a good thing. I think he put too much pressure on himself pre-RG and this may have contributed to him wilting there……

Tbh, I prefer the bombastic Novak than this…..cunning one! For Rafa’s sake of course….

Giles Says:
Joker bringing on heavy artillery??

rafaeli Says:

I like Nadal vs Gasquet in the SF – thanks, Sean. However, I doubt Murray has anything at all to bring to the table against the 2013 h/c guru, Rafael Nadal.

nadalista Says:

Naughty Rafa!

RT @RafaelNadal: “These days with children are always special. Well he isn’t a kid but is also special to share great moments with him”

rafaeli Says:

eric Says:

Rafa has an easy draw. At this point, he’d rather play Roger than anyone else in no. 5-8 spot.

I’m sure Rafa would rather play Gasquet than Roger.

nadalista Says:

Oh, oh, Novak’s new “help” has a past:

RT @Rob_pal: “To everyone asking, Fibak for years was “the voice of Polish tennis”. Brown-noser, selfish, always talking about how famous he is abroad.”

RT @Rob_pal: “Everything stopped this year during Roland Garros, after a story (everyone knew for years tbh) of him “helping rich men meeting nice girls”.”

To be fair, he is an acknowledged tennis tactician……..

rafaeli Says:

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Rafa has broken a fair few records of his own,26 Masters titles,at least 1 GS for 9 consecutive years,the same GS 8 times,and will surely go down in history as one of the greatest ever,however be that as it may,Roger is still the worlds greatest tennis player ever,end of story.

Yea. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

courbon Says:

@ Nadalista:I agree.I personally think that is good for Novak loose his number 1 ranking so he can have a less pressure and actually start winning tournaments.And I think he has to change his game to counter new Rafa and new Andy.
I don’t have a clue who is this new guy.I’m not sure if he needs new tactician…He needs for sure to beef up a bit, increase his endurance ( legally off course…),maybe get some Zen master to mange those crucial moments in the match…
I notice one thing regarding Rafa.Apart from being brilliant right now, he also looks more relaxed then before…You are relax when you are full of confidence.I guess everything is going so well so he can.
Last thing-for all Rafas fans and not just you-Last year when he was absent and dark thoughts being above all of your heads, I said couple off times:I’m not going to be suprised if Rafa comes back even stronger after absence.
I thought not say this but I will:
In tennis period like this come and go so enjoy it while it last-there is always young guy watching from the sidelines thinking: I can beat this guys…eventually, one of them it will.

Perfect fan Says:

Already my head is spinning, going thru this age old debate of who is better….stuff!

Why not talk something like, who you guys think to be capable of going the distance (or at least the final) at USO ’13 outside the top four (taking roger as fourth)..who could be that dangerous floater..huh?
My pick – Janowicz (draw looks incredibly good for him as of now).

Plus, could Ferrer ever win a slam or will he always stay the best player outside the elite bunch..?
My ans – I think, he becomes a mental midget the moment he comes across the top guys..but he is very good and consistent against the rest. Just look what he did in bercy 2012..andy & nole got eliminated and he just grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Perhaps, he need such a moment in the slams as well..but chances are pretty slim. In short, I don’t see him winning one..but his best shot may be at RG sans Rafa.

Polo Says:

To avoid personal conflict, I just call Federer and Nadal the two Greatest Of All Time. I switch the order depending on my mood.

Giles Says:

^^^ Clever ploy! Lol

Tennis for Life Says:

Players who are drawn on Roger’s half will always be lucky. Their side would always start first and get preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling .

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Rafa is up 3rd on Arthur Ashe Stadium after Radwanska,V.Williams,Roger is 2nd after S.Williams after Midnight.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Just wondering if Gael Monfils is actually playing at the USO?He retired yesterday in the Winston Salam Open Final against Melzer with an abdominal injury.

courbon Says:

Hi Hiipy Chic, I’v done my bracket.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon ,hi glad you got there in the end,i had the same problem,hopefully Michael got there too,who did you pick to win BTW??

Perfect fan Says:

Hey guys..22 hrs to go for the open.. :)

Can’t wait to feel the atmosphere!

Dc Says:

6 years as no 1 and 14 grand slams won on more diverse courts requiring much more variety to win and yet no one is including Sampras as a goat contender. 12 GS winner and 2 years as no 1 is however being talked about as goat!! Some people here are so obsessed with their favorites that they forget the champions of the previous generations. Laver vs Fed is the only true goat debate.

Dc Says:

Continuing from my previous posts, if dominance over peers is criteria for goatness, it’s definitely not Nadal, if records are the criteria , it’s definitely federer.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: Nadal

courbon Says:

@Hippy Chic:Probably right choice, but he has to get through Bedrych and Novak ( or Delpo ) fist-very tough.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon yeah true,but i think Murray is made of much tougher stuff mentally now,hes not the GS whipping boy anymore,and has a new found confidence when facing Novak especially,but the ability to dig deep when things get tricky in a match against any opponent,although his form going into the open hasnt been great likewise Novak,so we will see,looking forward to it anyway.

Giles Says:


madmax Says:



Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax you have till 8.00am tomorrow morningto meet the deadline acording to that clock at the top of the page.

madmax Says:

Alison, I knkow…I found main bracket, but not YOUR BRACKET, so can’t choose my picks and too late for me now, too tired need to sleep. Frustrating though. Never mind, will hopefully get my head around it for the AO in 2014!

Where the hell is your bracket?????

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax nobody elses brackets come up for anyone else to see till the tournament starts(i believe),you go to group page and sign up for group,seems alot of us have had that problem,it is frustrating though 1st time i tried it took me ages and it gave me a migrane in the end,anyway good luck.

madmax Says:

“People are going to say what they like,” Federer said Saturday, two days before his first-round match at the U.S. Open. “Important is that I concentrate on my game and that the passion is there, that I work the right way, that I’m prepared, and that I feel like I can win a tournament.”


madmax Says:

HIPPY CHICK, I read the message from kimberley above, she said…click on to MAIN BRACKET (I did) and then she said to click on your bracket), can’t find a tab for that…I didnt mean ‘your’ bracket…sorry, that came across as rude :(…, I will give it a miss though, I tried. It is giving me a headache, like you said.

So I will keep it simple – ROGER TO WIN!

Go Roger!

madmax Says:

Good luck hippychick.

the DA Says:

Is everyone ready for the kick off tomorrow? I’ve read that Andy might not start until Wednesday!! grrrr. If they hadn’t switched to Monday finals I would’ve been livid. Only this slam (and to a lesser extent RG) aggravates me so much with their scheduling/organization.

Saw some nice pics of the Andy/Rafa practice the other day, including Lendl and Uncle Toni greeting each other with beaming smiles. But this one was the cutest, Andy high-fiving Rafa’s little cousin:

Let the show begin.

p.s. Margot where are you?

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: You are right,Andy is my second favourite of the tournament.Still, my hunch is the Novak gets revenge for Wimby (if he pass Delpo, Dimitrov and others ) this time.Definetly, Andy has slight advantage.Well, we will se in a week or so.Madmax is smoking something…he thinks Roger will win,,, (-:

courbon Says:

@ DA: They scheduling can be really crap.
I should say-good luck to your guy, but that would be hypocritical of me because I’m hopping Novak gets him, this time. Its just a hope-If I had to put the bet right now-I would put money on Rafa and Andy. So, not a good luck to your guy but I hope YOU enjoy the tournament!
I’m going to Biaritz for 3 days so I will join you guys later in round two

the DA Says:

@ courbon – hehe I understand what you’re saying. I’ll still wish you good luck for your guy anyway. I’ve lowered my expectations in any case. I’ll be happy if both our guys make it far enough to play each other. Enjoy Biarritz!

courbon Says:

@ DA: Ahhh..I feel bad now.Ok, Good luck to Andy-lets the best man win!

Tennis for Life Says:

Rafa all the way.

Michael Says:

Now coming to Roger who has achieved so much in terms of records and the biggest achievement of them all is he never had a break in his career. He was relatively injury free throughout the entire stretch of his career and not many players can boast of such a record. He had the most consecutive weeks as World No.1 and had won a record six WTF. All these achievements have naturally put him on the pedestal of the “best ever” player if we like to call one. Now comes the biggest ever challenge for him. It is how to time his retirement to near perfection. Many erstwhile Champions have failed in the past in this endeavour when they were forced to quit in a rather disgraceful fashion. I think Roger would like to be an exception to this rule. He should not give room for his critiques who like to offend him on the slightest pretext. They have already written obituaries about him and are wondering as to why he is yet to quit ? But, I think Roger can continue for some more time to see how his game evolves racing with the age. If the results do not match his expectations, he should find a honourable way to exit. Imagining Tennis without Roger is ofcourse nightmarish. But, what to do in a World where all good things always comes to an end !?

Michael Says:


I tried and tried to enter into the bracket challenge. There is some serious problem in registering. I am giving up ! Nevertheless, thanks for referring it to me.

Perfect fan Says:

Phew!…..I m already smelling adrenaline ;).

What a line up for 1st day action: nadal, serena, roger….

God! I m starving for tennis.

Margot Says:

@ the DA
*waving* have been at the Edinburgh Fringe- fantabulous :)
Can’t see beyond Rafa tbh but hoping a certain Scot has the capacity to surprise, in a good way lol, us all. Go Andy!
@Michael and madmax
If u r in the UK u still have 6 hours? All they want from you is an email and password then u r ready to go. Why don’t u do a bracket in the main challenge and then see if Kimberly can transfer u over?
Am even now considering a late run at the women’s challenge…where, can I add, do even worse!

Tennis for Life Says:

Hello Sean/Mods
When will the preview for the opening day be up ?

hawkeye Says:

“nightmarish”? Really?

No, nightmarish was 2004-07 when men’s tennis lost all unpredictability.


Giles Says:

@nadalista. Haha.
Let’s put it another way – Tut, tut Fed, desperate for 11?

hawkeye Says:

@nadalista, that picture would be a fun caption contest.

Fg Says:

Nadal is very easy draw. He can win title again.
He owns Federer, he just sticks his strategy to attack Federer’s backhand, so he won’t have any problem. His SF opponent won’t cause Nadal any trouble at all, just practice match before final.

skeezer Says:

LMAO, let the Rafanatics trash talking commence(wait,,,, it started back at IW, when the mysterious knees problem was miraculously cured.)

ALL expectations are now on Rafa and to win the USO. After all, he has won the HC summer series. No more “downplaying” expectations, nor “nearly/almost impossible”.

Rafa is clearly the pack leader this season and if by chance he is upset it will be a “Rosol” type upset, no? C’mon Rafa! You can handle being the Favorite, no?

After all, Rafa has been the most popular poster armani boat beach gala woman lovin butt kissin pickin spittin this year.


Michael Says:

Margot @ 4.18 am,

Thanks for your support. I saw your post only today. With the number of tries I made to register in the bracket challenge, I got a little frustrated and has given up finally. Nevertheless, we always have this forum to pick the winners. I hope Kimberly aids in making this more user friendly for the future when we will have opportunities to participate. Afterall, US Open is not going to be the last tournament.

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