Djokovic, Nadal Headline China Open in Beijing
by Staff | September 29th, 2013, 12:21 am

Beijing, China; Surface: hard

Seeds: Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych, Richard Gasquet, Stan Wawrinka, Tommy Haas, John Isner
Floaters: Lukas Rosol, Fernando “Hot Sauce” Verdasco, Sam Querrey, Mikhail Youzhny, Vasek “Popsicle” Pospisil, Lleyton Hewitt

Notes: Wildcards went to former No. 1 Lleyton Hewitt, and China’s Wu Di and Zhang Ze…Interesting first round matches include (1) Djokovic vs. the streaky Rosol (winner to likely face Hot Sauce), Querrey vs. Youzhny (winner to likely face (6) Wawrinka), (3) Ferrer vs. Popsicle, and (7) Haas vs. Hewitt…Wawrinka makes debut at event…Pulling from the event were Marin Cilic (doping suspension), Ernests Gulbis, Jerzy Janowicz (back), and Martin Klizan…Returning champs in the field are Djokovic (2012,’10-09), Berdych (2011), and Nadal (2005).

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52 Comments for Djokovic, Nadal Headline China Open in Beijing

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!
Stay healthy.

metan Says:

Vamos Rafa.
My friends and me will cheer you up in Beijing !

hawkeye Says:

Interesting week ahead.

China with the stronger draw over Japan with the world Top 2 and 6 of the Top 10 with Japan only having Delpo (No. 7) and Tsonga (No. 8).

In China, I like Rafa’s draw. Kohls the biggest threat before the final for him. Nole should reach the final without too much difficulty. Wawa lurks in the 3rd round for him but Nole will be better rested and Wawa is feeling the stress of trying to pass Roger and make the WTFs. Would have preferred Pospisil to have played in Japan with its softer draw. Instead he has to face a slumping but experfienced Ferru in the 1st round! Tough ask for the rising player. If he got past Ferru, he has a good shot against Bennetteau and then could face Gasquet which would be an interesting match.

In Japan, good opportunity for Tsonga in his late season push but he has a tough draw facing LaMonf in the 1st round followed potentially by Dodig, Simon and Raonic before the finals. Frankly, I think Monfils will beat him. In contrast, Delpo has a relatively easy path to the finals with a cold but home favourite Kei Nishikori as the highest seed in Delpo’s half. If Raonic caan keep his recent form going, I like his chances to make the finals.

Teeg Says:


Thanks for the draw analysis. Everyone’s eyes will be glued to the China Open to see whether Rafa reclaims the no.1 ranking. If he does, he stops Novak at 101 weeks, which is one short of Rafa’s total. As if things weren’t close enough between those two. Very interesting week ahead indeed.

Steve 27 Says:

Will it give the maximum Rafa in Beijing or keep a little ahead of Shanghai and go for the record of Master 1000 in the same season?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

For me Rafas done more than enough for the whole season now,i just hope he doesnt suffer from burnout just for the sake of the number 1 ranking,after all hes played alot of tennis this year,anything now would be a bonus,that said it would be fantastic if he were to get the record,but not the be all and end all if he does not.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

A certain lady poster who shall remain nameless,was predicting at the start of the year that Rafa would go into a steep decline,could only win on clay,wouldnt play on HCs anymore as he had no chance against the games elite,was a mere footnote in tennis,should retire from tennis and marry his girlfriend as his tennis career was a deadloss,the fans of his should face upto reality blah blah blah,question what it like to have egg all over ones face?this lady posts very rarely these days and i wonder why that is?

courbon Says:

I wanted to post something about 14 days ago and I’v seen GOAT debate going on so I thought:I’ll skip that-pointless debate-I’ll post in a day or two when it stops…
Two days passed…still on.Five days…still on!!
Ten days…still bloody on!!!
And now is 14 days and debate is still on!!!!!
And completely pointless because no Roger or Rafa finished their carers yet…but I just seen some post about actual tennis so I will ignore other thread where the war is still going on.
China Open:Interesting regarding Novak and rafa.Will Rafa continue beating Nole or Novak will bounce a bit? Do we get another Wawrinka-Novak power match in third round? I don’t see anybody stopping Rafa to the final so he is definetelly getting number 1 place at ATP rankings…
Japan: Can Tsonga start winning?What is happening with Nikishori?
Any thoughts?

@ Hippy Chic: Revenge is sweet isn’t it?Lots of posters rubbished Rafa in 7 months break.If they could just now what will happen after…quite funny actually.
At this point I’m happy for Novak to give a crown to Spanish bull ( it’s to heavy to carry for so long ) and to start winning tournaments.That is what is more important at this moment for him.

@ Hawkeye:I just saw your post-I have fell that Tsonga is slowly on permanent decline…just a feel.And don’t have a clue where Delpo stands regarding his form.

@ Giles: Spanish language is quite rich and they do have other words then ‘Vamos’…try Spanish dictionary so you can enrich your support for Mighty One.-:)

Steve 27 Says:

In life, it is often best track to be better every day.

Giles Says:

@courbon. Thanks for the advice but I think I’ll stick with “VAMOS”, no need to enrich my Spanish speaking skills. “Vamos” says it all!! :-)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon welcome back i have really missed your posts,i didnt post during the USO as i missed most of it as i was away at my anual hippy gathering,i caught up on the news by reading the old threads,and i saw your congrat message to myself and the other Rafa fans so thanks for that,and i just want to say although it was a few weeks ago now commies to yourself and all the nice Nole fans out there,i agree about the GOAT debate its gone around in circles with two threads with two former players saying exactly the same thing,time to get back to watching some tennis,i dont know if Rafa will get the number 1 ranking,does Nole have to defend the title to remain number 1?or will he lose it if Rafa has a good week this week?

Perfect fan Says:

Gosh!! finally….time to see some live action….i was starving to watch some tennis really.

Well! BATTLE-HOUR……BOL Rafole in your battle for the numero uno pos.

Let the games begiiiiiiin. :0

ID Fan Says:

Sorry, posted this in the Sampras Blog!

I don’t see anybody stopping Rafa to the final so he is definetelly getting number 1 place at ATP rankings…

Courbon – I agree with you. I hope Nole will stop him in the final and start his own come-back.

ID Fan Says:

Sorry, posted this in the Sampras Blog!

I don’t see anybody stopping Rafa to the final so he is definetelly getting number 1 place at ATP rankings…

Courbon – I agree with you. I hope Nole will stop him in the final and start his own come-back.

ID Fan Says:

Tennis X Hippy Chic:

Rafa’s no.1 ranking is entirely in his hands. If he reaches the final he is the new No.1.

Perfect fan Says:

My biggest hope for a matchup this tourney got smashed to the walls…. :(

Rosol is playing Nole in 1st round….I am sure even rafa mus be in pain by missing this opportunity.

I am devastated!!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan lol,off topic but what on earth is Nole doing to that poor dog in that picture lol.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Also have to ask is it me or has Noles girlfriend Jelena got a look of Kylie Minogue at a slight angel?

Perfect fan Says:

Can’t say….unless u post a pic of yours….so that we could find out who looks closest to kylie….u or Jelena.

Strange though, u asked this question.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Angle not angel duh sorry,anyway i dont know how to do links or photos ATM,as my computer skills as still rather amatuerish,but i just thought i saw a resembalance between the two women when i saw Nole in London promoting his foundation.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fan sorry just read your post again,i just meant Kylie and Jelena,not myself,Kylie and Jelena.

Perfect fan Says:

Gosh! I completely misunderstood…..

Anyways….i don’t know about the resemblance, but I find jelena hotter than kylie….sorry nole, but u shud be proud.

hawkeye Says:

For those that don’t already know…

If Nole doesn’t win China, Rafa is No. 1 again.

Rafa can also get No. 1 by making the final even if Nole wins China.

Perfect fan Says:

Seriously….what Nole is trying to do with the cute li’l dog??

Careful there Novak….as PETA’s prying eyes might be on you now for the torture to this cute li’l thing….AWWWW !!

Giles Says:

@hawkeye. Rafa is owed 150 pts from Vina Del Mar. Do you have any idea when these points will be credited to him?

queen Says:

Obsessed with the dog…

the DA Says:

@ courbon – “I wanted to post something about 14 days ago and I’v seen GOAT debate going on so I thought:I’ll skip that-pointless debate” and me both. I can’t believe it’s still going on.

I also can’t believe they’re not televising Beijng or Tokyo until Thursday! Well, the men anyway. The women’s matches have been broadcast since yesterday. I wanted to see the Hewitt/Haas and Tsonga/Monfils matches. grrr

Patson Says:

May be losing the number 1 ranking would be a good thing for Nole. He will have a target and after being number 1 for over a 100 weeks, he wouldn’t like being number 2. He seems to have lost a bit of that edge which kept him ahead of the pack. Rafa’s success could fire him up as well.

ID Fan Says:

Hi DA:

Hewitt-Haas was a fun match. I only saw the 1st set, but it was really good tennis!


I always think Nole and Rafa are not comfortable with No.1 ranking like Roger,Pete, Lendl or Jimbo were. If I had to pick one of the 2 guys between Nole and Rafa, I think Nole is a little better wearing that crown of thorns! :)

Brando Says:

The asian swing is quite possibly the most chore like part of the tennis calendar.

Tough to muster any enthusiasm for it when much has already been settled for the year.

They should scrap it and post USO series move to the indoor season. Maybe even end the year earlier for the players.

courbon Says:

ID Fan: Well, Rafa is greedyu-now is turn for Novak to get some throphys…

@ Giles:Well , I’ll tried…

@ Hippy Chic: Hi there.I’v been to couple of hippy gatherings with my kids in the last three weeks (around Gascony where I live ).It was very cool-friendly, unpretencious and my kids loved it!
Jelena resembles Kylie??Did you had any magic mushrooms on your gatherings?Just joking, there is a slight resemblences.
Lets see whats happen in China buy your man is number ONE for sure in the next 4,5 days or a month the latest.
Congrats on Liverpools fine start of the season.That manager is looking like he is in control…

@ DA: I think Brando also stepped back for a while.Michael tried to be reasonable ( as he alwys is ) but you can not win in GOAT debate…
Any news on Andys progress?
You think Nadal will take this throphy also?

courbon Says:

@ Brando: Hi.Firstly, commiseration on Man United derby.Ouch! That was awful from Man U!Defense is getting old-they need fresh blood soon.
Agree (as usual ) about autumn season-I always wait for Indiana Wells and Miami with anticipation -its not the same with Bejing and Paris masters.Even ,with Novak usually doing very well in that period still not that exciting for me, as first 9 months..Grand Slams are gone-that’s why is bit of a downer.

courbon Says:

Very interesting-Novak and Wawrinka are playing doubles together in China Open!

the DA Says:

@ courbon – “Any news on Andys progress?”

Funny you should ask. Somebody ran into him today while he was out walking his dogs and snapped a photo and tweeted it:

If he’s up and walking about that’s a good sign.

Steve 27 Says:

Where is Heinserberg?

Giles Says:

@courbon. “Well Rafa is greedy ….”. Hmmm. You mean like joker was in 2011?

Thangs Says:

/*Very interesting-Novak and Wawrinka are playing doubles together in China Open!*/

Oh no..Be careful Stan…Thats how he got into Nadal…when he teamed with Nadal in Madrid 2010 or so…

Giles Says:

@Thangs. You’re right!

Brando Says:


Hi there courbon, good to see you around. Agree on all really TBH:

– Fedal debates: Pass. Next. Yawn. Snooze. Whatever. I’m just not interested in them at all.

– Calendar: Yep- i’m like you. Now as a Rafa fan it’s true: post USO is downtime for Rafa. But even beyond that: I just kind of lose interest and enthusiasm after all the craziness in the 9 months prior to it.

Right now I already look forward to AO 14′- and I think most are also TBH.

– Man U: :-(((

Major United fan, and TBH: very, very worried one also.

I have supported them all my life and I have never seen them perform so dismally, poorly as I have seen them do so in the last 10-12 days.

Shocking performances. Not a fan of Moyes at all.

On second thoughts: bring on the tennis since the football is making for tragic viewing in my case!

Hope your well and stay well.

Over and out.

jamie Says:

How can anyone find this part of the tennis season interesting? After the USO, everything seems less important. It is all about the slams.

Margot Says:

@the DA
Can u get “SportLemon” in the US. They are streaming the men’s matches.
Thought Andy looked drawn and skinny in that photo, but good to see him up and about.
OMG the endless, circular GOAT debate, round and round it goes, neither side giving an inch.Why oh why, when Rog/Raf are still playing????????????

the DA Says:

@ margot – I’ve found some streams for the men in Bejing. Japan is definitely blacked out until tomorrow or Thursday (I remember being annoyed by that the last 2 years). Yes, Andy looked a little thin but it’s very encouraging that he’s outside walking around.

Managed to see a bit of the Rafa match, Just a little rust but looking good. He should do well here, it’s the same court where he won his gold medal. I read that Nole looked fearsome in his forst match.

hawkeye Says:

Giles Says:
@hawkeye. Rafa is owed 150 pts from Vina Del Mar. Do you have any idea when these points will be credited to him?

If Rafa fails to make the semis (180 points), the 150 points will be countable on Monday. So Rafa’s countable points improve by a minimum of 150 pts this week which is why Nole has to defend his title to keep No. 1 (would also require Rafa not to make the final).

hawkeye Says:

GOAT debate? Where?

No but seriously, if you look at the initial posts on both the Agassi and Sampras threads, it’s the Fed fans that start defending their guy as GOAT and criticizing Pete and Andre’s comments.

So, I just give’em what they asked for lol!

Someone’s gotta! They’re welcome.

Giles Says:

@hawkeye. Thanks.

ArlineO Says:

Marylynn, thank you so much for having brought up the subject of Novack Djokoic’s EGG usage. Ever since I heard about it, I wondered why journalists and known tennis buffs chose to ignore this very important subject.

It seems to me that anything which is performance enhancing and costs $7,500 per treatment, is clearly an activity restricted to the very wealthy, which excludes 95% of the tennis population. Additionally, this procedure enables the athlete to have a distinct advantage over his opponents.

I believe that the Tennis Associations should ban the use of EGGS, (or any other artificial means of performance enhancement), which can also be characterized as unfair because of its cost.

Journalists and professional sports people should urge the Tennis Associations to ban EGGS! Perhaps the public, you and I included, could do its part by writing and calling the Tennis Associations to make our feelings clearly known. Is there anyone out there who would agree?

Tootie Says:

Novak said the Chinese fans are so good to him and that nowhere else does he get that reception. I too noticed that fans don’t fawn over him like they did over Federer for example. In my opinion it is because Jesus has His hand on Novak. Soon he will be born again and then a real oddity to the world (teeth-grinding time for them).

Nina Says:

WTF at the last post. Is this site going nuts?

hawkeye Says:

Wawa will knock Fed out of the eighth spot in the Race to London with a win over Querrey tomorrow.

Stanford will capitulate.

You’re hired.

hawkeye Says:

From the interwebs (probably taken out of context for some LMAO)…

Why do so many speak of the impending demise of the great Swiss champion? He upset Tomas Berdych and Andy Murray, then took Novak Djokovic to five sets in the U.S. Open semifinals. What more do people want from Stanislas Wawrinka?

Read More:

Top story: With 72 Players Now In Full Quarantine, Djokovic Wants Fewer Restrictions