Caroline Wozniacki Denies Break Up Rumors With Rory McIlroy
by Tom Gainey | October 14th, 2013, 10:23 am

Caroline Wozniacki has denied rumors of a split with her longtime boyfriend Rory McIlroy. The Independent wrote over the weekend that McIlroy ended the 2-year plus relationship with the Danish former No. 1. But Wozniacki responded to the Ekstra Bladet saying that all is well with her and Rory.

Wozniacki still has a picture of McIlroy in her twitter profile. However, Wozniacki may have ignited a rift by posting a picture on twitter last month of a sleeping McIlroy which the golf star allegedly did not appreciate.

A “source” told the Independent, “There were a lot of tears. She still has her profile picture on her social-networking site set as the two of them in happier times, but I can tell you the pair are no longer an item.”

Wozniacki and McIlroy have been dating since the summer of 2011.

Neither Wozniacki nor McIlroy have posted anything on twitter about this. Wozniacki is playing in Luxembourg this week.

So who do you believe?

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10 Comments for Caroline Wozniacki Denies Break Up Rumors With Rory McIlroy

Giles Says:

Lol. Could she have posted a worse picture of Rory for the world to see? Not surprised he’s dumped her. Good for you Rory!!

holdserve Says:

Serves her right for all her mean actions. She made fun of Rafa suffering from cramps. That was the height of meanness making fun of somebody’s pain and suffering.

skeezer Says:

^oh yes, sniff sniff, the world always has to answer to rafafanatics, LMAO.
Although imho don’t really care about the Woz, she has had a history of joking and pranks(not Rafa specific).

holdserve Says:

The point is, she is mean and fully deserves to get a response which will hurt her. Although all her pranks were mean and not funny at all, like the kangaroo biting her story which was a mean prank on the media, imitation of Serena which offended many people … she did not suffer any adverse consequences and she could continue to tell herself that others had no sense of humor. But now if it is true her boyfriend has called time on their relationship, then finally she has got a reaction which will hurt her. As a Rafa fan, I would be happy if this brat gets her comeuppance.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

A break up of a relationship is always sad,whichever way you cut it,i have never cared for Woz or her game,although shes a fighter ill give her that much,i have always found her quite irritating,but it has nothing to do with what she did to Rafa,as she has said she has alot of respect for both Rafa and Roger,maybe thats down to envy given all the success that the two great men have had,something she can only dream of,and something she will never come anywhere near to achieveing.

Paradox Says:

She sometimes does not know to distuingish between harmless and mean pranks. The prank imitating Nadal was in really bad taste. Occasionally karma plays balancing act.

Margot Says:

Not a nice thing to do to Rory. It’s a betrayal of trust isn’t it?
Imagine Kim/Xisca/Jelena/Mirka doing similar.

holdserve Says:

When people are in a close relationship they see each other warts and all. It is a betrayal of trust to not respect the privacy of individuals who share that private space with you.

Caroline Wozniacki And Rory McIlroy Are Engaged! Says:

[…] over two months rumors circulated that the pair had broken up. And it was last year at this time when there was wild speculation of an engagement. But now […]

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